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Child Abuse - What are the Causes and Effects?

Children loved the right to be. But there are also those who suffer

from Child Abuse within the meaning of the word. Child abuse can be physical, psychological or sexual abuse of children. This could adversely affect the child if he should be given extra support and care services. Physical child abuse refers to abuse by physical means. This means physically harm children or insufficient diet. The emotional or psychological violence, however, the child abuse affects mainly children about their feelings. This includes offensive words to say to children and often lower than reference self-esteem. The causes of child abuse Like any other abuse, child abuse is also a cause. There are many causes of child abuse. The most important among the causes is mental illness and psychological problems. The trend is that people, who are not in their minds, might easily cause injury to children, whether intentional or not. In addition, family problems, the most important causes of child abuse. Parenting under the power of simple drugs could harm their children. Moreover, financial problems could count on parents or other family members of abusing children as an outlet for their feelings. Stress can also be a cause of violence against children. Effects of child abuse | Stop Child Abusing


Children who have suffered abuse in childhood are likely to have emotional and mental problems, or if they do not show, and at worst, a child could be suicidal because of this. The effects of the child abuse depend on the size of the abuse, more violence, more the effect on the general condition of the child. Depression, stress and trauma are also some of the effects of child abuse. Child Abuse also has the same conditions, the difficulties in establishing relationships with people, low self-esteem, eating disorders and physical disabilities. Child abuse can lower the esteem of the child that they have lived. The treatment of child abuse Most children have experienced, trauma in childhood abuse, especially those who have been involved sexual abuse. For such cases, psychological therapies are done to solve the problem of the child in question. Teaching children a good education is also a program in the treatment and prevention of child abuse involved. Child Abuse is an issue that requires more attention because it involves the future generation of this world. This could be through the family planning seminars for parents who take care to rely on them and take to prevent several children from child abuse | Stop Child Abusing

Child Abuse  

Brif explanation on the cause, effects, and treatment of child abuse

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