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3 The Quantum Dispersal

self. There is no need for more than that initial quantum because we are in the cosmos and have so much energy available. Supplying the organized system produced from the initial egg with the needed energy is no problem since there is an endless supply in the cosmic environment. Our collective evolution has taken the turn of doing more and more with less and less. Today we can conceive of a self endowed with a quantum of energy doing all the jobs that present themselves in one life, from the making of the soma (in utero) to the writing of this book now, or to the removal of heavy furniture on another occasion. Today we can see that at the real helm of every single human life, there is a self that has learned to use a chain of command to minimize the energy involved in carrying out every one of the orders it gives and to keep for itself the functions of evolution while giving to specialized systems the various functions that produce what becomes what we know as the appearances in our environment. *** Death is synonymous with switching off the quantum from the state of being linked with the hierarchies in their present state of work to being free to join the universe of energy, the “energyindividuals� which constitute our cosmos, just as conception is synonymous with switching on that same quantum within the energy made available by the two gametes that fuse to produce the viable egg that became me in this life. For our purpose in this essay we have not so far concerned ourselves with more than the quantitative aspect of the quantum


On Death  
On Death  

"Is there any hope that we may ever know what death is? Since it is a problem of knowing, we need to find the epistemological devices that w...