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FEBRUARY 11-17 2018

Dish It Out Scrumptious dessert recipes for Valentine’s Day

Style Anatomy Maleeha Salman decodes her style

One Piece, Three Ways Three style-savvy ladies work with a Lulusar shrug

TEdit’s Guide to

Valentine’s l i Day A run-down of what to do on Valentine’s Day


JULKÉ showcase their latest collection

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The Cut Our list of the best-dressed of the week


Style Anatomy Maleeha Salman decodes her style


Shoot JULKÉ showcase their latest collection


It Runs In The Family Natasha and Tanya Hussain talk about their bond


One Piece, Three Ways Three style-savvy ladies work with a Lulusar shrug


TEdit’s Guide to Valentine’s Day A run-down of what to do with your valentine


Dish It Out Scrumptious dessert recipes for Valentine’s Day


60 60 Editor: Ibriz Sheikh

Top Drawer A selection of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day



Fashion Editor: Amber Liaqat

Subeditors: Maira Hashmi, Amna Khan For feedback and submissions:

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FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Gary France and Max Lamparter

Saeeda Mandviwalla and Zara Mandviwalla

Frieha Altaf and Sadaf Malaterre


Toni & Guy Karachi presents ‘We Are Two’ and hair trends for 2018 in Karachi

Fareshteh Aslam

Steve Crossman Aamina Sheikh

Nazneen Tariq

Yasir Hussain FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Alizeh Pasha

Ahsan Khan

Adnan Malik Alishay Adnan

Zainab Malik Amna Ilyas Sanam Saeed Maliha Rehman

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Ahsan, Mehak, Anam, Maida, Zeeba, Purniya Awan and Zara


Aatekah and Zara

Nestle launches a coffee table book on Pakistan’s dairy sector at an event in Lahore

Marina Fareed and Shaukat Fareed

Waqar Ahmad

Barbara, HE Thomas Kolly, Bruno and Erma

Nuscie Jamil

Asma Chishty

Maryam Mahmood and Mehek Saeed FEBRUARY 11-17 2018



Sadaf Fawad, Alina Faizan and Minahil Rizwan

DO THE DEW Mountain Dew launches their new TVC at Gaia in Lahore

Kherzan Zaidi and Minahil Anaum Hammad

Yasir and Rubab Ali

Hasnain Lehri

Shahmeer Kamal and Nur Maden

Umer Jamil and Ramina Maripova FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Maheen Kardar Ali Purniya Awan

Risham Azhar

Sumayrah Sherry

Rubia Moghees

Shahzad Waleed Khalid

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Mina Adeel

Adeel Shahid

Nashat Sharyar

Aena Bawany and Attiya Abbas


The first play cafe, The Owl’s Nest, opens its doors in Karachi

Mahwish and Shahmeer Habib Ara and Shayan

Anjum, Aria and Laila

Asim Azhar

Mehrunisa and Hina

Sarah Mashood with son FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Azmeh, Fareena and Aleena

Hafsa Mehanti and Tasbih Qazi


BTW Pakistan launches its first store in Dolmen Mall, Karachi

Aimen Ali Ainy Jaffri Rahman

Amjad Bhatti

Amal Asif

Amina Rashid Khan

Anushaye Nabeel FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Maliha Rehman Mariam R Mukaty

Anusheh Shahid

Ayesha Omar

Umair Mirza Salima Feerasta

Samra Muslim

Sana Ansari

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Farwa, Arsalan, Tabesh, Rubab and Sadaf

Basharat, Khalid and Adnan


NGents hosts a launch party to welcome state-of-the-art men’s grooming to Lahore

Zair and Sara

Alyzeh Gabol

Nickie and Nina

Amber Liaqat

HSY and Nabila

Kamiar Rokni

Ramsha FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Asma Chishty, Munsif Ali and Hajra Lalljee

Rabia Butt and Hasnain Lehri

Sabeeka Imam 25

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018

Ayesha Fazli

Maheen Kardar Ali

Cybil Chowdhry and Sunita Marshall

Mawra Hocane

Anaum Hammad and Areeba Habib

Jalal Salahuddin

Mehreen Syed

Aurangzeb and Ali

Amin and Faisal

Afia and Ammar


Bang & Olufsen launches three new audiovisual luxury products at its store in Lahore

Attique and Sadaf Attique Saad Qureshi Saad and Zainab

Sabina Ali

Bilal Mukhtar and Kamran Sheikh

Faraz and Ghayyoor FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Ali Shah

Azaam Bhatti Sehr Khosa

Imran Riaz

Shameel and Minahil

Ayesha Kardar

Zainab Cheema

Maryam Khalid Rana

Humaiyon Mazhar FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Shafaq Habib Rabya Shami, Zeeba and Anam Shami

Maryam Khan


Shafaq Habib showcases her exquisite latest bridal jewellery collection in Lahore

Rida Fatima and Mehek Saeed Sehr Asher and Shazia Ammar

Anam Azar

Zainab Malik and Aamna Taseer

Faryal Aftab FEBRUARY 11-17 2018



Meenal Qadir Khan

Amber Liaqat

Minahil Rizwan

Nur Maden

Rubia Moghees

Tajwar Choudhry

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018

Ammara Ahmad

Purniya Awan

Nina Akbar

Amna Ahmar

Natasha Kamal

Zara Iqbal

Adnan Siddiqui

Ainy Jaffri Rehman

Amna Ilyas

Aamina Sheikh

GRAND FINALE A star studded evening; Miss Veet hosts its grand finale in Karachi

Cybil Chowdhry

Fareshteh Aslam

Hira Hussain

Azfar Rehman

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Mahira Khan

Nadia Hussain

Rahim Pardesi Shamaeel Ansari

Sultana Siddiqui


FEBRUARY 11-17 2018

Areeba Habib Wasim Akram

Adnan Malik

Unforgettable looks of the week!



Marium Saqib Marium’s look is oh so fun! She wears a belted knee length striped cotton dress and her funky shades make it look all the more fun. She accessorises with a Gucci bag and kicks. The perfect daytime look, we’re loving the vibe!

Zara Shahjahan Zara looks feminine in her pleated gold skirt which she pairs with a long black turtle neck top. She keeps her hair fuss free in a sleek high pony and completes her look with big gold hoops and maroon pumps. Très chic!

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Amna Baber Amna pulls of this savvy look in skinny leather pants and a crisp white cotton top which she tucks in for an overall chic look. She opts for a simple and fuss free hairstyle. Those sunnies are definitely increasing her glam quotient!


FEBRUARY 11-17 2018

Anaum Hammad Anaum looks super cool in a black turtle neck top, high waisted denim jeans and a multi-colored fur coat. Her boots complement her fur coat and to make the look funkier she wears a cross body bag. The peachy make-up and pulled back hair completes her look perfectly!

Alyzeh Gabol Alyzeh puts her best foot forward in a velvet jumpsuit and taupe fur wrap - perfect for a winter evening. The chic slit is perfect to show off these gorgeous N°21 heels!




Make-up artist and director at Ganache CafĂŠ, Maleeha Salman decodes her style. Like most Lahoris, she loves to indulge in food but keeps herself in shape with regular yoga practice. She tells us about her style transformation and how she dresses according to her body type Understanding your body is the key to looking good and a trait found amongst all impeccably dressed fashionistas. While people shy away from talking about their bodies, these brave souls explain how they work their anatomies to their advantage

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


How do you describe your body type? Lean and toned. Has your body type changed over the last five years? It hasn’t changed much but as the natural cycle goes, my metabolism has slowed down. To counter it I resort to yoga. How has your style changed over the years? I feel your style is defined by where you live but with time, trends have evolved so fast that no one can adopt a permanent style. My style is continuously changing and I’m experimental with my dressing. In your opinion what is your most troublesome area? My belly and arms. How do you dress your body according to your body type? You will mostly see me in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but it all depends on my mood. In your opinion what is the biggest mistake a person can make while dressing here? By going over the top with their dressing in an effort to impress others and not being comfortable in their own skin. What silhouettes suit your body the most? Ok, I’m not being arrogant but most styles suit me. I love wearing jumpsuits and flowy trousers with a nice top and a good pair of heels. I believe if you’re fit you will look good in anything. What is the one piece of clothing that you shy away from wearing and why? These days figure hugging dresses especially around the waist, as I have a bulging belly.


FEBRUARY 11-17 2018



FAMILY With Natasha

and Tanya Hussain Natasha Hussain, a model and host, and her daughter Tanya, a student at University College London, majoring in history, share a strong bond. Tanya wants to pursue acting and also wants to complete her Masters. The mother and daughter duo tell us all about the special bond they share

What’s your first memory of each other? Natasha: The first time I saw Tanya is when she was born in Boston. She was so fair that I thought she would get mixed up with the other babies so I started screaming “tag her, tag her, please tag her name Tanya!” haha. Tanya: My first memory of Mama is when she dropped me to school on my first day (I was two and a half) and I was really sad to leave her. But when I walked out of class crying, the first thing I saw was her sitting on the bench waiting for me! What is the craziest thing you have done together? Natasha: We both climbed the Mushkpuri peak in Nathiagali together just to spend time with each other away from the world. Tanya: It was wedding season and we were going from one wedding to another and we ended up switching our clothes in the car! FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


If you could only wear one piece of clothing for the rest of your life, from the others closet, what would it be? Natasha: Her UCL sweatshirt which she does not let me touch! Tanya: Mama’s seven pairs of skinny jeans that she never lets me wear. If you could swap places with each other, what’s the first thing you would do? Natasha: Go to UCL instead of Kinnair College Lahore. Tanya: I would just make the most of being the very charming Natty! What is the one thing you love about each other? Natasha: I love the fact that Tia is the best listener, therefore ends up giving the best advice ever. Tanya: The fact that not only is she my mother, but she is also my best friend. If you are fighting with each other, how do you make up? Natasha: The best way to make up with Tia is to start talking to her about something that is of her interest, like going into acting. Tanya: All I have to do is serve her tea with her favourite biscuits (her fave combo) and she starts smiling! What is the one secret talent your mum/daughter has that you wish you did too? Natasha: Tia has this amazing talent of making the less privileged ones fall absolutely in love with her. Tanya: The ability to be super relaxed, even in super crazy situations. Describe your mum/daughter in three words: Natasha: My only confidante! Tanya: Caring, fiery and ambitious. Which fictional character is your mum/daughter most like? Natasha: Sleeping Beauty as she loves her sleep. Tanya: Belle from Beauty and the Beast because she’s very beautiful, caring and affectionate. How are your personalities similar? Natasha: We both love being the centre of attention! Tanya: We are both very family oriented. I can’t live without mum/daughter because… Natasha: She’s the life in me! Tanya: Without her love, presence, guidance and support, I am nothing!


FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


One Piece, Three Ways WITH LULUSAR While trends fade, style remains eternal and one piece can be put together in many different ways. In this feature we have three fashionistas showing us how to put together an item from a designer’s collection, according to their own individual style and taste!


d his chic printed shrug is a versatile piece by Lulusar that can be worn in various ways to create different looks. For a casual look, pair with a trendy top and jeans or wear it over a jump suit for a more formal look. e We love the edgy vibe that can be created with this piece! FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Sophiya Salim Khan Photographer Absolutely loved styling this trendy Chaarba shrug from Lulusar! It’s such a versatile piece that can easily be dressed up or down. Mixing its fabric with timeless black is a foolproof option. I paired this shrug with a basic black tank top, classy Mango trousers, a red belt and a pair of brown Aldo heels to create an uber chic look; perfect for this year’s spring events. Moreover, the make-up was kept dewy and fresh for an effortless fuss-free look.


FEBRUARY 11-17 2018

Mehek Raza Rizvi Journalist I styled this vibrant striped Lulusar shrug with an off white-tank top from Mango and velvet pants from Jamdaani. I’ve been on the lookout for casual, summery outfits. This works perfectly for a spring brunch or a casual evening out. This look is modern yet classy and a great addition to any holiday wardrobe. To add to the look, I decided to go for a blow dry, kept my make-up in gold and bronze hues with pink lips for a perfect spring afternoon.

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Sahar Noon Interior designer I absolutely love this chic Chaarba shrug. The silhouette is so versatile; you can wear it in multiple ways. My signature style is very minimalistic and adding the striped monochromes with highlights of yellow made me feel vibrant and adventurous. I paired it with black skinny trousers, a blue velvet top and jazzed it up with dull gold earrings and statement shoes.


FEBRUARY 11-17 2018




Urwa Hocane replaces Sohai Ali Abro in ‘Kaaf Kangana’ Exceptional writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar returns to directing with his second venture, Kaaf Kangana. Qamar recently revealed his film’s leading trio – Sohai Ali Abro, Sami Khan and Ghana Ali. However, in a turn of events, it was reported that Urwa Hocane would now be taking the female lead of an Indian girl, Kangana, opposite Sami Khan. The cast change hasn’t affected the shooting schedules at all. Urwa has joined the set in Lahore and will reshoot the sequences Sohai had shot in Islamabad last month.

Rizwan Beyg to represent Pakistan at the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange Seasoned designer Rizwan Beyg makes Pakistan proud as he gets chosen to represent Pakistan, along with a number of designers from all over the world, at the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange at the Buckingham Palace. The Commonwealth’s 52 countries are coming together for the first time to celebrate the power and potential of artisans, and to encourage new partnerships, trade networks and sustainability across states. Way to go Rizwan!

Could Saba Qamar be a part of Hindi Medium’s sequel? Rumour has it Hindi Medium’s sequel is in the works and ever since the film became a blockbuster hit, it went on to pick up some coveted awards. People can’t help but wonder if Saba Qamar will be a part of the sequel. This is the first time that an actress from Pakistan was nominated for a Best Actor (female) in a Leading Role category. Irrfan Khan will hands down be a part of the film but whether Qamar is in it or not remains unknown, considering the unofficial ban of actors from Pakistan working in India. When asked, Saba Qamar said, “After the massive success of Hindi Medium, the producers are all set for a schedule. I hope Irrfan and I get to work in the second installment of the blockbuster.” We’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


Sonam Kapoor to marry beau Anand Ahuja They’re getting married! A source has revealed Sonam Kapoor is to marry her beau this June! The source also shared that the duo will have an intimate engagement prior to their big day. Further reports suggest that the PadMan actor has chosen Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla to design the perfect wedding outfits! Sonam is known for being one of the best dressed actors in Bollywood - we can’t wait to see what she will look like as a bride!

Katherine Heigl joins ‘Suits’ after Meghan, Patrick’s departure

Tom Hardy loses a bet to Leonardo DiCaprio, gets his name tattooed Actor Tom Hardy has “Leo knows all” inked on his bicep two years after losing a bet with Leonardo DiCaprio who designed it. The actors starred together in the 2015 film The Revenant. DiCaprio had then said Hardy would bag an Oscar nomination for it. Hardy disagreed and they decided that whoever lost the bet would get a tattoo of the winner’s choosing. While Hardy has kept quiet about the statement for a while, a fan’s selfie with him revealed the tattoo. A real man of his word Hardy turned out to be.


FEBRUARY 11-17 2018

As Meghan Markle and Patrick J Adams depart hit legal drama Suits, the series will introduce a new star power in the upcoming eighth season of the show. USA Network announced that Katherine Heigl will join the cast as a series regular. The former Grey’s Anatomy actor will play Samantha Wheeler, a talented new partner at Pearson Specter Litt. Her role will challenge the status quo of the office as she becomes either its greatest asset or most powerful enemy.


TOPaDRAWER Our selection of fabulous gifts for Valentine’s Day















FEBRUARY 11-17 2018



Karachi Candle Company’s Valentine’s Day edition candles The Karachi Candle Company has something special in store for us this Valentine’s Day. Our favourite scented candles have been packaged beautifully in limited edition boxes especially for Valentine’s Day. So if you’re running short on ideas of what to get for your loved one or friend, head to Ensemble and pick up a scented candle which makes for the perfect gift. Fire Paan at Panwaari While chewing paan is not a good habit, eating it once in a blue moon is justified. We got our hands on the hottest street snack, the fire paan, and were pleasantly surprised. The regular paan is set on fire before being put in your mouth. So head over to Panwaari and try it out for yourself.


RADAR Festival of Life by Shaukat Khanum The Friends of Shaukat Khanum proudly announce the fifth edition of the Festival of Life in collaboration with Pakistan’s leading fashion and entertainment fraternity. An all-day carnival for families, the Festival of Life will be held at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Lahore on February 18 from 125pm. The event has been organised to help raise awareness and funds for the project. Don’t miss out!

Pistachio Pink’s Valentine’s Loaf I loaf you, do you? This perfectly packaged loaf by Pistachio Pink is totes adorbs. We love the beautifully packaged loaf and can’t wait to get our hands on it. Pick it up before Valentine’s Day to serve with breakfast or make a delectable sandwich for lunch. To order, call 03154005171 or visit Thepinkpistachio/


FEBRUARY 11-17 2018

Pop Nosh There’s a new snack in town and if you’re a foodie you need to put it to the test. Not only is the popcorn by Pop Nosh tasty, but each kernel is fresh, crispy and wrapped in delicious caramel syrup. The mouthwatering snack is prepared to perfection and is just a call away. The gourmet popcorn is perfect for adding a bit of fun to your movie nights at home. Call 03227676674 to place your orders!


Hua Kuch Yoon Arts Council, Karachi

February 15

Hua Kuch Yoon is a satirical prelude to Sarhay 14 August Say Pehlay taking place on February 15 at the Arts Council. The play is a fictitious account of two love stories, present day and past, depicting the trials & tribulations of two people in love from Pakistan and India. With a humorous angle, it sheds light on how the lives of people can be affected by two warring countries. The play chronicles the events of partition & history, merging them in a wonderful journey of nostalgia that is bound to make you teary eyed. For ticket information, visit or call on (021) 38781654.


Don’t miss out on these upcoming events in your city!

Tour de Lahore The Local Wanderer, Lahore

Creative Writing Workshop by Bina Shah The Second Floor, Karachi

February 25

Back by popular demand, T2F welcomes its second Creative Writing Workshop of 2018 on Sunday, February 25th at Faraar Gallery. Creative writing is a skill that allows us not only to produce entertaining and thoughprovoking content for readers but also allows us to explore our creativity to great lengths. All creative writing enthusiasts, join T2F for a Creative Writing workshop with critically acclaimed author, Bina Shah. For more information, get in touch with T2F on or call on (021) 35389043.

February 17

If you’re new to the city of Lahore and can’t wait to explore its grandeur then The Local Wanderer is all set to take you for an enjoyable tour around the city. From historical sites to irresistible food of Lahore, this trip entails everything to make you fall in love with the city of Lahore. For more information, get in touch with the organisers on or call on 0300-6688858.

LUMS Annual Photography Summit’18 LUMS, Lahore February 16 If you’re a shutter bug and love to learn about new tips and tricks of photography, then make your way to LUMS on February 16. Organised by LUMS Photographic Society, this event will have key professionals from the photographic community of Lahore. Be a part of this event if you wish to evolve as a photographer and learn more about the art. For more information, visit lums.photographic.society/

The Chocolate Festival Port Grand, Karachi

February 17

Chocoholics don’t forget to make your way to Port Grand on February 17 to satiate your cravings with the best chocolate desserts. From irresistible cupcakes to decadent milk shakes and ice creams, you can’t miss this event if you’re a true chocolate lover. Along with food, you can also enjoy music and other stage activities including celebrity appearances and lucky draws. For ticket information, get in touch with the organisers on or call on 0334-9270488.

Salt Soiree 20 FT. Natasha Baig Cote Rotie, Karachi February 14 Salt Arts celebrate South Asian roots and culture by glorifying its symphonies and music. Gear up for a co-curated act on the 14th of February 2018, Salt Arts presents Natasha Baig from Hunza to Karachi - live at Côte Rôtie. Sufi rock is a subgenre of rock music that combines rock with classical sufi music traditions. It emerged in the early 1990s and became widely popular in the late 1990s in Pakistan and India. For ticket information and other relevant details, visit or log on to

FEBRUARY 11-17 2018


The Express Tribune Magazine - February 11 - 2018  

The Express Tribune Magazine for February 11th 2018

The Express Tribune Magazine - February 11 - 2018  

The Express Tribune Magazine for February 11th 2018