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Bus Crisis

2/13/13 9:38 AM

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1. Quicky Chicky-­‐  Feature  Article     2.  Tell  Me  What  to  Do-­‐  News  Story   3. Devil’s  Arithmetic-­‐  Book  Response                                

QUICKY CHICKY! Kill & Grill: Sssss… Spicy Chicken wings for lunch is such a treat in your household, or is it? Chicken is one of the most popular kinds of meat throughout the world! But what do poultry companies like Tyson, or Foster Farms have to do to get that juicy, luscious meat touch your hungry lips? All people love chicken, but the stages of the process is quite gruesome… Chickens get sorted out by gender, get sent to poultry farms, dipped in water then electrocuted! They’re heads are cut off, or scalded in boiling, hot water. You can just imagine the pain and stress they have to go through just to make you happy with your food. Males have to go? What just-born chicks have to go through is the saddest, and miserable thing you will ever see. Right after they are born, they get sent to machines where they are sorted by gender. If they are female, they are all right and fine to pass, but if it's a male, they get sent into a little hole that leads to a processor, grinding them up into tiny bits of meat. Almost half of the chicks hatched, get sent to the processor. They do this because they think male Male chicks  getting  ground  up!   chicks are useless since they can’t lay eggs. This is true, but does that mean that they have to kill them? “I believe that they should keep the male alive because it’s inhumane to kill them in the fashion they do. Their cause was completely unreasonable. No animal should be FORCED to do anything. If you really think about it, the animals aren’t really ours. QUICKY CHICKY!” Maya exclaims. Think about it, one second you’re a “member” to this world, and just because of your gender, you’re out of here like that.

Off with the Beaks! Chicks are required to get the peak of their beaks cut off by highly intense lasers. The cause of this being, 1/3 of all of the chicks get their tongues cut off too. “Well cutting off the beak and sometimes tongue can make it very complicated for the chickens to eat. Well just to keep the chicken’s safe isn’t really a good reason for chickens to go through such pain,” Unnamed says Even though this kind of protests come and go from people everywhere, the workers in these companies still go along with these “excuses” to get poultry on a menu. Apparently, this step is crucial to the workers because after the progression of setting the chicks up, they go to the farm, and in the farm, there are thousands of other chickens so they cut off their beaks to insure the chickens don't peck each other.

Diseases, Obesity, and Loss There are a lot of stages to this procedure, but the longest lasting is the Chicken Farm. In the chicken farm, the animals are forced in tiny cages, barely any space to move around, they are simply stacked on top of each other. This or another option is being used, chickens are thrown into a little “farms” where thousands of other chicks and chickens are being held, and the oxygen in the farm is barely existent for the chickens to survive. Also, in the farm, the chickens will NOT step a foot outdoors, or reach the sunlight of day. Instead, they will be increasingly over-crowded, as they grow. A lot of chickens die of lung diseases, because of the poor quality air. "I was almost knocked to the ground by the overpowering smell of feces and ammonia. My eyes burned and so did my lungs, and I could neither see nor breathe…. There must have been thirty thousand chickens sitting silently on the floor in front of me. They didn’t move, didn’t cluck. They were almost

like statues of chickens, living in nearly total darkness, and they would spend every minute of their six-week lives that way." says New Yorker writer Michael Specter, on his first visit to a chicken farm. This is very true, if we think about what happened if we went through this, it would be very deadly and horrifying. Chickens also have been troubled with the fact that their weight is just too much for their legs to hold, because of this, the chickens end up stuck abandoned without any access to food or water and left alone to die. In the 1950’s, it took 84 days to raise a 5pound chicken, but now because of genetic selection and growth promoting drugs, it only takes 45 days to raise the same weight of a chicken. Researchers say that if we were grown as quick as a chicken, we would weigh 349 pounds (158.304 kg) by the age of 2. Another problem that has been occurring to genetic selection and of course drugs is, the high rate of leg disorders. According to research from the veterinary record, more than 20% of broiler chickens have chronic pain as a result of bone disease. Also, some animals starve to death, not because food troubles, because they are too heavy to even move one step.

Ending the Lives When the chickens have reached the end, they head to the SLAUGHTER HOUSE… examiners find that over a quarter of all the chickens have been killed since they were unable to breath and for the result of cut wings, broken legs and various diseases. Actually, people say dying at this point is better than getting killed in the slaughterhouse. The other chickens are off to the building of blood and death to end their sad existence…. Reaching The Dead The horrified, scared animals chirp their heads off as they arrive to the lethal building. This step is not only the most deadly, and bloody, it is the most violent and intense. The motions people use from all over the world are different, but all of them have a quite bloody

ending. Some includes cutting off the head of the chicken with a knife by hand, or it can even go up to shocking them in electricity water therefore making them feel great pain, then scalding their heads in boiling water. In Europe, the most “reasonable” way is used, Europeans get the chickens and put them in transport cages, and gradually the oxygen is removed. This is still bad since we are still dealing with killing, but they are dying painlessly and gradually, making it better for the people, workers and of course the chickens. People and workers need to learn from Europe. Of course in America, where poultry companies along with stores are available everywhere, chickens are hung up on machines by their feet, and then a machine slices the heads. The next step leads to squeezing the blood out of the necks, afterwards sending them through a process where the organs are fished out. The method that Americans use is the most common. “In the slaughterhouses of McDonald's U.S. chicken suppliers, birds are dumped out of their transport crates and hung upside-down in metal shackles, which can result in broken bones, extreme bruising, and hemorrhaging. Workers have the opportunity to abuse live birds, and birds have their throats cut while they are still conscious. Many birds are immersed in tanks of scalding-hot water while they are still alive and able to feel pain.” PETA argues There are a lot of countries that have these slaughterhouses, but the most ones that are pointed out are of course, the USA, and Europe. In other countries, noticed before, they usually just use the method that US use. After the slaughterhouse, the chickens are sealed perfectly and send out into enormous trucks, therefore eventually arriving to the stores and companies such as, KFC, McDonalds, etc. These get fried then guess what? Goes straight into your mouth.

Stay with Veggies and Help the Chickies! If you want to help alleviate this problem, there is always one suggestion, go anti-chicken! There are tons of choices in being a vegetarian. Stay with the veggies and help out the chickens! Other delicious treats made out of fresh veggies and fruits! If you really are struggling on

going on an anti-chicken life, you can even get anti-chicken nuggets and anti-chicken burgers, a lot of other delicious combo-recipes online that are anti-chicken and are animal friendly. Compassion Over Killing and PETA and all the other animal friendly nets are continuously posting new healthy, delicious and fun recipes to cook up, so get your pots and pans and get ready to eat your best anti-chicken salad!!

In recent years, chicken farms and poultry farms have been increasing, as well as popularity in eating chicken. But is this fat worth for killing innocent chickens? The choice is yours, whether you choose to help these harmless animals or stay with eating actual living beings. I think these farms are barbaric and cruel, what will happen if these animals get extinct? Kristi Deki cries, “Everyone says they are never going to run out of chickens, but you never know…it might be tomorrow.

CREDITS Kristi and Maya were contributed in helping with title… THAT'S ME!!!! –Kristi (: And mwah~ Maya



Tell Me What To do!! NOT! By Young “BE QUIET IT!!! Okay you guys crossed the line, again! Don't talk for 3 minutes!” Yes, that hurt my ear!! The words of the bus monitor. For 4-5 years, I, Young Kim have been dealing with ASIJ’s bus monitors. And let me tell you they are a handful. Believe it or not, my sister is one of “THEM”. If you had an older sister or brother that was a bus monitor, you would know that it is a terror for you to deal with the bus monitors, especially when they are your siblings! They do care about your health and safety, but please!! Are they really doing it for the enjoyment of spending time with us? No way!! Okay, some of them do, but the rest are just… doing it for the . Bus monitors, or really young high schoolers…whoever they are, are getting more and more comfortable with their job. They don't take their job as seriously anymore. A lot of students have been talking about how the bus monitors complain a lot. My friend Maya says, “They complain about everything! From volume, to poking your feet out in the aisle. What is up with that!! I mean us, elementary schooler’s or even middle students had a tough day…STUDYING and they cant give us some freedom on a 45 minute bus ride? I don't want to be rude or anything, but that's just messed up!” Bus monitors are making their own rules, threatening their siblings and much more. Being bus monitors is a cool job, but you can’t take advantage of it. Mrs. Witt has trusted all of these teenagers to keep the ASIJ bus community safe. A job of a bus monitor isn’t for bossing kids around for their own reasons. Trying to “Make us behave” is just another way of telling us, “I had a long day of school so can you guys be quiet?” So, we want to relax and talk, isn’t that the joy of riding the bus? And even though they say, “Behave, Behave!! Don't be mean to each other!! Be quiet!” they are breaking the rules too!! Screaming, making their behavior expectations… Lets take a sneak peek on this situation.

Drool Breakers and Rule Breakers

2/13/13 9:38 AM

Bus monitors sometimes break rules!!! Just the other day, my bus monitor was screaming to the whole bus to be quiet, just because she wanted to go to sleep…WHILE BUS MONITORING!! Being quiet for making too much noise for the bus driver is important, but I don't think we have to be silent for the bus monitor to sleep. What do you think? What’s the whole point of paying them money, if its only a time for taking a nap? Who’s going to be in charge if we get into a accident or even a fire ??? “Bus monitors are for, basically the safety of the bus. They are especially for emergencies and problems the bus is having. Bus monitors can not sleep while they are working and can not listen to music or movies too.” Mrs. Witt recalls, You heard it, bus monitors can NOT sleep while working. This bus monitor and other bus monitors who do this kind of behavior, should think about what their job is, and if they are really bored they could keep the kids entertained. Kristi Deki, a bus #9 rider exclaims, “I sometimes think that they are very boring, and sometimes they don't do their job. They just sit in the back and relax.” By this, I can tell this isn’t a joke, what if something serious really happens? It’s dangerous for younger kids, and even for the bus monitor her/himself. They really need to get their priority straight and do their job.

Neighbor’s Words

2/13/13 9:38 AM

Swearing or cursing on the bus is a big problem. No matter if there are little kids or not. It is a really bad habit of teaching other kids how to curse. While I was coming back from the bus, my neighbor, told me a little “joke”. “Guess what?” he said, “What?” I answered, “You (bad word written here)” I knew he got this from the bus monitor because, last week, my bus monitor said that word on accident in front of him then he gasped. That obviously proved that “the word” was imprinted in his mental vocab list. I was surprised to see a 2nd grader use that kind of language, who wouldn't be surprised to see a tiny, little boy saying words that even I wouldn't say. Swearing in general isn’t such a impressing habit, because once you get the hang of it, the words will be flying out of your mouth, to brains of young kids. “Its teaching bad habits to little kids” My friend Elisabeth Jensen says, This is not good for ASIJ in whole because what kind of parent wants to find out that their children learns swears from the bus monitor. Not my mom!! Cussing is a critical problem for the bus and needs to be stopped.

Special Treatment on Wheels

2/13/13 9:38 AM

Special treatment is given for certain family members of the bus monitors. “Its kind of annoying, because once on my bus a girl was throwing water bottles and making noise, but the bus monitor (her sister) didn't give her a bus report…its really unfair. I sometimes get in trouble for less severe problems like that but she doesn't get in trouble for throwing water bottles or screaming!!” Brighton Solheim exclaims… Having a sister who is a bus monitor, I know what it feels like to have special treatment, it feels massively unique and like you’re in control of the whole bus, but it is not fair for other students on the bus. Just because you don't want your sister or brother get in trouble, no matter how bad of a crime they did, you can’t just let them off the hook. It is important for students to know their limit for their excitement and physical movements, or else people wouldn't have rules and without rules what kind of community would ASIJ’s busses be?

Maybe these bus monitors can think about the some real importance in their job and start taking control. My wish is for the bus monitors to keep the bus safe so that everyone can be assured that they are in good hands. Lets hope to see some improvements as the year goes on…LETS HOPE….on the bus we go



The Devil’s Arithmetic Young Kim

Have you ever been forced to go to some “meaningful” holiday just because of your religion? Possibly, you had to be required to wear something fancy; all of it is just so annoying! It probably seems like your preference does not matter! Parents nagging on you to come with, and siblings showing off their “talent.” Devil’s Arithmetic’s Hannah Stern will give you a kick with her story… Hannah is a Jewish girl who lives in America, New Rochelle; She is forced to go to a family Seder dinner where everything is focused about remembering the past and the terrors from the Holocaust. But Hannah is bored of remembering, it seems like everyday is about remembering. She is constantly asked to change her attitude for the family. When Hannah is asked to open the front door for prophet Elijah, she is transported to the past, 1942, Poland in the World War ll. At that time and place, people thought she was a girl named Chaya Abramowicz, who was recovering from cholera, the fever that killed Chaya’s parents few months ago. The strange remarks Hannah/Chaya makes about the future and her inability to recognize her “aunt” Gitl and “uncle” Shmuel are blamed on the fever. At her “uncle’s” wedding, the Nazi’s come to the village and wipes all of the people out therefore sending them to concentration camps. Only Hannah/Chaya know what’s going to happen, the starvation, forced labors, mistreatment, and execution! Though, Chaya/Hannah is failing on telling “aunt” Gitl what’s happening! Chaya/Hannah struggles to survive in camp, with the help of a girl named Rivka. Will Hannah/Chaya ever get back to her normal life? How will she sustain her true identity when she is complete different person here? The last and most important question is will she survive or will she be gassed? In this book strong feelings are shown. Especially with the miserable Hannah who is confused by what’s going on. Hannah continuously feels the loss of happiness and joy. Also, loyalty is stated throughout the book. How people and friends would make huge sacrifices including their life for another person. When Chaya/Hannah sacrificed her life for Rivka’s sake, I felt it was both loyalty and dependability to Hannah’s character, I could feel Hannah’s character change during the whole book. The confusion shown in the first part of the book when Hannah was puzzled if this was just a play about transporting to the past, and that her family was putting on, showed me, the reader that Hannah as a character would change and learn a lesson throughout the book, so that gave me a preview of what was going to happen. This book as a total would give me a feeling of pity, happiness and

sorrow. How Hannah survived with the leftover “family” members made me really happy like she was going to make it, but the violence and death created a feeling of sorrow and pity. This book made a clear understanding of the terrors and horrors of the World War ll and made it fun and satisfying at the same time. Jane Yolen, the author, did a wonderful job of putting in both description and satisfaction. First of all, the description was put thoroughly in the book, never keeping the reader bored or displeased. So it’s usually really full of details including inferential clues using the description. This really helped me understand a clear image of the book. Using different languages was really a great idea. Though a lot of books, which have the theme of Nazi’s, Holocaust and so on had a lot of foreign language using, this time in this book, it helped with the understanding of what kind of situation the character Hannah was in. For example, when Hannah got transported to the past, without her even knowing she started to speak a language that she didn't even know was in her brain. This really helped me with knowing what kind of situation this book would go through and the body changing in which she was Chaya there and somehow had both Chaya and herself, Hannah’s mind. At first, this all got jumbled up to me and I couldn't understand, but after reading further more, it came to an understanding. After all this time, no book that I have read had a idea of taking a normal modern girl like me, and took her into the past. This idea was the best from the whole book, when Jane Yolen did this, it helped me know what Hannah was feeling like without even writing it down, also, it made a lot of connections from this matter. Taking a normal girl to another level was totally exciting, feeling like you; just a random girl could have done the same thing if you were a character in the book. How everything connected from Rivka ending up as Aunt Eva and Rolf ending up as Grandpa Will, gave the book the last touch. When Hannah and of course the reader got a glimpse of the connections from when Hannah got out of the past and figured out everything, it connected. I would say it was that feeling where you find a book where everything is shattered at first and later it comes all together naturally. I think some connections to me were made with the book too. Like I said about how Jane Yolen made an everyday normal girl go to such an adventure made me feel connections and relations every time! Of course at the first part of the book when Hannah was sick and tired of attending to her family feasts and gatherings made me remember when I had to join church every week in Korea, it was very tiring and to be truthful, I almost slept. Even though this was disrespecting to the

family and audience in the church, I knew I couldn't stand doing this weekly. Just like Hannah felt, I was lazy and tired of doing everything my parent’s way. This connection was spread out as the book went…\ I think my favorite character in this book was Chaya, not Hannah. Now, I know that Chaya/Hannah were relatively the same person, but I liked Chaya better for her ending personality. Such a gentle girl, protecting other people. At the end of the book when Chaya gave up her life for Rivka, I felt really touching but sad. I thought the book was going to end from that, but I was wrong… I don't know if it was trick or something but she instantaneously came back to the present. I loved her character because to think of it, when she gave up her life, she actually thought she was going to die and did it for true meaning…she didn't know she was going to survive, she knew that Rivka helped her all along so she took her place. The connectivity when Hannah found out Aunt Eva was actually Rivka, gave me such a surprise and glad feeling. Knowing that after sacrificing your life for someone, you could actually see him or her again made this book so much better. This meaning of true loyalty of friendship caused so much emotion and sorrow, though it brought the book alive and gave it the telling to the reader, the book is almost finished. Chaya was stated a nice, friendly, strong, brave, and bold character in this book. A true hero to Rivka. In conclusion, this book is so fantastic, touching, and emotive and I love it, so please read this book for your sake. This book will give you questions, history, and actual connections. For the people who like reading about history but also like really emotive stories, please try out this book and you’ll never regret the day I recommended it. This book is for both girls and boys; let me repeat that, GIRLS AND BOYS! Fetch a bowl of popcorn, a drink and a chair and you are ready…Love it, like it, and enjoy it!


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