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May 2014 Issue five

etpm Hosts Charity Event Super Saturday Pg 14 - 15

Kathryn’s take on the Grand National Pg 23

Ben Newell’s Cultural Review of 2014 A dog, not a form of transport Pg 17

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A Note from the Editor

Well it’s summertime (or thereabouts) and with the return of blue skies and sun, the arguments over the temperature in the office intensify. Generalisations are dangerous, but this editor feels confident enough in his assertion that women seem to feel more comfortable in a working environment slightly warmer than the surface of Venus. Meanwhile the men in the office would prefer all doors and windows so far open the place becomes a conduit for all passing storm systems, like a wind tunnel for testing fighter jets. You’d imagine a happy medium could be reached but sadly not – as in all disputes, the etpm ladies have won and I write this in the office equivalent of the Eden Project, wilting like the flower in ET. Not to worry, despite the furnace we are rather appropriately now at the coal-face of the offshore season, with projects springing up all around the globe and etpm personnel doing us proud on all manner of vessels, barges and platforms. You can find out more about our hard work inside, on top of the usual menagerie of fund-raising, hell-raising and trail-blazing. It’s been a fantastic 2014 so far and as this fifth edition of the Harbour Herald attests to, one full of changes, improvements and reshuffles that keeps etpm as interesting as ever to be a part of. Enjoy!

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A View from the Top


Oceanology 2014


Jeff Mountain reviews 2013/2014 and looks ahead at etpm’s plans for the next year.

Andrew Mitchel BD Manager talks about his experience of exhibiting at Oceanology.

ROV, Inspection & Survey 10 Our team in Great Yarmouth give thier

thoughts on the ROV Market and tell us what they’ve been up to.

Marine Review 12

Team Marine give us an update and introduce a new face into the team.

Super Saturday 14

etpm host Super Saturday, a rugby event which aimed to raise money for a range of different charities.

16 Christine Tackles Marine Projects

We get introduced to new recruit Christine Wain who talks about her career so far and what she hopes to achieve at etpm.

17 A dog, not a form of transport

We meet the newest and cutest member of the etpm team. Read about him on page 10.

18 Rigging and Lifting

We meet the newest division within etpm and learn about their plans for 2014

22 In the Spotlight

Which member of the team is in the Spotlight in this issue? Find out on page 18.

23 Kathryn's Take on the Grand National

Kathryn Baxter provides us with a round up of etpm’s Grand National activities.

24 All things Subsea

We hold our breath as we dive down into the underwater world that is the Subsea Division.

26 Ben Newell’s Cultural Review


Ben Newell walks us through all things culture in 2014

A View from the Top Changing Conditions

Jeff Mountain’s round up of all things etpm. “Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves.” - Leo Tolstoy Welcome to the fifth edition of the Harbour Herald which I trust you find to be both informative and a humorous light read centred on what has been happening and what is planned within our two companies etpm and Pirie and Smith. The HH may not be the usual starchy and corporately manicured publication that is generally the norm, but we have fun putting it together and we hope the reader does too as they browse these pages. Here at etpm we keep an eye on what is happening in the Subsea and Marine sectors of the offshore oil and gas industry. As usual the barometer readings – not unlike an Aberdeen summer - are highly variable. On the downside we see large project losses being booked by major contractors, a couple of the medium sized contractors being put in the shop window and major oil companies reporting lower than expected Q1 profits. This low pressure front prevailing in the industry will have knock on effects however the financial markets appear to like our industry sector and also appear to have the cash to invest as the oil price continues to remain steady. Therefore, the forecast is for changeable conditions for the market at large, yet as an SME our challenge is to be able to identify the opportunities whatever the prevailing conditions and to be both nimble and innovative to ensure we continue to provide a world class service to our clients.

Internally we have to ensure that we have the skills and abilities to manage the vagrancies that the external environment presents. This is the challenge of all companies and at the centre of that core are our people, our culture and attitude. I firmly believe we have the balance between these three elements where we need it to be, with great people, the right attitude and a culture that is pragmatic, positive and mannerly. Yet like the weather, conditions are never constant internally and it is how we manage the changes that ensure a positive and smooth continuum. We have made a few tweaks to the etpm service lines recently which has been the catalyst for some internal change all of which I hope serves our industry better and benefits our clients. The changes in retrospect seem to have followed natural lines and provide a clearer definition of what we do. Hopefully we have managed this process well and all stakeholders will see the benefits over the coming months.

Roxburghe House

Away from the business front, we have been busy raising money for charity – see pages 14 - 15 and have raised over £4000 for two charities and two local rugby clubs. Thank you to everyone who supported us in comfortably beating our target of £2500.00. Over the next twelve months we will be raising money for Roxburghe House which is a palliative care centre in Aberdeen and the consensus target is £7500.00 We hope to see you at our forthcoming fundraising events in 2014/15 which includes three staff members taking on the hideously difficult Tough Mudder challenge in mid-June. Also of recent note was our Burns Supper held in the Wheelhouse, a wonderful event with Alex Thurlow giving possibly the best rendition of a response to the lasses (in the form of a song) that I have ever heard. I would also like to say a big Hello to our new etpm’ers in Aberdeen , Great Yarmouth and offshore - many of whom will be mentioned in future editions of the Harbour Herald. I trust you have all found our company to be welcoming and we all look forward to having you onboard.

If you’d like to donate money to Roxburghe House, or sponsor the guys doing Tough Mudder, please visit the below link:

Oceanology 2014 Buisness Development Manager, Andrew Mitchell summarises some southerly BD adventures: For the 1st time etpm took a stand at Oceanology in London. Oceanology 2014 was the largest event of its series – approximately 8,400 attendees and 528 exhibitors from 35 countries. The Royal Victoria Dock saw record breaking amounts of vessel movements - 148 during 3 days with 1,198 people onboard the 13 visiting vessels. etpm were allocated a stand in the 1st time exhibitor zone, which was allocated directly across from the coffee stand and networking area, so was great for a continuous flow of people. Although the zone we were placed looked like a “speed dating” area, the actual stand and back drop of the company looked very sharp and was well received. The show itself was an excellent chance for etpm to network with some of it’s current client base i.e. Deepocean, UTEC, Fugro, DOF Subsea and S3.

It was also great to connect with some potentially new clients such as like, N-Sea, Gardline, Horizon. Andrew Mitchell (BD Manager), Sally Spaull (GY Snr Recruiter) and Jeff & June Mountain were in attendance to man the stand and also entertain our clients in the evening over a social beer or 2. For Sally the show will be remembered for trying to steal a poor chaps bicycle on Tower Bridge – however the way she tried to steal it was slightly disturbing and a real shock to the clients that were with us. Aside from this show was very beneficial for etpm, especially on the ROV side of the business and with etpm moving into the Survey market by the time this show comes around again in 2016 (which we have booked a stand for) it will prove to be even more valuable.

SNS2014: Sea of Opportunity Billed as the most important conference for the Offshore Energy Industry in the East of England with approximately 500 attendees and 84 exhibitors, etpm decided to take a stand at SNS2014 to raise awareness of the etpm office in Great Yarmouth. There was interest in etpm from fellow exhibitors and visitors and the eye-catching stand certainly attracted the right kind of attention. From some of the leads at the show, it appears that the exhibition was a worthwhile exercise with plenty of positives to take the Great Yarmouth office onwards and upwards.

“The best Pork Pie in the World” The world is not the same without a good Pork Pie so etpm’s luck was in when Andrew Mitchell (Mitch) BD Manager announced his fatherin-law was a butcher back in Hull and made his own Pork Pies. John who works at Andrew Little Butchers in Hedon (just outside Hull) has been a butcher all his working life and even though the shop has a delivery service I don’t think John was expecting an order all the way from the etpm Wheelhouse in East Tullos! Making his own Pork Pies by hand at the shop, John got to work on making 30 x 1lb pies all to be separately vacuum packed and sent on their merry way North. It is fair to say that these Pork Pies were worth the wait as each member of staff didn’t waste time indulging themselves, with “this is the best pie I have ever tasted” echoing throughout the office. There was one scandal to speak of, when cooking extraordinaire Alex Thurlow decided to store one of these fresh hallowed delicacies in the freezer, causing butcher John much disappointment. Apart from this blip, it was a universal pastry sensation! A big thank you must go to John for agreeing to make these pies on top of what is already produced at the shop and I am sure there will be more orders in the future, especially when Mitch heads south or John heads north.

Pie in the Sky As we begin each issue, the Harbour Herald team sit down and discuss what theme we should have running throughout the magazine. This time, when discussing the options, the clear favourite was a Pork Pie theme which the editor loved and thought was hilarious. Andrew the deisgner wasn’t so sure but went ahead and designed a front cover anyway (left) - a Pork Pie ROV. Luckily the team thought this was maybe slighty silly and opted for a more sensible option which can be seen on the cover.

ROV, Survey & Inspection ROV

Inspection ROV, Inspection & Survey



ROV Review Where do we begin? Lots of changes here at the Great Yarmouth office, to mention just a few we have doubled the team working in the office, welcoming Dean Spencer and Heidi Palmer. Great Yarmouth has now incorporated and taken the reigns of Inspection and Survey recruitment alongside the ROV department. Moving forward Sara Logan and Dean Spencer will look after the Inspection side of things, with Sally Spaull and Heidi Palmer controlling the Survey scope of work, with all of us taking a slice of the ROV pie. With requirements coming in thick and fast it’s been a busy start to the year and seems like things will only get busier! Actually, we’re growing so fast here in GY that within less than a year of operation we have already out grown our office and the possibility of a swanky new pad is on the cards! Watch this space for an update on this and all other developments including a word or some bubbles from the famous (at least in Yarmouth) GY office fish Rufus, Haggis and G-Man.

New Kids on the Block No not that awful American boy band from the late 80’s! It’s the two new recruiters who have joined the Great Yarmouth office team, Dean Spencer and Heidi Palmer. Although Dean’s wannabe boy band hair style looks like he should be from a pop band from the late 80’s!

A word from 80s Pop idol Dean Spencer: Greetings everyone from a sunny Great Yarmouth! I have recently joined etpm working alongside the team in the Great Yarmouth Office. I will be assisting the ‘ladies’ (Sally and Sara) on the ROV and Inspection side of the business here. I use the word ‘ladies’ loosely as i have never heard such a loud burp from a lady until now, Sally Spaull!

My initial time at etpm has been a very busy one and straight into the thick of the action after some great assistance from Sally and Sara. I’m very happy to have joined the company in a time where the only way seems to be up! Good and challenging times ahead which I can’t wait to be a part of.

Marine Division Deck & Engineering Officers



Onshore Marine Staff

Marine Round Up etpm’s marine business has shown steady growth for the first quarter of 2014 with much of this coming from existing core clients with growing fleets and shortages of qualified marine crew. Certainly towards the end of April we have seen the market for DP bridge crew tighten significantly, and as a result the level of requirements in the division has increased as we approach, what is traditionally, the busiest time of the year.

It is at this time that the strong relationship the company has with regular crew and good reputation with seafarer’s generally as an employer, enhances our ability to meet the (often last minute) requirements of our clients.

New Blood In anticipation of this growth and increased activity, a new Trainee Marine Recruiter joined the team in early April. Jayne Irvine, who joins us with previous recruitment experience and a 1st class honours degree,

Team Marine

has already been a great asset in helping us to continue to provide a quality service with the increased activity levels.

Jayne's Words “My first month with etpm has been very enjoyable. As mentioned previously, I worked as an Administrator focussing on Recruitment within an O&G consultancy firm, so being new to the Marine industry, the knowledge and experience that Jilly, Jay, Janice and Kathryn have shared with me has been invaluable. I am still learning something new everyday. My new role has had me working at a much faster pace and although it has been challenging there is always a fun, vibrant atmosphere within the office and many charitable and social events that really bring the whole team together. I am looking forward to developing my understanding of the Marine industry at etpm!�

Certs The implementation of the new STCW requirements under the Manila amendments for Security certification, which was due to take place 1st Jan 2014, with this being the initial date given by the IMO to Port State Control Officers, has been delayed. New guidance recommends that, until 1st July 2015, relevant training under section 13 (training, drills and exercises on ship security) of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code should be accepted as being equivalent to that required under the STCW Convention and Code.

Immigration Challenges Within our international industry, the requirement for visas in many of the main oil and gas producing countries, has always posed a challenge, especially as we operate in such a fast paced and reactive industry. If anything, visa requirements are becoming more stringent and application processes more time consuming, with West Africa proving particularly challenging in this regard.

etpm Host Super Here at etpm, we’re all quite fond of rugby and we tend to get quite excited as the Six Nations Tournament approaches each year. This year, this egg chasing competition gave us the opportunity to host “Super Saturday”, a charity event held on the last day of the Six Nations. The event was also used as an office warming as it was held in etpm’s brand new home, The Wheelhouse in Aberdeen. We set out to raise two and a half thousand pounds from the event to go towards The Wooden Spoon and The Bill McLaren Foundation; both Rugby orientated charities and perfectly suited to the event. The Bill McLaren Foundation sets out to raise funds to support the development of rugby and its values and also to recognise the contribution Bill McLaren made to rugby through education and the development of an interpretative centre. The Wooden Spoon is one of the largest funders of respite and medical treatment centres, sensory enhancement therapeutic facilities, specialist playgrounds, sports activity areas, and community-based programmes in the UK. Both are very worthwhile causes which gain continual support from etpm. Things kicked off two weeks before the tournament started, with the launch of three Six Nations sweepstakes. These included a main league for everyone, a male only league as well as a third, female only league. Collectively, these leagues gained more than sixty entries which raised over £1000. Anticipation built up every week with everyone battling for the top spot and in the end, the results were so close that the winners were decided based on their guess of the total number of tries scored in the tournament.


Super Saturday was held on the 15th March and was centred around rugby, beer and food. The final three games of the tournament were streamed onto a large screen while a constant flow of beer on tap - provided by a local micro-brewery – was thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees, accompanied by pork pies and curry. These tasty treats didn’t come free though, beer and food tokens were continually being touted in order to part punters from their hard earned cash. As well as the rugby, we held raffles and auctions with the many prizes generously donated by some of our clients and friends of etpm. Included in the auction was a date with our very own Subsea Recruiter, Alex Thurlow. Unfortunately, this specific item failed to raise much money at all. Luckily the other auction items performed a lot better and after the final count, we managed to raise over £4000, a massive £1500 over our initial target! A huge thank you goes to everyone who attended the event and made donations. Also, a big thanks goes to a variety of clients and local companies for donating an array of different prizes for our raffles and auctions. Without this support, the event wouldn’t have been as successful as it was.

Christine Tackles Marine Projects Christine joined the Nevis Scott part of the etpm group of companies in February of this year and has been feverishly working away ever since. Here, she proffers some titbits on her background and aims for the future in her new role at The Wheelhouse: “During my 18 years in the Marine sector I have worked in several positions which have allowed me to gain experience and knowledge in various areas of the industry. I’ve been working primarily with major Ship Owners, including Swire Pacific Offshore for 10 years; during this period I managed the day to day running of the Aberdeen office, which included the operations, chartering and crewing of 6 AHTS working in the North Sea. Being thrown in very much at the deep end I had to learn quickly and be able to make myself heard in a very male orientated business. Gaining the respect of the crew onboard the vessels helped immensely as when technical problems came along I had plenty of people to ask for assistance. Latterly, I worked with an Aberdeen based Shipbroker , dealing with major Oil Companies and Charterers as well as worldwide Ship Owners. I also remotely managed their Ghana office, which included several trips to West Africa to employ local staff and visit the major clients. I have a strong HR background dealing with offshore and onshore personnel, this is proving very useful here in my new position as I have been tasked with the reorganisation of the internal personnel system. My position as Marine Projects Manager is already proving to be varied and extremely interesting. We’re in the process of setting up a Ship Management Department as we intend to expand into this area in the near future.

As Ship Managers we need to be compliant with the ISM code so part of my remit is to produce a Safety Management Manual. I have to admit this is not something I have done before but after doing some research which has included speaking to a few vessel Masters for their views and a visit to the MCA, I am surprised to report that I am now well over half way through my first manual. Of course we’re seeking professional assistance so I am being kept on the right track. I hope to be able to report in the next month or so that we will be ready to put it forward to the MCA for approval. As Ship Managers we will be able to take over the total Management of Owners vessels. etpm’s dedicated team of recruiters are able to crew any type of vessel with professional, qualified and experienced DP officers, engineers, ROV crews etc. We will also Charter the vessels and manage the contracts including Charter Party negotiations if required. We intend to supply Technical and HSEQ management as part of the whole package, we already have keen interest from owners who are keen for someone else to take over the Management of their vessel. We don’t intend to stop here and have further plans for expansion over the coming months, we will of course report these in due course. I can honestly say that I am very happy to be part of the etpm/Nevis Scott team, I have been made very welcome and I look forward to a long association with the Companies.”

Not a Form of Transport! In the past few weeks, the etpm family has grown, with new staff members joining us in the Marine, Rigging & Lifting and ROV & Survey departments. The growing family is all well and good but everyone knows that no family is complete without a dog. To rectify this, Andrew Gibbon, etpm’s Marketing and QA Representative went out and bought one. A six week old Cockapoo from Edinburgh is the latest adition to the family and by far the cutest member of the team – sorry girls! His first day in the office sparked heated discussions on what he should be called. Andrew always wanted a dog called Taxi ever since he was young and this was the clear front runner in his eyes, however, his colleagues disagreed. They suggested the name Toto relating back to when Andrew dressed up as Toto at a fancy dress party where he may have had a little too much to drink….. Before the heated discussions turned into all-out war, it was opened to a vote between the two names. Due to the vote being somewhat fixed, there was only ever going to be one outcome and so he was officially named Taxi. There’s always been slight jealously between the Aberdeen office and etpm’s second office in Great Yarmouth when it comes to office pets. Sally and Sara, both Senior Recruiters based in GY decided to buy themselves a Goldfish for their office when they moved in. This lead to an uproar within the Aberdeen fraternity, with staff members demanding they got fish as well. Several months passed and the northerners never did get their watery wish but instead, they’ve finally played their office-pet trump card with Taxi proving too cute and too fluffy for any fishy rival to cope with. Taxi the office dog now comes to work every day with his owner, he even has his very own play pen. With strict rules relating to puppy pee and puppy poo in the office in place, Andrew had to toilet train him as quickly as possible in order to avoid any costly fines enforced by etpm’s MD Jeff Mountain. Now twelve weeks old and without a single poo fine, Taxi has settled into the office perfectly. He still runs riot and steals staff member’s shoes but this is to be expected. He’s also turned out to be the best “Wingman” or “Babe Magnet” for Andrew while on the walk to work, with several ladies stopping to say hello during every trip.

Crane Operators

Rigging & Lifting


Deck Foremen

Rigging & Lifting

With the recent reshuffle of departments within etpm, a brand new division has taken shape in the form of Rigging and Lifting. Headed by Jay Smith, all rigging and crane operating positions are covered, something that was in the pipeline for a while as it made sense to integrate the two elements together and from what we can see, its starting to pay dividends already with both the guys and our clients. The fledgling department has got off to a flying start. In March alone, they obtained more rigging days than in any month of 2013; impressive considering the traditional busy season has not even got into full swing. April and May have continued this upward trend, with clients utilising our steady pool of reliable deck foremen and experienced riggers, who in turn are proving both flexible in their availability and consistent in their high quality of work.

Feedback from all clients has been very positive, which is certainly something we aim to continue as the workload increases. Joanna Stewart, who had previous rigging recruitment experience before joining us in January, has excelled in fulfilling client and candidate demands. Crane Operators - previously covered by the Marine Department – are continuing to prove a fruitful market for etpm, with level 3 candidates deployed to Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and the North Sea so far this year. During the winter months its was and always will be very much a case of building up a pool of good solid guys with the right qualifications, experience and also equally important with the relevant visa in hand so that we are ready for those inevitable last minute panic shouts. Basically It’s onwards and upwards from here!

Pirie & Smith have just completed another successful year which has seen the company expand, work with new clients and employ new staff. An un-named source at Pirie & smith said “etpm were kind enough to offer us compact space in their quarterly magazine (to match our office space) so we’ve decided to use it as an opportunity review the year for Pirie & Smith. We’ll also have a little glance into the future and see what the rest of 2014 will bring.” Due to both retirement and company growth, Pirie & Smith have employed several new staff members to help meet client requirements. The last week in May 2013 saw George Chalmers join us as Marine Surveyor. George’s previous position was as Vessel Superintendent and he has spent his considerable working life within the marine industry, his previous experience as a Marine Insurance Surveyor has allowed him to slot in seamlessly to his new position with us. Nikolas Giakoumatos, a Marine Engineering and Ship Management graduate started at the beginning of June 2013 as a Trainee Ship Surveyor. This month will see Alex Mills join the surveyor team on a full time basis. Alex has served as Chief Engineer and Project Engineer with BP Tankers and his previous position was also as Vessel Superintendent. We also have Dick Cole, our part time surveyor who has been a valuable asset for the past three years. “With this staffing level we will have a strong team of experienced Surveyors who have many years of experience within the Marine Industry. This pool of talent gives us the ability to meet growing client demand while ensuring the quality of our service.” A thank you to Natasha and Denise who have stepped into the breach in difficult circumstances and through them the admin system is being brought into the 21st century.

The Polish port - try pronounce that! The start of April 2014 saw George travel to Poland where he carried out a survey on an Offshore Support Vessel which was being fitted out for work as an Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel (ERRV) for one of their new clients. This survey, along with other work recently carried out, shows Pirie & Smith’s commitment to moving into the Oil Servicing Market and growing this side of the business. It’s important for the business to grow and develop and one way of doing this is identifying and moving into new target markets. We’ve identified Oil Servicing as a potentially large market for Pirie & Smith so throughout 2014 we will continue to build and strengthen this business and continue to build upon the foundations we’ve already laid.

Pirie & Smith also published their brand new website in early 2014. The site required a major update as it was becoming dated amongst other websites using the latest internet technologies. Andrew Gibbon from etpm took on the project and sat in with the Pirie & Smith Surveyors in order to learn more about their services and how they’d best be represented on a website. “A website is normally the first point of contact for a company so it’s vital that it represents the business and their services accurately. It has to give clients a good impression of the organisation” stated Andrew. He continued to say; “We aimed to bring the company into the twenty-first century. There was no limit to what we could design and being able to do the whole process in-house not only gives us full control over the project, but minimises the costs of the project as well.” Pirie & Smith have been on the go for a long time now (since 1904) and built up a strong and well known reputation for quality within the industry, this is something we’re extremely proud of and intend to maintain for many years to come. In order to monitor and track quality of service we strictly operate against our ISO 9001:2008 certification. In line within the company’s growth it was decided to review and further develop the system this year to ensure 100% efficiency and quality in our operations. This new system was audited in February and full accreditation obtained. Pirie & Smith have always tried to ensure we operate to the highest of standards and having an ISO certification for many years has helped demonstrate this quality to our clients. George, Marine Surveyor, went on to say: “We decided to further develop the system as the company just moved into new offices and was also beginning to see growth within the industry in which we operate. We wanted to ensure our processes retained their quality and efficiency and I believe we’ve managed to do that.”

In the Spotlight In this issue, we interrogate Kristy Wong in a vain attempt to get to know this accounting enigma. Kristy has been working on payroll and accounts with etpm for 10 months... Hello Kristy, tell us where you’re from originally?

You’re very short, are you allowed on roller coasters?

This is like the most common question asked to Asian folk and people just won’t take Aberdeen as an answer. My family’s from Hong Kong if you must know.

I’m sure Alex Thurlow himself is competent in answering this question since he has the same issue as me.

In your brief time at etpm, do you have any highlights?

You almost ran over Iain Cackette (colleague) when you were driving to work, what happened there?

Yes, I have many highlights in etpm but I can only remember the latest one which was when Gibbon showed me the “etpm bidding” video of Alex and I was creasing myself laughing. That video was one of my highlights.

Need for Speed

How is working alongside Director Charles Clark? Any bad habits we should be made aware of?

We’re in the year 1215 and you’ve been sentenced to death for stealing, what’s your last supper?

Working with Chas has been good. Bad habits..... no comment.

“Go to the Winchester, have a pint of beer and wait for all of this to blow over.”

Who do you prefer, Alex Thurlow or Ben Newell – and why? Ben on a good day, Alex on a bad day.

The Grand National 5th April saw the annual Grand National horse race held at Aintree Racecourse. Not being a company to pass up on winning some prizes (and thinly veiled gambling), etpm held an office sweepstake. The lucky dip did several rounds of the office to ensure all horses had been chosen before the big day: poor Jayne Irvine, Team Marine’s latest addition, was even pounced upon during her first day to get rid of the last horse (sorry Jayne!). Director Jeff Mountain willed himself to pick out the horse named Mountainous, sure to be a winner for obvious reasons. However, the lucky dip’s popularity took a dramatic turn when Christine Wain managed to pull out not only the bookies favourite Teaforthree, but the etpm office favourite Shakalakaboomboom as well. “Fix!” we cried. The big day came on Saturday the 5th and Pirie and Smith’s Brian Graham obviously screamed the loudest as his horse Pineau De Re came first and allowed him to scoop the top prize. Jay Smith’s horse Balthazar King came second! Janice Anderson’s Double Seven ended up in third and Great Yarmouth’s Dean Spencer scooped fourth place with horse Alvarado. With the etpm ladies taking part in the Race for Life this year, it has now been suggested that we have another sweepstake to see which etpm lady can come first in the race. We think not!


Battle for Quiz Glory Stuff we learnt at this year’s etpm Quiz, as hosted by the dapper Alex Thurlow: Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. (One individual was successfully convinced that unicorns roamed the Scottish hills 100s of years ago). Charles Clark (Director) loves Destiny Child. Jay Smith (Rigging & Lifting Manager) doesn’t know that much about Aberdeen FC. Kathryn Baxter (Marine Recruiter) really, really loves French Macarons. “Authority should derive from consent of the governed, not from the threat of force!” Was said by Barbie in Toy Story 3 and only Kristy Wong (accounts) knew this. The etpm round followed and it was instantly clear that inviting parents to the quiz might have been a mistake for some people. Lets just say that some parents left knowing far more about certain aspects of their offspring’s private lives than they probably wanted to. When the scores were tallied it became clear that the Electro Techno Plated Magnets were the clear winners and were presented with no prize whatsoever in reward for their achievement.


Offshore Management

Subsea Onshore Subsea Staff

SURF & Cable Installation

Salaried personnel update We’re delighted to announce that John Elliot (Offshore Construction Supervisor) has recently renewed his contract after over 3 years of working with etpm. He’s already being kept busy in the States with further clients chasing him for work!

Team Subsea

Well there have been a few changes here at etpm and I’m delighted to say that I’m back in the Subsea Team following a short spell working offshore and a few months learning the onshore recruitment business.

Of course, not everything is about the clients. We have a great bunch of guys (and girls!) working for us on a regular basis and it’s great to see candidates being requested back time and time again by clients.

Following these adjustments we have re-structured the Subsea division to better meet our client requirements, as outlined by the diagram on the left.

Loyalty is vital in our line of business and it certainly pays dividends for both personnel and etpm.

Through the new divisions we will continue to build upon our partnerships with current clients and hope to start up relationships with new contacts over the busy season. I’ve been out visiting some of our regular clients over the last few weeks and I’m pleased to say that the feedback has been very positive about the quality of personnel etpm provides. It is also evident from these meetings that companies expected the hectic period to have kicked off by the time you’ve read stress levels at etpm are probably high at present!

One way we are looking at giving back to our personnel is through a new competency system. It’s an ongoing process and we’re still trying to decide the best way to manage this with freelance workers, but our strategy looks clearer following the IMCA competency conference that a few of us attended in late April. The topic of competency is being emphasised more and more in the subsea industry and it is imperative for us to ensure that the candidates we are sending out are qualified to do the job. In summary, the Subsea team is looking forward to the challenge this season and of course, keeping you all busy too!

CULTURAL r REVIEW OF 2014 (SO FAR) Ben Newell Talks Culture

Theatre 2014 began in earnest with Michael Grandage’s superb production of Henry V with the august Jude Law in the title role. Law would later receive an Olivier nomination for best actor alongside the likes of Tom Hiddlestone for his thrilling turn in a bloody production of Coriolanus at the Donmar Warehouse. The most notable absentee from the Olivier’s this year was David Tennant, whose floral and beguiling performance of Richard II at the RSC was then transferred to the Barbican in London. The Ben Newell 2014 Theatre Award goes to: Jude Law. One word to describe him – BARNSTORMING.

Film The Glasgow Film Festival which took place in February uncovered some real gems. Beyond the Edge was a pseudo-documentary about Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s ascent of Everest in 1953. Blending archive footage with dramatic recreations, Beyond the Edge delves into the adventurous and terrifying journey up Everest. Beyond the Edge would make a wonderful companion piece with the utterly superb The Epic of Everest which I saw at the Belmont Cinema in Aberdeen at the beginning of the year. The Epic of Everest is the actual film from the infamous 1924 expedition in which George Mallory and Sandy Irvine perished in their quest to scale the world’s tallest mountain. A stunning piece of work beautifully restored by the BFI. Here are my Top 3 films of 2014 so far: 1 – Back to Front – Peter Gabriel’s concert film of his concert at the 02 last year. Beautiful, serene and melancholic. 2 – Under the Skin – Jonathan Glazer’s beguiling sci-fi-erotic flick in the mould of Kubrick Terrifying


3 – Noah – Darren Aranofsky’s bonkers take on the famous Bible story with Russell Crowe and a selection of wigs – daft as brushes

Art London in February saw wonderful exhibitions from supreme collage maker Hanna Hoch at the Whitechapel Gallery and colour maestro Franz Ackermann at the White Cube in Southwark. The White Cube in particular is a startling gallery straight out of a Christopher Nolan film. Glasgow also saw the return of Sarah Lucas with a mini-retrospective that played out more like a cross between Benny Hill and the erotic frivolity of Confessions of a Window cleaner from the 1970s. The Louise Bourgeois show at the Fruitmarket Gallery was a doodle fest of red pen and canvases that engulfed the face and eyes like a soft velvet pillow. Mind blowing. Lorna Simpson’s retrospective at the Baltic in Newcastle is a mix of Steve McQueen, Beyonce and 12 Years a Slave. Simpson explores sexuality, race and hair - lots of hair. The stand out piece is her crisp B&W film Chess, that depicts a trio of chess games accompanied by a melodic piano score. I had no idea what it was about but it was ace. Art Exhibition of 2014 (so-far): Hanna Hoch at Whitechapel – thought provoking.

Robot Death Monkey produced a corking set at Banshee’s Labyrinth back in January. Rousing numbers, elongated riffs, lots of hair and pounding drums. An EP is soon to follow this summer. They also enjoyed some successful gigs south of the border in Newcastle. March saw prog gods Transatlantic rock the Alcatraz in Milan. 4 hours of wonderful prog, encased in a wicked light show, soulful tunes, Neil Morse rocking a hands free head set and pure emotion flowing amongst the religious fervour of the crowd. Battery Face produced a rollicking improvised set in Opium in Edinburgh in early April full of bravado and sexual swagger. Don Vito then produced such a ferocious set it only last ten minutes and then promptly stormed off as they were kicked out by the promoter. Band of the year (so far) award: Robot Death Monkey. Gig of 2014 (so-far): Transatlantic – emotional So all in all 2014 cultural has been pretty good so far. But there is more to come.....

Thanks for Reading All good things must come to an end and the fifth edition of the Harbour Herald is no different. We hope you enjoyed the whistle-stop tour through all things etpm and the rare insight into what we’ve been up to. We’ll be back in September with all the news and gossip from what we anticipate will be a very busy peak season. We’ll also have party poppers at the ready as the Harbour Herald will be getting ready to celebrate our second birthday!

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