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Sheridan graduate shines bright

Catch Denyse at Deviantart!

By Nadia Adalath This is one of the internet's largest art website.

Denyse Rizzo, a recent graduate of Sheridanʼs applied photography program, is a talented photographer who is able to bring her photos to life with her creativity.

This is where you can see more of Denyse's work, as well as purchase various photography prints by her if they are available. Flickr

Rizzo has always loved art ,but her love for photography began when she was around 13 years old, when her dad bought their first digital camera. She would take photos of anything, and then experiment with effects in Photoshop, she said.

You can also see more of Denyse's work here on a photography photostream Photography tips As we know there are a variety of photography styles out there. However these tips can help you to take even greater photographs

When individuals enter high school, they begin to explore all the options available to them in terms of starting off in a career path. “It was in high school that I realized I wanted to be a photographer, and so after I graduated I enrolled into Sheridanʼs applied photography program.”

1) Get in close to your subject. 2) Try shooting with your camera from different angles. 3) Don't be aftaid to take a variety of photographs- it's better to have more then less.

A fantasy portrait.


It was there in that program that she was able to live her dream- to do something that she loves, which is photography.

4) Be personable with your subject, allow them to become comfortable. 5) Set the envioronment for the photoshoot. There is nothing wrong with using props, adjusting the lighting, and even creating costumes.

In the program, she was one of the top students in her class. Rizzoʼs talent in photography caught the eye of Raphael Goldchain, the coordinator of the applied photography program at Sheridan. “Her main quality was to assimilate what we taught into the making of the body of work into her interests, and she wasnʼt just doing assignments.” Denyseʼs strengths Raphael Goldchain has summarized her strengths in the following ways:

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Sheʼs internally motivated Sheʼs inventive Personable People friendly.

“Her main quality was to assimilate what we taught into the making of the body of work into her interests, and she wasnʼt just doing assignments.” Working with Denyse Amber Coates 20, a film and television Humber student, has modeled for Rizzo as well as being one of Rizzoʼs many friends.

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31/01/11 11:38 AM

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“Ever since I have known Denyse she has been inspired and captivated, by the idea of capturing moments. However Denyse loved how personal photography was opposed to film. She could individually design a world and shoot it. She loved the idea of this, and as a result was drawn to photography."

Amber Coates has also modeled for Rizzo. “As her friend and a person who has modeled for her on several occasions, I can say that she is a pleasure to work with. She knows how to make a model feel comfortable and get into the “vibe” of the shoot. She also has a really relaxed and humourous attitude while shooting making it much easy to pose a certain way or give a certain expression, which could in another situation be awkward. "She is really professional, original and her works always inspires me. Not only is her composition beautiful but her sets and amazing skills on photoshop help aid her pictures to be as breathtaking as Iʼm sure many people agree they are!”

Her photography style Rizzo also mentioned that she would best describe her style in photography as either fine-art, fantasy portraiture, highfashion or surreal photography depending, on which photo an individual looks at.

Where does she see herself in the future? In the future Rizzo hopes to see herself working with fashion magazines, designers and models, taking high- fashion photographs in exotic settings all over the world.

Denyse Rizzo.

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31/01/11 11:38 AM

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