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Are You In Search of IRS Form 2290 E File Options? Every citizen of US who owns the heavy truck vehicle should file their tax returns to the US Department of Treasury IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Tax needs to be filed using a standard 2290 form which is also known as Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax form. IRS is the governing body to control the vehicles movement in the highways and also responsible to collect the taxes from the truck owners and drivers. Only those who pay the truck tax are eligible to use the highways and the complete tracking and tax control is done by the IRS. Every truck owners whose vehicle is more than 55000 pounds or more will come under the tax 2290 umbrella. The truck tax year starts from July 1st 2013 and ends in June 30th 2014 for current year. If an owner buys a new vehicle in the month of July, then he would be paying the tax during the fixed taxation year till next year of June. For instance, if the owner purchases the vehicle in September, then he should be paying the tax for the following month which the vehicle used for first time. In this case the tax filing has to happen before 30 th October.

How to File There are E filing options available in IRS for the tax payment. E file IRS Form 2290 is the best and convenient way to pay the tax amount. In the form, there is a section where the prescribed fees structure is defined for different months. Based on the chart available, the tax can be calculated easily by referring the month of first use of the vehicle. Things to keep in mind while E-filing IRS Form 2290If you are running a transport business, check out the name of the business and have the entire information ready such as EIN# [Employer Identification Number], VIN# [Vehicle Identification Number] etc. Payment Options -

Electronic filing provides you access to the quicker return payment options. There are three best payment options available1.

Direct Debit (Electronic Fund Withdrawal) –This is the best and safest method of E-filing. During the process of IRS form 2290 E file, you need to provide your bank account number so that the IRS will directly collect the prescribed tax amount form the bank.


Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) – Paying by using EFTPS is a voluntary approach and to make the payment one should first enroll in EFTPS before using it. To use this method, more information is required and you can get it by logging into The transaction need to be initiated 1 business day before the due date of payment. Payment should be always on time.


Check/Money Order – This is basically the for paper filers. If someone uses this mode of payment, he should also complete the payment voucher as well. Cash are not allowed, the check/money order need to be sent to (which need to be payable to) United States Treasury.

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Are You In Search of IRS Form 2290 E File Options?