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August 2013

Newsletter Daniels Fund Ethics Fellows expand beyond the College of Business! Contents Ethics Fellows Update ............................. 1 Second City RealBiz shorts ....................... 1 Barney Rosenberg .................................. 2 Luis Benitez ............................................. 2 Recent Past Student Events ..................... 2 Upcoming Student Opportunities ........... 3 Student Honor Code ................................ 3 Past Faculty Ethics Workshops ................ 4 Upcoming Faculty Opportunities ............. 4

Important Dates & Events Fall 2013 August 22 - PPCC Faculty Ethics Workshop August 28 - Daniels Fund Ethics Faculty Roundtable w/ Mary Ann G. Cutter, PhD September 18-19 - Barney Rosenberg at UCCS September 23 - Daniels Fund Ethics Faculty Roundtable w/ Albert Batten, PhD October 9 - Luis Benitez speaks at UCCS October 10 - Daniels Fund Ethics Faculty Roundtable w/ Sheri ColcunTrumpfheller, MBA, CPA October 24-25 - Eller Case Competition in Tucson, Arizona November 15 - Ethics Essay Competition submissions due November 15 - UCCS Ethics Case Competition at UCCS November 21- Daniels Fund Ethics Faculty Roundtable w/ Gordon Stringer, MBA and Corinne Harmon, PhD December 10 - Last Daniels Fund Ethics Faculty Roundtable of the semester w/ Kathy Cathcart, PhD Please visit the Events Page on the UCCS Ethics Initiative website to stay abreast of all our upcoming events.

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Fellows championed student learning in ethics in courses related to accounting, business law, business, government, and society, entrepreneurship, finance, information technology, leadership, management, marketing, and operations in undergraduate and graduate business courses. To further this effective program, the number of fellows has increased from eight to fourteen, including six faculty outside the College of Business. Please welcome for the 2013-14 year: Albert Batten, PhD—College of Business Lauren Brengarth, PhD—Letter Arts Sciences Dustin Bluhm, PhD—College of Business Kathy Cathcart, Instructor—School of Public Affairs Mary Ann G. Cutter, PhD—Letter Arts Sciences Andrew Czaplewski, PhD—College of Business Jeffery Ferguson, PhD—College of Business Corinne Harmon, PhD—College of Education Barbara Joyce, PhD—Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences Andrew Ketsdever, PhD—College of Engineering and Applied Science David Leupp, PhD—College of Business Matt Metzger, PhD—College of Business Gordon Stringer, MBA—College of Business Sheri Colcun-Trumpfheller, MBA, CPA—College of Business

Second City Communications RealBiz Shorts now available for Faculty and Instructors Why not address important issues through funny, engaging videos? The UCCS Ethics Initiative has now made available to faculty the Second City Communications (SCC) RealBiz Shorts– a series of short, funny, cutting-edge videos designed to help improve the understanding of ethics and compliance cultures by using social learning techniques to draw attention to key policies and resources, increase retention through their messaging, and change perceptions around these important issues. Studies show that humor is able to increase the message heard, retained and shared. These shorts reflect common challenges that are happening in the workplace and across industries. A College of Business faculty member has already remarked that “these [videos] have been beneficial for me.”

UPCOMING UCCS STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR FALL 2013 September 18-19th Barney Rosenberg on campus with Student Chapter of the Center for Public Trust—open to all. September to November 15th Daniels Fund Ethics Essay Contest—open to all UCCS undergraduates and graduate students October 9th Luis Benitez speaking on UCCS Campus—open to all. October 9th Eller Case Competition in Tucson, Arizona—open to undergraduate College of Business students. November 15th UCCS Daniels Fund Ethics Case Competition—open to all UCCS undergraduate students

Coming Student Engagement Activities FALL 2013 Barney Rosenberg

Luis Benitez

September 18, 2013

October 9, 2013

The Student Chapter of the Center for Public Trust presents Barney Rosenberg at UCCS. Barney Rosenberg brings more than 30 years of innovation and excellence in the practice of international business law to the field of business ethics. He is Vice President, Ethics and Business Conduct for the Meggitt Group, the global aerospace and technology company, with headquarters in England. Barney has served as General Counsel of Mattel, the world’s largest toy company and as Deputy General Counsel of Pitney Bowes, the global office equipment and services company. Earlier in his career, he was Vice President of Litigation and Investigations for Northrop Grumman. During 2007 and 2009, he was invited by the U.S. State Department to lecture in Angola, Uganda, Mozambique and Cape Verde on the subject of “Global Trade and Business Ethics.” In May of 2010 he was a featured speaker at the Forum for Justice, a global anti -corruption conference in São Paulo, Brazil. That conference addressed organized crime, narco-trafficking, and money laundering, among other topics. He has appeared on live Portuguese language television and radio shows in southern Africa and Brazil and at universities throughout the regions. Barney is a graduate of Princeton University and earned his law degree from the University of Michigan. After college, he served in the Peace Corps in Brazil. He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. He is a member of the bar in California, Illinois and the District of Columbia. He serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board at Loyola Marymount University Business School, in Los Angeles where he is also a member of the Board of the Center for Ethics and Business. The program is open to all UCCS students, faculty and interested community members.

Luis Benitez stands among the world’s foremost high altitude mountaineers and Leadership Management consultants. On May 21, 2007, Luis achieved his sixth summit of Mt. Everest. Benitez also climbed with the blind athlete Erik Weihenmayer to his historic 2001 Everest summit, chronicled in the feature film “Farther Than The Eye Can See” and also in Erik’s book “Touch the Top of the World”. He has reached the top of six of the famed “Seven Summits” a cumulative 32 times. In September 2006, he witnessed Chinese soldiers shooting at a group of refugees as they fled Tibet. A 17 year-old nun was shot and killed. Benitez made the difficult decision to go to the press against the wishes of his fellow mountaineers and caused a divide in the mountaineering community. The incident was later profiled in the film "Murder In the Snow": http:// which highlights the tension between the climbing world and human rights violations in Tibet. The program was open to all UCCS students, faculty and interested community members for his talk.

Seeking COB undergraduate students for Eller College of Management Ethics Case Competition in Tucson, Arizona October 24-25 The Ethics Initiative is looking for a team of two undergraduate College of Business students to competed in the Eller College of Management 11th Annual Collegiate Ethics Case Competition in Tucson, Arizona. Last year’s the team was thwarted by weather and unable to attend; however, they participated by video teleconferencing into the competition. This years’ team will fly down one day early to avoid weather issues. All expenses covered by Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. Contact or for information.

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College of Business Students Conceived an Honor Code 2013 UCCS Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Business Ethics Case Competition November 15, 2013 Last years First Place Winners (L to R) Wesley Walters & Brett Drefs

The Honor Code Task Force explored the concept of creating an honor code for the students of the College of Business with faculty and student input. Student focus groups were conducted with a draft code being presented for further discussion. It was written by the students, for the students. Building Successful Futures with PRIDE.

P - Professional and Academic Accountability We accept full responsibility for our actions and decisions.

R - Respect

This year’s case will revolved around a business dilemma that has an ethical problem that needs to be resolved. Each team will be asked to identify the key stakeholders, as well as the financial, legal, and ethical considerations that had to be taken into account while finding a solution to the dilemma at hand. Teams are asked to assume a particular identity (e.g., company employees and/or consultants) and then offer solutions and/or recommendations to a specific identified target audience (e.g., company executives and/ or a board of directors) on how the business should proceed. Presentations are 15 minutes long followed by 10 minutes of Q&A from the judges. Prizes are awarded to participants along with the eligibility to attend a regional case competition. Contact or or go to .

We honor the rights, values, views and property of others.

I - Integrity We strive to do what is right. We value and exhibit honesty, fairness, and moral strength.

D - Demonstrate Courage We choose to speak up and empower others to act.

E - Excellence We execute our commitments and evaluate our performance to the highest standards. We are not afraid to fail, considering everything an opportunity to learn. A Pledge was also written and is currently being circulated for comment. As a Mountain Lion and lifelong member of the UCCS College of Business and its community, I pledge to:

 Pursue Excellence and Integrity as defining qualities of my work ethic and character.

What are your thoughts worth— More than you might imagine! September 23

Got Ethics?


The annual UCCS Ethics Essay Contest kick off Any undergraduate student at UCCS in good standing is eligible to participate in this competition with papers due by 5pm November 15th. There will be prizes awarded to the best essays. Essays will be based on an ethical case study relevant to anybody in the work place. Essays should be around 1,000 words. Details at

 Be Accountable for my decisions and words and exhibit Wisdom in knowing that they have a lasting impact.

 Honor and Respect everyone I encounter and strive to do what is right regardless of personal consequences.

 Accept my role as a leader and ambassador of the UCCS College of Business with the utmost Courage.

 Uphold our Honor Code with Pride and encourage others to follow my example.

May - Faculty Ethics Training Workshop Faculty and instructors from UCCS and southern Colorado local community colleges attended the Bill Daniels Business Ethics Workshop hosted by the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University in Santa Fe, NM.

June - Faculty Ethics Training Workshop

Ethics—The Ultimate Business Advantage University of Colorado at Colorado Springs 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway Colorado Springs, CO USA 80918–3733

Ethics Initiative Website

UCCS Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Staff Dean Venkat Reddy, Team Lead, 719.255.3113 Tracy Gonzalez-Padron, PhD, Director Ethics Initiative, 719.255.3794 Elisabeth Moore, MBA, Program Coordinator, 719.255.5168 Alexandra Moyers, Student Assistant, 719.255.5168

Established Collaborations 2013-14 Daniels Fellows Albert Batten, PhD Lauren Brengarth, PhD Dustin Bluhm, PhD Kathy Cathcart, Instructor Mary Ann G. Cutter, PhD Andrew Czaplewski, PhD Jeffery Ferguson, PhD Corinne Harmon, PhD Barbara Joyce, PhD Andrew Ketsdever, PhD David Leupp, PhD Matt Metzger, PhD Gordon Stringer, MBA Sheri Colcun-Trumpfheller, MBA, CPA Daniels Scholars

In Our Community Junior Achievement Pikes Peak Community College Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance

Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium Partner Universities Colorado State University New Mexico State University University of Colorado Colorado Springs University of Denver University of New Mexico University of Northern Colorado University of Utah University of Wyoming

Three faculty attended the "A Faculty Exchange on the Giving Voice to Values Pedagogy, Materials, and Applications," at Babson College in Boston, Massachusetts. This group will be focusing in on incorporating GVV cases that forces students to respond to ethical conflicts at three levels of analysis (the individual, the organization, and the industry/institution) and having students forecast ethical dilemmas that they may encounter.

Additional Upcoming Events Monthly Faculty Ethics Resource Workshops Continue... UCCS College of Business Ethics Fellows continue to present best practices and experiences concerning teaching ethics to faculty, community college colleagues, and staff members. The attendance of faculty from outside the College of Business continues to grow with each event. In the 2012-13 academic year over 125 attended the various workshops. Our current coming 2013-14 schedule is:

August 28th

January 27th

Mary Ann G. Cutter, PhD—Letters, Arts and Sciences, Department of Philosophy

Lauren Brengarth, PhD—Letters Arts Sciences, Department of Communications

September 23rd

February 21st

Albert Batten, PhD—College of Business, Ops/IT/Stats

Dustin Bluhm, PhD—College of Business, Management David Leupp, PhD—College of Business, Ops/IT/Stats

October 10th Sheri Colcun-Trumpfheller, MBA, CPA—College of Business, ACCT/Finance

November 21st Gordon Stringer, MBA—College of Business, ACCT/Finance

March 20th Andrew Czaplewski, PhD—College of Business, Marketing Jeffery Ferguson, PhD—College of Business, Marketing

Corinne Harmon, PhD—College of Education, Department of Leadership, Department of Research and Foundations

April 14th

December 10th

May 5th

Barbara Joyce, PhD—Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Nursing, Community Collaborative

Kathy Cathcart, Instructor—School of Matt Metzger, PhD—College of Public Affairs, Criminal Justice Business, Management

Pikes Peak Community College Faculty Professional Development Workshop August 22nd—Research shows that cases, debates, simulations (classroom or web-based), and company projects provide the greatest learning through personal application of knowledge, skills, and abilities to address an ethical issue. The workshop will provide case resources available for class use. PPCC faculty are attending as part of their professional development.

Ethics Guest Speaker—Barney Rosenberg September 19th—Barney brings more than 30 years of innovation and excellence in the practice of international business law to the field of business ethics to a faculty workshop.

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UCCS Ethics Initiative August 2013 Newsletter  

UCCS Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative has a huge lineup for Fall 2013!