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2017 Collection 01

2019 Collection 01

Handmade Naturally Beautiful Products Welcome to ZAKKIA, a place where beautiful Australian designed pieces come together by the loving hands of our makers in Vietnam and India to become a reality for us to share with you. We listen and think carefully about the range of products we design, then we work closely with our makers to produce timeless quality handmade pieces. At ZAKKIA we love the journey we travel on with our products before they become part of one of the ranges in our collection. From the first sketch we exchange knowledge with our makers which always teaches us something new. Together we test new techniques and processes which is rewarding and exciting for everyone involved. It is a celebration when that special ‘something’ becomes a reality. For the ZAKKIA 19:01 collection, ZAKKIA is bringing you pieces designed to be used every day and everywhere.

Deborah x ZAKKIA CEO

Terrazzo Range

Terrazzo Vessel

Terrazzo Vase

Terrazzo Pot

Terrazzo Hook Pack of 6

Terrazzo Hook

3cm ∅ x 4cm

9 . 5 c m ∅ x 3cm

Terrazzo Dimple Tray - Small

Terrazzo Dimple Tray - Medium

4.8cm Ø x 1.4cm H

10cm Ø x 1.5cm H

9cm ∅ x 12cm H

9cm ∅ x 21.5cm H

Terrazzo Dimple Tray - Large

Terrazzo Round Tray 

Terrazzo Square Tray

Terrazzo Vessel Rounded

Terrazzo Dala Horse

32cm Ø x 2cm H

29.5cm ∅ x 3cm H

33.5cm L 12.5cm W 3cm H

10cm H x 8.3cm W

15.5cm L x 16.5cm H

Terrazzo Round Tray - Grey Seashell

Terrazzo Square Tray - Grey Seashell

Terrazzo Round Tray - Black Seashell

Terrazzo Square Tray - Black Seashell

Terrazzo Dala Horse - Black Seashell

29.5cm ∅ x 3cm H

33.5cm L 12.5cm W 3cm H

29.5cm ∅ x 3cm H

33.5cm L 12.5cm W 3cm H

15.5cm L x 16.5cm H

15cm ∅ x 15cm H


Muddling Spoon - Long

Corkscrew - Black 10cm L x 7cm Ø

Hammered Bowl

Muddling Spoon

Candle Snuffer

20cm L

40cm L

Scoop Set of 6

Three Piece Tea Strainer - Brass

10cm L x 5cm W x 2cm D

10.5cm Ø and 3cm H

Polished Cylinder Vase 6.5cm Ø x 19cm H

16cm L

5cm H x 8cm W x 11cm L

Bottle Vase

4cm Ø x 13cm H


Bottle Opener

24cm L x 2cm D

L 10.2cm x W 3.7cm

Three Piece Coffee Brewer - Brass 

Round Tray Set of 2

7cm H x 10cm W x 11cm L

S: 25cm Ø x 3cm H L: 35cm Ø x 3cm H

Ribb Candle Holder Set of 2 

Button Wall Hook - Small & Large

S: 3.5cm ∅ x 5cm H L: 3.5cm ∅ x 7cm H

S:6cm ∅ x 5cm P L:12cm ∅ x 5.5cm P

Tumbler - Small

Stem Flute

6cm ∅ x 13.5cm H

4.5cm ∅ x 23cm H

Glass Pitcher 

Glass Jar - Medium & Large

6cm ∅ x 28cm H

M: 10.3cm H x 10.4cm W L: 15.1cm H x

Stem Glass 

Glass Carafe

Glass Bottle

9cm ∅ x 23cm H

6.5cm ∅ x 24.5cm H

5cm ∅ x 28cm H

Botanical Vase - Small 

Botanical Vase - Large

Tealight Candle Holder - Brass

10cm ∅ x 10cm H

10cm ∅ x 15cm H

3.5cm ∅ x 1cm H

10.4cm W

Tealight Candle Holder - Black

Tealight Candle Holder - Silver

Glass Drinking Straws - Pack of 6 Short 

Glass Drinking Straws - Pack of 6 

Bulb Vase Rounded

3.5cm ∅ x 1cm H

3.5cm ∅ x 1cm H

12cm L x 1cm W

20cm L x 1cm W

10cm H x 12cm W x 7cm ∅

Bulb Vase Orb

Tapered Vase

12cm ∅ x 15cm H

14cm H x 15cm W

Deco Vase - Tall 14cm ∅ x 22cm H

Watering Can

11cm ∅ x 26cm W x 15cm H

Metal Pots - Set of 3

S: 23cm Ø x 20cm H | M: 30cm Ø x 25 H | L: 38cm Ø x 33H

It i s al l i n t he lit t le d eta ils

Concrete Range

Concrete Round Tray - White

Concrete Round Tray - Large White

Concrete Square Tray

Concrete Pot - Small

Concrete Pot - Large Natural

32cm ∅ x 2.5cm H

45cm ∅ x 3cm H

33cm W x 12cm D x 3cm H

14cm ∅ x 14cm H

20cm ∅ x 20cm H

Concrete Wall Hook

Concrete Knob Pack of 6

Dala Horse - Small Silver

Concrete Dala Horse

3: 3cm ∅ x 4cm L: 8cm ∅ x 5cm

3cm ∅ x 4cm

9.5cm H x 3cm W x 10cm L

16cm L x 5.5cm W x 17cm H

Naturally beautiful


Classic Plating spoons Set of 2 - Small

Classic Plating spoons Set of 2 - Small

Classic Plating Spoons Set of 2 - Large 

Citrus Stones Set 

15cm L x 2cm W

15cm L x 5cm W

31cm L x 10cm W

S: 8cm L x 4cm W L: 8cm L x 6cm W

Classic Mug - Glazed White

Classic Mug - Glazed Grey

Classic Mug - Glazed Black

Classic Mug

8cm Ø x 10cm H

8cm Ø x 10cm H

8cm Ø x 10cm H

8cm Ø x 10cm H

Classic Jug

Poke Vase - Set of 3

Tall Vase - Small

Tall Vase - Large

9cm L x 14cm W x 20cm H

Left: 6.5cm Ø x 12cm H Middle: 7.5cm Ø x 9cm H Right: 5.5cm Ø x 11.5cm H

9cm Ø x 20cm H

9cm Ø x 34cm H

Bud Vase - Large Raw

Bud Vase Set of 4 - Raw

Hanging Pod - Set of 3

Handle Pot - Small

Handle Pot - Large

9cm ∅ x 22cm H

L: 4cm Ø x 12cm H M: 4cm Ø x 10cm H S: 4cm Ø x 8cm H XS: 4cm Ø x 6cm H

5cm Ø x 7cm H

10cm Ø x 10cm H

14cm Ø x 14cm H

Podium Pot - Medium - Glazed White 

Podium Pot - Medium - Glazed Black

Podium Pot - Medium 

Podium Pot - Flat 

Podium Pot - Large

14cm Ø x 14cm H

14cm Ø x 14cm H

14cm Ø x 14cm H

22cm Ø x 11.5cm H

24.5cm Ø x 18.5cm H

Carved Vase

Carved Vase Curved

Carved Pot

Carved Vase Rounded

Carved Vase Straight

9cm Ø x 20.5cm H

9cm Ø x 20.5cm H

15cm Ø x 15cm H

7.5cm Ø x 8.5cm H

5cm Ø x 10cm H

Ti m e l e s s


Environmentally friendly


Tower Pot Set of 2 - Matte White

Tower Pot Set of 2 - Matte Black

Tall: 26cm W x 36cm H Short: 36cm W x 27cm H

Tall: 26cm W x 36cm H Short: 36cm W x 27cm H

Tower Pot Set of 2 - Grey Tall: 26cm W x 36cm H Short: 36cm W x 27cm H

Speckle Range Speckle Bowl - Small Snow

Speckle Bowl - Medium Snow

Speckle Plate - Large Snow

Speckle Dish - Large Snow

11cm ∅ x 7cm H

16.5cm ∅ x 7cm H

19cm Ø x 7.5cm H

30cm Ø x 8.5cm H

Speckle Dish - Petite Snow

Speckle Plate - Small Snow

Speckle Plate - Medium Snow

Speckle Plate - Large Snow

7cm Ø x 2.5cm H

15cm Ø x 3cm H

18cm Ø x 3cm H

26cm Ø x 3cm H

Speckle Canister - Snow

Speckle Mug - Snow

Speckle Jug - Snow

17.5cm H x 6cm W

Top: 8.5cm x 10cm

10.5cm H x 7.5cm W

Tab Range

Tab Bowl - Small White

Tab Bowl - Medium White

Tab Plate - Large White

Tab Dish - Large White

12cm Ø x 4.5cm H

19cm Ø x 4.5cm H

26cm Ø x 2cm H

30cm Ø x 8cm H

Tab Espresso Mug - White

Tab Mug - Medium White

Tab Teapot - White

6.5cm Ø x 5cm H

8cm Ø x 6.5cm H

11cm Ø x 11cm H

For the ZAKKIA 19:01 collection, ZAKKIA is bringing you pieces designed to be used every day and everywhere. Our beautiful glassware has been thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to be durable and stylish. Some pieces are oversized to make a statement for themselves. This gorgeous glassware has been added to our Shine Range. The glassware complements and works beautifully with both our Tab and Speckle Ranges. We are bringing you some new textures and finishes in the Terrazzo and Concrete Ranges, which are designed to blend perfectly with our already popular pieces. Not to forget the little additions we have made in the Raw Range, my absolute favourite this collection is the set of three hanging pods. I do hope you find something special to add to or start your own ZAKKIA collection.

Debo r ah x ZA KKIA

Z A K K I A .C O M

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Catalogue 2019