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When Do Babies Roll Over?

When Do Babies Roll Over ?

I believe that this question “When Do Babies Roll Over?” is often appeared in new parents’ mind. It is not wonder since new parents are lack of experience in raising baby. Actually, most babies will start to roll over when she is four months old. At this age, you will see that your baby will roll over from right to left. Then she’ll face to the left, and not too long after that she will roll over again to the right.

This coordination ability is very amazing since it involves baby’s head, neck, hip, arms, and feet. Your baby is able to change the position without waiting your command. This thing actually will increase her self-skill ability. Besides that, Baby is able to roll over by herself from © All About Babies -

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When Do Babies Roll Over?

face-upward position to face-downward position. This is not only giving baby much chance to explore and venture, but also baby will be getting stronger to be able to sitting, crawling, and walking.

You possibly will find that baby is more like to roll over from facedownward position to face-upward than from the opposite position. Because for baby, from that position is easier to do since she can use her arm to push her body to start rolling over movement.

Hopefully this post can answer your question about “When Do Babies Roll Over?”. You don’t have to worry if your baby hasn’t able yet to roll over, you simply need to stimulate her by moving her body using your hand in order to resemble the rolling over movement. Do the stimulation again and again and you will amaze that without you realize your baby has able to roll over. If you find something wrong then immediately call the doctor.

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When Do Babies Roll Over?