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Memela Mauricio ZĂĄrate Golden Rainbow Kid Victoria H. AcuĂąa Naomi Vona GOGO Project

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Prejudgment and intolerance have always existed, and now they have more diffusion media. The unequal treatment and stereotypes promote hate. So we want to make a statement. The exercise of We Love People included in this issue of Etel is our small demonstration pro tolerance. In the other hand, and as always, Etel comes very mixed, in our design section we include an interview and portfolio of memela collective, a group of young designers that show us their interpretation of Mexican design. In this Issue we present the interesting work of the Italian Giorgia Roversi and Mauricio Zárate, Mexican painter. We also interview Edgar Echegaray, creator of the Golden Reinbow Kid project; and Montag, answer some questions about his music. We are happy of having the photography of Victoria H. Acuña and Naomi Vona. All this, among other things that you will be discovering in this number. Thanks to all the new collaborators and people who has been sending their work, You rock! Laura Rodríguez.

Illustration: Manuel Morales

Etel Magazine #4

Cover: illustration by Manuel Morales

Etel Magazine It is a publication by collective e140

General Director

Laura Rodríguez


Cynthia Tacho Canek Corrales Manuel Morales Miguel Angel Loredo Paola Gracia Olivas Laura Rodríguez

Technology Alejo Gastelum


josue Barrera Aurora García García De León Cecilia Hidalgo Itzel Valle Manuel Llanes Alejo Gastelum Hermes Díaz Cynthia Tacho Manuel Morales Miguel Angel Loredo Marinho Aguilar Hector Jorche Fabian Iriarte Fátima García Ana Paula Latapi Augusto Orozco Rafael Arana Etel Magazine #4, publication date: June of 2008

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Etel Magazine, quarterly magazine, edited and published by e140 collective Publicity: Etel Magazine is protected by the Atribución-No comercial license of Creative Commons. The content in this publication is responsibility of the autor and it does not necessarily reflects the opinion of Etel Magazine.

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          Aurora García. Architect and student of Masters in Theory and History of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Cataluña as a Fellow of CONACYT. She has been a teacher at the School of Architecture at the Universidad de Sonora and Fellow of the FECAS in the artistic research category. She has published in newspapers like El Imparcial and Primera Plana, and in magazines Cimientos, DIaCRÍTICA, Lúdika and other electronic media.

Alejo Gastelum. He is currently working as reporter and designer at El Integral and

Hermes Díaz. He has a degree in Hispanic Literature by the Universidad de Sonora.

Paola Gracia Olivas. Graphic design student. Cynthia Tacho. Graphic design student. cynthiatacho@

Cecilia Hidalgo. She has a Degree in graphic design. He lives and works in Santa Fe, Argentina. Manuel Morales. Architecture student.

Itzel Valle. She is currently studying Japanese Culture.

Miguel Angel Loredo. He is devoted to graphic design from 7 years ago. His background is in corporate image and editorial design. He is currently art director of the magazine Canvas, the culture of tennis

Marinho Aguilar. Host of Todas Las Músicas Del Mañana at Uniradio 99.7, He lives in Toluca, México.

Fatima García. Architect, lives and Works at Phoenix, Arizona.

Augusto Orozco aka Aughost. Director and producer of film and video in Mexico City. Gamer, DJ, writer and admirer of the visual arts and graphics.

Jorche. Bass player of Desfase, composer, lyricist and music lover.

Ana Paula Latapí . Graphic designer.

Rafael Arana. Student.

Josué Barrera. Director of the magazine La Línea Del Cosmonauta and coordinator of Faz project. Hermosillo, Son.,

Fabian Iriarte. He works in an office of architects.

Manuel Llanes. Mexican writer, is author of the anthology of short stories Decir adiós de noche (PES, 2008) and the essay La puerta cerrada en Las hojas muertas de Bárbara Jacobs o el testimonio de segunda mano (ISC, 2008). In 1993 he made his first film criticism in the newspaper Opinion. He has published in El Imparcial and La Jornada, he has also been collaborating with Primera Plana, Altanoche, Divergencias and línea del cosmonauta. As a fellow of the Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes in 2007, in the category creative career, completed his first novel, perrolobo. He served as professor of journalism at the Universidad Kino. He has a Degree in Hispanic Literature from the Universidad de Sonora, currently studying a doctorate at the Universidad de Barcelona.

   I Love People… 7 Colectivo Memela… 9 Victoria H. Acuña Fujiwara… 17 Naomi Vona… 30 Golden Rainbow Kid… 38 Miles Davis… 42 GOGO Project… 56

Taliesin West… 48 2 Poems… 55 Stranger than fiction… 57 Arte en la calle (2da parte)… 70 Mauricio Zárate… 59 The eternal illness of horror films… 67

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Photography: Itzel Valle, Concept: Laura RodrĂ­guez & Fabian Iriarte

Design-illustration Colectivo Memela Interview and portfolio



Interview: Laura Rodríguez

Design: Cynthia Tacho

Memela is one of the most outstanding collectives in the illustration field in Mexico, whose folklor and urbanism characterize its singular style. We present a sample of their work and a brief interview to them.

E: Who conform the collective? /// We are conformed by four graphic designers: Frank, Lecuona, Jovo, and Peter. E: When and how memela is born? /// Borne to principles of March of the 2007, the idea was originated with the intention of shaping everyday images of our surroundings representing this in illustrations with the purpose of projecting Mexico to other cultures, is when Frank invited to Lecuona, Jovo and Peter to be part of this collective. The name of memela came up from a brainstorm, taking this word by its loudness and connotation.

E: how did you begin to make photoillustration? /// We felt that illustration had something missing, having in mind our passion about photography we fused the illustrations with photographs of digitalized media, seeing the result, we decided to take our own photos looking for jobs with our friends and making calls by Internet having by purpose the union of these two resources projecting a coexistence of the real thing with nonreal. E: what is your gold as a group? What are the objectives in memela? /// To create a personal style, to go beyond design as a collective, to have an office or publicity agency, to participate in diverse advertising campaigns, international and national.

E: In some of your illustrations you show interest towards images and phrases related to the Mexicans characters, what else motivates you to make an illustration? What sort of styles and messages want to manage? /// Our dreams move us, our experiences, leaving harmonic messages in people, reflecting it in a celebration of colors where everyone is invited.




E: In what memela is different from the other collectives? /// We fuse the diversion and the formality in the projects, having constant changes that our surroundings request, take a photo or illustration and see where we can get. E: How do you see the “scene� of design and illustration that is created at the moment in Mexico? /// Very good, there is much talented people as Dr. Alderete, FACE, hula hula, freak kolors, digitalis-diamonds, but spaces

of expression and support of the government and private institutions are needed. E: How do you organize to distribute the job and how is your place of work? ///We make proposals along the week, later we get together, we expose our works, and we fuse our ideas. In projects with our clients we work all the creative process altogether and then work is divided.

not working in memela? /// We work like designers in different companies, Frank is manager of the area of graphical design in Galleries, Sergio Bustamante, Lecuona this in charge of the advertising area in Cobian footwear, Jovo is manager of a corporative unit in a marketing research center of the University of Guadalajara and Peter studies the Degree of graphical Design and has a serigraphic factory. We handled it like this: Jovo: Bicycles, work, cinema,

E: What do you do while you are


Jodorowsky, nintendo, celebration. Lecuona: Celebration, he buys gummies, painting, and cinema. Frank: Music, cinema, celebration, he buys chocolates, painting, work, discs, Nintendo, and he draws. Peter: work, school, Mac, guitar (laughs). • Visit:




Photography Photography by Victoria H. Acu単a Fujiwara Portfolio Photography by Naomi Vona Portfolio


PHOTOGRAPHY Design: Cecilia Hidalgo Photography: Courtesy de Victoria H. Acuña

Photography of

Victoria H. Acuña Fujiwara

“I think that we all want to show ourselves and part of that is showing what we think. For me, photography is always a: ‘look what I see’ and I’m not an exception. A lot of what I know, I own it to Internet, looking constantly to photography (mostly flickr) it’s how I have learned, I’ve been discovering photography like another thing besides ‘the picture whit my friends in the reunion’… I take pictures of what I see and I like

Victoria is a 4th semester design student, at the Design School of INBA. She lives in D. F. and has 20 years.

or whatever it occurs to me and comes out ok. Sometimes is the color, the shape, the light or the situation.”


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Photography of Naomi Vona Naomi Vona is an Italian Photography born in 1982. She graduated in design in 2005 in the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where she is studding the last of two years of the specialty in photography.






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