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Fall protection training Fall Protection - Fall Protection and Safety Actually, falls are thought the largest safety risk such as bridge construction, for construction workers on most sites, particularly those that need work on extremely raised heights. Falls from spots that are high will be the number one cause of death in construction workers on building sites. Building safety related to fall protection comprises an assessment of the right types of access to the heights where the work must be done, security precautions being put in place and followed at all times, and consistently clearing the building work area of all debris. Gear and clearing debris is clearly a critical element of fall protection and fall prevention. Lots of fall injuries happen because of excessive debris and too much equipment that is lying around. By simply placing things where they go and keeping the key building work area free of additional "stuff," it is possible to reduce a terrific deal of injuries that happen from falling and tripping. As an extra bonus, the after-work cleanup is likely to be a lot simpler and quicker if you "clean and clear" as you go.

Fall protection training  
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