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Board of Directors Drummond Ayres Bill Bagwell Susie Brown Ellie Cackowski Dennis Custis Lola Custis Ralph W. Dodd C.D. Fleming, Jr. Caleb Fowler Linda Gayle M.J. Golibart Cynthia (Cissy) Hall

Susan Henderson Jody Hopkins Rick Hubbard Julia Johnson Lucius Kellam IV Thomas Rayfield Robin Rinaca Betsy Seybolt Diane Stewart Susan Stinson Norman Thibodeaux Wendy Walker

Officers President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary

Susan Stinson Robin Rinaca Ridgway Dunton Wendy Walker

Staff Executive Director Historical Society Curator Staff Accountant Membership/Retail Coordinator Administrative Assistant

Jenny Barker Eleanor Mills Wehner Kristin Schafer Dawn T. Byrd Gay Baynes

69 Market street, P.O. Box 179 Onancock, va 23417 757-787-8012

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society The Annual Report for 2011

Looking back…

Looking forward… Letter from the Director We all have our special reasons for being a member of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society, with different interests and programs that fuel our enthusiasm and passion. In the paragraphs below, I am going to share with you some facts about your Historical Society that I hope you will in turn share with your neighbors and friends. I am actually going to challenge each one of you to try to bring us one new member this year. I think we have room to grow our membership with people who may just need a little coaxing. People like to be asked when trying something new. Tell your friends some of the incredible things we do for the community. You are my best PR. Think what we could do if we had more help.

Membership Status 600 500 400 300

Active 438 Current 359 Overdue 79



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Upcoming 2012 Calendar Dr. Susie M. Ames honored by the Library of Virginia, March 29th The Captain John Smith Geo-trail Kick-Off Event, April 14th Herb Garden lecture, May 17th An Enchanted Evening at West View, June 16th OPSAIL War of 1812 lecture, June 1st – 4th Summer music series 9th Annual History Camp, July 9th – 20th Symposium 2012 “Living the Modern Life in Historic Setting”, Oct 19th–21st Bus Tour 2012, TBD

Did you know...The Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society is the only non- profit cultural institution that represents both Accomack and Northampton County in a mission that serves all age demographics and ethnicities? The Historical Society strives to preserve and interpret the history of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and works continuously to educate the community about its past. In fact, our deep rooted history is a part of our landscape here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and it is the single unifying feature that bonds all of us “Shore men” (and women) together as a community. It is the one thing we can all recognize, identify, and connect with because of its relevance in our everyday lives. The Historical Society hosts a variety of community outreach initiatesfrom sponsoring free lectures, exhibits, tours and concert series (for children and adults), to serious conservation projects like, preserving and maintaining historic properties on the Eastern Shore like the Ker Place mansion, the Hopkins and Bros. Store, the Samuel Outlaw Blacksmith shop, the Wise Family Cemetery, as well as, a significant archives and artifacts collection that dates back to the 17c. One of our best projects was created two years ago by our certified teachers/ volunteers. The “History in a Box” program, which is a week-long VA state SOL (Standard of th Learning) based lesson plan for 4 graders, teaches children in Accomack and Northampton County Schools inside their own classrooms. (Since schools no longer publicly fund field trips, our Historical Society brings learning about the Shore’s history to the children without causing teachers any additional work for preparation. This lesson plan includes worksheets, activities, learning tools and props.) This is our way to connect with the next generation and make them invested in our community though our shared culture of history. Our Summer th th th History camp, designed for 4 and 5 grade students is in its 9 successful season, and our publishing efforts of research papers and books is a continuous asset for our intellectual integrity….Did I mention we make all this fun?


Annual Fund Donors Marshall and Dana Acuff

David Elliott

Caramine Kellam and Fred Greenway

Haydon Rochester

Linda Arvidson

Matt Emerson

Lucius and Tata Kellam

Elizabeth Rogers

B Drummond Ayres Jr Clare Salvaggio

Esther Evans

Luke and Patty Kellam IV

David and Linda Rogers

Bill and Claudia Bagwell

Jerry Evans

Mark Kerner

Steve Sadtler

H Furlong Baldwin

D W and Ann Fauber

Hal and Patty Lassiter

Thomas and Malvina Savage

Jenny Barker

William and Leslie Fisher

W Revell and Lisa Lewis

Richard Say

Bonnie Barnidge

C D and Mary Ellen Fleming Jr

John Callander and Laura Lucas

Stanley Scott

Joanna Barton

Caleb and Lynne Fowler

James and Anna Lynch

Ace and Betsy Seybolt

John and Joanna Bell

Ned and Norma Jean Fowler

Margaret MacKenzie

Duke and Joyce Shannahan

Dan and Anita Bilicki

Toby and Joanna Frescoln

Terry and Judy Malarkey

Jill Sidway

Bob and Pat Bloxom

Ellen Fujii

George Mapp

Collins and Joanna Snyder

Sara Boggs

Lynn and Linda Gayle

Kristine and Eric Marcy

John Snyder

Frank and Betty Boushee

M J and Suzanne Golibart

Johnnie Marshall Joan E Marshall Trust

Diane Stewart

Stuart and Kate Brown

Cada and Susan Grove

David and Millie Mason

Susan Stinson

Tim and Susie Brown

Pete Hall

Eliza McBride

Ayres Stockly

Robert Burton

Rick and Cissy Hall III

Katty Mears

Minor and Janet Store III

T Lee and Dawn Byrd

Jeff and Lisa Harlow

Frank and Rose Moore

Anne Tankard

Len and Ellie Cackowski

George Heinrichs

John Morgan

Baxley and Elizabeth Tankard

Bill and Coni Chandler

Susan Henderson

Mary Kay and Orest Mulligan

David and Suzanne Tankard

Earnie and Kathleen Coalter

Cherly Hoiler

Bill Neal II

Margaret Taylor

Michael and Mary Ann Connelly Jr

Harry and Nancy Holcomb

Ellen Nelson

Norman Thibodeaux

Jennifer Coots

Debbie and Bruce Holland

Ellen Papetti

Patsy Thomas

Bill and Lola Custis

J Peter and Anne Holland

Melanie Parkhurst

Jack and Jane Thompson

Henry and Linda Custis

T A and Janice Holland Jr

Wayne and Dale Parks

Donald Trufant

Beth Darby

Jody and Pat Hopkins

Willie Randall

Dolores Tyler

Ralph W Dodd

Rick and Catie Hubbard

Tripp and Polly Ransone

Wendy Walker

Jerry Doughty

Charles Thelma H Jamison Trust

H B and Leslie Rew Jr

Bruce and Jeanne Whaley

An Evening of Local Trivia

Babbie Dunnington

Julia Johnson

Michele Hinton-Riley

J T and Anne Williams Jr

emcee JD Outten of DJD Productions

Ridgway and Betty Dunton

Joan Kean

Nicholas Covatta and Robin Rinaca

J Wayne and Gwen Williams

Ker Place Exhibition Preview OFF 13 – Celebrating Local Color on Virginia’s Eastern shore

Market Street UMC Call the Meeting to Order . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Exec Dir Jenny Barker Message from the President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pres Susan Stinson Treasurer’s Report to the Assembly . . . . . . . . . . Treas Ridgway Dunton Recognition of Outgoing Board members . . . . Exec Dir Jenny Barker CD Fleming - - Cynthia Hall - - Julia Johnson

Election of New Board members. . . . . . . . . . . . .Exec Dir Jenny Barker Motion to Adjourn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Exec Dir Jenny Barker

Richard and Margaret Young

Corporate Donors Bayshore Concrete Products, John Williams Onancock Funeral Home, Inc, John and Peggy Williams

Rayfield's Pharmacy, Thomas and Frances Rayfield Thomas Gardens, Terry and Iris Thomas

Our deep Appreciation to the Market Street United Methodist Church for hosting our members once again.

The Year 2011 at a Glance Dennis Custis winter lecture series The Amine Kellam Music Series   

Teddy Bear Tea and Instrument Petting Zoo with an ensemble from the Virginia Symphony Orchestra Jazz Improvisation with Jae Sinnett Trio An Evening of the Classics with the Orchestra of the Eastern Shore

Windsor Chair Making Classes “Shorely Notable” exhibit “Historic Garden in America” lecture by Will Riley Civil War Legacy project in association with the Library of Virginia “An Enchanted Evening at Vaucluse”

Treasurer’s Report Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society Treasurer’s Report to the Membership on March 21, 2012 covering Income and Expenditures for the year 2011. Income Dir Support-Annual Fund

Expenses 30,354

Direct Support - Other


Dividends and Interest


Educational Program


Civil War in Song concert on the lawn at Ker Place

“Early Native Americans on the Eastern Shore of Virginia” lecture by Christopher Shepherd Bus Tour to Alexandria, VA 2nd Annual “The History in a Box” Holiday Open House at Ker Place

Equipment Lease Events - Other

Historic Pty Rent-Hopkins


Historic Pty-Hopkins

Historic Pty Rent-Other Membership Dues Museum Admissions

2,995 22,536

13,569 5,799 13,415 1,380 16,571 8,134

Historic Pty-Other




Museum Curatorial


Museum Store Income


Museum Furnishings


Special Fundraising - Gala


Museum Store


Subtotal Income



Payroll Phone Service

Annie C




Total Income from all Sources

83,757 2,205

Professional fees


Spec Fundraising - Gala


Utilities Subtotal Expenses

History Mobile in association with the Virginia Sesqueicentennial of the American Civil War Civil War lecture series by Kelly Blake

Educational Programs


Designated Funds Income

Civil War Local Collectors exhibit


Events - Other

8th Annual History Camp at Ker Place Virginia Historical Society Civil War panel exhibit


4,754 226,275

272,336 Designated Funds Expense Grants

As of December 31, 2011 the Investment account total was $787,486

Total Expenses from all Sources

Net Ordinary Income




2011 Annual Meeting  

2011 Annual Meeting Report of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society located in Onancock, Virginia