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DECEMBER 4-10 2016

One Piece, Three Ways

Three stylistas make one Sana Safinaz fabric their own

The Notepad Ruqayya Diwan jots down the most hilarious things that occur at Pakistani weddings

The Daily Grind Ali Noor and Ali Hamza of Noori break their day down

Hot Off The Streets We go style-spotting at HSY’s mansion in Karachi


Featuring Kevin Pietersen for Edenrobe’s latest menswear collection

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The Cut Our list of the best-dressed for the week


Daily Grind Ali Noor and Ali Hamza of Noori, spend a day with us in Sri Lanka


Style Anatomy Rabiya Umair Abid breaks down her personal style


Shoot Edenrobe showcases its latest collection


The Vault Pervez Hussain shares his most prized possessions


It Runs In The Family Aleeha and Nayab Danyal talk sisterhood


One Piece, Three Ways Three stylistas work with fabric from Sana Safinaz’s latest collection


Top Drawer Our selection of the chicest trench coats and wraps this season


The Corner Get comfortable in Sarah Najmi Bilgrami’s favourite space


The Notepad Ruqayya Diwan prepares us for the upcoming wedding season


Hot OĐ The Streets Style-spotting from HSY’s mansion in Karachi


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Managing Editor: Momina Sibtain Features Editor: Maha Rizvi Sub Editors: Minahil Qasim, Sanya Pervez Hussain, Sara Gheewala Photographer: Shafiq Malik Layout Designers: Umar Waqas, Saad Arifi, Yasir Rizvi Production Team: M Moosa, Mushtaq Khan, Sohail Khan, Malik Waheed, M Ahsan, Usman Zai Publisher: Bilal Lakhani. Editor: Fahd Husain For feedback and submissions:

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DECEMBER 4-10 2016


x Fatima Ahmad and Haya Ijaz

x Omar Ahmed and Ahad Zuberi

Maliha Aziz Jamil and Shahan Jamil

THE FRAT HOUSE Ahad Zuberi celebrates his birthday with a fun frat themed party in Karachi

xHaya Malik and Maham Baig

xMahain Norsherwani with a guest

xHamna Moin and Iqra Memon

x Basim Akhund and Mariam

xNazia Qadir Amirah Muneer

xAmmara DECEMBER 4-10 2016


xKhush Momo Pasha

xAmna Rizvi, Zara Mandiwalla, Unzila Hussain and Alina Leghari

xAnusha Bawany, Shahrina Hashwani, Zainab Parekh and Sada Parekh

xSaba Pervez Dada

xAnushka and Ali Aziz

xNoor Sattar and Malaika Hasan

xNida Khalifzai and Zara Rahman with a guest DECEMBER 4-10 2016


Selina Rashid, Farhana and Zarlasht

Meher Bano Qureshi and Shehrnaz Hussain


Élan exhibits its new bridal collection, ‘Palais Indochine’, at Ensemble in Karachi

Mahnum Kabir

Nazneen Tariq

Shehnaz Salim

Anushey Hasham

Khadijah Shah DECEMBER 4-10 2016


Sumeha, Shaheen and Sabeen


Nikhar Riaz



HSY h hosts an exclusive press meet to introduce the ‘HSY Mentorship Program’ at introduc his mansion in Karachi

Anusheh Shahid and Laurent-Marie Affre

Mudabbir Raza

Aamna Haider Isani

Maliha Rehman

Salima Feerasta

Kamiar Rokni and Seyham Vahidy DECEMBER 4-10 2016


xFiza Farhan and Nadia


Members of UN Women hold a conference at the Sutlej Hall in Avari Hotel, Lahore, to eradicate violence against women



Nina and Nickie

xHina Butt

xMasarrat Misbah

xZainab Shaukat

xMehek Rizvi

xJamshed Kazi

x mal Khan A

xHaider and Maida Azmat DECEMBER 4-10 2016


xMaheen Kardar

xNaz Mansha



x Sadaf


xAsma Chishty

xCybil Chowdhry

xRubia Mughees DECEMBER 4-10 2016


Shakira Usman

Sana Butt

Amber Liaqat

BRIDAL FESTIVE Saira Shakira hosts an exclusive unveiling of its Bridal Collection ‘Zohra’ in Lahore

Saira Faisal

Zoya, Sehyr Anis and Sharmeen


Sana Malik

Shireen Rehman

Rubia Mughees

Sonia Azhar DECEMBER 4-10 2016


Anush Ammar

Mahwish Faisal

Samia Munir

Asmat Tariq


Saira Rizwan


Shafaq Habib


Zara Gul

Zara Qizilbash

Hiba Khan DECEMBER 4-10 2016


Rezz Aly Shah and Zehra Azim

Asma, AYT and Fatima Azim


Zehra Azim and Usman Ali Khan launch ‘Neem Tree Spa’ in Islamabad

Nabia and Khurram Khan

Noor and Raza

Naimal Khan and Juju Haider

Zaara and Sabeen

Amirah Abbasi

Sheila and Steve DECEMBER 4-10 2016


Dr Naghma and Ms Shamim

TOUCH OF GOLD Shafaq Habib and Zubia Motiwalla

Talat Wasim

Jewellery designer Shafaq Habib showcases her new collection in Karachi

Muna Mandviwalla

Maha Ameen

Mina Ramzi and Nazneen Tariq DECEMBER 4-10 2016


Reema Ismail

Ghazala Humayun

Mr and Mrs Munaf

Uzma Mazhar

Shanaz Ramzi

Farida Bajwa

Khursheed Iqbal

Maliha Haris

Fatima and Maria DECEMBER 4-10 2016


xAli Ansari xMehr Kassim

xMr and Mrs Imran Syed

I AM THE CHANGE Engro celebrates institutions and individuals enforcing social change at Frere Hall in Karachi e

x Sana Mesia

xSabrina and Hussain Dawood

xMohammad Sheraz

xMr and Mrs Adnan Syed

xNaila Kassim

x Tapu Javeri DECEMBER 4-10 2016


xArsalan Khan and Muneeza Kassim

xFareshteh Aslam

xAfia Saleem with a guest

xMr and Mrs Wajid Junejo


DECEMBER 4-10 2016

xMr and Mrs Amean J

x Sidra Iqbal

xSana Sultan

xNadia Jamil

xHussain Mazhar and Zeenat Khatri

Unforgettable looks of the week!



Amber Gohar Amber keeps it simple and classy in a royal blue tunic with silver detailing on the sleeves. We love how she opts for matching blue, suede pointy heels to complete her look!

Sada Parekh Sada chooses a black, off-shoulder top with complimenting dark-blue cuffed denim jeans. Her beautiful diamond and pearl jewellery give her ensemble an extra oomph!

DECEMBER 4-10 2016


Sehr Pirzada Sehr Pirzada rocks an all-black look with a vibrant blue Hermès ‘Birkin’ bag to accessorise. All eyes on her patent grey pumps!

Sania Maskatiya Sania opts for a printed tunic with a black dhoti shalwar. She carries a blush Fendi ‘Peekaboo’ tote and wears simple black Chanel thong-sandals. We love her minimal style!


DECEMBER 4-10 2016

Khadijah Shah We love Khadijah’s sporty-chic style. She takes the casual look of a graphic t-shirt and grey track pants up a notch, with her Fendi ‘Peekaboo’ bag, black kicks, and statement sunnies!


Da i ly



The talented Ali Noor and Ali Hamza of the incredible band Noori, take us all the way to Sri Lanka and break down the day they spent shooting their new song ‘Dil Ki Qasam’ with Miss Veet Pakistan

DECEMBER 4-10 2016


9am: We wake up early, before 10am in an Ayurvedic resort — a place where we have to be peaceful and quiet. They are very punctual here; they serve us vegetarian food, sometimes we get chicken, but mostly it’s all detoxifying food. The rice has some kind of purple dots on it.

10am: For breakfast we are served fresh fruits and eggs of our choice. The tea and coffee here doesn’t taste like actual tea and coffee.

11am: We go for a stroll on the beach and talk about the video, and then we head to the Veet Academy. They have booked the whole mansion. It is pretty awesome! It has gorgeous views, and wherever we go we see beautiful beaches, and lots of girls. As soon as we enter the mansion, we spot Aamina Sheikh’s daughter playing with a python.

12pm: As sunlight is the strongest right now, we begin shooting the mansion shots.

3pm: We hijack all the girls and bring them back to our place!

4pm: We find ourselves on the beach again — flying kites and playing cricket. We meet an aeronautical engineer, who flew from Sydney to Hong Kong, then Hong Kong to Sri Lanka just because we were coming. This guy is great, so we hang out and party with him. Not that you can do much in an Ayurvedic resort, but we make the most of it.

5pm: We go for a swim with Fahad Ashraf, director marketing of Reckitt Benckiser. We begin having long, drawn out discussions with him about how the women of this country should evolve 53

DECEMBER 4-10 2016

and how we want to open schools together. Other than being in Sri Lanka, and shooting a music video, this is the graver reason why Veet and Noori are working together. Fahad explains how for the last three years the competition was becoming meaningless and he wanted to add meaning to the concept. The girls that are being chosen in the competition are regular girls. The idea behind selecting regular people is that you are not choosing them for their appearance, but for completely different reasons. We talk about what else we can do in the future, how to turn this into an institution, and even discuss the future of the girls who don’t win. It’s very important for them to stay connected because it isn’t about winning and losing, it’s all about exploration and transformation — different people, different backgrounds, different stories, and stories cannot just end.

8pm: We go to Galle. It’s a full moon and there is a large Portuguese party here. Suddenly, Aisha Khan starts feeling sick and we need to take her to the hospital, but we find out that there are no hospitals. No one is sure what is happening to her. We take her home, and she sleeps it off.

12am: We go back to our room and jam with the guitar. We only have a few night sets. After a while we are hungry but we can’t find junk food. We are seriously craving chips and Pepsi at this point. We decide to make fries ourselves, so we cut the potatoes, only to discover that these weird Ayurvedic potatoes just won’t fry!

1am: Still awake, waiting for the potatoes to fry…

3am: Three hours later, finally the fries are ready! After quickly munching down the fries, we finally go to bed, as we have to start the day early tomorrow.



The CEO of Zhoosh and bridal consultant at Sania Maskatiya, talks to us about her style evolution, and gives us a lesson on how to embrace your body

Understanding your body is the key to looking good and a trait found amongst all impeccably dressed fashionistas. While people shy away from talking about their bodies, these brave souls explain how they work their anatomies to their advantage

DECEMBER 4-10 2016


How would you describe your body type? I would say I’m pear-shaped. Has your body type changed over the last five years? From freshmen 15 to the dreaded post-wedding weight gain, let’s just say I’ve had to hit the gym a lot over the years! How has your style changed over the years? I like experimenting with new trends while staying true to my personal style, which hasn’t really changed in the last few years. In your opinion what is your most troublesome area? I like to embrace all my flaws, hence I wouldn’t want to call a particular body part troublesome. How do you dress your body according to your body type? I like silhouettes with structured shoulders and a cinched in waistline, which is why blazers and belts are always my go-to accessories. For me, a nice pair of heels always makes an outfit look more polished and flattering. In your opinion what is the biggest mistake a person can make while dressing here? I feel all body types are beautiful, and one should dress to accentuate their greatest assets. Some people don’t understand what the right styles are for them, or more importantly, what the right fit is for their body type and proportions, and that for me is the biggest fashion faux pas. Which silhouettes suit your body the most? These days I prefer wearing peplum tops and flare pants. I also like to layer a lot so I’m really looking forward to winter! What is the one piece of clothing that you shy away from wearing and why? I love the look of a crop-top layered underneath a jacket or a blazer, but somehow, I am just not comfortable wearing it.


DECEMBER 4-10 2016


Edenrobe’s latest menswear winter collection plays with dark colours and checkered prints. The line uses a combination of neutral and classic colours such as navy blue, black, dark grey and green. The refined fabrics, ranging from tweed to corduroy, add sophistication to the entire collection. With this collection, the brand launches a line of slim-cut and tailored pieces that are a perfect fit for the classic man this season

Photographer: Adnan Qazi Creative: GS Adverto Model: Kevin Pietersen Make-up and styling: Silverlemon Brand: Edenrobe


THE VAULT WITH PERVEZ HUSSAIN The talented entrepreneur and CEO of Afghan Carpet, unlocks his vault. He shares his love for carpets and unveils his ‘miracle’ piece

How did your interest in carpets begin? My interest aroused when I observed my father in this trade for several decades. I believe I inherited a love for carpets in my family gene and was born with it. I always knew that this is what I am going to be practicing in the later years of my life. Where did you get them? I source carpets from many wholesalers and several countries including Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Tibet. What are your favourite pieces and why? I have several favourite pieces, as carpets are more than just a commodity to me. They are my most prized possessions, but if I had to choose, I would say the black and gold Tabriz is my favourite carpet. It holds a special place in my heart because it’s unique, luxurious and glamorous. It adds exceptional value into a room.

Miracle piece

Is there any piece you are emotionally attached to and why? In August 2011 during our Ramazan sale, a fire broke out in Afghan Carpet. It burnt and damaged several carpets in my store and the entire building had to be shut down. It took a huge toll on my entire staff as we had invested our sweat, blood and soul into this flagship store. One of my favourite carpets, an extremely valuable and rare Mughal rug was saved from the fire and I call it my ‘miracle’ piece, as it was completely unaffected by the fire. I never sold that piece because of its emotional value in my life.

Share a story with us about how you acquired one of your favourite carpets? There are many interesting e stories. As a young man I once p embarked on a purchasing trip in my early struggling days. I went to a remote village in Tibet, which had the original y source of rare carpets made by skilled craftsmen. In those days technology was absent, so with little funds, and only my high spirits and faith to rely upon, I made this trip successful, despite not knowing the language or my whereabouts. It was an adventure! DECEMBER 4-10 2016



Aleeha Danyal, dentist, and Nayab Danyal, student, take us down memory lane. From gate crashing weddings together to bonding with Honey Singh in a vegetable shop in London, these sisters seem to have been together through thick and thin!

DECEMBER 4-10 2016


What is your first memory of each other? Aleeha: I’m not sure if it’s my own memory or I remember only because I’ve been told by several people, but when she was born, I was furious and I kept asking my mother why they had prayed for her when they already had me. I might have tried to break a lamp or two. Nayab: On Aleeha’s sixth birthday a thunderstorm came. I remember she held onto the window grill for dear life, and kept crying and saying “ghar urh jaye ga!” She didn’t let go for an hour; I think she saw The Wizard of Oz one too many times. What is the craziest thing you have done together? Aleeha: We were coming back from dinner one day and saw a wedding going on near our house. We stopped the car, crashed the wedding, ran on the stage, took a selfie with the couple, and ran out as fast as we could. Nayab: We were in a restaurant in London, and I saw Honey Singh through the window. I screamed and ran out, but Aleeha didn’t realise what had happened and ran after me on the street, leaving all our shopping in the restaurant. We followed him into a vegetable shop and not only did he take selfies with us, but we also bonded quite a bit. What did you get punished for the most as a child? Aleeha: I was always running around, creating trouble, not doing my homework and hitting my siblings. Nayab: For not understanding what my mother was trying to teach me for days. I was a careless child. If you could only wear one piece of clothing for the rest of your life, from the others closet, what would it be? Aleeha: Her leather jacket, which I conveniently forget isn’t mine. Nayab: I would wear her LMDC basketball jersey, because I wear it as a night suit shirt, and I can be in my night suit forever. If you could swap places with each other, what is the first thing you would do? Aleeha: I’d live the day as she does, while writing everything in a journal, so I can cross analyse later on. I would also pull pranks on as many people as possible. Nayab: I would go on a food expedition. I’d enjoy the satisfaction and she’d get the calories. It’s perfect.


DECEMBER 4-10 2016

What is the one thing you love about your sister? Aleeha: I love that she’s on the same wavelength as me. We both have the same reactions to most things. Nayab: I love her determination (when she’s not being lazy). She knows what she wants and she’ll get it too. If you are fighting with each other, how do you make up? Aleeha: I tend to forgive easily and she holds grudges (sometimes for weeks), so I’m usually the one who gives in, even though it’s always her fault! I go to her and pretend like nothing ever happened. Nayab: We don’t fight. If we ever do, we just act as if nothing happened in the first place after a while. Our fights don’t last very long. What is the one secret talent your sister has, that you wish you had too? Aleeha: Her ability to find and create outfits. I have a habit of forgetting things that I’ve bought, and only remember them, when she has them on! Nayab: I wish I could master her art of Snapchatting. I don’t know when she opens the camera, when she captures the moment and how she uploads them in a second. She is the queen of Snapchat and everyone knows it. Describe your sister in three words: Aleeha: Confident, witty and moody. Nayab: She’s a rebel. Which fictional character is your sister most like? Aleeha: Donald Duck — grumpy with a lot of quacking. Also, the short legs! Nayab: Sleeping beauty. How are your personalities similar? Aleeha: We share a love for food, movies and cheap Bollywood songs. We talk the same way and say the same things, but also have completely different personalities. Nayab: We both love food and Bollywood! We communicate through dialogues and sing the oldest Indian songs together — even the instrumental parts. I can’t live without my sister because… Aleeha: Siblings are irreplaceable. Nayab: She is a part of me.




his Sana Safinaz fabric is from their 2016 winter shawl collection. The fabric primarily uses a vibrant, shocking pink hue, which contrasts against the shades of black also used in the contemporary design. Furthermore the comfortable, and versatile cotton and khaddar material can be stitched in a variety of ways, to suit your personal style and requirements. Get creative with your Sana Safinaz winter outfits!


While trends fade, style remains eternal and one piece can be put together in many diĆĄerent ways. In this feature we have three fashionistas showing us how to put together an item from a designers collection, according to their own individual style and taste!

Anaam Ayub HR Analyst

I would describe my personal style as minimal, and for me, comfort is key. I wore the Sana Safinaz kameez with a black tulip shalwar and my plexi heels. I then accessorised with a black clutch and tassel earrings from H&M, which gave a bit of edge to my very traditional look. For my hair I got a straight blowout and for my make-up I went for a soft smoky eye with a neutral lipstick. I would wear this outfit to a dinner or a lunch.

DECEMBER 4-10 2016


Sabah Gilani Director, Serai Concept Store and Creative Director, Noor Home

I would describe my personal style as being classic-chic. I kept the look simple and elegant by wearing black bootleg pants and a black silk top to let the statement Sana Safinaz jacket do all the talking. Again, to keep the richly embroidered jacket as the focal point, I chose classic accessories, including solitaire tops, my gold watch, and my black Alexander McQueen boxed clutch. Hair and make-up is what ties a look together, so to keep it understated, I went with a neutral palette for eyes and lips, and left my hair open. I would wear this outfit to a dinner.

Maha Burney Creative Director, NFK Photography

I would describe my personal style as classic chic with a trendy edge. I like to keep my look understated and play with on-trend accents by throwing in a statement shoe or accessory. To style the Sana Safinaz kurta, I kept the look uncluttered, as the super-fun voluminous sleeves already make quite a statement! I opted for straight black cigarette pants, as an offset for the volume in the shirt, and then wore my black, ankle-strap heels by Tom Ford. For my make-up I did a soft smoky eye and applied matte, nude lipstick. The versatile outfit is the perfect pick for a casual dinner or even a small dholki this season. Just sweep your hair into a messy bun, swipe on some red lipstick and you have a dressier look! 67

DECEMBER 4-10 2016



Get ready for brunch and all those daytime activities with our selection of the chicest trench coats and wraps this season!

















DECEMBER 4-10 2016




Sarah Najmi Bilgrami, gifted architect and creative director of the interior design studio, Yoc’a, welcomes us into her charming showroom, walking us through the corners, which hold her dearest designs By Maha Rizvi


midst a bustling commercial area resides Yoc’a’s tranquil studio. As soon as we step in, we feel a sense of warmth, the kind of warmth one would only expect from a home. Our charismatic host, Sarah Najmi Bilgrami welcomes us in, insisting we try her office’s hot cup of coffee. Convinced, we settle down on one of the contemporary black leather sofas situated in a corner. We quickly discover that the display is of one of the many bridal packages Yoc’a is offering to brides and grooms, for their bridal suites. The interior primarily consists of timeless pieces, which can be rearranged in a variety of ways, but also includes a few statement accent pieces, which add character to the space. “In our interiors we don’t match, we show people how to put things together; I think that is Yoc’a’s strength. Generally this is a stressful time for a bride or a groom, and this makes it easier for them,” says Bilgrami. The brand known for it’s high-gloss polishes, and fine-quality materials, exemplifies just that through its interiors. It is not modern or stark, but simply luxurious. “I love how we don’t have a matching mirror. It is black and white with a hint

of gold, not anything that will disrupt anyone, and the way we live after marriage, that is very important,” she continues. We take a walk around the exquisite studio, eyeing one tasteful piece after another. The furniture is lavish, yet comfortable and familiar, a combination rare to come by. Though essentially classic, the more we examine the items, we realise the meanings, and staggering details of each piece. “One of my favourites is the dresser, because it’s larger than life, and the proportions are just stunning. We’ve done an ombré finish in all natural stain — if you look on one side, it’s darker than the other.” While we get a closer look at the Henry VIII-style console, she happily shares that though she is emotional about all her pieces, there are certain items that hold a special place in her heart. One such piece is named, ‘The Amoeba’. “I would call it a labour of love. We were roaming in the markets, and saw people disposing large chunks of wood, only keeping certain parts. Some people don’t understand the integrity of material, because that part of the trunk is superb! It’s the part that holds all the veins together, its truly beautiful. So we DECEMBER 4-10 2016


decided to let it age and do its thing, and once it was done, we lightly stained it. This experiment later turned into a whole series,” she shares. On our walk around the studio, we spot a contemporary coffee table, with old school antiquing. We stop and study the unconventional table, held together with screws that can be adjusted to any configuration. Upon questioning, Bilgrami shares another noteworthy story. “For this project we found our own wood, and torched it. As they aged, they cracked differently. That’s why we call it the ‘Burnt Coffee Table’, as we burnt it to create it. This was another experiment that I wanted to try,” she smiles. Furniture that is made so sincerely is difficult to come by, so we ask the mastermind behind it, where she gets her inspiration from. “I am inspired every single day. It could be my travels, a painting, music or this very conversation. I want my furniture to speak volumes of luxury, and I like keeping up with international trends while retaining and reviving tradition,” she says. The showroom is proof of Bilgrami’s talent and passion. Each piece serves as a testament to her creative spirit. Curious to know which pieces made it to her home, we pose the question. “A lot of them! My house is being renovated right now, and many pieces here are inspired by the techniques that I’m taking into my house,” she explains. As we make our way out, we recall the warmth we had felt upon entering, and conclude that the feeling was not only present due to our gracious host, but also because of the carefully crafted, phenomenal furniture in our company.

Henry VIII-style console


DECEMBER 4-10 2016

The Amoeba

Burnt Coffee Table



Mark your calendars Each wedding is at least a five-day celebration, so clear your schedules!

Ruqayya Diwan, the talented illustrator behind the creative blog, @life_spaced_out prepares us for the upcoming wedding season, by sketching out the seven most hilarious things, certain to happen at Pakistani shaadis

The compulsory prep All the women spend hours at the salon before each function.

The dance practice You spend months practicing the dances and everyone still messes up, but no one cares!

The rishta aunty There’s always a rishta aunty roaming around, scoping out the girls.

The family photo It takes ages to gather everyone for the family photo, yet there’s always one person that misses it.

The ultimate battle The joota chupai is a serious, neverending battle. The feast The food gives you an upset stomach, but it’s worth it. DECEMBER 4-10 2016



SOS Children Village Carnival

Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore

December 4

Lahore, mark your calendars! SOS Children’s Village is organising a children’s carnival on the 4th of December, from 11am till 5pm at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. The purpose of this fundraiser is to aid orphans and abandoned children. The event offers lots of fun activities including an Irani circus, various food stalls, a puppet show, celebrity appearances and games. Tickets will be available at the door for Rs300. Come to enjoy your Sunday and support a great cause simultaneously!

PLAN OF ACTION Don’t miss out on these upcoming events in your city!

Scandinavian Homes Exhibition

The Nishat Hotel, Lahore

Get ready for some retail therapy! We have seen Scandinavian designers grow over the last few years and we can’t get enough of their unique aesthetic. Keeping that in mind, we look forward to the upcoming exhibition at The Nishat Hotel, which will showcase all the latest Scandinavian home furnishing trends and display ways in which you can incorporate these styles into your home. Don’t miss this one!

The Festival of Chocolate

TBA, Karachi

December 10—11

December 10

Karachi, celebrate your love for chocolate at The Festival of Chocolate! Choose from a variety of cakes, doughnuts, milkshakes, churros, chocolate pizzas and much more. There will also be lucky draws, a kids gaming zone, a musical concert and lots of other fun activities at the event. You don’t want to miss this one! For bookings, call 0347-1804133.

Lahore Food Meet Gulberg Galleria, Lahore December 9—11 Calling all Lahore foodies! Save your appetite and get ready for the Lahore Food Meet, which celebrates the food culture in Lahore. There will be lots of stalls by top restaurants, home chefs, bakeries, organic stalls and other food companies. This festival will also include cultural and musical performances. Tickets are for Rs100, call 0320-8532484 to buy yours now!

Day Hike to Miranjani

G8 Makarz, Islamabad December 10 Islamabad, get your sneakers on and get ready for a day hike to the Miranjani Mountain in Ayubia National Park. Miranjani is located in the Himalayan conifer forests, surrounded by spectacular sights. The package covers lunch, tea and all travel expenses. There are limited seats available, so reserve your spot now. Tickets are available for Rs1,700. Call 0342-2877210 for more details.


DECEMBER 4-10 2016

Winter Carnival

PACC Cantt, Karachi

December 10

Karachi, are you ready for the winter carnival this year? There will be lots of fun activities to keep you entertained, such as underground band performances, a dhol performance, performances by top singers, rap battles, fireworks and much more. Tickets are for Rs300 and entry for kids under 10 is free. Call 0313-2812300 for more details.




We go sartorial sighting at HSY’s spectacular mansion in Karachi, to find edgy fashion and eye-catching statement accessories

DECEMBER 4-10 2016



DECEMBER 4-10 2016

INDEX Khwaab Khwaab is a business organisation that aims to empower local crafts women by giving them a platform to showcase their skills. Located in Karachi; they bring the technique of women from Shah Faisal Colony to life through a collaborative process. We love the twist they give to traditional, handmade artistries to create contemporary home textiles and modern apparel. To support this great cause call 0345-8282665 or visit

Minimosa Lahore, watch out for this brand new, unique business venture, which guarantees to have your mouth-watering! Minimosa brings you fresh, homemade mini samosas straight to your doorstep. They offer exciting flavours such as chicken and mushroom, cottage cheese, ultimate beef and many more. You can place your order by calling 0321-4653718 or inbox them on


RADAR ONE The fashion forward and contemporary high-street brand, ONE, offers trendy and chic western wear for men and women. ONE features an extensive range of products consisting of tops, blazers, jeans and even jewellery in their winter collection, all at affordable prices. For further information visit their flagship store on MM Alam Road in Lahore or check them out on

Talisman We discovered this accent furniture company at the Daachi exhibition recently. Based in Lahore they offer quality furniture with exquisite craftsmanship. Talisman by Fauzia Azim stands for everything beautiful in Pakistani culture, from their hand knotted traditional carpets, to works of art by local artists. You can’t miss the intricate details on their trunks and tables! Visit for more information.

Stratford Street Stratford Street recently launched its flagship store in Karachi. They offer a wide variety of handcrafted, trendy footwear at affordable prices. We have our eye on their quirky, spiked espadrilles, which are perfect for the upcoming winter season. Browse through their collection by visiting DECEMBER 4-10 2016


The Express Tribune Magazine - December 4 - 2016  

The Express Tribune Magazine for December 04th 2016

The Express Tribune Magazine - December 4 - 2016  

The Express Tribune Magazine for December 04th 2016