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Sub-Par Super Powers -I Wish I Had-

Exact Change

Ability: to reach into your pocket and pull out the exact amount of change needed for purchase without having to count

Knot Impossible

Ability: to easily untangle, untie, or unbound any knot

Clap On Clap Off

Ability: Turn any object on or off with the clap of your hands

Animal High Fives

Ability: to be able to high five any animal without the possibility of being left hanging

Sleep Driving

Ability: to be able to drive safely and by the laws of traffic while catching up on sleep

Perfect Hair Ability: No worries of morning hair or bad hair days because your hair is always perfect

Eye-Contact Sneeze Transfer

Ability: to be able to transfer that urge to sneeze to someone else by looking them in the eye

Sub-Par Super Powers  
Sub-Par Super Powers  

Imagine a world where people were given abilities that were more of a convenience than a statement of heroism.