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E T H OS R I S K S E RV I C E S Adapt or Die Advancing in any industry requires managing risk. And that's where we come in. At Ethos, we provide new solutions to new problems in an ever-changing global industry. We help companies reduce risk, combat fraud, protect their brand, and make well-educated business decisions. In short, we provide peace of mind in a chaotic world. Like the chameleon on the cover of this brochure, Ethos subject matter experts blend into their environment, adapt to change, and respond quickly. We have not only survived in a competitive environment, we’ve thrived by adapting, evolving, and constantly improving to better serve the growing needs of our highly valued clients. Our Security Consulting and Brand Protection department fills a gaping void in this increasingly demanding field. We offer a full suite of services from intellectual property rights, international due diligence, and secondary market intelligence to purchase programs and raids/seizures.

Our Name, Our Brand Our company name embodies exactly who we are and what we stand for. Ethos is a Greek word that has many translations to include ethics, principle, code, and character. To this point: - Our character, principles, and code of ethics will never be compromised. - We conduct all our business affairs using the guiding values of integrity and honor. - In this spirit, we employ all our knowledge and expertise to best serve our clients. Truly, we believe that by adhering to the ideals inherent in our name, Ethos Risk Services will be the solution to all your risk mitigation needs.

SEC U R I T Y CO N S U LT I N G & B R AND PROTECTION Brand Protection / Intellectual Property Rights - Anti-Counterfeiting - Copyright Protection - Industrial Design Rights - Patents

- Trademark/Trade Dress/Trade Secrets - Grey Market / Diversion - Black Market / Stolen Goods - Signal Piracy

Corporate Security & Fraud - Internal Investigations - Security Consulting - C-TPAT

- Travel Assessments/Executive Protection - Loss Prevention - Supply Chain

Business Intelligence & Compliance - Competitor Intelligence - Merger & Acquisition - Physical Security

- Third Party Supplier & Vendor Vetting - Litigation Support - International Due Diligence

Studies indicate that 70% of companies reported experiencing at least one type of fraud last year.

W HY E TH OS? Why should you use Ethos Risk Services to handle your Security Consulting and Brand Protection needs? The answer, quite simply, is that we’re the best at what we do. Ethos has helped scores of companies, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, to protect their interests and maintain the integrity of their brands. We take great pride in our work and it shows in our results. Regardless of the nature of the assignment, you can expect the following when you choose to work with Ethos:

- Professionalism: Ethos employs only licensed, experienced, professional investigators who will handle your sensitive case needs with great proficiency and discretion. All investigators are continuously trained and educated in current trends and investigative methodologies.

- Experience: Ethos’ Executive Management Team brings 100 plus years of combined investigative experience across the public, private, military, and law-enforcement sectors. - International Capabilities: Ethos maintains a vast network of contracted investigators, licensed partners, and vetted relationships to help manage your international case needs. Ethos handled case files and investigations in over 40 countries.

- Communication: Ethos provides superior communication and top-notch customer service. You will not be left wondering about the latest developments in your files as you will receive consistent and timely updates throughout the course of all investigations.

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Ethos has conducted Investigative Services in all 50 states and over 40 countries.

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Pre-employment Screening

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Contact Information: Ethos Risk Services T: 866-783-0525 | F: 866-695-9645 email: brandprotection@ethosrisk.com P.O. Box 55246 St. Petersburg, Florida 33732 www.ethosrisk.com

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Security Consulting & Brand Protection  

Security Consulting & Brand Protection