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SATURDAY 14th APRIL 20.45h.: Brass band concert in the auditorium ( VII Festival de Bandas de Música “Villa de Abanilla”). SATURDAY 21st APRIL

17.30h.: “Tardeo” (Afternoon fiesta), with “Los Vecinos del 4º” concert, (rumba group), in Historiador Torres Fontes Street (near Encomienda building). 21.00h.: Farewell/welcome ceremony to the Queens, Captains and Pages 2017/18. In the Municipal Auditorium. 00.30 h: Fiesta de AEDA (Students Association) at Disco Pub “Il Duomo Legends”, with Federación de Asociaciones de Moros y Cristianos “Santa Cruz” de Abanilla. 01.00 h.: “Stolen” group concert: pop, rock, funk, indie… Elvis, Lory Meyers… An open-air concert, in paseo de la Ermita (park). FROM SUNDAY 22 ND to MONDAY 30 TH

APRIL 19.30h.: Celebrations of Mass in honour of the Holy Cross, Santísima Cruz, in San Jose’s Church. FRIDAY 27th APRIL 01.30h.: Brass bands in the “plaza” in front of town hall. 02.00h.: Lights show announcing the beginning of the FIESTAS OF ABANILLA in the “plaza”in front of the town hall. Then, parade to Paseo de la Ermita (park). 02.30h.:Open- air dance, in Paseo de la Ermita, with “Altry” group. SATURDAY 28TH APRIL 20:30h.: Coronation –Gala and Opening Speech of the Fiestas. In the sports centre, “Pascual Saurín Cutillas”, Región de Murcia Avenue. Coronation of both Christian and Moorish Queens of the current year and opening speech of the fiestas. 22.30h.: Open-air show in the Paseo de la Ermita, by group “Estrella”. 01.30 h.: Open-air dance (first “verbena” of fiestas) introduced by Moor and Christian Queens.

SUNDAY 29 TH APRIL 11.30 h.: Moorish and Christian children groups parade. Route: La Lonja Garden, Mayor st., Town hall Square, San José st., Juan Carlos I avenue, and Paseo de la Ermita, where the children will represent the Moor and Christian embassy). 17.30 h.: “Tardeo”, young concert on charge of “The Power Band” in paseo de la Ermita. MONDAY 30RD APRIL 20.30h.: EMBAJADA (performance representing the Moor and Christian conflict), in theTown Hall square. 00:15.: Moorish and Christian Queens Presentation (Parade). Route: La Lonja Garden, Mayor st., Town Hall square, San José St., Juan Carlos I avenue and Paseo de la Ermita. 01:00h.: Open-air dance in the Paseo de la Ermita by Orquesta “Etiqueta Show”., follow by a music disco. TUESDAY 1ST MAY 10.00h.: Celebration of Mass, San José’s Church. 12.00h.: BATUCADA, parade of young percus-

sionists. 12.30h.: Free beer , in the town hall square. 18.30h.: Parade of Christian and Moorish groups. MOORISH BAND (called “Kábilas”): Ballet JAIMA, invited group, Omeyas de Mahoya, al’Bayada, Albayad´Allah, Al´Jarea de al´Margen, Muzalé ,Tuareg al´Sahués, Aljama, Muladíes de al’Banyala, Alfaquíes de al´Zulum, Almohades de Macitavera, Abbasíes de al´Padul, Jaira(MOORISH QUEEN GROUP), Musulmanes del Chícamo y Muzalé. CHRISTIAN BAND (called “Mesnadas”): Ballet Jaima, invited group, Santa Ana, Mudéjares del Zurca, Arqueros de Rocafull(CHRISTIAN QUEEN GROUP),Villa de Favanella, Damas y

Caballeros del Temple, don Jaime I el Conquistador, Lanceros de Avellaneda, Damas y Caballeros de Castilla, Cruzados de Cuyalbe, Huestes de Alfonso X, Caballeros y Damas de Calatrava, Almogávares y Caballeros del Cid. ROUTE: (Starting from the Sports Centre) Región de Murcia avenue, Francisco Salzillo st., town hall square, Mayor st, la Lonja garden and Canalejas st. When the parade finishes, everybody is invited to the “cuartelillos”, headquarters of the kábilas and mesnadas, to have a snack. 23.00h.: Open-air dance in the Paseo de la Ermita by Orquesta”La Vendetta”. WEDNESDAY 2 nd MAY

18.00h.: Flower Offering, starting at the Church. Religious procession around the village with the Holy Cross. Captains, Pages, members of Moor and Christian associations. After a while, the procession will celebrate a religious ceremony in the Church, then the Captains will wave their flags in front of the Town Hall and then a procession to the Paseo de la Ermita. 23:00h.: Open-air dance in the Paseo de la Ermita by “Shakara” Orquesta. THURSDAY 3 RD MAY 06:00h.: Reveille. Bands wake up the village with Pages and Captains finishing at the Church. 07:30h.: Celebrations of Holy Mass. After the

Mass, Pilgrimage from the local church to the Hermitage of Mahoya. As the procession arrives in Mahoya, the Holy Cross is raised and presented from the balcony of the Hermitage Chapel of Mahoya under a paper ball called “Granada”. The captains wave the flags and the people shoot their guns in the Square of Mahoya. One or two boys pull a little string of the paper ball and liberate the doves contained within. A mechanism inside the cross, streams a jet of water that falls bathing the Cross. Then, a Holy Mass is celebrated in the Hermitage after which all the pilgrims can kiss the Cross and then go to lunch. After a while the procession walks back to Abanilla and another waving of the flags is made near Santa Ana. 23.00h.: Open-air dance in the Paseo de la Ermita by Orquesta “La Reina”. FRIDAY 4TH MAY Midday: Celebrations of Solemn Mass in honour of the Captains and Pages. 17.30h.: Happy hour for children at the fair. 2 tickets for the price of 1. 23.30h.: Concert with songs of the famous spa-

nish singer Joaquín Sabina, and the “andaluz” rock group “Medina Azahara” or Triana. FRIDAY 5TH MAY 18.00 h.: “Tardeo”, concert organized by groups of fiestas (Mesnadas) in El Rollo (Square), near to the sports centre. 22.30 h: Show in the Paseo de la Ermita by the couple“Everest”. 01.00 h: Open-air dance in the Paseo de la Ermita by Orquesta “Athenas”. SUNDAY 6TH MAY Midday: Holy Mass, San José’s Church. Then, the patroness will be taken to Corazón de Jesús in order to bless the fields. 17.30h.: “Octava” Procession, from the Church. This is the day when all of the religious ceremonies end with a procession of the of the Holy Cross. The Captains, perform for the last time, the waving of the flags and the people shoot “salvos” in different places around the village. Fireworks, in the Town Hall Square.

Abanilla Moros y Cristianos Fiestas 2017  
Abanilla Moros y Cristianos Fiestas 2017  

Programme for the Moors and Christians Fiesta in Abanilla from the 27th April to the 6th May 2018