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safarnama Journey measured in memories, not in miles......





lt Begins.. It was a cheerful mild sunny day as we started our journey from Aishbagh railway station. Heading towards our train with our luggage and having hope and thoughts for exploring a new place. After a journey of two days, we reached Yeshwantpur station. Many of us were craving for tea, as we saw a tea stall we all pounced on it and had a cup of tea because “chai important hai” by this time our bus has reached to pickup. Afterward, we moved towards our hotel having a glance of the city it was a nicely contrived concrete jungle having a much amount of greenery proving it the title of Garden City with well-designed roads and squares .we reached a hotel freshened up and got ready to meet Ar. Chitra Vishwanath and it was such a great experience, she is a highly knowledgeful lady with a different perspective towards architecture and has been practicing since 1991 with sustainable architecture. her office was very nicely designed .we had a very healthy interaction with her and learned a lot about her projects and architectural style. Post the meeting we came back to our hotel and stayed there for that night, then the next morning we got up we were relaxed enough after having rest .then we have to move for our case study of housing.While the bus was moving I sat next to the driver seat and was observing the structures and the city was justifying its name as silicon valley because of IT sector .the lifestyle of the city seems to be very busy jams were frequent almost on every turn on this point I remembered a famous sher

kahīñ kārobār sī dopahr kahīñ bad-mizāj sī shaam

“ hai ajiib shahr kī zindagī na safar rahā na qayām hai.

Mohd. Yusuf Editor

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

CONTENTS 1. Faculties’ message


2. Bengaluru


- Biome Environmental solution - Sobha Habitech - Regional Museum - M.G. Road 3. Ooty


-Dodabetta Park -Lakeview -Shooting Point -Tea Factory -Pykara Falls 4. Mysuru


-Mysore Palace -Toda Housing -Sri Chamundeshwari Temple -St. Phelomena Church 5. Nazara-e-safarnama


6. Credits



Message Our from Faculties Ar. Dikchha Tiwari Assistant Professor Faculty of Architecture and Planning Integral University , Lucknow

Architecture as a profession can’t be taught merely in the four walls of classrooms. Only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to build competitive architects. Practical knowledge of the field and observations in real world is equally important. The main aim of Study Tour is to aid students to learn through live examples. Study tour emphasizes on fun learning and offer both group and self-directed activities that enable to budding architects to explore new places and their hobbies such as photography, sketching, writing etc . This year tour was formulated such that students are exposed to live design examples of high rise buildings to be introduced in studio program of upcoming semester, hence introducing them to Shobha Habitech, Bangalore for which a special token of thanks is to be conveyed to Ar Diksha Trivedi who helped students analyze and examine the building and its services from architect’s point of view. Also, student team got an opportunity to visit one of the eminent architects in the city, Ar Chitra Vishwanath and have one to one conversation with her regarding her design theories. The team’s next destination for study tour was the beautiful, scenic hills of Ooty where the students were let free to experience the views and vistas of the place, the weather and the beauty. Students visited the vernacular housing of the Toda’s to acknowledge the ancient yet advance technique of building. Last but not the least in the itinerary was Mysore, India’s cleanest city where students were given opportunity to explore the magnificence of Mysore Palace and understand the architecture of the place.

Ar. Abu Saleh Assistant Professor Faculty of Architecture and Planning Integral University , Lucknow

In the era of transformation of a student to an architect we believe that its time to grow up and think beyond our abilities and limitations, the time has come, not to be limited as just an architect rather to become a starchitecht. Let us be very open to the new technological advancement and go beyond the boundaries of present principle, values , morals , ideology and methodology of traditional architecture. Its the need of time for ensuring our advancement in new world of technical advancement which is moving at exponential speed. Lets stretch our boundries and expand our limits , let’s go across the threat zone of being failure and giving a try to do something innovative ,we might fail at first attempt but let this failure be the first step of our success. Let’s think different and act different. Let the fusion of architecture and innovation give birth to a star performer , the starchitect.

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

India’s silicon valley

Bengaluru Khaas Mulaqat Ar. Chitra Vishvanathan

Sobha Habitech High rise at a glance

M.G. Road Busy street evenings

Banglore Palace , Banglore F.O.A.P. INTEGRAL UNIVERSITY , LUCKNOW

Ar. Chitra Vishwanthan is a banglore based architect , an alumni of Cept University , she has lead over 700 projects in India out of which 500 are based in Bangalore itself . Following the principles and practices of Laurie Baker and Auroville she has been practicing sustainable architecture in true sense. And is a source of inspiration to many


Biome Environmental Solutions is a Bangalorebased design firm focused on ecology, architecture and water. The office’s diverse team includes designers, architects, civil and mechanical engineers and urban planners from various parts of India and abroad. The designs are undertaken by various member of this team in constant collaboration with each other via group discussions & exchanges and periodic meetings.

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

Redefining Sustainability -an interaction with

Ar. chitra vishwanathan

After reaching Bangalore we freshened up and got ready for the visit to biome a firm headed by Ar. Chitra Vishwanathan and we reached there around 5 pm in the evening, her office was well designed having a mezzanine floor, a great combination of white grills and exposed bricks, we had very healthy and knowledgeful interaction and came to know the real meaning of cost-effective and sustainable architecture she has done around 700 projects across India and Has designed and implemented hundreds of real estate developments – residences, institutions and resorts – guided by ecological principles, integrating sound, water, energy and land-use thinking into design as we explored few of them, her approach towards sustainable architecture made us realize the

importance of environmentally conscious design that would fulfill human needs as wells as have a minimum negative impact on mother earth. It was created by the 2008 merger of Chitra K. Vishwanath Architects and Rainwater Club. Both organizations have operated since 1990 and bring their distinct talents to the new firm Biome Environmental Solutions is a Bangalore-based design firm focused on ecology, architecture, and water. The office’s  diverse team includes designers, architects, civil and mechanical engineers and urban planners from various parts of India and abroad.   The designs are undertaken by various members of this team in constant collaboration with each other via group discussions & exchanges and periodic meetings. Group photos with Chitra Vishwanathan ma’am


SOBHA HABITECH Group Housing Case Study

Early morning of the next day early morning we had our breakfast and got ready for our awaited visit of housing arranged by Dikchha Ma’am and luckily we met our super senior Ar. Deeksha Mishra as our guide who transformed our visit into a wonderful case study An architectural marvel entrenched on a lush green landscape untouched by pollution and its effects—that is SOBHA HRC Pristine for you. Clear skies, clean waters and unspoiled grounds endow this sylvan land an aura of immaculate purity. Tucked away in the bustling cityscape of Jakkur, SOBHA HRC Pristine is very close to Kempegowda International Airport, IT hubs, world-class hospitals, international schools, and leisure avenues. The newest residential property from SOBHA Limited offers a beautiful bouquet of 3 and 4-bed luxury apartments, row houses and penthouses.

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

Rare native trees like teak, silver oak and mango adorn the natural topography of SOBHA HRC Pristine, and they have taken utmost care to preserve the individuality of this amazingly pristine property. we went 2 flats and saw wonderful interiors the visit was fruitful after two to three hours of exploring housing we came out and had nariyal pani and we moved on

Photo 1 - Site plan of sobha Apartments Photo 2- View from the club

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Exhibits include the pulley system, gears, different ways of transferring motion, reducing effort by levers, inclined planes, and screws. Another section deals with the application of these simple machines in daily life.

Bust of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

It was around 5’o clock in the evening as we arrived at this museum it was a place, under one roof you’ll find many sciences and technological thingsEngine Hall exhibits engines of various cars, machines used in industry, a jet aircraft engine, and other mechanical devices. The predictability and precision of mechanics is demonstrated by the rolling balls that travel endlessly within metal tracks. The How Things Work gallery is an attempt to explain the fundamentals of machines through interactive exhibits.

The Fun Science gallery exhibits were based on the science of sound, optics, fluids, math and perception. The Electro Technic Gallery contains interactive electrical exhibits which work on the basic principles of electricity, electronics and communication. A renovated version of the Electro Technic gallery was opened to public on 8 April 2010. This gallery exhibits the classical experiments like Oersted’s experiment, Barlow’s wheel, and Faraday’s ring. A demonstration on electrostatics, which includes a Tesla coiland a Van de Graaff generator is on display. The Space – Emerging Technology in the Service of Mankind gallery showcases the achievements of the Indian Space Program. It was inaugurated on 19 June 1999. The Gallery was renovated with guidance of Indian Space Research Organization and reopened as Space Technology by A. S. Kiran Kumar and Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan. It is the first Science Gallery in India dedicated to Space and Space Technology.


1:1 scale model of plane made by Wright brothers. • The Biotechnological Revolution hall has exhibits based on biotechnology and its applications, including the human genome sequence The BEL Hall of Electronics was I in collaboration with Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL). This gallery has exhibits on the basic principles of electronics and information technology. • The ‘Science for Kids’ gallery This is a space designed for kids, where they can explore science in a fun-filled way. There are exhibits on Our Senses, about animals, colours, light, sound etc apart from interactive toys. There is an exhibit where kids can take photos of themselves with life-size animal models. ‘Mirror maze’ is another attraction in this gallery. • The Dinosaur Alive exhibit has a moving replica of a Spinosaurus. This pneumatically-operated dinosaur can move its head, hands and tail and roll its eyes at the visitors.

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

• The Wright Brothers exhibit, includes a 1:1 scale model of the Wright Brothers’ Flyer, fabricated in-house, and a flight simulator. • In addition to these exhibits, the museum includes a science show hall, a 3D theatre, a 250-seat auditorium, a telemedicine facility, an 11’ Celestron telescope with GPS, and a last I want to sum up this visit as to be boring except that wright brother’s plane model but coming out of the museum we saw three wonderful buildings that actually made my day a perfect example of modern architecture they were 1.rockline seetha lakshmi building 2.UB tower 3. commercial buildings one was the copy of empire estate building • Adjacent to the museum was department of archaeology building red color building with green doors having corinthian columns was also beauty to watch

Mahatma Gandhi Road Knowing city through streets

It was 7 in the evening and we had a memorable walk on the MG road it was one of the busiest roads there we had a small supper the time we spent walking on the roadside was memorable and something which was stuck in the list of good memories of our lives we all sharing wonderful bond and talking about the city and its food we were togethere so it was a favorite walk .the walk remind me of a sher

kyonki na jaane kb ye shaam tamam ho jaye isliye hum zindagi ki iss shaam ko nhi chahengay ki aam ho jaaye saaray doston ka saath tha to nhi chheda koi aisa kissa jo jald hi tamaam ho jaaye…



We moved towards Ooty by bus at 12:15 in the night , on the way the beautiful dawn took place we passed through Nagarhole tiger reserve where we have seen wonderful forest with some deers,but unluckily we were unable to see any tiger,after crossing it came the most dangerous path of criss cross slope with a very high steepslope known as (hair pin turn).after a long journey we reached ooty


Attaining Heights

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019







Doddabetta peak

Around 7:15 in the morning we checked in the cottages, we took a nap and had breakfast, then we move for doddabetta peak and it was like At each step, we were spellbound with the beauty of the place.This place was reflecting peace&calmness where one could stand still take deep breath &inhale the essence of life. An exceptional natural beauty was purely exhaled by us, the place was on a deep down level where we all went down upto the fence it was like poetry of the earth from there we went to a tea factory where we have seen the whole process of tea making from leaves to pouring in the cup and there we had strong aromatic cup of tea .After a long day inhaling the beauty of nature we came back to our

Nature at its best .... VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

The curved meadows

View point We got ready and moved towards Ooty’s viewpoint. Here the weather and the view was conveying a feeling, that those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts, there is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature, assure that dawn comes after night and spring after winter.After adventurous boating, we moved to the market and spend time there buying some local stuff like hand made chocolates. That place was a paradise in itself as we were moving down following the steps, a beautiful lake was flowing parallel giving such a pleasure which can’t be described in words it was like to experience, the sublime natural beauty is to confront the total inadequacy of language what you see. words cannot convey the scale of a view that is so stunning it is felt.


Next early morning we had our breakfast and started our journey for Mysore, after 4 to 5 hrs journey we reached Mysore checked in the hotel. We got ready very fast in spite of being tired and headed towards Mysore palace reaching there I was stunned II haven’t seen such a masterpiece in my life yet The scale, The carvings ,The colors used were outstanding ,in fact I would say who have the love for art and architecture he /she may feel the transcendent beauty and poetry of that place . My eyes were widely opened seeing the design the pillars, the wooden carvings, the flooring, we stayed there till the evening for experiencing the beauty of palace in lights and it was mesmerizing and indeed, the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched they must be felt with the heart

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019


Mysuru Palace

sri Chamundeswari temple

st. phelomena church


INTRODUCTION My surucityisabout140kmsofdistancetowardssouthern directionfrombengaluru,thecapitalcityofKarnatakastate. inancienttimeademonnamedMahishasurawaslivingin thisregion.He had earnedmuchpowerthroughBrahma by doing austerity . He was torturing the angles in various ways . Sri Chamudeshwari then killed Mahishasura furiously and established peace in the region . Initially the city was known as Mahishamandala and then Mysuru by virtue of Mahishasura beingdweltinthis region.

Yaduraya and Krishnarayas were brothers and ancestors of Yadu dynasty.They left Dwarakanagara in Gujarat state on the advice of God Sri Krishna and reached Mysuru.

The history of Mysuru is clearly known to us from the period of Gangas who were ruling , making their capital at talakadu. Afterward, Mysuru was ruled by Chalukyas , Hoysalas ,Vijayanagara and Mysuru .

Yaduraya and Krishnaraya met the queen and Ascertained the facts on going there that the Maranyaka , the Palegara was troubling the queen , demanding her to give her daughter Devajammanni to him in marriage. They fought with Maranyaka and killed him . Then Yaduraya got married to Devajammanni in presence of the jangama and the queen. Then the coronation of yaduraya was held at Hadinaru . As per advice of jangama, the kings were were called as wodeyars from then onwards .

Pillared darbar hall of Amba Vilasa Palace

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

During the visit a monk came and informwd them all about the prevailing situation and directed them to help the queen at Hadinadu ( presently Hadinaru of Nanjangud taluk).

Coat of Arms of Wodeyars

Amba Vilasa Palace Mysuru Palace is the royal residence of the Wodeyars dynasty and seat of the kingdom of Mysuru. The palace is in the centre of the city and faces the chamundi hills eastwards . The palace is designed by Henry Irwin in Indo-Sarcenic architectural style and is spread acroSs 72 acers. Yadurya build this palace originally in the 14th century , which was lated domolished and constructed many times. The existing structure of the palace was built between 1897 and 1912, after the old palace was damaged after a fire accident. The architectural style of the domes of the palace is commonly described as indo-saracenic , with a blends of hindu , mughal , rajput and gothic styles. It is a three storey structure with marbel domes and it has a 145 feet five-storey tower . the palace is surrounded by a large garden. The main complex is 245 feet in length and 156feet in width . The palace is surrounded by three entrances : the east gate , the south gate and the west gate. Rought iron spiral staircase in royal courtyard


Royal Courtyard

The three storey building of fine grey granite with deep pink marbel domes has a facade of seven huge expansive arches along with two small ones flanking the central arch , which is supported by small pillars. There are three exclusive temple buildings within the fort , and about 18 inside the building. The palace houses two durbar halls and incorporates an array of courtyards, gardens and buildings.

Decorated ceiling of the palace

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

Toda Housing

While returning from Ooty viewpoint we were asked to have a glance at Toda Housing, The Toda people are a small tribal community who live far away from Nilgiri plateau in the hill country of Southern India. They reside in small Toda Huts also referred to as Todas Hamlets. These structures, set at a distance of around 5.6 km from the mainland of Ooty, are an original representation of the Toda community still in existence. The curious structure does not have windows and the semi barrel shape huts are so small that people need to bend over to enter from the main door. Each hut has only a tiny entrance at the front—about 3 feet (90 cm) wide, 3 feet (90 cm) tall. The unusually small entrance serves as a means of protection from the weather as well as the sudden attack of wild animals. The front portion of the hut is decorated with the Toda art forms, a kind of rock mural painting. On each side of the doorway is a raised platform, equivalent to a verandah or thinna (built–in-seat), a semiprivate area where people sit and talk.

Toda Housing [ Ticket Counter]


Toda temples are constructed in a circular pit lined with stones and are quite similar in appearance and construction to Toda huts. The temples called palavers have the same shape with slight differences. The other type, called poovarsh, is cylindrical with a long conical roof. This is considered more sacred than palavers as the main festivals of Toda are conducted here. Although many Toda has abandoned their traditional distinctive huts for concrete houses, a movement has gained momentum to build traditional huts. The forced interaction with other peoples with technology has caused a lot of changes in the lifestyle of the Toda. During the last decade, forty new huts have been built and many Toda sacred dairies have been renovated. Each has a narrow stone pit around it and the tiny door is held shut with a heavy stone. It was a great experience‌



Section VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

Sri Chamundeshwari Temple Chamundi Hill is about 13 kms from Mysuru. Chamundi Hills is famous not only in India but also abroad. ‘Chamundi’ or ‘Durga’ at atop of the hill, the famous Sri Chamundeswari Temple is the fierce form of ‘Shakti’. She is the slayer of demons, ‘Chanda’ and ‘Munda’ and also ‘Mahishasura’, the buffalow-headed monster. She is the tutelary deity of the Mysore Maharajas and the presiding deity of Mysore. For several centuries they have held the Goddess, Chamundeswari, in great reverence. A temple of great antiquity with over 1,000 years of history, it was a small shrine initially and assuming importance over the centuries it became a big temple as seen today. It is being assumed significante after the Mysuru Maharajas, the Wodeyars, came to power in 1399 A.D., who are great devotees and worshippers of the Devi, Chamundeswari became their home deity and thus assumed religious prominance.

it consists of the Main Doorway, Entrance, Navaranga Hall, Antharala Mantapa, Sanctum Sanctorum, and Prakara. There is a beautiful seven-tier Gopura or pyramidal tower at the entrance and a ‘Vimana’ (small tower) atop the sanctum sanctorum. Atop the ‘Shikara’, the tower at the entrance, are seven golden ‘Kalashasa’ After having the wonderful experience of the temple we moved to the local market of the temple which was hub of local craftworks. Many of us brought a lot of things like handmade wooden trays and all stone carved statues and other beautiful creative items.

The Architecture of the Chamundi Temple: The temple is of a quadrangular structure built in Dravidian style,

The hustle

Statue of Mahishasura


St. Phelomena Church

On the way the bus was stopped we came

out of it and we saw somewhere that can’t be described in words, It was St.Philomena’s cathedral, purely a masterpiece of architecture.It was in NeoGothic style . It was wonderful experience the interiors wereamazing, the carvings the arches and the colors. The church was designed by a Frenchman named Daly .It was designed to be built in the Neo Gothic  style with inspiration drawn from the CologneCthedral. The floor plan of the cathedral resembles a cross. The long part of the cross is congregation hall, called the  nave. The two arms of the cross are the transepts. The part containing the altar and the choir is the crossing. The cathedral has a crypt that houses a statue of St. Philomena. The twin spires of the church are 175 feet (53 m) in height and they resemble the spires of the Cologne Cathedral and also the spires of the St. Patrick’s Church in New York City. The main hall (nave) can seat up to 800 people and contains stained glass windows depicting scenes from the birth of Christ, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the Ascension of Christ. It is considered to be Asia’s second largest church.

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

Nazara - e - safarnama Memories For



Making Bonds and Sharing Memories The days we spend our memorable and the memories were not meant to forget this chapter for the book of our life will be one of the most wonderful, amazing, cherished, fun and to be knowledgeable .friendships have become more stronger and darker many new friends were formed many olds were recognized, wonderful evenings spend in playing dumb charades and antakshari finally we moved for the stn. Our train was at 5:30 pm, it was a wonderful experience the faculty, the batchmates all were amazing we made many memories which can’t be written or described .after two days journey we came back to LKO and then everyone was leaving for their homes we know that we will meet after the holidays but deep down we were emotionally sad as we know it was our last tour together…. At last I want to end this beautiful safarnama with a sher

Lamho ki khuli kitab hai safar khayalo aur saanso ka hisab hai safar

kuchh zarurtein puri kuchh khwahishein adhuri

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

inhi sawalo ka jawab hai

Keeping the essence of Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb of our Awadhi culture , I decided to name our magazine as


This will comprise the motive of our magazine and its purpose along with our basic roots as an architect, this will grasp the reader’s attention and give a glimpse of the whole magazine as well... Mohd. Yusuf


Credits This magazine has been published by Editorial Team Faculty of Architecture and Planning Integral University , Lucknow Editor

Mohd. Yusuf


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Sharan Chatterjee

VASTUKALA Safarnama 2019

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