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TOLERANCE Emilia Torres Buerba 1°E

What is tolerance? Basically it means, accepting and respecting someone for who they are no matter the differences. It´s an ability to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviors that differ from your own. Tolerance is generally about respect for diversity as well as acting peacefully to co-exist. When you practice it, it means that you respect the rights, way of thinking, ideas, identity, beliefs, values, etc. The highest level of tolerance can be achieved with the help of figures of power like political will, religious systems, policies and structures. It involve the attempt to maintain equality and integration of al social groups.

It works as a barrier to prejudice, it helps you to grow as a person and provides an opportunity to learn new things. Tolerance can work as a key to maintain peace while preserving the differences in our society. But a considerable problem now a days is intolerance and we can see it in our daily life. Without tolerance in our society harmony cannot be maintained. Many problems in today´s society are due to lack of tolerance. Sexism, racism, classism and religious bigotry are just some examples of our alarming situation. Prejudices and stereotypes are attitudes that pursue to oppress different social groups. Fighting this marginalization requires law because is responsible for enforcing human rights laws. It also requires education and access to information. Intolerance is often a cause of fear and ignorance for the unknown.

For me tolerance isn’t always agreeing with someone´s opinions or beliefs but being open minded, without judging and just trying to understand their point of view. It is when you realize that every person is worth the same and everyone deserves respect and dignity.




Emilia Torres 1°E

I will live eternities just by my will to create. Wandering inside the man´s mystery cave, Planting rose pink flowers to reincarnate. Within my slumber, stuck in fate

Captivating beauty, inside my eyes that engrave, I was never eager to escape. And peacefully lying, the creatures behave. Just asking the impossible to the airwave.

My feet walking above ethereal shapes, My hands touching the ulterior maze. The endless wasteland as if it never breaks How even the malevolent soul shakes?

Delicacy is everything it reflects. Here comes time-change and enchantment displays. In the foliage leaving a stain that did not amaze, But in nature my fragments will never dephase.


PAINTINGS Poem by: Marin Sorescu (29 February 1936 - 8 December 1996)

All the museums are afraid of me, Because each time I spend a whole day In front of a painting The next day they announce The painting’s disappeared.

Every night I’m caught stealing In another part of the world, But I don’t even care About the bullets hissing toward my ear, And the police dogs who are onto The smell of my tracks, Better than lovers who know The perfume of their mistress. I talk to the canvases that put my life in danger, Hang them from clouds and trees, Step back for some perspective. You can easily engage the Italian masters in conversation. What noise of colors! And hence I’m caught Very quickly with them, Seen and heard from a distance As if I had a parrot in my arms The hardest to steal is Rembrandt:


Stretch a hand out, there’s darkness — The terror seizes you, his men don’t have bodies, Just closed eyes in dark cellars.

Van Gogh’s canvases are insane, They whirl and roll their heads, And you have to hold on tight With both hands, They’re sucked by a force from the moon.

I don’t know why, Breughel makes me want to cry. He wasn’t any older than me, But they called him the old man Because he knew it all when he died. I try to learn from him too But can’t stop my tears From flowing over the gold frames When I run off with The Four Seasons under my armpits.

As I was saying, every night I steal one painting With enviable dexterity. But the road’s very long

So I’m caught in the end And get home late at night Tired and torn to shreds by dogs Holding a cheap imitation in my hands.


SHE DREAMT Emilia Torres 1°E Darkness

Breathe in… breathe out… I opened my eyes, and again I´m in the same room. The white sheets under my skin and that cold atmosphere. There is just a bed, the black door, a toilet and a table with a notebook and a pen. I get out of the bed and come closer to the door, I try to open it but it´s locked. Again. I start shaking the door but it still doesn’t open. Then again darkness. I woke up in my room, my normal room. It was the same dream I have had for the past three weeks. I am just in that place, I don’t know where it is but it gives me creeps to dream about this every night. I get out of my bed, look at the mirror and I´m in pajamas. In the reflect I see the clock and realize I have ten minutes left to arrive to school. I dress up and just go out of my house to take the bus. I arrived but the teacher wasn’t there so I am on time, I see Sophia in the other side of the classroom so I reach to her and we start talking. “How is everything going?” she asks “Oh you know… I couldn´t finished my arts project and also today I had the same dream” I tell her “Woah, that´s kind of weird. Maybe you should go with the school psychologist you know. They sometimes help you to overcome those types of things” Sophia told me in a nervous way. “Yes I know, the whole thing is starting to make me anxious” I tell her while the teacher is coming inside the classroom, so we end up talking. Today was kind of a normal day, nothing exciting. My arts teacher let me hand her my project tomorrow, so I felt relieved. My mom told me that she wasn’t going to be in my house for the next three days so I could tell Sophia to come up.


I called her and invited her to my house for one week and she accepted so I think it´ll be cool. I finished my project and just watched a movie before going to sleep. The dream, again. Same room, same clothes; just a white sweatshirt and some jeans. Same door, same notebook. Everything is the same. I try to open the door but it is still locked. I need to know what´s on the other side of that door. I start to shout and punch the door several times, but then I realize the door wasn´t going to open. I back up and start thinking that maybe there´s another way out of there, as I began to walk backwards, I hear a voice. “Hello? Is anybody there?” I think it was a female voice but I´m not sure, everything was to fast so I barely payed attention. “Hey, who´s there?” I ask shouting. “Oh my god, are you alone? Please help me come out of this room” It was a girl. Darkness… I woke up. After several minutes after getting out of my bed I realize that this time something different happened. I don´t know why just now I realize that, but in three straight weeks this was the first time something different happened. Why? Why now? I tried to analyze all my last dreams but I couldn’t remember anytime that something different happened. I told Sophia about the new thing in my dream but she didn´t really paid attention, she just told me that I should talk to someone who knows about this stuff. Sophia was going to stay for this week in my house so I was eager to know if I was going to have the same dream or maybe something different happened. We watched three movies and ordered a pizza. We didn´t have classes the next day so we slept late. I don´t remember when I felt asleep but I was there as always. I started shouting to see if the girl was still there and she answered. “Woah, I thought your voice wasn´t real” she said


“Sorry, I think I woke up. Don’t you know where we are” I shout because she was in the other side of one of these four walls. “You woke up? No, I don’t know where we are. Is there any way you could help me to get out of this room” the girl said “Wait… How´s the room you are right now?” I asked her concerned “There is a black door in front of me, I tried to open it but it is locked. There´s just one bed…” “… a table, a toilet and a notebook” I interrupted her “w..wait, how do you know that?” She asked nervously “I know this may sound strange, but I´ve been having this recurrent dream where I´m in this same room and nothing changed until you came..,” I told her “So you think this is a dream, because…” And I woke up. I couldn´t hear her last words. Sophia was by my side, we felt asleep in the floor in front of the TV. We went to the park and drink a coffee and then returned to my house and we did some projects. All the day I was thinking about what that girl was going to tell me. I wanted to know what was on the other side of the door, who was she. This time I slept in my bed and Sophia slept on the guest´s room. I closed my eyes… Again, there. How was it even possible for someone to have a recurrent dream and also a “chronological dream”, I have this theory that maybe my dream is connected with another girls dream. But I need to talk to her in order to know what is going on. “Hey! Are you still here!” I started to shout and also to hit the door. “Why do you do that, we start talking and then you just stop, where do you go?” She asked


“Nowhere, that was I was trying to explain to you. I´ve been having this same dream, but then you arrived and the dream is in the same place but now you´re here. I think that maybe we are dreaming the same thing…”I told her “That was what I was trying to tell you, I don’t think this is a dream. I told you this yesterday but you just ignored me and didn´t answer! I can’t believe that you say that you´re going nowhere! I´m just asking you for help, I want to get out of here” She said me and I could hear her voice breaking, she was about to cry. “Why don´t you think this is a dream? How long how you´ve been here?” I asked her concerned, this was making me anxious, and I felt nervous. “I´ve been locked here for three days! Please let me get out of here, this place is getting on my nerves and I don’t want to be here” The girl said while she was crying and sleeping. “Wait… I didn’t locked you in that room, I´m also locked here that´s how I knew what room you were talking about” I told her “How do you want me to believe that? You know what I think, you locked me here and that´s how you know how is my room, you’re just playing with me saying this is all a dream. I´ve never felt more real and more afraid in all my life!” She said desperately “Please calm down, there´s no way I can prove you I´m in a room exactly like yours. I just need you to believe me. I know what and how´s the room because I have been here for almost a month” I told her in a calm way in order that she could understand me. “I´ll try to believe you. Why do you say you don´t go to any place. Did you just stayed here and heard me screaming to you looking for answers?” She asked me mad “That´s what im trying to explain you. Every time I sleep I found myself in this dream. Me in this place trying to open the door but I couldn´t because it was locked. I dreamt about this for about three weeks. But three days ago while I was shouting you said something and in that moment I woke up in my house.” I explained to her


“I think that something is happening here. I think that a week ago or maybe more because I don’t know how much time has passed. I was eating and then I was heading to the parking lot, after that I don´t remember anything and now I´m just here locked. There´s a moment here when I fall asleep because I´m just tired of shouting and trying to find a way out, when I wake up I´m still here and sometimes there´s water and some food like cookies.” She told me “So you´re saying everything in here is real, this wasn´t something created by my imagination?” I told her confused “I think so, I am real, and this place is real” She said to me decayed “I can’t believe this is possible, as far as I know I´m going to wake up in any moment in my home. Have a boring day, fall asleep and come here again” I told her, but I was confused. Every time I dreamt about this it felt real but, this time was different; I was afraid, I just wanted to wake up. “Well, you got to discover the truth by yourself. We are here trapped. I don’t know by whom, why or how does this happened” She told me Everything in my surrounding was spinning, I began to felt nauseous. My body was cold and I felt like I was about to pass out. Darkness again. I couldn´t see anything, my body was feeling weird and cold. I couldn´t move. And there was this sound rumbling in my ears. I opened my eyes and everything was blurry, my eyes couldn’t focus anything. I tried to stand up and I felt the floor in my hand. I knew it, I wasn´t in my lovely bed in my room, I was still there. My eyes began to get used to the light and I could see everything. That room, I was there. I knew it. It was not a dream, it was real. My horror was real, I was real, the walls where real, the notebook, the door, that girl, me trapped. Everything started to make sense. I was dreaming with my “normal life”, that´s why my days felt so short and I felt strange the last month. I did not remember anything, I didn´t knew how did I get here. I was confused, I did not knew since when I started dreaming about my life. All my memories where blurry. I just knew something for sure. I was there, and I needed to get out.


“Hello, are you still here?” I shouted to the girl “Yes, where else would I be?” She said me indifferently “Sorry, you were right. I just passed out, we need to find a way to get out of here.” I told her concerned “Yes, that´s exactly what I´ve been trying to do and to explain you but you didn’t listen” She was kind of mad “I know and I´m sorry but, like we really need to find a way out of here. I know two things for sure about this place, your room is next to mine; and this leads to the second thing, the black door is not the same which is a good new.” I told her “What do you mean it´s not the same” she sounded confused “Well, our rooms aren’t connected by that door. I´ve heard you knocking your door and I can say that our rooms are one beside another. “Hum, that´s good logic so that means there´s something on the other side but we don’t know what” She said, I could tell she wasn’t mad now I started to feel nauseous again, everything began to look blurry. And again. Darkness.


ACRONYM Emilia Torres 1°E

D o the dogs play in the night time? O r do they play on the day time? G ardens are full of them jumping around S uper happy seeing them makes me feel







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