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Wenbin Chen Northeastern University Design Portfolio

Wenbin chen Northeastern University B.Arch. 2013-2018 Tel: 617.834.0924 Email: ethancwb@foxmail.com



Public Pool Sophomore First Semester Boston MA


Art Studio Freshmen Second Semester Boston MA


Chinatown Library Sophomore First Semester Boston MA


Selected Works Freshmen And Sophomore Years Boston MA

Public Pool 190 Curve st. Boston MA

Overview This project is mainly discussing about how the public pool program responds to the site and the existing urban context. It has an irregular site, like a quarter circle. The upper part of the site is residential areas and the lower part of the site is a bridge connecting to the other part of the city.

Pool Design

First floor plan

Second floor plan

This project includes one small and one large swimming pool, and one outdoor diving pool as well as a gym area. The goal of this project is learning how to appropriately put programs into a complex site; and how to arrange space for the public pool and gym.

Roof Design Section A

Elevation A

The roof always gets higher when there a view that need to emphasize. The roof of the main pool gets higher at west, which is framing the Prudential buliding. And the roof of the small pool gets higher at east, which is framing the highways and other urban contexts.

Design Concept I used a simple cutting strategy to subtract three different volumes out, leaving one for the diving area. I concluded that the diving area should be private, so I closed three sides of it, leaving one side open to the residential area. For the next volume I made a plaza for the main entrance. It connects to the main crossing where has the greatest density of people. The last volume became a small plaza at the back for people to relax.

Art Studios

Overview This is a project about housing design. We were required to design two houses for artists used.All of them should include an art studio. Everyone had their own parcel and need to investigate the site to develop their houses.

House Design My design concept of these two houses is a free plan and widely connects to the landscape. I make the first floor as open as possible and also build some landscape fences to keep some privacy. In terms of houses for artists, I make the two houses on second floor become art studios with green roofs. One of the building is “I” shape and the other is “L” shape. It gives me two different sizes of courtyards. Small one for entries, and the big one for the backyard.

Wenbin chen Section 2 Adam Murfield Architecture Studio

Axon of the house

Wenbin chen

Axon of first and second floor

Diagram of views

House A First Floor Plan

Second Floor House B First Floor Plan

Second Floor

Library 16 Hudson street Boston, mA

Overview This project is about a Library located in Chinatown, Boston. The site is long and narrow, and also tightly adjacent to the residential buildings on the left and the right side. The goal of this project is to learn how to arrange spaces; and then, how to fit programs into those spaces.

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan




Section A

Section B

Section C

Diagram of space planning. All the services space(like bathroom, offices ect.) are in the two black bars. A rectangular box has been substracted in order to provide light for second and first floor reading space.

Diagram of light. Because the two adjacent building are blocking the light, the daylight for the library should only be come from above.This Diagram shows how the light come from above and reach each level of the library.

Diagram of space planning. The more essential space, for example reading room, should have a larger volume to emphasize its importance.

Selected Works

Overview These are the works i’ve done . Some of them are statics projects; some of them are precedent analysis. This one is statics project. A market design.