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The Criminal Code of Mexico

**Unofficial Translation**

CHAPTER X Bribery Article 222. - The crime of bribery: I. - A public servant who by himself or through a third party requests or receives for himself or unduly for another, money or any other gift, or accept a promise to do or not do something just or unjust related to their functions, and II. - Whether spontaneously give or offer money or any gift to any of the persons mentioned in the previous section, that any public servant to do or omit just or unjust act related to their functions. Whoever commits the crime of bribery will be imposed the following sanctions: When the amount or value of the gift or promise not exceed the equivalent of five hundred times current daily minimum wage in Mexico City at the time of the offense, or not valuable, are imposed from three months to two years in prison, thirty to three hundred days of fines and removal and disqualification of three months to two years to perform another job, position or commission public. When the amount or value of the gift, promise or provision exceed five hundred times the current daily minimum wage in Mexico City at the time of the offense shall be imposed two to fourteen years in prison, one thousand three hundred days of fines and dismissal and disqualification from two to fourteen years to have another job, position or commission. In no case will be returned to the charge of bribery, money or gifts delivered, the same shall apply to the State. Chapter XI Bribery of foreign public Article 222 bis .- The penalties imposed under the previous article that the purpose of obtain or retain for himself or for another person an unfair advantage in developing or conducting international business transactions, offer, promise or give, in person or by proxy, money or any other gift, whether in goods or services: I. - In a foreign public official or a third party to be determined, so that the server manage public management or refrain from handling or resolution of issues duties

incident to his employment, office or commission; II.- To a foreign public official, or third parties to be determined, so that the server conducting the public prosecution or trial of any matter that is outside the scope functions inherent in their employment, office or commission, or III. Any person to go to a foreign public official and require or will proposes to carry out the processing or resolution of any matter related to the functions inherent in the job, position or commission of the latter. For purposes of this article is meant by foreign public official, any person who holds a position, office or commission in the legislative, executive or judicial body or autonomous public in any order or level of government of a foreign State, whether appointed or elected, any person holding an office for an authority, body or public or participation of a foreign state, and any officer or agent of an agency or public international organization. When any of the offenses covered by this Article is committed in the circumstances to which Article 11 of this Code, the judge shall impose a moral person up to a thousand days of fines and may suspension or dissolution decree, taking into consideration the degree of knowledge of the organs of management regarding the bribery in international transactions and the harm caused or benefit obtained by the moral person.

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