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4 Life and Death Reunited

I had told her that for 20 years before we met I had been considering reincarnation and she wanted to hear about it. At first I presented it grossly as a departure of the soul from the body to a Bardo (a word borrowed from the Tibetan Book of the Dead). But soon I was forced to look for a way of being more specific about this transmigration of souls. Where could I go to find more, and how could I manage the rigor her logical mind required and my scientific training demanded? Death was lost in all this and became a moment in the contemplation of eternal life. Most religions had their answers and we looked at each of them. In every case there was something that prevented us from becoming convinced. We were asked to take too much on faith. As we did not manage to sort things out and as life was proposing other problems to us that occupied us both separately and together, we only occasionally came back to the challenge of life after death. *** In the spring of 1963, I found a new entry into reincarnation when a little girl then 21 months old, whom I shall call here Pat, forced me to put the question in a new form: “Is there evidence that someone in one life acts in ways which cannot possibly result from the learning that has taken place in that life alone?� Here are some of the highlights of this experience.


On Death  
On Death  

"Is there any hope that we may ever know what death is? Since it is a problem of knowing, we need to find the epistemological devices that w...