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June 2013

Wine Without the Snobbery

Wine Soaked Adventures in Chile Summer Wine Events from Coast to Coast VINEYARDS TO VISIT:

No Passport Necessary! 10 Zesty South American Recipes June 2013 Genuwine

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The Genuwine Mission: At Genuwine we break through the snooty pretense surrounding wine culture, offering readers a space to enjoy the fun and lighthearted side of wine. We teach our readers about wine in an easyto-understand way without asking them to partake in the antiquated “swish-and-spit� tradition. Genuwine celebrates the social experience of wine in a way that is welcoming and accessible. We believe in empowering a new generation of winos to explore the complexities of wine through a playful lens.

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ontents Wine Wanderlust The Travel Issue Reflections 2. Letter from the Editor 4. Whine About It 8. Continuing the Conversation 12 Ripe Recommendations


15. Guest of Honor How to make a splash at any dinner party you attend 17. In-Law Invasion Wines to put out fires


19. New on the Horizons Up-and-coming restaurants you need to know about 23. On the Map Innovative chefs and their fresh takes on the culinary scene



27. Uncharted Territories Look beyond the expected; new world wines add bold and exciting flavor 32. Global Diagnosis Can climate change affect the taste of your favorite Cabernet? 35. No Passport Required 4 laid-back and inviting vineyards to visit without leaving the country


47. Grape Expectations Wines to be on the lookout for this summer 52. Wise Winos Arming you with the tools to be a savvy wine lover 56. Happenings From San Francisco’s Wine Riot to Richmond’s Uncorked Wine Festival

39. Stuck on the cheese wheel? Reimagined wine pairings to share with friends

59. A Study in Scarlet Literary greats and the wine they drank, featuring F. Scott Fitzgerald


61. Festivals Wine events not to be missed in June

44. An Unexpected Party Novel situations to pop open a bottle

102. Last Call One more drink recipe before you go


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No Passport Required 4 laid-back and inviting vineyards to visit without leaving the country

Bar Harbor, ME Traverse City, MI Healdsburg, CA

Stonewall, TX


Bar Harbor Cellars Winery - Bar Harbor, Maine (free)

This beautiful winery in Bar Harbor celebrates the essence of Genuwine, offering free wine tastings of both their grape wines and fruit wines with an informed and friendly staff on hand ready to help. As their website states, “You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur to know whether or not you enjoy a particular glass of wine!” We’ll drink to that. For more information, visit their site at

Midwest Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery – Traverse City, Michigan ($5)

The Brys Estate was established through the hard work of Walter and Eileen Brys, who bought the land as a fixerupper and completely renovated the buildings to retain their historic architecture. Enjoy a true Michigan experience when you taste wines in their stunning brick and mahogany tasting room. For more information, visit their site at

South Becker Vineyards - Stonewall, Texas ($10 for six samples)

Becker Vineyards was founded by owners Dr. Richard and Bunny Becker, self-professed culinary and wine connoisseurs who built the winery as a replica of a 19th century Germanic barn. This comfortable estate in the heart of the Texas Hill Country has a charming old-world feel, and at $10 for six generous samples of wine, their rates are reasonable. For more information, visit their site at


HKG Estate Wines – Healdsburg, California ($7) Since 1975 HKG Estate has grown European grapes in the striking Russian River Valley in Sonoma County. They grow Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Grigio on over 100 acres of land passed down through generations since the 1800s. Plus, a historic Hop Kiln from the early 1900’s serves as their tasting room! For more information, visit their site at


An Unexpected Party Novel situations to pop open a bottle!

So, you want to... Ride in a hot air balloon














Try ...

Try ...

Try ...

Try ...

Camp out

You crave


Take a trip on a steam engine train

. You crave . You crave . You crave

Reisling 2011 Cold Creek Vineyard

Crisp & Refreshing Perfect with S’Mores or after

ose Prosecco SAyrah R F Cupcake

Bubbly and light, it will lighten your spirits


rog in

Ribet Pink

Cabernet Sauvignon Alamos

Fruity and

Adds a rich,

crisp but with


a dry finish.


while soaring

perfect end to

a long day of

through the

an afternoon of



sailing in the sun

touch without breaking the bank


s e r tu

n e dv



nd a p hi s s de nd n e i fr e A ear h g t n e sn di il in l n h l e Fi win thi , C o o in te Fo tiag s n n er Sa B n ve e t :S y B


crisp wind sweeps over the Andes Mountains and down into the Casablanca Valley, ruffling the grapevines and bringing with it the salty scent of the nearby Pacific Ocean. I have come to this fascinating land in search of the beautiful simplicity of winemaking and the vibrant lifestyle and culture of the Chilean people. Just this morning, I was in Chile’s capital city of Santiago. This bustling metropolis has a rich cultural identity, and the architecture emits a sacred, old-world vibe that beckons the traveler to wander its meandering streets and discover the intriguing history held within its boundaries. Though I was fascinated and pulled by the compelling allure of this lively city, I left the metropolitan hustle bustle in favor of the striking landscape that now surrounds me. Here in this lush valley, the seemingly endless vineyards laden with grapes have replaced the sights and sounds of the city. The horizon is punctuated by the rise and fall of the craggy peaks of the Andes encircling the valley. My destination, Casablanca Vineyards, lies in the foothills of the mountains, sprawling over dozens of acres of leafy green vines and luscious purple grapes. From my first glance,

it is immediately apparent that this is not one of the expansive mansions that often accompany the vineyards of Tuscany or Napa Valley. The family that owns Casablanca Vineyards lives in a modest one-story estate built by the vineyard’s original owners, who purchased the land over two hundred years ago. The land has been passed down through the generations to the current owners of the vineyard, Catalina and Miguel Sanchez. For over twenty years they have run the vineyard

to much success, despite (or perhaps because of) their insistence on producing wine at a small scale in order to focus on the craft of wine making. Catalina greets me at the door of their home with a welcoming smile and invites me into the foyer, where I can see Miguel standing in their rustic kitchen. Beautiful wood floors stretch throughout the home, which Miguel says he laid himself. He is a tall, tanned man with generous laugh lines, and immediately upon shaking my hand offers me

a glass of wine. It is a 2009 Pinot Noir, a deep red that surprises me with an intriguing blend of fruitiness, earthiness, and crisp acidity. Catalina, a petite woman who appears eager to know my opinion of the blend, is quick to ask if I can feel Chile in the wine. I give her a look that shows I’m not quite sure I understand her meaning. She smiles knowingly and says, “Do you taste a slight hint of the clay in our soils, a touch of the cool winds from the ocean, a burst of the rich cherry in our Pinot Noir grape?” I immediately realize what she means. I can taste all those flavors and as I take another sip I close my eyes and the landscape comes alive in my mind’s eye as the flavors explode in my mouth. Catalina explains, “the beauty of wine is in the experience of tasting—we want you feel Chile in the wine. That is why we do what we do.” Catalina then graciously offers to take me on a tour of the vineyard. We step delicately through the grapevines, which stand strongly in perfectly aligned rows. I ask her how the grapes fare with the cool ocean winds that give Casablanca Valley a more coastal climate, and she laughs. “The cool climate is the most important ingredient in our equation,” she explains. “We grow grapes that thrive in


Wine should be about the tangible experience of tasting

this environment. In a way, the environment is the secret to the success of our wines.” She leads us to the winery, where her carefully cultivated staff of just a dozen men work to ferment the ripe fruit. After each grape is picked from the vines by hand, they are sorted into trays based on what wine they will become. The entire fermentation and aging process takes a mere twelve to eighteen months. Their wines are what she and Miguel like to call “drink-me-now wines” and are ready to ship less than two years after harvest. After the tour, Catalina takes me by surprise when she asks if I am ready to partake in the ageold tradition of grape stomping. I’ve always thought what fun recreating that wonderfully comic I Love Lucy moment would be. There is a knock at the door and in come four of Catalina and Miguel’s dearest friends, here for the grape stomp as well. We all head out to the back of the house where barrels full of grapes await their stomping fate, while their more fortunate cousins sit happily on their vines,


contented spectators in the distance. Miguel takes the lead and the joy of having his friends gathered to playfully experience his life’s passion is tangible as he ushers everyone to their spots. An air of expectancy and barely contained frenzied excitement surrounds us as we hang on his every word for the countdown to 3! I clamber into the barrel and the warm grapes squelch under my bare feet. Gleefully, I begin stomping with carefree vigor. To my left and right grown men and women are sporting matching grins. My clothes and feet are splattered with rich red grape stains and an almost childlike sense of wonder fills me as I feel the hot, sticky juice covering me and look out onto the beauty of Catalina and Miguel’s vineyard. Dinner is often a social event in Chile, and tonight’s meal is no exception. My newfound friends and I are gathered over steaming plates of Catalina’s vibrant Chilean Sea Bass with Mango Salsa and glasses of their most recent harvest of Sauvignon Blanc. The hum of conversation is constant as stories of the highs and lows of the vineyard, of fabulous parties celebrating success and

of long-standing friendships are shared. Laughter resounds and an atmosphere of intimate familiarity fills the cozy dining room. There is a warmth and zest for life that Catalina and Miguel and their friends exude that makes me fervently wish that I never had to leave Chile. This is what I what I was in search of, this beautifully simplistic and vibrant way of life. I wanted to experience wine at its deepest, purest level. For Catalina and Miguel wine is a way of life. It is both their livelihood and their passion. It is intricately woven into their lives and something that they share with one another and those important to them. The heart and soul of a good wine can be found in roots much deeper than the grapevine. A truly great wine is a storyteller that transports you to the land of its origins. Learning to drink wine in this way, ready for the stories it has to tell, is a truly stirring experience. t

Enjoy Chile... Whether you’re heading south of the border on vacation, or just want to spice things up in the kitchen, our editors have you covered with places to eat, drink, and sleep and some recipe cards you can stash in the kitchen.

Le Reve Boutique Hotel Santiago, Chile About $200 per night, depending on when you go Right in the heart of Santiago, not far from night life, good eats, and excellent

Pisco Sours at Liguria Had enough wine? Don’t leave Chile without trying a signature pisco sour. A liquor drink that you can sip long into the night. Stop by Liguria for a mix of locals and tourists.

Bar Nacionale Santiago, Chile Adored for its, lomo a lo pobre (steak with fries topped with a fried egg), this place has been bringing in regulars for years. Ask for the sandwich menu to save some pesos. 66

Can’t go to Chile?

Our editors found the best recipes to bring the best of the country to your table Tear out recipe cards!

Find more even recip onlin es e!

Chilean Tilapia

Torta de Papas (Potato Omelette)

Oven-Baked Sweet Plantains

Chilean Salad



4 medium potatoes 1 c. vegetable oil 4 eggs Salt and pepper to taste


Wash and peel potatoes. Fry in hot oil in frying pan for 5 minutes. Remove and drain potatoes. Best eggs with salt and pepper, add fried potatoes. Pour egg-potato mixture into pan, cook for 4 minutes. Turn, cook another 4 minutes, covered in grated cheese.


3 c. sliced tomatoes 1 c. finely sliced sweet onions or 1 c. red onion Salt & freshly ground black pepper 3 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp lemon juice 1 tbsp chopped cilantro leaves (or to taste)


Mix tomatoes, onion, salt and pepper together on a platter. Combine oil and lemon juice and pour over salad. Sprinkle with coriander leaves on top.


4 tilapia fillets 2 Vidalia onions sliced 1 tbsp olive oil 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp black pepper 1 lemon juiced


Prepare 400 degrees. Spread olive oil and sliced onion in bottom of casserole dish. Salt and pepper tilapia fillets. Arrange fish on top of onions. Evenly distribute lemon juice over fish. Bake 15 minutes or until flaky.

Ingredients 4 very ripe plantains Preparation Preheat oven to 450째F. Cut the ends off of the plantains and peel, then cut on the diagonal into 1/2 inch slices. Arrange on cookie sheet and coat tops with cooking spray. Bake for 1015 minutes, until plantains are golden brown and very tender.


Last call . . . the

BEST sangria you have ever had

shh...there’s a secret ingredient!

You need... • 2 (750 mL) bottles dry red wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot • 1 cup brandy • 1/3 cup sugar • 1/4 cup orange liqueur • 1 pound strawberries, hulled and halved • 3 oranges, thinly sliced • 3 limes, thinly sliced • 2 lemons, thinly sliced • 4 cups fresh arugula • (optional) 1 can lemon-lime soda

mix it up Stir together wine, brandy, sugar and orange liqueur in large pitcher, until sugar is dissolved. Stir in the arugula, and use a wooden spoon to mull (crush) the arugula so that the flavor is released. Add strawberries, lime, lemon and orange to the wine mixture, and lightly mull the fruit to release juices. Cover and refrigerate for anywhere from 2-24 hours. Stir in soda if desired, then strain and serve over ice.


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As a company, Genuwine seeks to defy the status quo of the elitist and innaccessible culture surrounding wine. From a design standpoint, we seek the same thing. Our book is meant to be picked up, looked through, and referred back to over and over again. On the newstand we want to stand out from the crowd. Our covers should “pop” out at you and invite you into our world of wine, friends, and laughter. We want to show our readers that in a professional world, you can still have fun and let loose while learning new things and fostering creativity along the way. Our fun, upbeat, but sophisticated design elements strive to put a smile on our readers’ faces, give a sense of inclusion and most importantly, give them a craving for great wine, good food and friends to enjoy them with.


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This cover is simple, yet elegant and doesn’t let the consumer get bogged down with too much content or colors. The approach is effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Review: Vintage sue of 2013 Is The Best tember 23 p Close: Se mber 15 ve o Sale: N


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Wine Without the Snobbery

Our Mission Statement: At Genuwine we break through the snooty pretense surrounding wine culture, offering readers a space to enjoy the fun and lighthearted side of wine. We teach our readers about wine in an easy-to-understand way without asking them to partake in the antiquated “swish-and-spit” tradition. Genuwine celebrates the social experience of wine in a way that is welcoming and accessible. We believe in empowering a new generation of winos to explore the complexities of wine through a playful lens.

We Toast To... • Telling it like it is • A new generation of winos • Never having to swirl your glass again • Nights out with friends • Finding affordable, but quality wine

Reader Demographics Our reader‌ Genuwine readers are women and men ranging from mid-twenties to late thirties who have a basic interest in wine, but are looking to learn more in a genuine and straightforward manner. They are mid-level, hard-working professionals who enjoy socializing after work. They frequent happy hours as a way to both unwind and network. Our readers enjoy cooking, but similar to their wine experience are eager to learn more. They are interested in learning more about the layers of wine, but are hesitant to do so because of the exclusivity associated with wine. Genuwine offers our readers a space to explore and become a part of a community of engaged and exciting new wine lovers. Demographics: Female/Male: 60%/40% Median age: 33 Median HHI: $85,000 Own a home: 55% Attended/Graduated College: 75% Employed full time: 70% Rate Base: 250,000

Editorial Calendar June 2013 Wine Wanderlust: The Travel Issue Close Date: March 25 Sale Date: May 17

December 2013 Vintage Review: The Best of 2013 Issue Close Date: September 23 Sale Date: November 15

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February 2014 Fruitful Beginnings: The Vineyards Issue Close Date: November 25 Sale Date: January 17

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Advertising Strategy Our Reader… The Genuwine reader wants to enjoy the finer things in life, but wants to do so in a genuine way. No pretense allowed. This attitude permeates all aspects of their lives, from the way they enjoy their wine to their buying habits. Genuwine readers shop at farmers markets and local grocery stores, but will head to Whole Foods for the specialty items they need for the dinner party they’re hosting Friday night. They buy most of their clothes at Gap, but will go to J. Crew and Banana Republic for those “staple” pieces, or the perfect outfit for that special occasion. Our readers will spend $70 on a Robert Mondavi Cabernet to bring to their friend’s housewarming party, but don’t mind settling down with an $8 dollar bottle of Yellow Tail most nights. At Genuwine, we want to serve an audience that is underserved by our competitors. We want to offer our reader the finer things in life, in an honest and accessible way, the Genuwine way. Multiplatform Advertising Our readers, aged 26-39, are mid-level professionals with a median HHI of $85,000 who can not only afford to purchase tablets and smartphones, but also are part of the Millennial generation and Generation X. Both generations actively use the Internet and social media in their daily lives, making the Genuwine reader an ideal audience for online and digital advertising. Not only do we offer advertisers an audience worth reaching, Genuwine offers advertisers a 360° advertising space including web, tablet, mobile apps, and social media platforms on which to reach them. Through these platforms, advertisers will reach an audience that not only engages with the web on a daily basis, but shares on the web. Our digital and web content focus on “share-ability,” encouraging users to pin, share, and like, driving traffic to every part of the Genuwine brand, and therefore to the advertising content on those platforms. Web anticipates 50,000 unique visitors per month and 500,000 page views per month. Advertisers also have the opportunity to advertise in our editorial newsletter and create custom content in our marketing email. Social We have a presence on: • Facebook: 100,000 likes • Pinterest: 25,000 followers • Instagram: 40,000 followers • Twitter: 200,000 followers • Foursquare: 100,000 likes • Google+, YouTube, and Vine We offer several ways to engage audiences over these social media platforms: • Sponsored posts • Custom hashtags • Instrgram photo contests • Custom Pinterest boards Digital Edition With our tablet edition, advertisers have the option of not only static ads, but interactive and web enabled ads that will keep consumers engaged longer and connect them to their advertising content on the web.

Advertisers Endemic Wines: Yellow Tail, Sutter Home, Barefoot, Beringer, Cavit, Stack Wines, Double Decker, Concha y Toro, Mark Wine Group, Michael David Winery, E&J Gallo Winery Glassware Riedel, Stolzle Kitchenware KitchenAid, Sur La Table, GE, Sub-Zero, Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA Travel Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Norwegian Cruise Line, Seaborne Cruise Line, Jet Blue, Virgin Airways, Royal Caribbean,, Food Gevalia Coffee and Tea, Barista Prima Coffee, Ghiradelli Chocolate, Lindt, Cabot, Carr’s Crackers, Boursin, President Cheese Non Endemic Apparel: J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Gap, New York & Co., Anthropologie, Express, Dillard’s, Macy’s Automotive: Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru, Jeep, Lincoln, Mini, Fiat Jewelry: Pandora, Fossil, Timex, Jared Financial: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Chase

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Year 3 Compensation Guidelines: 127,308 Staff Entry Level: $25–35K 82,400 Staff Mid Level: $35–45K 84,872 Staff Dept Managers: $70–110K 46,350 Assume 3% Increase Each Year 35,000 46,350 74,263 Macintosh HD:Users:emilytara:Downloads:P+L Worksheet.xls, SHEET 2–CPM, 6/19/13, 2:09 PM 74,263 35,000 47,740 25,750 47,740 30,000 36,050 47,740 47,740 888,566 1,110,708 Assume Additional % Of Base For Staff Benefits Compensation Guidelines: 2000 working hours in a year Freelancers (Copy): $30/Hour Freelancers (Fact Checking): $25/Hour Freelancers (Art): $60/Hour 20 hrs every other week Freelancers (Digital): $50/Hour 20 hrs every other week

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Year 3 864,748 48,965 913,712

Notes: Total Staff Salary Including Addl % Of Base For Benefits Total Freelance Costs Staff (Including Benefits) + Freelance Costs

STAFF WORKSHEET Publisher/Ad Sales Director Business Brand Director Marketing & Promotions Director Consumer Marketing Director Senior Salesperson Junior Salesperson Sales Planner/Coordinator Layout/Traffic Person Executive Assistant Office Manager Consumer Marketing Manager Business Manager TBD TBD TOTAL STAFF COSTS/YR Including Benefits

Year 1 120,000 70,000 70,000 70,000 45,000 45,000 45,000 465,000 581,250

Year 2 123,600 72,100 72,100 72,100 46,350 45,000 36,050 46,350 46,350 560,000 700,000

Year 3 127,308 74,263 74,263 74,263 47,740 35,000 46,350 35,000 45,000 37,131 47,740 47,740 691,798 864,748

Compensation Guidelines: Staff Entry Level: $25–35K Staff Mid Level: $35–45K Staff Dept Managers: $70–110K Assume 3% Increase Each Year


Year 1 20,000

Year 2 20,200

Events Person Events Person Interns Other TOTAL FREELANCE COSTS/YR

20,000 8,000 48,000

20,200 8,080 48,480





Headcount Benefits costs as a % of salaries

Year 3 Notes: 510,050 Merchandising/Programs to help extend value of advertisers' media campaigns 816,080 Programs to "get the word out" to potential advertisers, members of press, etc. 1,326,130 Edit Page Count X Average Visual & Text Costs/Page

Assume Additional % Of Base For Staff Benefits

Year 3 Compensation Guidelines: 2000 working hours in a year 20,402 Freelancer to design ads and other ancillary materials ($20/hr) Freelancer to coordinate, staff events ($40/hr) (largely in the beginning of the 20,402 launch and then to help organize any advertizer events throughout the year) - Freelancer to coordinate, staff events 8,161 Summer, $10 per hour, 10 weeks = $4K per intern per summer (2 interns) 48,965

15 25.0% FICA, Medicare, State Unempl/Disability, Medical, Dental, etc.

Website Statistics Page Views Per Month: 500,000 Unique Visitors Per Month: 50,000


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We Talk Back Telltale signs of a wine snob

10 Wines from Chile You Can Enjoy!

Most Popular Views



1. White Wine Sangria Recipe

Pairing Bleu Cheese with Wine

2. Easy Appetizers for Parties

5 Wine Stain Quick Cleanups

5. Disney’s Epcot Wine Fest

3. How to Party Gatsby-Style 4. Cheap Wine Alternatives

Going Out

Coolest NYC Wine Bars

From romantic to relaxing Bored with your old bar, or deciding to go out for the first time? We’ve got you covered. Every week, we’ll pick a new city and list the hippest of the hip bars that serve wine. This week...


Wine Journal

the genuwine blog

Chilean Vineyards Finding affordable wines with outstanding flavor

New World wines are shaking things up! We set out to answer just what it is that sets them apart as we headed to Chile. Were they doing something better than Am...

Slide Show

Throw a Party Great Gatsby-Style

Social Media Statistics

Facebook 100,000 likes Twitter 200,000 followers Pinterest 25,000 followers Instagram 40,000 followers Foursquare 100,000 likes

We are also building a following on these platforms:

Google+ Vine YouTube/Vimeo

Content Distribution Partnerships Whole Foods Wine is good. Check. And a little intimidating? Check! Sure, it’s a deep and complex subject, but unless you’re a philosopher with a vineyard, wine is simply about enjoying what’s in your glass. In fact, we’ve built our entire wine department on this philosophy. Whole Foods is a supermarket chain that focuses on organic and quality food. The company also adds excitement and fun to the experience of grocery shopping. They are highly involved in the community and often organize events like yoga sessions, cooking classes, twitter chats and more. This showcases the social side of Whole Foods and coincides with Genuwine’s mission. Whole Foods is mission driven and has more than 340 stores in the United States. They sell wine in 35 different states and its wine section on the website perfectly corresponds to what our brand is all about. Benefits for us • Whole Foods emphasizes the importance of creating win-win partnerships as one of their core values. • Our magazine will be sold on their shelves in the wine section, and also near the cash register. • We use them as caterers and sponsors for our launch party. Benefits for them • We will feature ads from this company in our magazine. They could decide to promote their store, their products, their wine, etc. and they will have prime advertising space. • Since they are catering for our launch party, we will give everyone who attends the event a reusable bag from Whole Foods, a discount coupon for their stores and some products from their advertisers.

Content Distribution Partnerships Crate & Barrel Crate & Barrel is a chain of retail stores that specializes in furniture, housewares, and home accessories. The company has more than 100 stores in the American market, covering all the major cities in the country. Similar to Genuwine, Crate & Barrel began with the intention to fill a gap and provide customers affordable and original products. They offer upscale merchandise, but at a realistic price. Therefore, we believe that our reader would be comfortable shopping with them. Crate & Barrel has a wine glass guide on their website. They also want to educate their customers in the wine department. We thus share similar values and we will both have things to gain through this partnership. Benefits for us • Opportunity to reach our target audience and possibly new readers (that is why we focused on diversity when we looked for these partners). • We will sell our magazine in Crate & Barrel’s wine glass section, as well as at the cash register. Benefits for them • Our magazine will help increase sales in Crate & Barrel’s wine glass department. • We will offer them prime advertisement in our printed magazine. • We will use our Pinterest sweepstakes called “Pin it to Win it” to increase traffic on Crate & Barrel’s Pinterest page. Genuwine Pinterest users have to create their dream party board by using at least 4 pins from the C&B Pinterest page and emailing us their submissions. The winning board gets their dream party thrown for them, sponsored by Crate & Barrel.

Content Distribution Partnerships Total Wine & More Total Wine & More is America‘s Wine Superstore®—the country‘s largest independent retailer of fine wine. With stores in 15 different states that target Genuwine’s main audience and more than 600 helpful experts and tasting classes, Total Wine corresponds to our brand. They value the importance of educating our customers in a straightforward way. We are committed to having the best wine selection with an emphasis on fine wines. Total Wine & More is committed to having the lowest prices on wine, spirits and beer every day. Our tremendous buying power and special relationships with producers, importers, and wholesalers offers us considerable savings, which we pass on to our customers. Benefits for us • We will have a close link to a wine retailer, which is prime real estate for distributing our magazine. They will allow us to organize wine tastings in their stores. • We will be in touch with many wine experts who could help our editorial team. • Our magazine will be on sale in their stores. Benefits for them • Advertisement in our magazine. • We will help to increase traffic in their stores with our tastings.

Content Distribution Partnerships JetBlue JetBlue Airways is dedicated to bringing humanity back to air travel. We strive to make every part of your experience as simple and as pleasant as possible. JetBlue Airways is a customer friendly, low-fare, low-cost airline committed to providing value and quality service and products to its customers. We welcome potential business partners that can support our growth, share our values and help us provide the JetBlue experience our customers expect and enjoy. JetBlue is an airline that promotes low prices, but also assures good quality and unrivalled customer service. Genuwine cares about their readers and we want to associate our brand with a company that wants to offer a good service to their customers. At Genuwine, we want to offer our readers the possibility to enjoy wine without the snobbery and at an affordable price, which is exactly what JetBlue is doing with traveling—they make high-quality experiences more accessible. Benefits for us • We will partner with JetBlue and their True Blue program. True Blue members will earn 1,500 points and enjoy a mixed 12-bottle case of expertly selected wines from top-quality producers around the world for $89.99 (a 40% savings on the normal retail price + shipping is free). They will also receive a discount for the Genuwine subscription: instead of paying $19.99, they will pay $12.99 for one year. Benefits for them • Our magazine will offer prime advertisement placement for them, for example, right next to our travel features.

Editorial Marketing Position The time has come for a magazine like Genuwine. The world of wine is currently dominated by magazines such as Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast that present wine through the lens of high-end exclusivity. The highbrow culture surrounding wine is off-putting to younger generations of potential wine lovers who feel that there is no place for them. This untapped segment in the marketplace of readers has an interest in wine, but feels intimidated by its seemingly inaccessible nature. Genuwine opens the doors to the world of wine for those in their mid-twenties to late thirties seeking an entry point that is fun, down-to-earth and accessible. Our readers are mid-level, hard-working professionals who enjoy socializing after work. Our readership is split 60%-40% female to male with a median age of 33 and a median HHI of $85,000. Our readers are fed up with the other wine magazines that represent the culture of wine as a VIP Party that only a select few are invited to. The print readers are those who are on the higher end of the age range. They are magazine readers and trust the editorial authority associated with print. Our digital readers are on the younger end of our age range and are interested in the utility and functionality that Genuwine can provide. They also want to actively engage in conversation with other readers and share their experiences with wine. Genuwine celebrates wine as a conduit of experience. Our editorial will show readers how to experience life through the playful lens of wine, from pairings and cooking, to traveling and simply gathering with friends and family. Our magazine fills a distinct hole in the market by offering our readers a space to learn about wine in a way that feels more like a stimulating conversation among friends rather than a condescending lecture. Our readers will recognize our voice, because it is their voice—the voice of successful young professionals who enjoy quality experiences but need a reasonable price tag. Our main competitors include Wine Specctator, Wine Enthusiast, Food & Wine and their digital iterations and apps. Wine Spectator caters to a very elitist audience of “influencers and brand ambassadors not only for wine, but for the luxury products they enjoy and consume.” This language conveys that this magazine is for an exclusive members only club. Their brand is successful in reaching consumers with very high HHI’s and therefore is extremely marketable to advertisers. However, by being so exclusive and high end they convey a stuffy and antiquated editorial tone and from an advertising perspective are cutting off an entire generation of aspirational readers with strong earning potential. Wine Enthusiast has a very strong brand presence in the world of wine as they have added commercial brand extensions to their editorial presence. In addition to the print and digital iterations of their magazine, they also have a catalog with a broad range of wine accessories and a catalog where users can purchase wine. There is a “one-stop shopping” feel to their brand as an editorial voice with a strong ecommerce presence. Though their voice is fresher and not quite as stilted as that of Wine Spectator, there is still a feeling of exclusivity to the brand. The reader of Wine Enthusiast, as the name suggests, already has a significant knowledge base in wine, which again leaves out those interested and eager to learn more. Food & Wine showcases the best food and wine for their readers who are already wellversed in the areas of fine food and wine. They cater to readers in their mid-forties who own homes and are further along the career trajectory. Therefore their magazine presents a barrier to entry for the younger generation of wine lovers seeking a friendly, informative voice welcoming them into the wine circle.


Three-Year Launch Plan

Launch 3-Year Plan Year 1 General 4 Months Prior to Launch: • Advertisements for our magazine appeared online via our partners’ websites and in popular transportation venues (buses, cabs, subways, trains, hotels, resorts and airports). • Worked with partners and sponsors to have advertisements appear in their venues, events, ads, commercials and publications. This has continued through the launch. Website 3 Months Prior to Launch: • Genuwine’s official website was up and running with information advertising the magazine and the magazine launch. CorkBoard App 3 Months Prior to Launch: • A tablet-based app that allows readers to select pictures and content from the Genuwine website (and later from the online versions of the magazine) and cork them to their CorkBoard with the option to buy. This app is also linked to Pinterest. CorkBoard App 3 Months Prior to Launch: • A tablet-based app that allows readers to select pictures and content from the Genuwine website (and later from the online versions of the magazine) and cork them to their CorkBoard with the option to buy. This app is also linked to Pinterest.

Launch 3-Year Plan

The Launch Party Thursday, May 16, 2013: • All of Genuwine’s advertisers, sponsors, partners, team members and interested parties were invited to the launch party (450 person guest list) for food, wine and tours of the winery. • Paper and e-vite invitations were sent out. • The first 50 people to subscribe to our magazine received VIP passes to the launch party. • Launch was largely financially supported by our sponsors and partners. • Party also celebrated the launch of 4 of our 8 social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram will be public; the rest will launch but not be advertised at the launch). • Raffles with prizes (donated by advertisers and sponsors) occurred and the winners were drawn at random from the individuals “liking”, “following”, “tweeting”, etc. our new social media sites.

Launch 3-Year Plan Bi-Monthly Wine Tastings Every “Off” Month Between Issues • Promote wine tastings with the 3 largest wine cellars in each of the top 10 wine cities in the US. • Create a Genuwine flight of 6 wines with our stamp of approval. • Package this offer in a Direct Mail Acquisition Campaign that would offer new subscribers the incentive of a free wine tasting, plus the opportunity to bring a friend along with them. This would drive subscriptions and increase brand awareness and reach. • Send invitations to subscribers as an added value feature (invites can also be won in social media prizes/sweepstakes). Genuwine Speak App 4 Month Mark: • A mobile app that allows users to scan bar codes of wines, translate the wine speak (lofty descriptions) into Genuwine speak (plain English), pair them with food or get recipes they can use the wine in. • The last remaining social media site will be up and running (Youtube). Genuwine Wine Club 6 Month Mark: • An intimate group for Genuwine subscribers to join that will allow them access to: • Special website chat rooms, newsletters, extra issues of Genuwine, special events/offers, gifts and (in a nutshell) more Genuwine content they can mull over with other Genuwine club members. Wine of the Year Awards End of the Year • An annual event where Genuwine rates different wines from around the world and awards a “Wine of the Year”. • Many categories will be offered (some of which readers may vote on) and be advertised online and in the magazine itself.

Launch 3-Year Plan Year 2 Genuwine Wine Launch Start of the Year: • Genuwine will launch its own unique wine brand. Expansion Start of the Year: • Genuwine will increase from 6 to 10 issues per year. Book Launch: “The Best of Genuwine” Six Month Mark: • Genuwine will gather highlights from the last two year’s issues and compile them in a book alongside additional content from the magazine team. • Wine experts and celebrity interviews, behind the scenes funny moments and quotes and stories from Genuwine staff. Year 3 Genuwine Approved Wine Stamp Start of the Year: • With a panel of wine experts, Genuwine will introduce a wine stamp with standards and qualifications it deems necessary to make a good wine. • The stamp will be added to any wine that Genuwine has approved.

Maintaining Awareness Social Media • Blogs: Hire bloggers to spread the word about Genuwine’s launch and then about articles and issues featured in the magazine and the wine world of our readers. • Pinterest • Sweepstakes: Users can pin 40+ items from our CorkBoard onto Pinterest and be entered to win a gift from our advertisers. • Contests: Pin-It-To-Win-It: Work with partners and advertisers to create themed Pinterest boards (perfect party/wardrobe/wine collection) and the selected winner will win the products on their board form our advertisers. • Twitter Hashtag Sweepstakes: Users can enter to win a monthly prize from Genuwine advertisers by hashtagging our tag of the month. • Tuesday Tweet-For-a-Treat partner gift giveaways. • Instagram Contests: • Recycled Wine Bottle Craft Contests • Advertiser Challenge: Pair with advertisers Blick and Michaels and ask users to create wine bottle crafts from their supplies and post results. • Photo Challenges with #Genuwinecrafts • Website • Forum: “Most Ridiculous Wine Description”. Winners will have their description put onto the back of a Genuwine wine bottle. • Partners: Arrange deals that allow for an exchange of advertising on websites and social media. Wine Scavenger Hunts • Work with advertisers and partners to create photo/checklist/scan scavenger hunts (linked with social media) that send participants to different wine shops and wineries in large cities to try certain wines or foods. • Winners will receive prizes from advertisers. Distribution • Grocery stores, hotels, airports, magazine stands, furniture stores, bridal shops and bookstores. Subscriptions • Offer free first year subscriptions when sold at partner/sponsor locations. • Special offers according to editorial calendar: buy 7 issues and get 3 free. • Offer special issues around holidays. • Include small gifts and offers to subscribe for partner magazines and catalogues. Other • E-newsletters and mailed newsletters will be sent to inform readers of new content. • All website and social media contestants will be eligible to receive a free one year subscription to Genuwine.


Consumer Marketing Strategy

Consumer Marketing Strategy Pricing Print—single issue for 4.99—6 issues for 19.99. Digital—single issue for 2.99—6 issues for 11.99 + free Corkboard app Circulation Target demographics are 26-39 years old, 60/40% female/male, with HHI of 55,000-85,000. 50-55% own a home and 80% are employed full time. Rate base at 250, 000 copies in the first year with a CPM of $60. Web target demographics at 21-31 years old, 60/40% female/male. Anticipated web traffic at 50, 000 unique visitors per month and 500, 000 page views per month. Partnership with Total Wine, Whole Foods, JetBlue, and Crate & Barrel to distribute magazine. Magazine will be available in store for purchase in the Whole Foods wine section, Crate & Barrel wine section, and Total Wine stores. A discounted subscription is available to JetBlue fliers. Newsstand and digital newsstand availability at prices listed above. Audience Development Website and social media platforms will be active prior to launch, building brand awareness and driving audience toward subscription. Email addresses gathered from sign-ups at the site will also be used to distribute e-newsletter.

Direct Mail

Both the direct mail letter subscription and the digital subscription prior to the launch will offer an invitation to the launch party wine tasting. The first 50 subscribers are granted VIP passes. The launch party will be used as an event to boost circulation. A flyer ad promoting the launch party will make use of a QR code to direct people to the site and subscription. Guestbook will generate more email addresses for newsletter and subscription opportunities. Guests will also be given a gift bag with a free copy of the first issue.

Consumer Marketing Strategy Subscribers after the launch and within the first year are entered into a raffle to win a wine kit gift bag from Crate & Barrel:

Subscribers are also invited to wine tasting events by Genuwine and partners every other month.

Consumer Marketing Strategy Blow in cards will also be utilized, one for regular subscriptions and one for gift card deals:


Digital and Social Media

Web Strategy and Look Book Web audience vs. Print audience Some of the articles from the print magazine will show up on the website. They will differ to be more SEO friendly, especially concerning titles, heds, and deks. They will also include more interactive elements, like slideshows, videos, and interactive maps. The rest of large feature stories will not be included on the web, but will direct people to go buy the print edition. Our content will be skewed to our younger and more tech-savvy audience, specifically 23 to 33 year old urban Americans. Web, digital editions of the magazine, and apps will be functional and interactive, allowing users to be even more involved in the Genuwine community. Our website is also made with responsive web design (RWD), and therefore fully optimized for mobile devices. The website will feature a carousel with four main stories. A new story will replace an old one daily, therefore the carousel will be renewed every four days. We’ll have a twitter feed on the website which will update constantly ten to twenty times a day. Our digital director will balance story replacement on a values basis contingent on breaking news and readers’ response to stories. Website

Headings: Magazine (subscribe and some articles.) Wines (glossary and where to buy wines.) Recipes (food, drinks, recipes, diets.) Going Out/Travel (restaurants, bars, travel pieces, foreign topics.) Winecrafts (images of people using wine bottles and corks as art, community based page.) Journal (our blog, has ‘celeb’ wine bloggers from the internet write about topics.) Verticals: Subscribe box, social media, most popular stories, blog roll, and advertisements Web Traffic Sources: Organic search Inbound Links (backlinks)

Tumblr blog

Social Media Traffic: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Foursquare Youtube Vine Instagram Google + (helps with SEO) Digital Lookbook Fonts— Optima, Optima Bold Italic,

Ad Partners’

SEO Search Terms

*using Google search

Genuwine Website


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We Talk Back Telltale signs of a wine snob

10 Wines from Chile You Can Enjoy! Pairing Bleu Cheese with Wine 5 Wine Stain Quick Cleanups

Most Popular Views



1. White Wine Sangria Recipe 2. Easy Appetizers for Parties 3. How to Party Gatsby-Style 4. Cheap Wine Alternatives 5. Disney’s Epcot Wine Fest

Going Out

Coolest NYC Wine Bars

From romantic to relaxing Bored with your old bar, or deciding to go out for the first time? We’ve got you covered. Every week, we’ll pick a new city and list the hippest of the hip bars that serve wine. This week...


Wine Journal

the genuwine blog

Chilean Vineyards Finding affordable wines with outstanding flavor

New World wines are shaking things up! We set out to answer just what it is that sets them apart as we headed to Chile. Were they doing something better than Am...

Slide Show

Throw a Party Great Gatsby-Style

Web Feature Story


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10 Wines from Chile


We Talk Back

You Can Enjoy!


our Summer issue of Genuwine Magazine, we traveled to Chile. Quite frankly, it was amazing. We feel bad that we couldn’t stuff all of you into our carry-ons (our editor managed to cram only two people into hers), but we have lots of info to give you! Live vicariously through us, and you’ll be feeling the warm Chilean breeze in no time. We traipsed through vineyard after vineyard until we found the very best wines Chile has to offer.

Casablanca Vineyard Journey in Chile

We also made sure our editor snuck us into exclusive wine events. We learned a lot after using our GenuWineSpeak app (for all those snobby wine terms.) Below are the 10 best wines we found. The greatest part? All of them are for sale in the U.S.! Here they are: Page 1 of 2

Web Landing Page


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(upload your creative masterpieces here)



Chelsea M





NeilsThunder Page 1

Talk to Us

We Talk Back

Tablet and Mobile Editions



Digital Edition Summaries Summary of Digital Edition Description The digital edition of Genuwine magazine is made available to all digital e-reader devices, like iPad and Kindle Fire. Subscribers to the print edition will recieve the tablet edition for free, but must first authenticate their subscription. Readers can also access and read Genuwine on their smartphones. The digital edition is content-based, as it has the same content and stories as the print edition of Genuwine. However, the digital edition is also functional. The magazine is made interactive through multiple applications and elements that draw on the interests of our audience, specifically the younger demographic. Just as Genuwine strives to make wine accessible and more approachable to our readers, the digital edition strives to be simple, yet interactive and entertaining. Pricing Digital edition subscription fee – $11.99 + free app Genuwine CorkBoard App is a free application that users receive with their digital subscription Interactivity The tablet edition of Genuwine will include enhanced interactive qualities, such as: • Tappable article titles on the cover page and table of contents • Video clips and photo galleries of content featured in articles • Sneak-peek virtual tours of featured wineries and vineyards • Zoom-able page features • One tap links to outside websites, i.e. to a featured vineyard’s website for more information • Shop-able links to Genuwine approved websites • Pop-up links for finding recipe ingredients • A direct link to Genuwine’s social media platforms • Ability for users to bookmark their favorite articles and “pin” those articles to the CorkBoard App for later reference  

Digital Edition Summaries Summary of Tablet App Description The Genuwine CorkBoard App is the magazine’s tablet app. This app is primarily for users who have a subscription to the Genuwine digital edition and have access to everything Genuwine via an iPad, Kindle Fire, or other form of tablet. The CorkBoard App allows readers to bookmark their favorite articles from an issue and pin those articles to their personal CorkBoard so they may refer to those articles at a later time. Users will be able to easily store video clips, photo galleries, craft ideas, articles, and more from the digital edition of the magazine. An additional feature on the CorkBoard app is the option to add Post-it notes to the CorkBoard so readers can make notes of what they liked about a specific article or set reminders for themselves. While this app functions similarly to Pinterest, only digital subscription readers are capable of bookmarking and pinning their favorite items from the digital magazine. However, from the CorkBoard app, users could create a Pinterest Board and post that Board to their Pinterest page, which would then allow other users to access that information. Pricing The Genuwine CorkBoard App will be offered for free with purchase of the digital version of Genuwine. Summary of Mobile App Description The Genuwine Speak App is primarily targeted toward smartphone use, though it would function on tablets as well. When opened, Genuwine Speak will provide users with five options: a search bar, a ‘Scan My Bottle’ function, a translation of the wine label into layman’s terms, a wine pairings list, and a recipe list. If the user taps on the ‘Scan My Bottle’ function, the app will bring up a screen with information about the bottle of wine they have in their possession. From there, users may choose the wine translation and description option, which will lead them to a simple explanation of the wine terms on the bottle. The recipe list function offers a good recipe in which a specific wine could be used as an ingredient. The wine pairings list function would bring up a screen with options for different appetizers, entrees, desserts, and more in which a specific wine would make a good pairing. The Genuwine Speak App is a mobile app that is meant to assist Genuwine readers and digital users to become more knowledgeable about the wines they drink or may be interested in trying in or with different recipes. Pricing The Genuwine Speak App is available for free to users, but will have advertisements within the app. However, users have the option to pay $1.99 for an ad-free app.

Digital Table of Contents

5:08 PM


Wine Without the Snobbery

June 2013 No. 1

Adventures in Chile Finding Friendship and Wine in the Andes Foothills near Santiago, Chile


entertainment Guest of Honor

How to make a splash at any dinner party you attend

In-Law Invasion Wines to put out fires

restaurants New on the Horizons Up-and-coming restaurants you need to know about

At the Intersection of Art and Wine Fusing Your Favorite Artist with Your Favorite Blend

Fierce Flavors Below the Equator Zesty South American Recipes

On the Map

Innovative chefs’ fresh takes on the culinary scene

travel Uncharted Territories

Look beyond the expected; new world wines add bold and exciting flavor

No Passport Required 4 laid-back and inviting vineyards to visit without leaving the country

and more!

Digital Cover

4:27 PM

genuwine June 2013

Wine without the snob-

Wine Soaked Adventures Summer Wine Events from Coast to Coast Vineyards to visit: No passport necessary!

10 Zesty South American Recipes

Digital Landing Page

5:49 PM

No Passport Required 4 Laid-back and Inviting Vineyards to Visit without Leaving the Country Can’t make the trip? Brys Estate Vineyard & Winery can ship wine directly to customers living in different states. Check out this website for more information:

Bar Harbor,

Healdsburg, CA

Traverse City, MI

Stonewall, TX

Tasting fee: $10 for 6 samples For more information, visit

Tablet App

App Icon 7:48 PM

genuwine CorkBoard : REMINDER of Bring bottle by’s wine to Deb open house

Feeling cr afty? Here are five uses for yo ur leftover creative corks.

Try this recipe ASAP! Bass from Chilean Sea Craving the is video th ch at W ue? our June iss tions uc str in p te for step-by-s epare it. on how to pr


*** ew Ren tion crip subs uwine! n to ge ** ***

Six bu bbly your n wines to tak ext din e to ner pa rty!

Mobile App

App Icon

Type wine here


Speak Recipe

Scan My Bottle



Wine Without the Snobbery

Be sure to watch for Genuwine’s next issue! And check out our latest blog posts UPCOMING ISSUE Don’t miss the exclusive interview with rising chef Charlie Shibasaki, a wine-savvy fusion extraordinaire. The young owner’s restaurant, Charlie’s Fusion is gaining attention for its exciting and unique cuisine, where each dish is expertly matched to the incredible wine list. Read as Shibasaki takes our writer through a tour of his restaurant and answers questions you won’t see anywhere else:


Wine isn’t just complementary to your restaurant’s meals, it is at the heart of the dining experience. Was there any critical backlash to this idea, or any other obstacles related to having your recipes so connected to wine?


Of course there were a lot of obstacles. I definitely had to fail a lot before I could do well enough to start this business. The New York Times made some brutal comments about my cooking back in… To read the complete interview with Chef Shibasaki don’t miss our August issue coming out on July 19th.

BOTTLE OF THE WEEK A good alternative to Brangelina’s wine: 2012 Fritz Dry Creek, CA: Crisp and bright with candied cherry notes for a richer, rounder style of rosé. $20 Tell us what YOU think!

Social Media Strategy Genuwine aims to foster brand awareness and user engagement via several platforms. Initially, we will be most active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Facebook and Twitter will see the highest posting frequency (anywhere between 8 – 12 posts daily). We will post on Instagram 2 to 4 times per day, and we will add to our Pinterest boards daily (creating new boards as new editorial content requires). These four platforms will be integral in spreading brand awareness via “likes” and “repins” and sharing of content within the social media community. Genuwine will also establish a presence on Foursquare (providing tips on navigating wine menus at restaurants and lists of Genuwine approved businesses), Google+ (posting more visually-geared content), Vine (fun mini tutorials), and Youtube (Interviews with celebrities over a glass of their favorite wine, extended DIY tutorials and winery tours). We aim to use social media to highlight content on our website but also to foster dialogue between the user and the brand within the platform itself. Our website will also encourage users to share (LIKE, TWEET, G+1, PIN) web editorial content, thus bringing the brand experience full circle. We will also point users to our print and tablet editions with Twitter and Facebook giveaways (free single issues and 1-year subscriptions). Instagram and Pinterest will highlight the aesthetic appeal of the magazine. Our sponsors and advertisers will gain exposure to the Genuwine social media user community through giveaways and special one-time promotions that encourage user engagement with those brands. We will also bring in ad revenue via sponsored tweets (which we will send out on a separate twitter account “@ GenuwineAdTweets”). In addition, we will partner with Total Wine in weekly giveaways for users who #tweetforatreat on Tuesdays (prizes include gift cards and free bottles of wine). Home décor retailer Crate and Barrel will be our sponsor for the “Pin it to Win it” Sweepstakes in which a lucky winner will get to throw their dream party for free. Participants will create a Pinterest board for their dream gettogether (pins from Crate and Barrel Pinterest page required), and Genuwine will choose a winner. Ultimately, we want to use social media to develop an authentic relationship between our brand and our audience. With a foundation of trust, users will be more likely to engage in ecommerce and be receptive to Genuwine’s partners, which will benefit us financially in the long run.

BLOG STRATEGY (on Tumblr) Title: Wine Journal Genuwine’s blog will cover an array of topics including recipes (unique pairings, wine as an ingredient), humor pieces, video, and offshoots of website and print content. The difference from the website content will be in the brevity of the posts (with the exception of recipes). The blog will offer bite-sized snacks for users in need of quick and engaging content. Our audience will mostly consist of the younger half of our brand’s audience (23 – 33). They will include a) Tumblr members who access Genuwine content mainly through this platform and b) users who access the blog from our website and/or social media links. We hope to gain at least 10,000 followers by the end of the first year. For those seeking more robust stories, our blog will serve as an entry point to our website’s offerings (all posts will feature links to All posts will also contain tags within the metadata that make it easier for Tumblr users to find them while exploring. This way, entries will be optimized for search engines and more refined Tumblr searches. We will start at 2 to 3 posts per day with additional posts from guest bloggers (i.e. contributing writers to print edition, food and wine experts).

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Tumblr Platform

Tumblr Platform

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