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Nossa Senhora  do  Rosário                                                                                            


A  Christian  Festivity   In  Gondomar   Portugal  

The feast   On   the   first   Monday   of   October   there   is   the   most   important   popular  festivity  of  the  Council  of  Gondomar  (where  we  live).  It  is   called  Nossa  Srª  do  Rosário.  It  is  a  Christian  festivity  in  honour  of   our   patron   saint   -­‐   Nossa   Srª   do   Rosário.   This   feast   started   260   years  ago  and  it  is  still  celebrated  today.  


Most people  in  our  neighborhood  are  religious  and  believe  that   this  saint  can  save  and  protect  their  families  every  time  and  gives   them  the  most  strength  to  live.      

The Church  


This is  our  church.     In  the  morning  people  go  to  church  to  the  mess  and  during  the   festivity  days  everyone  goes  to  the  church  to  see  the  decoration   and  to  pray.  On  these  days  the  church  is  also   decorated  with  lots   of  flowers.      

It is  a  baroque  church  with  golden  painted  altars.  

This  is  the  main  altar.  

  These  are  other  saints  in  the  church.  

Along the  streets   This  festivity  animates  the  people  and  the  streets  of  Gondomar.   On   this   day   people   go   to   the   streets   with   their   friends   and   family   and  spend  their  time  walking  and  looking  at  local  craftsmen  and   their  work.  They  exhibit  it  along  the  streets.  



Traditions   Walnuts   This  feast  is  also  famous  as  the  "Walnuts  Feast."     At  this  festivity  the  families  eat  walnuts.  It  is  a  dry  fruit.  Walnuts   grow  in  walnut  trees  in  Gondomar  and  farmers  sell  them  in  stalls   along   the   streets   on   feast   days.   People   from   many   places   from   the  North  of  Portugal  come  to  Gondomar  to  buy  walnuts.    


Love Cookies   There   are   specific   cakes   called   “Love   cookies”   sold   by   men   and   women   in   the   stalls   in   the   centre   of   Gondomar.     These   cookies   are  made  of  eggs,  sugar  and  flour.    


Philharmonic Orchestra  of  Gondomar     in  Nossa  Sra  do  Rosário     On   Sunday   morning   there   is   a   traditional   orchestra,   a   philharmonic  orchestra  that  plays  music  to  the  public.     This   orchestra   started   in   1863.     The   musicians   are   young   people  and  older  people.    They  play  many  instruments  and  many   types  of  music.  On  this  day  they  go  along  the  streets  in  a  parade   playing  music  and  the  people  go  behind  them.        


The firework   The   firework   is   a   wonderful   thing.   Every   night   there   are   fireworks   in   Gondomar.   The   city   is   lit   up   with   all   the   beautiful   colours   that   may   exist.   Many   people   go   to   the   streets   to   see   it   and   other   see   it   from   their   houses.   It   is   amazing.   There   are   various   colours   like   red,   green,   blue,   gold,   yellow,   orange   and   purple.                            


The End         Authors:  Students  from  7º5   André  Santos,  Beatriz  Senra,  Inês  Gandra,  Inês  Neves,   Ivo  Façoco,  João  Silva,  Luís  Silva,  Ricardo  Nuno,  Rita   Lima,  Rui  Poças  

Nossa Senhora do Rosário  

A local religious festivity

Nossa Senhora do Rosário  

A local religious festivity