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Things You Should Avoid On Chiang Mai Tour Chiang Mai is one of the most popular locations situated in northern Thailand. It is known for its culture and traditions, which are fairly different from the ones you have seen in rest of the Thailand. People have known Thailand for its laid back nature and luxurious parties after getting drunk. If you wish to see an entirely new face of this place, Chiang Mai is a must to visit for you. Along with a lot of things that are a must on Chiang Mai tour, there is a lot more which you should avoid completely. Here are a list of things and activities you must not indulge into at all: 

Never pay in full: if you are hiring local services, make sure not to pay in full in advance. If you will pay them what they have been asking in advance, there are possibilities of scam later on. You must try to negotiate the price as well as give only half or nothing initially. Pay them at the end of their services.


Choose the travel agency carefully: instead of trusting just any other Chiangmai tour agency, try to choose them carefully after assessing everything. You must be aware of the exact price they are charging, difference from the market, services they are providing, quality of service and what is the difference from the other travel agencies.


Do not forget to bargain: If you are buying anything from the local market, bargain. The localities try to sell their stuff at a high cost to the travelers. You must prevent it.

Keep a translator with you: in case you are not aware of the local dialect, make sure to have a translator with you. He or she will help you to converse easily while travelling all around. Moreover, they will keep you from getting into unwanted troubles due to language on Chiang Mai tour.

Dress up properly: since the place has a different culture and tradition then the rest of the Thailand you have seen, you must be careful about that. You cannot dress in those bikinis or super shorts while hanging around. Guys must also avoid any shirt less appearance in public. All this is not acceptable over here so better to avoid it.

Avoid swimming in moat: Chiang Mai is an enclosed city with a moat surrounding it. it receives water from all parts of the city, thus is very polluted. If you are planning to have a dip into it, it is better to avoid.

Keep these simple tips in mind to make your Chiang Mai Private Tour safe and sound. Chiang Mai is one of the popular locations in Thailand. Make your trip memorable by avoiding these issues. You may also consult My Chiang Mai Tour Company which is an experienced tour operator in Chiang Mai. You just need to visit their website to collect all information related to Chiang Mai Tour planning. Log in Here:

Things you should avoid on chiang mai tour  
Things you should avoid on chiang mai tour  

Chiang Mai is one of the popular locations in Thailand. Make your trip memorable by avoiding these issues.