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THE LEGACY SOCIETY: AN INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE You can establish your own personal legacy for the performing arts of Santa Barbara through a bequest, charitable trust, or other form of planned gift to Ensemble’s LEGACY SOCIETY.

In addition to significant tax benefits you can receive as an Ensemble Legacy Society member, Ensemble will • Feature your name on a formal Legacy Society tribute in the lobby of the New Vic; • Acknowledge your commitment in all production programs; • Invite you to our unique annual event solely for Legacy Society members; and • For appropriate gifts, name an element of the New Vic or a designated endowment fund in your honor.

Your greatest reward will be personal. Performing arts venues are among the most prominent, prestigious, and lasting elements of any community. As a LEGACY SOCIETY member you will help Ensemble fulfill its vision for generations to come, making a lasting contribution to the performing arts of Santa Barbara. Ensemble’s Endowment Policy ensures that its Endowment will be carefully preserved for the indefinite future and in strict accord with all donor wishes. You may call us in complete confidence to discuss the many possibilities for an Endowment gift. It is important that you discuss any gift to the Ensemble LEGACY SOCIETY with your attorney or financial advisor as the many different options offer differing tax benefits.

To discuss possibilities, please contact us: ETC Development Office 805-965-5400 x 105

LEGACY SOCIETY GIFT POSSIBILITIES Bequest In your Living Trust or Will, you may designate Ensemble Theatre Company to receive a specific gift amount, a percentage of your estate, a specific piece of real or personal property, or a residuary portion of your estate. Tax-Deferred Retirement Plan Gifts of assets from tax-deferred retirement plans, such as 401(k) plans or individual retirement accounts (IRAs), can offer remarkable tax benefits by allowing full value deduction without recognition of accumulated capital gain. Charitable Trust Through a charitable trust, you can provide life income to a loved one, while providing a residual, truly significant future gift to Ensemble. Gift of Life Insurance You may name Ensemble Theatre Company as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Donor-Directed Fund Through a donor-directed fund managed by a community foundation such as the Santa Barbara Foundation, you can leave all the management and investment to professionals, while directing a gift to Ensemble.

DIRECTING YOUR BEQUEST Although you may make unrestricted bequests, you may designate your gift for a specified use important to you, such as educational outreach, an artistic director position, or artist compensation.

NAMING OPPORTUNITIES All gifts can either be anonymous or appropriately acknowledged to the donor or to honor a loved one. RANDY HARRISON IN AMADEUS. PHOTOGRAPHY: DAVID BAZEMORE

Thank you for considering a gift to Ensemble’s Legacy Society. With your planning and generosity, you will help ETC provide the finest quality productions for future generations.

ETC DEVELOPMENT OFFICE P.O. Box 2307, Santa Barbara, CA 93120 · 805-965-5400 x 105 ·

ETC Legacy  

ETC The Legacy Society: An Investment in the future.

ETC Legacy  

ETC The Legacy Society: An Investment in the future.