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: Adobe 9A0-043


: Adobe Illustrator CS 2 ACE Exam

Version : R6.1

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1. You are repositioning palettes on your screen. You grab a palette by its tab and drag it so your cursor touches the bottom of another palette on your screen. What happens to the palette you are dragging? A. It replaces the existing palette. B. It snaps back to its original position. C. It becomes docked to the existing palette. D. It becomes clustered with the existing palette. Answer: C 2. Which two actions can you perform by using the Control palette? (Choose two.) A. rotate an object B. change the fill color of a path C. proportionally scale an object D. change the shear angle of a path E. select objects with similar attributes Answer: BC 3. Click the Exhibit button. What should you do to vertically dock one palette to another?

A. drag the Palette tab of one palette to the bottom of the other palette B. drag the Palette tab of one palette into the Palette tab area of the other palette C. use the Palette Options command on the Palette menu to designate the desired docked position D. Alt-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Mac OS) the Palette tab of one palette into the Palette tab area of the other palette Answer: A 4. Click the Exhibit button. In the Control palette shown in the exhibit, what is the function of the highlighted icon?

A. groups objects B. shows center point C. aligns objects vertically D. isolates selected group Answer: D 5. Which icon should you click repeatedly to cycle through the views of a palette?

A. CHOOSE A B. CHOOSE B C. CHOOSE C D. CHOOSE D Answer: B 6. Which export format allows you to embed ICC profiles? A. GIF B. PNG C. JPEG D. Enhanced Metafile Answer: C 7. You are saving a file to an Illustrator version earlier than 9.0. An option field within the dialog becomes active to allow you to determine what will happen to objects _____. A. with links B. containing type C. containing PDF data D. containing transparency Answer: D 8. You need to export an Adobe Illustrator file to a format that supports lossless compression, the display of images on the World Wide Web, 24-bit images, and transparent backgrounds. Which format provides these options? A. GIF B. PNG

C. WMF D. JPEG Answer: B 9. You have an Illustrator document that you need to save as a legacy Illustrator document. Which is the oldest version that will preserve transparency? A. Illustrator 8 B. Illustrator 9 C. Illustrator 10 D. Illustrator CS Answer: B 10. You want to export your Illustrator document to a raster file format that allows you to control image compression while retaining all of the color information. Which format should you choose? A. GIF B. EPS C. PSD D. JPEG Answer: D 11. When exporting an Adobe Illustrator document, which two formats will export vector graphics data? (Choose two.) A. TIFF B. PNG C. Flash D. Targa E. Enhanced Metafile Answer: CE 12. Which Illustrator Legacy Option Version setting allows you to turn off compression? A. Illustrator 3 B. Illustrator 8 C. Illustrator 9 D. Illustrator 10 Answer: D 13. Which format should you use to export your Illustrator document to a vector file format that can be viewed in a Web browser? A. GIF B. EPS

C. SVG D. JPEG Answer: C 14. When you export an Illustrator file as a PSD and you check the Maximum Editability option, objects will be preserved as vectors and not rasterized if they _____. A. are grouped B. are Live Paint groups C. are compound shapes D. do NOT have transparency applied Answer: C 15. You have imported text with substituted fonts, which are highlighted. Where do you find the option to turn off the highlighting? A. File > Place B. Window > Type > Glyphs C. File > Document Setup > Type D. Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Illustrator > Preferences (Mac OS) Answer: C 16. What happens when you click on blue underlined text in the Control palette? A. All palettes show or hide. B. You are taken to a Help file. C. You are taken to a Web site. D. A palette appears under the Control palette. Answer: D 17. Which palette allows you to quickly access tool options? A. Info palette B. Control palette C. Variables palette D. Attributes palette Answer: B 18. Which must be displayed to create a guide in Illustrator? A. grids B. rulers C. toolbox D. Control palette Answer: B

19. Which should you choose to turn off typographer's quotes for your document? A. Type > Glyphs B. Type > Smart Punctuation C. File > Document Setup > Type D. Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Illustrator > Preferences (Mac OS) Answer: C 20. Click the Exhibit button. Which tool was used to create the text in image B in the exhibit?

A. CHOOSE A B. CHOOSE B C. CHOOSE C D. CHOOSE D Answer: C 21. You want to add a gradient fill to your type. Which two menu options could you use? (Choose two.) A. Type > Glyphs B. Object > Expand C. Type > Create Outlines D. Object > Compound Path E. Type > Area Type Options Answer: BC 22. Which type of font can offer additional, alternate glyphs? A. Type 1

B. Type 3 C. TrueType D. OpenType Answer: D 23. You create an object to use as an envelope for a text object. What should you do to the object to ensure that the object distorts the text object? A. group the object to the text object B. place the object at the top of the stacking order C. place the object at the bottom of the stacking order D. select Distort Appearance from the Envelope Options dialog box Answer: B 24. Which should you use to have only quotation marks outside the margin of your area text object? A. Optical Kerning B. Optical Margin Alignment C. Roman Hanging Punctuation D. Adobe Every-Line Composer Answer: C 25. You have made a text selection. Where can you access the strikethrough text attribute? A. Type menu B. Character palette C. OpenType palette D. Character palette menu Answer: B 26. How should you display the alternate glyphs for a highlighted character? A. select Access All Alternates in the Show list of the Glyphs palette B. select Alternates for Current Selection in the Show list of the Glyphs palette C. select Substituted Fonts in the Highlight area of the Document Setup dialog box D. select Substituted Glyphs in the Highlight area of the Document Setup dialog box Answer: B 27. You have been using paragraph styles in your text. You click in a paragraph and notice that there's a plus sign next to the style name in the Paragraph Styles palette. What does the plus sign indicate? A. Additional text exists but is not visible. B. The text has been converted to outline. C. A character style has been applied to the text. D. The text formatting does not match the paragraph style definition.

Answer: D 28. When setting tabs, which type of tab works with the Align On feature? A. Left-Justified tab B. Center-Justified tab C. Right-Justified tab D. Decimal-Justified tab Answer: D 29. You want Live Trace to use a custom color palette when converting a bitmap file to vector artwork. What is required to select the color palette from within the Tracing Options dialog? A. The swatch library must be open. B. Live Trace > Convert to Live Paint must be selected. C. The Threshold dialog option must be set to 16 or more. D. The Max Colors dialog option must be set to 2 or more colors. Answer: A 30. You want to define a Pantone ink spot color and place it in the Swatches palette. Which action displays a list of ink brands in order to select Pantone swatches? A. select Spot Colors from the Swatches palette menu B. select Create New Swatch from the Color palette menu C. select Swatch Options from the Swatches palette menu D. select Open Swatch Library from the Swatches palette menu Answer: D 31. Click the Exhibit button. You are using the Transform palette to scale a selected object. You notice the warning icon shown in the exhibit, at the bottom of the palette. What does this icon indicate will happen when you attempt to scale the object?

A. Only the object will be transformed. B. Only the pattern of the object will be transformed. C. Only the object and its strokes and effects will be transformed. D. Both the object and the pattern of the object will be transformed. Answer: B 32. You want to assign an identical set of stroke, fill, and effects attributes to objects as you create them.

Which method should you choose? A. Fill and Stroke B. Filter > Stylize C. Graphic Styles D. Effects > Stylize Answer: C 33. You create an extruded object by choosing 3D > Extrude & Bevel. Which should you choose to make modifications to the 3D effects? A. Window > Attributes B. Window > Appearance C. Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel D. Object > Transform > Transform Again Answer: B 34. Click the Exhibit button. Which shape mode in the Pathfinder palette was applied to all the objects in Exhibit A to create the image in Exhibit B?

A. Add to Shape Area B. Intersect Shape Areas C. Subtract from Shape Area D. Exclude Overlapping Shape Areas Answer: D

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