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Pests and Pest Control

Pest Control Is A Global Problem • Now a days pest control is winning more battles but they are loosing the war. • think you need to design a better mouse traps lol. 

What is a Pest? • In technical terms it is one type of organism in a form of bacteria, animal, fungi as well as even a plant. • Generally pests have an –ve effect on food as well as on the human. • In short something that, that we don’t need to be around us is called pest.

Myths and Realities of Pest Control

Technology using Chemistry – People use more chemicals to kill a huge amount of pests. – Using chemical technology is just a short term process. – It also increases environmental as well as health consequences

Pest management using Ecology – It depends on pest lifecycle and ecology. – It emphasizes protection from pests.

IPM – Integrated Pest Management • This is one type of approach to controlling and reducing slowly the population of the pests using chemical as well as ecological method. • This is a slow and steady process which has many benefits including permanent solution of pests and their population.

What is smarter pesticides ? • 3rd generation Pesticides – Organophosphates and carbonates – More lethal in low dose than organ chlorines

• 4th generation Pesticides – hormonal chaos – fertility of population.

Chemical Technology Issues • Pest resistance against developments • Human Health Effects • Environmental Health Effects

Some Examples of Insect Food Chains

Natural Pest Control

• Cultural Controlling • Controlling By Nature Enemies • Genetic Controlling

Life Cycle Of A Bed Bug (Insect)

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