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Professional Development Schools and Professional Field Experiences

Dr. Pamela Kramer-Ertel Dean – College of Education The College of Education represents faculty, students, and staff deeply committed to using their expertise to make significant contributions to the world. Our faculty members are passionate, expert teachers who strive to provide personalized learning opportunities for our students, challenging them to build on a firm base of general education courses while solving real problems of practice in settings related to their field of study. Our faculty brings a wealth of expertise from their experiences as outstanding leaders and practitioners in their field of study. Each of the programs in the College of Education emphasize a field–based approach, focused on learning theory and the application of those theories through rich experiences in the field. We also have a wealth of extracurricular activities designed to enhance students' learning outside the classroom and move them along the path of becoming lifelong learners. Teacher education programs at ESU are experiencing an exciting time of growth and change along with a clear commitment to performance assessment and national accreditation. We are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), the leading teacher accreditation organization in the nation. New initiatives include the incorporation of Professional Development Schools into all programs, opportunities to work in urban and rural school settings, as well as the effusion of diversity and technology into our curriculum. All teacher education programs are currently under revision to meet Pennsylvania's new Chapter 49-2 certification regulations. We are currently upgrading our masters programs around National Board standards, and have developed collaborative programs for educational technology, leadership, as well as a doctoral program with Indiana University of Pennsylvania. We believe you will find ESU to be an invigorating environment for learning. Please explore our web pages to learn more the excellent educational opportunities available at ESU! I am happy to be of service to you in any way. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about the programs in the College of Education. Pamela Kramer Ertel, Ed.D. Dean – College of Education

Professional Development Schools: The Next Dimension Our Elementary (K-6) and Special Education (Integrated) Professional Development School (PDS) relationships have stood the test of time. For over 12 years our partnerships, with elementary schools in five local school districts, have supported the four functions of PDS by engaging teacher candidates in authentic fieldwork, developing excellent teaching practices and exciting learning initiatives through professional development experiences and reflective inquiry. But most importantly, our PDS relationship supports and extends student learning across our 18 schools within grades K-5. Our collaborative good work has resulted in district wide, whole school, and grade level projects, national and state presentations, research, grants, awards, and publications that are shared with a wide audience. This year, 2012, a major paradigm shift occurred at our PDS sites. We have become multi-dimensional! For the past two years we have been discussing and dreaming in anticipation of the new PA Department of Education certifications in Pre K-4, Pre K-4 & Special Education, Middle level (4-8), and Middle level & Special Education. These new certification levels are conceptually and pragmatically different than the older K-6 and K-6/Special Education programs. We have PreK-4 students in fieldwork settings for three semesters and Middle level students two semesters prior to student teaching. This requires rethinking relationships, types of engagement, learning experiences and assessments. But it also affords us new opportunities for inquiry and ways to design initiatives that will deepen our shared understandings related to these new levels of teaching and learning. We will be exploring new paradigms for PDS relationships with preschool and community partners, forming PDCs – Professional Development Communities (PDC). Within this new structure, we will bring together single high quality early childhood and Head Start sites into PDC clusters. We are realigning some PDS sites for more focused fieldwork and adding new partners, as well as engaging our larger PDS sites at each level of the four programs. This definitely takes our PDS relationships into a new dimension as we stretch and grow together to meet the needs of diverse learners and the demand for highly qualified teachers in light of 21st Century skills. Stay tuned to PDS Connected as we say good-bye to our old program, recognize leadership, and launch our new PDS pathways. It is an exciting time to be involved in Professional Development Schools at ESU.

“At Lincoln Elementary School, our teachers work hand-in-hand with East Stroudsburg University’s aspiring teachers! Our teachers guide them, as they learn the art and science of teaching. In Primary I, the teacher candidates work with our teachers one day per week for one semester. In Primary II, the students start to blossom and actually start planning, teaching and assessing our students! By student teaching they’re ready to co-teach with our teachers, sharing the responsibilities and joys of teaching children! --Dr. Gina Scala, Principal LES

East Stroudsburg University Professional Development Schools and Professional Field Experiences  

This publication represents "stories from the field" of the multitude of field experiences our students enjoy with practicing teachers in th...