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Peru will be the entry point in the region for BCS Pharma


The economic development of the country, together with the great growth potential of the anti-aging product market, and that there are companies in Peru that specialize in the distribution of cosmetic products, have motivated the US based company BCS Pharma Corporation to decide that Peru will be their entry point into Latin America. Thus was informed to Gestion by its manager America's business development, Robert Barth, who said that they are not only looking to grow in the Peruvian market (with their antiaging product Ethocyn) but also to expand from Peru to other countries in the region. For that, he said, they have been looking for a distributor, preferably a local


•• Stake. Skin  care  products  sales   in   Peru   represent   27%   of   the   total  sales  in  the  cosmetics  in-­‐ dustry.   •• Anti-­‐aging.  The   sale   of   anti-­‐ aging   products   represents   15%   of   skin   care   products   sales.   •• Price.  Ethocyn's  retail  price  is   in  the  S/.300  to  S/.380  range.   one, that knows the Peruvian market and that of the region, and is able to establish proper

Skin care products are among the most expensive.

distribution channels. "We are confident that we will have this distributor by mid 2013," said the executive.

Currently, the company, through its Peruvian subsidiary BSC Pharma S.A.C. (sic) is developing the branding of its trademark and has established some distribution channels such as sales through physicians, spas, online and telemarketing.

Retail store   He said that in the next 30 days, BSC Pharma (sic) will open a first retail store in the country in Miraflores. Once they have a distributor, such distributor could decide to continue or not with the current channels or establish more convenient ones. Robert Barth also said that with a distributor in place, they expect to bring their entire like of products, including cleansing creams, moisturizers, and other products. He also said that although the Ethocyn molecule is currently being produced in the Netherlands and the final product in Los Angeles (Unites States), they would consider local manufacturing in Peru and reach other countries in Latin America from Peru.


Article in the Cosmetics section of Gestión.


Article in the Cosmetics section of Gestión.