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Discover Rado with Ethos Watches A revolutionary watch brand that has managed to change the industries perception about design aesthetics, Rado has been influential is one of the greatest watch innovations of all times. The leader of ceramic watches, Rado defines timeless elegance is a whole new form.

Its ascent into the watch industry started in 1983 when Rado watches joined the Swatch group. As a mark to this revolutionary step forward Rado pledged to create marvels by fusing state of the art technology with incredible functionalities and design. The journey began with the launch of Rado Integral which was the industries first to use scratch resistant sapphire crystal and bracelet made of highly resistant high-tech ceramic. Their designs speak of a contemporary elegance that can be suited well with any attire. Be it a day out with friends or an adventure camp or a cocktail party, Rado leaves you looking you best always.

The sleek pure design radiates confidence and comes with a unique and notable spiral shaped bracelet. Rado Ceramica was the first watch in platinum colored high-tech ceramic transformed by planted plasma treatment. With years of exceptional innovations Rado kept being the single most influential brand in the industry. This year’s Baselworld saw Rado come up with the most unique and inspirational collection ever. Rado watches designed the Esenza collection as a tribute to simplicity and feminine sophistication. The ultimate time teller for ladies, the Esenza has the latest technology and the most emotional of all human senses fused together.

This unique product works with the touch on the bezel, an innovation credited to years of research by Rado. The touch controlled time teller in high-tech ceramic comes in white or black and has some inimitable features. The watch may not have a crown but is definitely fit for a queen. It is controlled by a gentle touch or sweep of finger along the bezel wherein the right side adjusts the minutes and the left side adjusts the hour. The watch is touch and delicate at the same time with the use of technology that is build through years of expertise and gentle curved oval case made in high-tech ceramic. The watch case is in a monobloc construction. Ceramic is injected into a special mould under high pressure. This technique makes the watch very light. High-tech ceramic is also scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic. It's very kind to the skin and comfortable to wear.

The watch has 4 sensors inside the special ceramic case. These sensors control the software to set the watch. The dial also flaunts an astonishing face with diamonds studded at indexes. It is water resistant up to 30m and has a see through case back. The watch also comes in a white or black leather strap for a perfect daily wear.

Rado has been one of the top selling watches in India and the best retailer to purchase a Rado watch is Ethos Watches. The products are genuine and they have a large variety of Rado watch for men and women. The Rado watch price in India starts forms R.25, 000. Their exclusive new collection is now available with Ethos Watches. The entire collection of Rado watches can be viewed online at and a discreet selection can be done as per your requirement. Rado watch is perfect for people with flair of leading technology and contemporary designs.

Discover rado with ethos watches  

A revolutionary watch brand that has managed to change the industries perception about design aesthetics, Rado has been influential is one o...

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