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IT Recruitment made Easy, Fast & Productive with! In today’s day and age, the average IT recruiter is a stressed out creature. Expectations are loaded high on your professional shoulders, while failures could mean a costly liability for the organization in general, and your personal career graph in particular. This is where steps in- an intuitive tool that draws upon the collective wisdom and experience of thousands of IT Experts to help you make the most informed recruitment decisions. We’re still in BETA, but registrations are open! There is a marked difference between skills listed on an IT candidate’s resume, as against his/her aptitude and IT acumen that cannot be easily worded. At, our experienced team of IT Experts, distinguished professionals themselves, are prone to separating the wheat from the chaff. Their years spent as IT specialists mark them as good leaders and taskmasters, able to identify potential and see through the hype. Need another reason to take us for a spin? We’ll give you six… Simple Registration- Really, there aren’t too many bells and whistles upfront. Registration is FREE and takes all of five minutes. Once inside the eTeki ecosystem, you are free to check out over 10,000 certified IT interviewers from around the world, representing upto 75 IT disciplines. Quick turnaround time- In business, ‘time saved is money made’, right? Unlike the real world wherein a recruitment drive could take days to get through, the process runs on a predefined schedule that’s defined by you. Analytical Report for the Overview- Every IT interview conducted under the eTeki banner ends with the interviewer generating a comprehensive report that speaks of the candidate’s apparent and latent IT skills, real world problem solving abilities and other characteristics like professional temperament, ‘deal-breakers’ (critical flaws- if any) etc. This is a nifty document that lets you make an informed decision with regards to the candidate’s recruitment. Budget under control- On, the IT experts define a set remuneration per interview. This allows you to hire the services of these IT interviewers in line with your requirement and budget. Importantly, as the IT recruiter, you don’t need to create an offline infrastructure to get through specialised IT interviews that need expert intervention or other hardware or software inputs- saving money, time and generating the best possible outcome in the process. You name it, we got it- The eTeki community of IT experts represent upto 75 intensive specialities that will impact almost all hiring projects laden on your plate currently. This works as a single window that opens up amongst a collection of professionals who understand the business from the inside out, rather than from a purely academic perspective. That’s some serious constructive power! No Strings Attached- That’s it, an IT interview is just that. As a recruiter scouting for IT experts on, you are not bound by contracts or regulations that are designed to hold you in a tightly

Blog Post 4, bound for eTeki Blog | Ver.1- 03.10.2013 | Words- 537 | Author- Pradeep Kumar

bound orbit. Your initial registration is the FREE key to utilise eTeki’s limitless possibilities without being tied down by any obligations. is all about simplifying the recruitment process. Well, that’s the long and short of it. Register and take us for a spin- the time to ramp up the classic IT interview cycle is NOW!

Blog Post 4, bound for eTeki Blog | Ver.1- 03.10.2013 | Words- 537 | Author- Pradeep Kumar

Make Your IT Recruitment Easy,Fast & Productive with eTeki  

Introducing eTeki,with which You can make your IT Recruitment Easy,Fast & More Productive.