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Are you looking for a fast and secure way to manage all your passwords for any website you visit virtually or for your favourite social media site? Now avail greatly featured USB drive password protection software and protect your all login credentials easily. These software programs are tightly integrated with a private web browser.

So the login credentials of a user for all the websites he visits are stored securely in an encrypted form. Again these can be accessed automatically by using the private browser. In this type of login process the password is never displayed on screen since you do not use keyboard. These are portable and can be installed in any flash drive in second. You can run these software programs from any windows from anywhere and access your data securely.

These can be easily available at most affordable prices from any reliable and trusted sources. Some sources also offer free trial versions for verifying software potential and effectiveness. You can consider downloading these trial programs from those sources and try them out for determining the efficiency.

Usb drive password protection software integrated with private browser