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Máster en Diseño y Arquitectura 2012

the wor(l)d has changed


Jeffrey Inaba. Volume #24 Counterculture


“An explosion of architectural little magazines in the 1960s and 1970s instigated a radical transformation in architectural culture with the architecture of the magazines acting as the site of innovation and debate." Beatriz Colomina. Clip/Stamp/Fold.

what about now? the first paperless architecture book


“... trasciende los límites espaciales y temporales de las publicaciones convencionales, acercándonos a lo que probablemente sean los libros de arquitectura en el futuro.”

the future is now from printed matter to Augmented Reality

printed matter matters la materia impresa base f铆sica de difusi贸n un modelo en transformaci贸n

para leer mientras esperas el autobĂşs

mobile books

augmented reality libros hĂ­bridos reflejo de una nueva forma de lectura

domus [from line to hyperreality] In the current issue of Domus, which is dedicated to the theme of representation, our article "From Line to Hyperreality" surveys contemporary architectural representation, from traditional techniques to the latest innovations and advancements. Integrating the article are a number of images with augmented reality layers, enclosing added information, movement and animations.

cuando pensamos en la palabra “ciudad�...


ciudades relacionales

ciudades sostenibles [sic]

ciudades ut贸picas

ciudades imaginarias

ciudades espaciales

ciudades flotantes

ciudades capitalistas

ciudades instantรกneas

ciudades “open source”

cybernetics and computer technology in architecture

[net]worked territories

jon rafman [] Artist Jon Rafman's photo project The Nine Eyes of Google Street View, named after the nine lenses mounted on a Google Street View car, collects the strange and beautiful images they capture by accident from around the world.

michael wolf [a series of unfornutate events]

A Series of Unfortunate Events, is completely composed of selected personal calamities (in progress, or about to happen) caught by random chance by the automatic cameras of Google Street View roving vans from around the world — and the results are often quite astonishing and amusing.

pedro hernández [en los límites de google] ʻLo que no está en Google no existeʼ Por ejemplo, una de sus herramientas más populares es Street View que ha permitido a muchos ver nuestra calle o recorrer lugares alejados a través de nuestras pantallas de ordenador. ¿Pero llega realmente a todos los sitios? Existen zonas que quedan fuera, en los mismos bordes de Google… y a su vez, en el mundo analógico, nos encontramos otra vez en un borde, tanto social como urbano.

the city as interface

“The traffic of information is linked to the organised stability of the social element.� Aristide Antonas, The Infrastructure Community.

raspouteam [la commune de paris] En 2011, nous fêtons les 140 ans de la Commune de Paris. À cette occasion, nous avons souhaité revenir sur cet épisode occulté de lʼhistoire de la capitale. La forme du journal sʼest imposée par sa cohérence avec le contexte de la France du XIXème siècle, car la presse est alors le seul media qui permet la diffusion dʼidées nouvelles.

jenny holzer [for the city]

For the City (2005), nighttime projections of declassified government documents on the exterior of New York University's Bobst Library, and poetry on the exteriors of Rockefeller Center and the New York Public Library in Manhattan

unstable [Appropriate, Subvert, Activate!]

“Appropriate, Subvert, Activate!” identifies the limitations of urban public space, which has not only been restricted in physical terms but also in terms of self-autonomy and spontaneous social manifestation. This illicit intervention is a call for action that seeks to create and encourage moments of antagonism—however transitory, fragmentary and ephemeral —in which the public connect through conflict, in an attempt to reclaim the “public” status of a so-called public space that that has for long been dominated by private forces.

realities:united [bix simulator]

BIX was practically “a new element designed to entirely dominate the building’s riverside frontage, thereby radically redefining the architectural concept of the building’s skin” [as described in 2003]

medialab prado [fachada digital]

Adjacent to the north face of the "SerrerĂ­a Belga" building, it has 14,5 meters width and has a height of 9,4 meters. It is located into the "Plaza de las Letras", a space divided into two levels. The size of this square is around 25x30 meters.

unstable [your text here] The city is constantly telling us what to do, what to think, and how to act. Using explicit visual language, a multiplicity of billboards, signs, images and symbols invade our public spaces in order to tell us something. YOUR TEXT HERE is a project that challenges this condition: Citizens are given the opportunity to change their role as receivers of information in order become the authors. The way it works is simple: you submit an anonymous text message in a website through your mobile phone, and in turn it is automatically projected at large scale onto the faรงade of a building.

mediated reality

“The deep and obscure relations between the symbolic and the imaginary appear as soon as one reflects on the following fact: the imaginary has to use the symbolic not only to ‘express’ itself (this is selfevident), but to ‘exist’, to pass from the virtual to anything more than this.” Cornelius Castoriadis, The Imaginary Institution of Society.

greg tran [mediating mediums]

Architecture's ability to mediate spatial and perceptual experience has historically been tied to the inherent qualities of material form and function. However, our lives have become colored by  immaterial stimuli as well.

keiichi matsuda [augmented (hyper)reality]

The latter half of the 20th century saw the built environment merged with media space, and architecture taking on new roles related to branding, image and consumerism. Augmented reality may recontextualise the functions of consumerism and architecture, and change in the way in which we operate within it.

plots [DIY ballon mapping]

Normally aerial maps are made from satellites and airplanes. The balloon and kite ground-based approach introduces an on-demand capability where events or environmental conditions are mapped at a specific moment in time. This community is particularly interested in applying this to civic and environmental issues.

usman haque [marling] Marling is a mass-participation interactive urban spectacle, sited in a public square in Eindhoven, Netherlands, brought to life by the voices of the public. Your voice creates the space around you, reverberates in many ways long after you have stopped speaking. In Marling the voices of citizens are given form through spectacular effects that hang in the air above the crowd, forming a delicate, intricate ceiling of animated colour. People become players on the urban stage, together bringing the space to life through their actions and sounds, and building a shared public memory of collaboration that, hopefully, will last long after the event.

frog [metacity]

The modern city is becoming a pointer system, the new URL, for tomorrow's hybrid digital physical environment. Explosive innovation and adoption of computing, mobile devices, and rich sources of data are changing the cities in which we live, work, and play. A digital landscape overlays our physical world and is expanding to offer ever-richer experiences that complement, and in emerging cases, replace the physical experience.

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Workshop Realidad Aumentada  

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