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BuXi A project by Chang Ding, Kristian Larsen and Alina Moat for DesignCamp 2010 at Designskolen Kolding

Buxi Pitch To create an electric bus-taxi service which incorporates the best elements from public and private transport whilst allowing for fun, small yet pleasant interactions between passengers, creating a valuable new culture of travel. It aims to encourage the use of a flexible and reliable mode of public transport for commuters that drive to and from work on a daily basis.

long wait cold lonely


expensive apprehension

Private Cars

personal space

too close

too far

Runners culture

+ being driven in comfort

+ affordability

= BuXi

personal space

45ยบ degree facing backwards

45ยบ degree facing fwd

traditional facing fwd






Door To Door

No fixed destination Personal yet collective Affordable

Good to the environment Fun small interactions

BuXi Thank you!

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