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Ethic Goods

Ethic Goods

winter Look Book

No. 2


— 2 Ethic Goods Partners Katie, Bethany, Maegan, Jenilee

Designers & Creators

Ethic Goods For nearly 10 years, Ethic Goods has employed women impacted by human trafficking. Originally founded by Maegan Hawley, Ethic Goods is now co-owned by four best friends on a mission to empower women who are becoming entrepreneurs and starting their journey on a new, hope-filled path.




China, Thailand and Ethiopia



Based in Washington, DC

// 04 Thailand Collection featuring our Morse Code bracelets and earrings and our Birthstone necklaces and bracelets.

// 10 China Collection featuring gorgeous statement and classic earrings.

// 12 Ethiopia Collection featuring necklaces and bracelets made from melted down bullet casings and leather hand bags.

// 16 About us. Read more about our story and our mission to empower women to change the world.

Fashion with i m pa c t

PRODUCTS FEATURED: Gold Bar Earring // China Collection Kindness Bracelets // Thailand Collection



— 4


words that inspire



Morse Code


Each bracelet t e ll s a s t o r y

Our Morse Code Collection features bracelets and earrings handmade by women in Thailand who have been impacted by trafficking.


bracelets are made on stretchy elastic with glass beads and feature 24 unique words in several colorways. PRODUCTS FEATURED: MORSE CODE BRACELETS: SISTER, MOTHER , DAUGHTER

How to Read Your Earrings or Bracelet: Each dot is represented by one bead and each dash is represented by two beads. Start at the gold bead and use the Morse Code dots and dashes on your pacakging to spell out your word.


We have words for that

special woman in your life - Mother, Daughter, Sister, Bride & Bridesmaid 02.

Packaged to hang or sit in a

display, these bracelets look great in any retail shop and are a great addition to the checkout counter. 03.

Our Empower bracelet is

made of cream and watermelon glass beads.

Boss Brave Create Daughter Dream Empower Faith Freedom Friendship Hope Inspire Journey Joy

Justice Kindness Love Mother Peace Sister Strength Bride Bridesmaid Flower Girl Mini Daughter


PRODUCTS FEATURED: 44 Piece Morse Code Set

— 6


BRACELET SET These can be purchased individually or in

In addition to our set, we have added a

our preselected set of 44 bracelets. You’ll

bridal collection and a matching mother/

receive 20 words with one to four different

daughter set that are designed especially

colorways each. Your first set purchase

for toddlers through elementary aged

comes with a free stand.



Morse Code Earrings 24k gold plated hoops beautiful beading

Friend Love


Morse Code Every code tells a story. What’s yours?







— 8


Birthstone collection dainty, timeless 01.

May ­// Gold Necklace

Emerald Swarovski Crystal on a 14k

Our latest birthstone collection is made of dainty 14k gold or sterling silver chain with ethically made Swarovski crystals. Each necklace

gold filled chain. 02.

12 Month // On Display

is adjustable from 16-18 inches. Each bracelet is adjustable from

Purchase a 12 month set or each

6.5-8 inches. These are great layered or as a stand alone every day piece

month individually.

to celebrate an important month in your life. Each piece is ethically handmade by women in Thailand who have been impacted by human trafficking.


January // Silver Necklace

Saim Swarovski Crystal on a sterling silver chain. 04.

June // Gold Bracelet

Light Amethyst Swarovski Crystal on a 14k gold filled chain.





01. February - Amythest 14k gold filled bracelet. 02. December - Blue Zircon gold filled necklace. 03. August - Peridot sterling silver necklace. 04. July - Ruby sterling silver bracelet.

products featured: Drop circle earrings Party pendants square dangle Drops chunky tortoise hoops

China Collection l o v e ly &


Hyp o a ll e r g e n i c

— 10

This gorgeous collection is sourced and made by women who have been impacted by trafficking in China. Alongside sourcing and design, these women are learning new trades like accounting or photography and have the opportunity to create a new hope-filled life where they can provide for themselves and their children. They are on a journey toward holistic growth and healing.



Gold Geo Hoops ­

This twist on a gold hoop is sure to be a show stopper! 02.

Mother of Pearl Studs

These simple yet elegant 18K dipped studs are a wardrobe staple. 03.

Speckled Diamond Dangles

These multicolor acrylic resin earrings are lightweight and beautiful!





Bullets to Beads Ethiopia c o ll e c t i o n



— 12

This collection employs women in Ethiopia who have or are at risk of being trafficked. These women are seeking to improve their lives after being diagnosed HIV+. Each piece is made from melted down bullet casings that have been collected from former conflict areas of east Africa. The shells are melted down and remade into beads.

This collection features simple and statement pieces in silver and gold coloring. The metal contains a mix of copper, brass, nickel, aluminum, and silver. Our simple bracelets are great for stacking and the necklaces can be layered or worn alone. Each piece in this collection is a stunning addition to any wardrobe!



Half Circle Necklace

This is a gorgeous 30" necklace with a 2" pendant. Great for every day wear or special occasions. 02.

Circle Bracelet

This bracelet in our geometric collection elegantly frames your wrist and can be dressed up or down. 03.

Color Block Stack Bracelet

This bracelet is gorgeous alone or stacked with other simple bracelets.



Jewelry that makes a statement and tells a story


Doka Stack Bracelet

This chunky bracelet highlights the how beauty and uniqueness of each bead. 02.

Doka Necklace

This simple and timeless necklace comes in 18" or 26".



Classic Tote & ­ Clutch

These staple bags come in both black and tan. The tote can comfortably fit a laptop. 02.

Everyday Cross Body Bag

This bag features three pockets and features a zipper at the top. 03.


This tan clutch has us swooning. It’s the perfect mini bag for traveling or


a night out. Holds all the essentials!


— 14


Ethically made 100% sheepskin

Leather Each of our bags is thoughtfully designed with the everyday woman in mind. From our Clutch to our Carry All Tote, you’ll find yourself reaching for one of these bags every time you head out the door. Each bag comes in tan and black. On this page, our Carry All Tote is featured. It truly can fit everything but the kitchen sink, and we are obsessed!


Ethic Goods provides economic empowerment for women rescued from human trafficking, and those at risk of exploitation. We work primarily in South East Asia, and partner with nonprofits that provide holistic care (counseling, education, and health care), focus on strengthening the family unit, and have demonstrated a community centered approach. They also believe business has a role to play in empowering the women they work with, which is where we come in. By coming alongside these magnificent ladies to develop their business skills, they have the opportunity to provide for their families and set their children on a new, hope-filled path.

— 16

It started in 2011 when founder Maegan Hawley noticed a problem in her closet. After accumulating all sorts of accessories while traveling, they sat on the shelf unused when she returned home. Most of the items came from social-impact organizations with the mission of empowering women. While each piece was special and represented a powerful story, the style didn’t quite fit her day-to-day life in Washington, DC. An unworn piece meant an untold story. EACH PIECE IS HANDCRAFTED BY THE WOMAN IT HELPS EMPLOY.THROUGH WEARING ETHIC GOODS, YOU BECOME A MEANINGFUL PART OF HER STORY, AND GIVE FREEDOM TO WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD. Ethic is based in Washington, DC. We work with our artisans to design each line, and while we are designers by trade, our real mission is to use what we love (FASHION!) to help women across the globe heal, step into their potential, and leave a great legacy for their kids. We believe in solving problems creatively, living with purpose, and loving big. Our artisans inspire us to live a beautiful life, regardless of what’s happened. We think their courageous, adventurous, and resilient spirit is contagious in each piece.

Women supporting women

PRODUCT FEATURED: Morse Code Boss Bracelet and Brave Bracelet

Ethic Godos  Ethic goods www.ethicgoods.com/line-sheet

wholesale@ethicgoods.com @ethicgoods 202-681-3065

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Ethic Goods Lookbook Winter 2020  

Ethic Goods is based out of Washington, DC where we design our jewelry and accessories and then employ women impacted by trafficking in Chin...

Ethic Goods Lookbook Winter 2020  

Ethic Goods is based out of Washington, DC where we design our jewelry and accessories and then employ women impacted by trafficking in Chin...