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Tzu En Huang(黃子恩) 886-978-823-919

WORK EXPERIENCE Keystone Photography Accessories Store International Sales 2018/11-2019/05 Edited and proofread the 2019 product catalogue. Maintained the English official website. Yunus Social Business Centre at National Central University Assistant 2017/09-2018/02 Designed 2018 new year greeting card and activity posters.

Eslite Stationery Dunnan Store Design Assistant 2012/10-2013/04 Provided gift-wrapping service to 20 to 30 guests daily.

工作經驗 楔石攝影器材公司 2018/11-2019/05 國外業務 編輯英文版型錄,負責翻譯及潤稿︒ 經營海外官網,追蹤國外客戶︒ 中央大學尤努斯社會企業中心 2017/09-2018/02 專任助理 設計2018年新年賀卡及各式活動海報 編輯2017尤努斯獎創新創業競賽手冊,負責排版及校對︒ 誠品敦南文具館 2012/10-2013/04 包裝卡片區助理 禮品包裝設計,提供客製化服務︒

Tzu En Huang(Ethel) 886-978-823-919

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2019 Photography Portfolio  

2019 Photography Portfolio  

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