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Viscaria Will you dance with me? Psalm 150:4 Praise him with tambourine and dance, praise him with strings and pipe ! The Divine is the guiding light, leading you into pastures green, fields of abundant glory, the place where sunshine and twilight hues dance between the clouds. This place of peace holds no wanting, it is led by the spirit of the source, the power, no wanting is required. There is no need or desire for the living of a complete life as we reside here upon the privilege, for all that is needed we shall acquire and receive when walking in the light. Abundance will come forth and will exist in every aspect of your life, no request too great, infinite supply will be at hand if in alignment with the Divine, infinite source, for faith reaches the skies. Hold faith, be silent, let infinite wisdom speak in its own tongue, hear the words, hold urgency in your heart that you trust in the heights. It will be you are learning, gathering wisdom in its greatest form, pay attention and let it teach you to trust, to dance, open your eyes to opportunity it will come forth. Gaze at the clouds high above, glare at the moon and dance with stars for they give song to the night, until the last dance will be no more, for the infinite is the first beat, the waltz, the everlasting rumba. We shall have abundance and prosperity in every domain of our existence, no matter how great our demands there will be adequate supply, provided however, our demands are in accord with ascending life, a life leading to the heights. Do not be enticed by those promising riches, let it not be paper and coins turn you away from the light, do not be the distress preferring riches of wrongdoing, causing others to remain oppressed. Remember the purpose of your journey, let those who do not seek you find you, reveal yourself, the message to those that did not ask to be found but followed your fragrance. You are the perfume, bottled, hand held, the mind transformation, your heels are clicking, toes tapping, the records on, here comes the first beat. Accept all whose faith is weak, do not pass judgement, for the first beat leads to the second. Realize the depths of Divine wisdom and knowledge, for it will soon become the unsearchable, paths beyond tracing out, the Divine mind will give you counsel. Whatever loyalty you have given you will be repaid, for through the Divine all will prosper, share with others your wisdom and knowledge. I want you to take the world centre stage, feel the beat underground consume the music below, mother nature sings. Her voice echoes through your entirety, consuming mind body and spirit, let go of earthly belief that you are living in time, it is that you are more than time, do not be the premature death. Do not pass away from this sphere before fulfilling your life purpose before ascertaining all that you dream for and desire, what was this deepest purpose for which you came? Nothing shall remove you from this existence before what you came to do is fulfilled. Enter eternity, the deep forest, listen to the sweet lullaby of life, it sings to you, live for this great purpose, you have something great to accomplish in this world, you must remain. Let your mind consciousness absorb this great thinking, remaining until a time where the earthly plane can serve you no more, having reached such heights of spiritual

awareness. Upon finding the wisdom that you now live for constant attainment of this sublime state, your existence is the perfect, conversation with the Divine, the mambo.

Viscaria "Will You Dance With Me?"  

Excerpt from the phenomenon Be The Human Sunshine by Clare Bostock