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5 Since Death Shall Come

extracted by it from the immense reserves of the environment and, at the same time, from the energy objectified by some of these processes. Observing the dying has taught mankind everywhere that on the whole only an invisible “thing” will be missing when we do declare them dead. So, in so many places we evoke a breath, a soul, a spirit, as being the main difference between the living body and a corpse. That invisible thing has escaped all capture by gross means, the only ones available in all societies. A theory is the only way of objectifying a similar “thing” with its fingers or with a more subtle substitute therefore, like a photographic plate. A consistent theory is good — one that also identifies the “thing” at conception and follows it till death, better still. The quantum theory we propose here integrates evolution in one life and on the cosmic duration. It makes sense of death as one of “nature's” ways of working which can be turned to use for our benefit as were all those others we discovered in our local and universal habitat. Once death is integrated into evolution it gains a new meaning, it poses other problems and challenges than when it was left separate from life and considered a disaster in some cases and a blessing in others. For the individual who considers his own death, it becomes no longer the end, but only a necessary transition permitting a ''new'' start, a radically new start requiring another dwelling place and another set of instruments for expression and realization.


On Death  
On Death  

"Is there any hope that we may ever know what death is? Since it is a problem of knowing, we need to find the epistemological devices that w...