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Polymorphic Issue #1 Everything Produced By......................Eric Tofsted Published By.......................................Eric Tofsted Special Thanks To..........Annelies, Kate, Danielle •Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law• •Love is the Law, Love Under Will• These are the primary and secondary tenets of Thelema, channeled and autowritten by Aleister Crowley.

© Eric Tofsted 2020

What is Polyamory? Polyamory [ pol•ee•am•er•ee ] noun 1. the practice or condition of participating simultaneously in more than one serious romantic or sexual relationship with the knowledge and consent of all partners. Polyamorous relationships can be strict and rigid like any other relationship structure, but they can also be free-flowing, free-loving, boundless, amorphous. The title of this zine, Polymorphic, refers to this multitude of possibilities that love can have.

Unrestricted Love We bind monogamy with rings, and with ceremonies, to put leashes on one another. We tell each other we are possessions to be owned. I am owned by no one. I do not put leashes on my partners because I give them an autonomy to love and be loved without limits, without possession. Why do we believe that we would ever be everything to anyone? We are human, we are flawed, and to acknowledge those flaws is to acknowledge the truth of any relationship. Polyamory does not leave me with coping for what is missing. Polyamory fills me whole, bursting at the seams with love, with compassion for one another. It allows me to constantly appreciate my partners in all of their unique ways, with all of their unique flaws – b e a u t i f u l r e a l i t y .

They met through me, two witches that were longing for feminine energy. One from the dinner table, the other from the puffing pipe, as soon as they touched, there was an excitement in the room. A new warmth lit up with a gust of oxygen taken from both of their lips. The smoke swirled around the three of us for what seemed like days, and suddenly we spent hours in our bed. Triadic experiences fell open like a lotus flower that knew i t w a s s a f e .

I never imagined that they would see what they do in each other, and in me. An unexpected surprise that filled all of us with magic and power. We worship at our bodies’ temples. We pray to the gods inside ourselves for forgiveness and deliverance. Crowley says every man and every woman is a star.

We Are Our Own Gods

Lacking Inhibitions

I have practiced communicating with my lovers in a way that many do not experience. There is no fear in talking about true wants, true d e s i r e s , and what it would take to achieve them. Jealousy is eradicated when all parties obtain what they desire.

We are open with each other in a real, authentic way that doesn’t rely on niceties and small talk. We are close friends, close lovers, a safety net when others aren’t around. We love another protectively, instinctively, protecting each other from those that want to simply get off on the concept. When someone joins my inner circle, they are welcomed into my home w a r m l y and with plenty of food and drink. Our hedonism propels us through the boring monotony of adult life, k n o w i n g that we have something that others only dream of having. Our energy is rejuvenating, cleansing, intoxicating, unparalleled.

Society doesn’t like its workers having too much fun. The fun has to be controlled, has to be marketed to and measured and tracked. Close bonds mean sharing resources, sharing time, sharing the things that society would rather have split apart into nice manageable pieces. The nuclear family, the couple of two, is the perfect focus group to control.

I want to love endlessly, hold joyfully, cradle delicately, grip tightly, sq

Let Us Have Our Fun

queeze lustingly, kiss painfully, leer plainly, fuck vigorously, touch excitedly, li

Who am I to restrict my partner’s sexual exploration? Who am I to stand in the way of natural connection?

Touch Me

Duet becomes Trio becomes Quartet becomes Quintet becomes Sextet becomes Septet becomes Octet becomes Nonet becomes Dectet becomes... A Puzzle of Ends A Collective Moan A Shiver of Many A Great Release A Beautiful Love

I Feel Free

I feel wanted. I feel confident. I feel lusted after. I feel feminine.

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Polymorphic #1  

A polyamory zine I created for my Communication Design course.

Polymorphic #1  

A polyamory zine I created for my Communication Design course.