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Force Gauge A force gauge is an instrument of measurement. It is used in mostly all the industries for various sorts of applications that require pushing or pulling. There are 2 types of force gauge: Mechanical and Digital. A digital gauge is built around cells known also known as load cells or a transducer. These load cells is able to convert force into electric signals. It is the load cells and the electronic display that makes the digital force gauge different from the mechanical gauge. The load cells can work on different principle and materials. Some gauges are either made of the strain gauges or the button and washer principles. It is actually these gauges that have the ability to convert force into signals. The electric current is generally augmented to that it can be of use. The common load cells are commonly used in weighting instruments. The load cells which are the base of strain gauges are used for the weighting applications in industry. The force gauge is used in measuring the compression, tension, force and weight. There are 6 fittings or grips and charger included in the case. They are affordable devices used for measurement and it includes handy accessories which assist in applications of compression testing. The accessories which are generally included are chisel and inverted chisel, carry case, hook, cone point, plate, batteries and charger, a user’s manual and a calibration card. The force gauge can be applied in many ways. It can be used for strength test on various materials. The strength test can be of many types like shearing test, tension test, compression test and many other such tests. It can measure the force of attraction or repulsion of a magnet or a solenoid. It can also perform of adhesion test of tubes that have been laminated. It has a digital display that shows the tension and compression force in numerical form. You can select measuring units like kgf, N and lbf. This ZPH series equip the USB output signal, it can get connected to the computer fast and easily. It can have 100 times sampling in 1 second. It has a comparator function that is used to set Hi/Lo point values. It also has reversible display function that helps in reading upside down. The digital force gauge contains LED which has overload prevention and an alarm. The type of force gauge you should have depends on the kind of application it will be used for. Out of the many companies providing the measurement equipments one must choose carefully the one that has a good reputation. Testequip has established itself in the industry of testing and measuring equipment.

Force Gauge