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Creating global understanding through English ISSUE No. 136 MARCH 2008

Third Great Shakespeare Debate A fresh cohort of A-level English students from around the country descended on Stratford-upon-Avon in February to participate in the third Great Shakespeare Debate, a two day competition run in partnership with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

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Seventy-two students in Years 12 and 13 from 24 schools took part, arguing their way through three debates before the two best teams met in the final. As well as debating, the pupils listened to experts on Shakespeare cover key topics in the study of his works; attended debate coaching sessions led by ESU staff and mentors; and saw a performance of Henry VI Part II at the Swan Theatre. Armed with this experience they clashed over topics set to test and apply knowledge of texts they had been studying for their qualifications. Motions ranged from the specific – This House believes that Caliban is no more than a monster – to the general – This House believes that Shakespeare portrays young men as irresponsible. The final was judged by Professor Kate McLuskie, Director of the Shakespeare Institute, chairing, Simon Nussbaum (from the University of Warwick) and Eve Hibbert-Keene (from the University of Bristol) both ESU mentors and experience debate veterans themselves. In a closely fought debate, on This House believes that to appreciate Shakespeare you must understand the context in which it was written, both North London

Collegiate School and King Edward VI Fiveways School displayed the skills that had been acquired over the course of the tournament. Professor McLuskie finally declared Emily Slater, Rachael Tucker and Kevin Sexton from King Edward VI Fiveways to be the winners. They were presented with editions of the definitive Complete Works, edited by Professor Stanley Wells, and the George Pragnell Plate, portraying a scene from the defeat of the Spanish Armada. The coach of the King Edward VI Fiveways team and an English teacher, said of the occasion, “I really feel that my students have learned to examine texts in a way that is so rare in the classroom – debating has helped them appreciate the value of supporting an argument with evidence from the play, and to present their arguments and evidence clearly. I think this will influence their written work too. This experience will definitely help them in their A-levels.” The ESU would like to thank all the branches who contributed to the great success of the event.

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ESUUS Annual Conference in Virginia A highlight of the event was an ESU International Panel discussion, entitled The ESU and the English Language. It featured Dr Alexander Budisteanu, President ESU International Council 2008 and Chairman Emeritus, ESU Romania, Dr Alfred von Rath, Chairman ESU Austria, John Wright, Chairman ESU Canada, Richard Atherton, Chairman ESU Mexico, Dr Marlu Vilches, ESU Philippines Committee Member, Margarita Mudrak, Chairman ESU Russia/St Petersburg and Saroj Chakravarty representing India. William Miller, Chairman ESU International Council and Chairman ESUUS gave the words of welcome. Valerie Mitchell moderated and Lord Watson gave the closing remarks.

Richard Knight, President ESU Nashville Branch and Ellen LeCompte

At the end of October, Valerie Mitchell and Lord Watson travelled to the United States to participate in the ESUUS Annual Conference held in Richmond, Virginia. They were welcomed by Ellen LeCompte, President of the Richmond, Virginia Branch and her husband, Pettus, with an elegant dinner on the evening following their arrival. This was attended by 50 overseas participants from Austria, Canada, England and Wales, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Romania, Russia and Scotland.

There was a most enthusiastic response from the delegates who were quite overwhelmed by the growth of the ESU internationally and appreciated the opportunity to hear representatives speak on their work in their countries. The conference concluded with a magnificent dinner at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Formal business at the Jefferson Hotel got underway with the ESUUS Board Meeting, the afternoon session of which was devoted to Shakespeare. Thirty students from School 213 in St Petersburg, Russia, entertained delegates with sonnets and the performance of a scene from a Shakespeare play. The following day saw the ESUUS Annual General Meeting. Lord Watson was the Guest of Honour at the luncheon and gave an excellent talk on his book Jamestown: The Voyage of English. A Patrons’ Reception and Delegates’ Dinner in the magnificent ballroom was held that evening. The busy programme also included a first class Churchill Symposium at the Virginia Historical Society, with a panel comprising the Hon Celia Sandys, author and granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill, Allen Packwood, Director of the Churchill Archive Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK and Dr James W Muller, Academic Chairman Churchill Centre, Washington, DC. Daniel Myers, Executive Director, Churchill Centre, Washington, DC moderated.

Valerie Mitchell, Lord Watson, Brian Monteith, President, ESU Scotland, Dr Shaozhong You, Minister Counsellor of the Education Office, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the US, William Miller, Ambassador Randolph Bell, Executive Director of the World Affairs Council in Greater Richmond, Cristina Rascon, Irene Miller, Dr Alexander Budisteanu and Mrs Doe Thornburg, President Emeritus ESUUS

Lord Watson extended his trip to visit some of the ESU branches in the south-eastern United States, including Lexington, Cincinnati, Pinehurst and Atlanta. Whilst in Richmond, he was presented by the Governor with a Certificate of Public Recognition for his contribution to the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown, an honour also received by Sir Robert Worcester.

Colin McCorquodale Visits Canada In November, Colin McCorquodale, ESU Governor and former ESU London Branch Chairman, visited ESU Canada in Ottawa. Canada Chairman John Wright and his charming wife Joyce entertained Colin royally at a dinner for the Committee at the Arts Centre. The next day, they also hosted a lunch at the Chelsea Club for thirty members, where Colin gave a talk about London Branch activities, and his ESU travels. ESU Canada has branches in Ottawa, Toronto, London, Victoria and Winnipeg.

Colin McCorquodale (centre) with members of ESU Canada, including Mrs Joyce Wright, Past-President of ESU Canada, John Wright, President ESU Canada and Brian Hull, President ESU Ottawa 2

Duo Awarded Lindemann Fellowships

The Lindemann Award interview panel, with the Earl of Stockton (second right)

Two Lindemann Fellowships have been awarded for 2008-09 following the interviews of the short-listed candidates, which took place in early January. This year’s recipients are Julie Ferguson from the Department of Earth Sciences at Oxford University and Allan Watson of Strathclyde University. Lindemann Trust Fellowships are offered to graduates of exceptional promise in both the pure and applied physical sciences and are among this country’s foremost science prizes. The interview panel is chaired by the Earl of Stockton and comprises some of the most prestigious science academicians in Britain including representatives of the Royal Society.

Each fellow will receive a grant of $30,000 to enable them to undertake scientific research in the United States for a year. Julie Ferguson will be researching Seasonal Resolution Records of Climate at the University of California, Irvine. Allan Watson proposes to research methods of creating medically important compounds using Innovative Cascade Organocatalysis Methods at Princeton University. Interim reports were also presented to the interview panel from the 2007 Fellows. Juliet Biggs is currently studying Volcanic Deformation at the University of Miami. Her report describes her study of an earthquake which occurred near Pisco, Peru last August. William Irvin has been working at the Centre for Soft Matter Research at

New York University. He has secured funding for a further year’s research and aims to set up his own research group in the future. Wasim Malik has been conducting research in electrical engineering at MIT. His interim report concludes: “The opportunities made possible by The Lindemann Trust Fellowship have resulted in a deeply enriching academic and cultural experience for me, and will be of immense value in my long-term professional and personal development.” After the interviews, committee members were joined for lunch by Valerie Mitchell.

John Smith Memorial Mace The English leg of the John Smith Memorial Mace took place in late November. The Mace – comprising competitions in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland – is the largest and oldest debating competition of its kind, and is now in its 54th year. Investment Managers, Baillie Gifford are the sponsors of the tournament and the ESU’s Centre for Speech and Debate is very grateful for this support. In addition, we were fortunate to have the presence of barrister Richard Osborne, who took up the demanding position of Convenor for the English competition. There were 54 teams from 20 different institutions. Every team completed six preliminary rounds of debate. Motions covered a wide range of issues, inclusive of domestic and international problems. Two teams from Oxford, one team from Lincoln’s Inn, and one team from King’s College, London progressed to the final, where they debated This House would ban violent pornography. The final was one of the most original and well-contested in recent memory. Ultimately the judges, themselves all debating luminaries, awarded the competition to the first proposition team of Usman Ahmed and Hannah Klein, from Lincoln’s Inn.

Winners Hannah Klein and Usman Ahmed (seated left)

Usman and Hannah now go forward to represent England against Scotland, Wales and Ireland in the International Mace Final, which is to be held in England in April. Separate tournaments are being held in Scotland, Wales and Ireland to determine their national champions. Please email Patrick Emerson (, for information about attending the International Final. 3

Music Scholarship Auditions 2008 The ESU Music Scholarship auditions took place in November at Dartmouth House. With only six scholarships allocated, the application process was extremely competitive and saw over 70 musicians applying for scholarships this year. Since 1970 the ESU has been offering scholarships to enable young talented musicians to attend summer schools of international renown in North America, Europe and the UK. Over 250 musicians have benefited from the programme, among them Nigel Kennedy, Steven Isserlis, Robert Cohen and Tasmin Little. Not only do the ESU Music Scholarships allow exceptional individuals to develop their talents and further their training, they also provide a common ground on which people of different communities can meet, learn and understand. The young people who have derived benefit from this valuable experience are now

making a significant contribution to the musical profession, both as performers and as teachers. The audition panel this year included internationally celebrated oboist Neil Black, Oleg Kogan, one of the most popular Russian cellists of his generation, leading British pianist Gretel Dowdeswell, one of the UK’s most distinguished sopranos, Rae Woodland and globally acclaimed Japanese violinist Ken Aiso. Mrs Belinda Norman-Butler, founder of the ESU Music Scholarships joined the panel, together with Valerie Mitchell and Mrs Anne Skeggs, Chairman of the Cultural Affairs sub-Committee. Final decisions on the awards were pending as ESU News went to press. Applications for Music Scholarships open in September for courses taking place the following year. Information on the scholarships is available on the ESU website:

A Family Affair as Emir’s Life Unfolds His archives are a unique collection of information on the many tumultuous happenings following World War II, in a region which continues to be so sensitive. The book offers an insight into security reports ranging from the push of Communism in the Levant, the establishment of Islamist and Arab Parties, reports on the assassination of King Abdallah of Jordan, and glimpses of the activities of Jewish organisations prior to and following the birth of the State of Israel.

Youmna Asseily and Mr James Watt, Ambassador to Jordan with guests at the reception

In November, Dartmouth House hosted a very special book launch. A Face in the Crowd: The Secret Papers of Emir Farid Chehab OBE, edited by his daughter Youmna Asseily (ESU Lebanon Chairman and former President of the ESU International Council) and Ahmad Asfahani, editor at the Al Hayat Arabic Newspaper based in London. Emir Farid held many important posts during his career as civil servant: starting in the French Police when Lebanon was still under French mandate and, after Lebanon's independence in 1943, he re-structured the Surete Generale into a modern, reliable intelligence service which he headed with remarkable efficiency until 1958. He also became Director of Interpol and in 1956 was promoted to Vice President.

Valerie Mitchell warmly welcomed the many friends and family gathered for the book launch. She also introduced the speakers who included the Emir's son, Emir Hares Chehab. There followed a short presentation by both editors and a member of Stacey International, the publishers. Notable amongst the audience were Sir Gavyn Arthur, former Lord Mayor, who had been present as Patron at ESU Lebanon's launch in 2003; her Majesty's Ambassador to Jordan Mr James Watt and Mrs Watt, Sir Alan Munro, former British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr Yvan Fallon, Head of Independent News and Media and Tom Stacey, author and publisher. To have such an important collection of archives opened to the public is such a rare event in the Middle East that what took place at Dartmouth House marked quite an historical moment! The Asseily and Chehab families were very grateful to the staff at Dartmouth House for ensuring that the evening went so smoothly.

Annual Alumni Debate In December, Dartmouth House played host once again to the Debating Society, for its annual Alumni Debate. The debate was well attended by a diverse audience, who were not disappointed by the quality of debate on offer. Our congratulations go out to the winning team of Tara Mounce and Richard Goodman, both civil servants, who spoke as second opposition on the motion

This House would ban medically non-essential plastic surgery. Our thanks go as well to the team of trainee barristers, and to the team of practicing barristers, both of whom put in strong showings. For further details about the Debating Society, please contact Patrick Emerson (

ESU Estonia Launch April 18 sees the launch of ESU Estonia in Tallinn. The programme of events includes a seminar entitled e-Tallinn, e-government at the City Council and a cultural programme with visits to Kadriorg Palace, the Tallinn Opera House and Song Festival Ground. The formal launch will take place at the City Council followed by a reception. For more information please contact Katie Brock. 4

Face to Face with Sir Hugh Jones Sir Hugh Jones, previously a Director-General of the ESU, presented his new book Campaigning: Face to Face during a Dartmouth House literary interview, conducted by Lord Watson, in December. Describing what drew him to the ESU and how he managed the role of Director-General, Sir Hugh gave the audience an extensive background on how the promotion of English and the International Council came into being. He detailed his transition from Director-General of the ESU to Secretary General of the Liberal Party. Witnessing a turbulent time in politics, Sir Hugh explained how he dealt with the Party’s difficulties. Sir Hugh’s final point of the interview was to emphasise the importance of campaigning for public causes.

Sir Hugh Jones and Lord Watson

Christmas Concert Welcomes English Singers The ESU’s annual Christmas Concert took place at Dartmouth House on 12 December. Lord Hunt welcomed the guests before The English Singers, under the direction of Tom Shorter, provided seasonal music.

also privileged to hear Maggie Fergusson, winner of the 2007 Marsh Biography Award, give a reading from George Mackay Brown, the subject of her winning book. Valerie Mitchell gave the closing remarks.

There were readings from Holly Shakespeare and Don Miller from ESU London Branch, Anne Skeggs, Chairman of the Cultural Affairs sub-Committee and ESU debating and music alumni. We were

The concert was followed by a reception with mince pies and mulled wine. It finished with some spirited singing on the staircase.

English in Action Training Morning In late January the English in Action in Schools programme hosted a training day for volunteers at Dartmouth House. The programme places pairs of volunteer tutors in primary schools to work with small groups of children who have English as an additional language.

The training was followed by a lunch to thank the volunteers for all their hard work. Sir Peter Jennings, Vice Chairman of the London Branch, which generously sponsors the programme, also attended. We look forward to working with all of our volunteers in 2008!

The volunteers found it particularly valuable to meet with other tutors to exchange ideas and tips for working in the classroom.

Obituary – John Williams Many members of the ESU will have been saddened by the death of one of the stalwarts of the organisation during the last half century. President of the Brighton and Hove Branch from 1980 until his passing, John Williams’ standing rested on years of wise leadership as Chairman and as having been leader in those far off days of the Youth Wing. In 1960 he started the Public Speaking Competition for Schools in Brighton and then worked enthusiastically to extend it throughout the country into the classic ESU institution we know today. John joined the Board of Governors in August 1965 and between then and 1988 was re-elected on two further occasions, officially retiring in 1988.

He was Chairman of the National Committee for England and Wales and also served as Deputy Chairman joining the committee once his term of office was completed. The contribution which John Williams made to the ESU Board of Governors and the ESU National Committee for England and Wales was remarkable. He endeared himself to our members and truly represented the spirit of the branches on both these committees. Delegates at the recent Branches Conference in Brighton will recall John’s message to them, that they should enjoy their time in ‘Sunny Sussex’, as indeed they did.


The ESU’s Global Debate Work is Going from Streng 2007 saw exciting developments in the ESU’s global work with young people and debate. 2008 looks set to continue the trend. We examine three key areas to see what is happening.

played a central role in selecting, training and funding their national teams, but in recent years the ESU globally has begun to build on its long relationship with the Championships to link it more closely with the activities of international ESUs around the world.

More Countries, More Impact The first change of gear in the ESU’s commitment to the organisation of the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) as a whole came early in 2007. The Policy and Resources Committee agreed that it would fund, on behalf of the ESU globally, the incorporation of WSDC as a limited company and subsequently, assuming the process runs smoothly, a registered charity. Representatives of all participant nations, many of whom do not yet have national ESUs of their own, agreed that the new organisation should be based in London and that the ESU should be recognised as its Founding Sponsor. James Probert, the Head of the Centre for Speech and Debate, was elected to the executive committee of the fledgling body and tasked with overseeing the legal process of incorporation.

Members of the 2007 England Schools Debating Team (l-r Lizzie Bauer, Jamie Susskind, James Solyom, Charlotte Thomas) experience the culture of Seoul at the World Championships in Korea, July 2007

The ESU has been sending debaters overseas since 1922 – its prestigious US tour counts Prime Ministers, opposition leaders, European Commissioners and even Archbishops among its alumni. Since 2006, the number of countries visited each year by the ‘Squad’ – a competitively selected cadre of the best university debaters and debate mentors in the UK and Ireland – has more than tripled. Each year international ESUs are asked by the ESU’s Centre for Speech and Debate, the department that coordinates the organisation’s work in persuasive speech worldwide, to present ‘bids’ for short visits from our coaches. In 2007, students were sent to Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia and the United States. This year, Squad members will visit Bermuda, Chile, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, South Africa and the United States. The 18 university debaters will be asked to perform a variety of tasks while abroad, ranging from demonstrating debates to audiences of novices, through coaching teams for domestic and international competitions, to training teachers and making presentations on the importance of debate to national education ministries. Besides supporting the educational work of the ESU in the country they are visiting, the students will also be introduced to elements of the local culture and enjoy free time. Memorable experiences from 2007 tours included camel riding on the steppes of Mongolia, beach-house living in Mauritius and off-roading in a four-wheel drive in the Lebanese mountains. Squad alumni play an important role in the ESU’s programmes in the UK, giving their time voluntarily for projects such as the roadshow of workshops in advance of the Schools Mace, the Great Shakespeare Debate, and competitions amongst London maintained schools leading to the London Debate Challenge Championships.

Natural Partner, New Relationship When, in 1988, the Australian Debating Federation held an international schools debating competition as part of the country’s bicentennial celebrations, England was one of only six competing nations. Since then what began as a one-off event has grown into an annual tournament involving more than 35 countries a year (more than 60 different countries have taken part at one time or another). The ESU has hosted the competition twice – ESU Scotland held the event in Edinburgh in 1991 and it was brought to London in 1999. The ESUs in England and Scotland have long 6

“All international ESUs now feel a direct sense of involvement, ownership and obligation to WSDC, and this new orientation has already borne fruit with a number of new ESU-run teams entering the competition for the first time,” James says. In 2007 at the tournament in Seoul, Korea, ESU Mongolia and ESU Malaysia both sent teams of school students to take part. Each country had been visited, in the run up to their participation, by the Squad, whose efforts in training and support laid the groundwork for the national ESUs to take responsibility for their national debate team. In October 2007 the Squad’s Mexico tour enabled ESU Mexico to run

Students of the Global Young Leaders Programme experience London

a national debating competition and select a national team for entry into the Washington, DC tournament in September 2008, and in October 2008 ESU representatives will visit Finland to help establish an entry into the Athens 2009 championships. James sees this as essential to the development of educational programmes by international ESUs. “Not infrequently the lives of the young people who debate at the WSDC are transformed by their experiences. Spending up to two weeks with other bright, articulate English speakers from all six continents and a wide variety of backgrounds opens their minds and creates personal networks in just the way that the ESU’s own programmes aim to. Alumni have gone into politics, business and civil society to the highest levels in their own countries. In England and Scotland alumni have come back to the ESU as members, speakers, sponsors and even employees, repaying the opportunity they were

ength to Strength given with efforts to extend that opportunity to others. With the support of Squad tours and the encouragement of their central role in supporting the organisation globally, more international ESUs will take on the responsibility for coordinating their national debate teams, and hopefully produce the same calibre of committed alumni to sustain that responsibility.”

International Debate Academy, Valued Sponsor The ESU’s Speech and Debate Squad is funded, in part, by a generous contribution from the Global Young Leaders Programme, a summer school in debate and international citizenship run by Our World English Schools (OWES), its parent company and a long-established English-language course provider. OWES is not just a financial supporter, it is also a partner in the ESU’s worldwide debate work, and involves ESU staff and mentors closely in the UK in its provision of debate training.

for outstanding young alumni of ESU debate programmes in other countries. Six full scholarships will be offered to international ESUs for the two-week programme, combining a number of elements to build skills in debating but also to develop critical thinking and an awareness of the complexities relating to global issues. Warm-up games are followed by seminars on global themes, workshops, exercises and practice debates with detailed feedback. These activities are guided by experienced mentors who are themselves highly successful in the international world of debating. Individuals from overseas and in the UK can apply for places on the GYL Programme on a commercial basis. For more information, please visit

OWES approached the ESU in 2007 to write a curriculum and train summer school staff for the series of fortnight-long courses. Rapidly a partnership was formed and the students, based in central London, visited Dartmouth House on a number of occasions to take part in their own internal debating competition, and to receive teaching from members of ESU staff. ESU Mongolia, who had hosted a visit from members of the ESU Speech and Debate Squad in April 2007, was offered one full scholarship for the course, worth £1,700, which they awarded to a student from Ulan Batur who had shone in their national programme and was keen to develop her debate skills further in the UK. In 2008 OWES will continue to make a significant financial contribution to the cost of sending students overseas on Squad tours, but, with the ESU, it will also offer even more opportunities

Newly-made friends among the Global Young Leaders delegates admiring the courtyard at Dartmouth House

Halloween Celebration ESU Brazil Sao Paolo Branch ran a very successful event at the Cultura Inglesa on All Hallows Eve to raise substantial funds for ESU scholarships. The Guests of Honour, Mr Martin Raven, the British Consul General and Mrs Raven supported the evening, which was well attended by ESU members and their friends.

(L-R) Mrs Yvonne Buckingham-Slezynger, Chairman Sao Paolo Branch, Mr Martin Raven, Mrs Raven and Mr Michael Twidale, ESU member

New Face Hanna Cevik has joined the organisation in the newly created role of Publicity Officer. A former Schools Public Speaking competitor, Hanna has a background in publicity and promotions. She completed an MA in Legal and Political Theory at UCL, and is interested in democratisation and education, citizenship and film. She has lived in London for five years, completing her undergraduate degree in English Literature and Language at King’s College London.

The role of Publicity Officer will support all departments of the ESU in providing information to alumni, members and the public and coordinate marketing to stakeholders, in order to promote the mission of creating global understanding through the use of English. Hanna also has responsibility for updating the recently relaunched ESU website. The new site aims to make the ESU’s programmes and events more accessible, and to provide a broader forum of information and opportunities to the public. You can view the site at 7

Diary Dates

Unless otherwise stated we regret that no refunds can be made for cancellations within seven working days of an event.

For members: We accept payment for Dartmouth House events and membership subscriptions by credit/debit cards. Cards bearing Visa, Master-Card, Maestro, Switch, Solo or Delta symbols can now be used to make bookings by post, telephone or email. DARTMOUTH HOUSE Telephone : 020 7529 1550


MARCH Monday 3 March 6.30 for 6.45 pm ESU & Three Faiths Forum Event Speakers will include Sir Sigmund Sternberg, Revd Dr Marcus Braybrooke and Imam Raza in a series of talks and discussions around the three faiths. Contributions will also be made by youth representatives. Lord Hunt will preside. Tickets: £6 to include a glass of wine. Contact: Katie Brock Wednesday 5 March at 7 pm Recital given by the winner of the ESU Argentine Singing Competition. The programme will include songs from Evita and other musicals together with Argentine folk and tango songs. Tickets: £5 to include a glass of wine. Contact: Gillian Parker Monday 10 March at 3.15 pm Commonwealth Day Observance 2008, at Westminster Abbey. This event is now fully booked. Please contact Gillian Parker to go on the waiting list. Wednesday 12 March 10.30 – 11.30 am Coffee Morning at Dartmouth House for members and their friends. Contact: Annette Fisher Monday 17 March 2008 at 6.15 pm The 2008 Churchill Lecture, to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the English-Speaking Union, will take place at Guildhall. The guest speaker will be The Hon Robert H Tuttle, Ambassador to the Court of St James's for the United States of America. The event will be followed by a reception in the Art Gallery hosted by the City of London Corporation. Please check availability with Jo Wedderspoon.

APRIL Monday 7 April at 7 pm Literary lecture with Vernon Ellis on Funding of the Performing Arts – Reflections on Public and Private Funding. Vernon Ellis is Chairman of English National Opera, The Classical Opera Company and the Sacconi Quartet Trust. He is a trustee of the Royal College of Music and of several other music organisations and is a significant patron of the arts. Tickets: £8 to include a glass of wine Contact: Gillian Parker Wednesday 9 April 10.30 – 11.30 am Coffee Morning at Dartmouth House for members and their friends. Contact: Annette Fisher Tuesday 15 April at 7 pm Literary lecture in aid of the ESU Arts Scholarship to Attingham. Professor Alan Kraut, Professor of History at the American University in Washington DC will be speaking on Ellis Island – Testing the Bodies and Minds of Immigrants Before Granting Admission to America. Tickets: £7.50 to include a glass of wine Contact: Gillian Parker Friday 18 April Launch of ESU Estonia in Tallinn. To include a two-day cultural programme and a Seminar at the City Council. Contact: Katie Brock Wednesday 23 April at 5 pm England National Schools Mace Final to be held at Dartmouth House. Contact: Beth James

Friday 9 May at 9 am International Public Speaking Competition Final. Members are welcome to Dartmouth House to see the heats. Contact: Katie Brock Saturday 10 May at 3 pm International Schools Mace Final to be held at Liverpool Town Hall. The international championships involving the national champions from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Contact: Beth James Wednesday 14 May 10.30 – 11.30 am Coffee Morning at Dartmouth House for members and their friends. Contact: Annette Fisher Tuesday 20 May Globalisation and Language, Unity in Diversity An international conference organised by the ESU to be held at St Petersburg State University, School of International Relations. Speakers will include HE Mr Tony Brenton, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Russian Federation, Lord Watson, The Rt Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen and Professor Ludmila Verbitskaya, Rector of St Petersburg State University. There will be a pre-conference cultural programme, which will include the following sites of interest: the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage Museum, a visit to Peterhof, the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly (Mariinsky Palace), the British Consulate General and a reception at the British Council. Contact: Katie Brock Wednesday 28 May at 8 pm ESU France International Dinner in Paris in honour of Lord Hunt. Monsieur Pierre-Christian Taittinger, Honorary President ESU France and Mme Beatrix de Montergermont-Keil, President ESU France and former President ESU International Council will preside. Tickets: €80 Contact: Katie Brock

ADVANCE NOTICE Tuesday 17 June at 7 pm Literary lecture in aid of the ESU Arts Scholarship to Attingham. Bruce Robertson, Deputy Director of Arts Programmes in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, will be speaking on High Culture and the Wild West: the Development of Art Museums in the American West. Tickets: £7.50 to include a glass of wine Contact: Gillian Parker Tuesday 8 July 3.30-5.00 pm House of Lords Tea Party. Lord Hunt will receive guests on the Terrace of the House of Lords. Tickets: £25 Contact: Gillian Parker 15 – 18 September ESU World Members’ Conference 2008 Bookings are now open for the World Members’ Conference in Edinburgh. The conference website,, gives full details.

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