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How to Pick the Best Chiang Mai Travel Agency Are you planning for a holiday in Thailand? Thailand is a great country with a number of touring options for the travelers. One can go for cruise in the sea, relax on the beaches, visit historical places and shop until they drop in the various local as well as international markets. While thinking about Thailand we generally imagine about Bangkok city, but there is a lot more over here. Chiang Mai, which is the New City in Thai dialect, is one of the most important cities for the people of Thailand. Chiang Mai is a popular city in northern Thailand. Make your travel more interesting by choosing your travel agency carefully. It is still unexplored in terms of travel. Most of the people coming over to Thailand go to the beach areas and popular city like Bangkok.

If you are interested in having a look at the Thai culture, traditions and lifestyle in local scenario, Chiang Mai tour will be the best for you. Chiang Mai is a laid back town, which is far from the hustle bustle of the major cities. Yet it has a charm of its own with the mountainous regions, lakes and greenery spread all around the city. If you are planning to enjoy this town for a relaxed vacation, you must book it from a good travel agency. A couple of tips to select the best travel agency for touring Chiang Mai are: 

Versatile touring options: the Chiang Mai travel agency must provide a versatile touring option therefore you can pick the best option. Chiang Mai has a lot to see and explore. If the tour is focused on a couple of things, only you will not be able to enjoy it. Try to seek nature walk, trekking, mountaineering, visiting main city, temples, historical locations as well as elephant safari in your travel plan.


Budgeted options: in case you do not wish to explore the entire city due to limited budget, the travel agency must provide customized assorted budget travel options for Chiang Mai tour as well. Seek various options and customize it according to your budget.


Private or group: most of the travel agencies try to take a group of travelers from different parts of the world together to save on money. In case you do not wish to travel in a group, ask the travel provider for a private tour. A good Chiang Mai travel agency always provides what their customer demands for and what is best for them.

Apart from all this, the tour agency must provide affordable travel options keeping your budget in control. Make sure to mention your requirement as well as budget while booking. My Chiang Mai Tour Company is a registered tour operator and travel planner by the government of Thailand. They organize almost all kinds of tours like day tour, night tours, private tour, and group tour in beautiful city Chiang Mai. If you also planning for Chiang Mai tour visit, you may consult us. For more information visit:

How to pick the best chian mai travel agency  

Chiang Mai is a popular city in northern Thailand. Make your travel more interesting by choosing your travel agency carefully.

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