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Creating global understanding through English ISSUE No. 128 NOVEMBER 2006

International Council Meets at Marlborough House The 2006 International Council Meeting, in London, drew 38 delegates from 26 ESUs around the world. The venue for the meeting was the very impressive Marlborough House, former home of the Dukes of Marlborough and currently home to the Commonwealth Secretariat.

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David Cavill

Chilean Evening . . . . . . . .5 Franco-New Zealand Link . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 New ESU Merchandise . . . . . . . . . . .5 Thai Drama Award . . . . . .6

Delegates at the 2006 International Council Meeting SSE Arrivals . . . . . . . . . . .6

Lord Hunt, Deputy Chairman of the ESU International Council, chaired the opening session, standing in for the Chairman, Mr William Miller, who was unfortunately unable to join the meeting due to commitments in New York. Lord Hunt welcomed the members and read out a message from Mr Miller. Mrs Margarita Mudrak gave a presentation on her year as President of the ESU International Council before members elected Mrs Youmna Asseily, Chairman ESU Lebanon, as the President for 2006-07. Also on the Agenda was the ratification of ESU Moldova for launch in

spring 2007. The venue for the 2007 International Council Meeting was confirmed as Tokyo at the kind invitation of ESU Japan. Lord Watson gave a report on his year as Chairman Emeritus of the International Council, including his participation in ESU Conferences in Bucharest and Belgrade, and the Launch of ESU Philippines. Valerie Mitchell, in her SecretaryGeneral's report, gave an overview of a busy year in the international work of the ESU.

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International Council continued It was a most successful and productive meeting that provided new ideas and food for thought for ESUs around the world.

Delegates enjoying lunch in the courtyard of Dartmouth House L-R Mrs Joyce Troughton, President ESU New Zealand, Mr Jon Dye, Chairman ESU Scotland, Mrs Youmna Asseily, newly-elected President of the ESU International Council 2006-07 and Chairman ESU Lebanon and Mr Claus Bruegemann, Chairman ESU Germany-Bavaria

After lunch, Lord Watson introduced Professor Ranko Bugarski, Honorary President, ESU Serbia and Professor of General Linguistics at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, who gave a fascinating talk on Why we need English. This prompted a lively discussion session.

Mr Masahiko Agata, Committee member and Auditor, ESU Japan, with Lord Hunt and Lord Watson

The ESU is most grateful to the Commonwealth Secretariat and to The Rt Hon Don McKinnon, Commonwealth Secretary-General, for allowing the International Council to meet at Marlborough House.

In the evening, delegates were invited to attend a private view of Royal Academy of Arts’ Modgliani and his Models exhibition followed by dinner at the Reform Club, hosted by Professor Alan Lee Williams, Director of the Atlantic Council. Dartmouth House welcomed the Council for Friday's agenda. Each country gave a report on its activities and ESU Scotland presented plans for the World Members' Conference to be held in Edinburgh in 2008. Afternoon workshops were held with ESU members of staff on International Programmes and Linking, as well as Sponsorship and Events. The Closing Dinner took place in the Revelstoke Room at Dartmouth House where guests were entertained by a talk from author, Michael Dobbs, on the topic Winston – the Wounded Warrior.

Professor Ranko Bugarski, who spoke at the International Council Meeting

Free Workshops Attract Schools Mace Entrants The ESU Schools Mace, the national debating championships, has seen over 160 schools new to debating enter the competition this year, attracted by the second year of free workshops, provided in partnership with the Department for Constitutional Affairs. During September ESU staff and six of our trained university student mentors delivered 15 workshops across England, in places as far apart as Bolton, Milton Keynes,

Leicester, Norwich, Maidstone, Lincoln, Cheltenham, Penrith, Stoke-on-Trent and Southampton. The workshops were held after school and open to those entering the competition for the first time. Each school catered for up to four students who will form the school’s team and reserves, and an unlimited number of staff. Meanwhile, three Continuing Professional Development sessions were offered in Manchester, Darlington and Exeter. These

full days, plus three more offered at Dartmouth House in late September and early October, were open to staff from any school and offered more in-depth guidance to using debate inside and outside the classroom. They cost £50 per delegate and attracted over 160 teachers. A separate road show saw three workshops, for new Scottish entrants, run by ESU Scotland, using mentors from their own Debates Outreach programme.

Support the ESU If you would like to strengthen the ESU’s ever increasing educational programme by a donation or a legacy in your Will, please contact Jo Wedderspoon at Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, London, W1J 5ED, telephone 020 7529 1550, email Your help would be greatly appreciated. 2

David Cavill

Shakespeare and His Stage

Delegates at the ESU Shakespeare's Globe 2006 Cultural Seminar, Dartmouth House

As part of the proceedings, Valerie Mitchell welcomed the participants and Globe staff to Dartmouth House for a workshop entitled Period Music and Globe Productions. This was followed by a dinner where she paid tribute to Patrick Spottiswoode, Director, Globe Education, and his team. The celebratory evening was also attended by the sponsors of the seminar, Mr Robert Lloyd George of Lloyd George Management, Mr Sean Hayde, Cambridge ESOL, Mr Saroj Chakravarty and Dr and Mrs Keith Saunders, ESU Exeter and District Branch.

“The personal and professional support of the staff, the understanding I gained about methodology, about language learning in general, and about the nature of a multicultural learning environment, together with the unforgettable social experiences and the lifelong friendships will always remain with me. It was a very important once in a lifetime experience and I felt really honoured to have been able to be there.”

Karolina Koplányi, Hungary

The ESU is grateful to them, and to ESU London Branch, for their immense generosity and support for this programme.

The third English-Speaking Union Shakespeare's Globe Cultural Seminar took place in August this year. The week-long event aims to promote and encourage the performance and appreciation of Shakespeare and is specifically arranged for teachers for whom English is a second language.

David Cavill

Twenty delegates from as many countries attended the seminar entitled Shakespeare and His Stage. It examined Shakespeare's plays in the context of the performance space for which they were written and provided participants with an opportunity to see his works truly brought to life. Delegates explored new teaching methods, attended performances including Antony and Cleopatra, Titus Andronicus and The Comedy of Errors, discussed theatre with the actors and enjoyed workshops that approached teaching Shakespeare in a dynamic and exciting way. There was also a chance to design clothes for the Elizabethan stage with the Master of Clothing and Properties, express words through motion with the Master of Movement, and vocalise the written word with the Masters of Play and Verse. After The Comedy of Errors, delegates also had the privilege of interviewing one of the actors.

David Cavill

L-R Katarina Ciric from Serbia, Sean Hayde (Cambridge ESOL) and Natalia Yungmeyster from Russia

Robert Lloyd George, sponsor, with Ivana Gambarrotta from Argentina and Francesca Sin from Hong Kong

The teachers and lecturers who attended the seminar were drawn from an extremely diverse range of nations. They remarked how they were able not only to learn more about Shakespeare but also to experience the different cultures represented from around the globe. Georgian delegate, Lela Dumbadze, said: “The Cultural Seminar at the Globe Educational Centre has exceeded all the expectations I had. Along with being highly informative, every minute of it was enjoyable. I made friends with 19 people of different nationalities, shared their experience and vision and I think this is the most important function of the ESU and the Globe. I, as well as the other 19 nationals of the seminar, have breathed in a kind of magic air inspiring energy and fresh ideas, which I hope I'll manage to deliver to my students during my further pedagogic career, and I am already thinking of working out a new approach to the whole teaching process (both of Shakespeare and general English language course) on the basis of what I've seen and learned at the Globe.” 3

Parliamentary Exchange Programmes Dartmouth House, the House of Lords Tea Party and lunch at the House of Commons. In exchange, the ESU Centre for Speech and Debate selected 11 British university students to work on Capitol Hill in congressional and senatorial offices. Highlights included the opportunity to attend a Reception at the British Embassy and the interns’ Speaker Series lectures, featuring talks from US political figures, among them former Secretary of State, Colin Powell and former presidential candidate, Ralph Nader.

Westminster interns from Washington DC with Sir Patrick Cormack MP

The ESU ran a similar exchange between Westminster and the Assemblée Nationale in Paris, providing an opportunity for one British student to experience the world of French and European politics.

The English-Speaking Union's Parliamentary Exchange Programmes offer an excellent insight into the workings of the British, American and French political systems through a series of summer internships. This year, 11 American students from universities in Washington DC spent three months working as interns in the parliamentary offices of Labour, Conservative and SDLP MPs. During their time at Westminster they undertook a series of activities including drafting letters and memoranda, attending committee hearings and visiting their members' constituencies. This practical experience was complemented by a series of lectures delivered by Sir Patrick Cormack MP, a former ESU Governor, who organises the placements every year. The interns also attended a number of events including an orientation day at

Capitol Hill interns with Sir David Manning, HM Ambassador, at the British Embassy, Washington

Lady Antonia Fraser Literary Luncheon Lady Antonia Fraser presented her recently published book, Love and Louis XIV, at an English-Speaking Union Literary Luncheon held in September at Dartmouth House. She gave the audience an enthralling insight into the relationships between the Sun King and the many intriguing women who ornamented his personal life, including Louise de La Vallière and Athénais de Montespan. The event was chaired by Valerie Mitchell. Colin McCorquodale, Chairman, ESU London Branch, gave the Vote of Thanks.

Left: Colin McCorquodale, Chairman ESU London Branch with Lady Antonia Fraser


Chilean Evening “Thank thee, a thousand times thank thee. I have no words to express how much this has meant to me. I am determined to make of this experience a source of knowledge for my students and for my academic environment. The ESU Cultural Seminar at Shakespeare’s Globe was much more than I expected. I enjoyed every single second of it. I cannot describe with words how much I learnt and how it broadened my vision in regards to Shakespeare and the English Language.”

Luis Andres Munoz Guajardo, ESU scholar, Chile As a prelude to the launch of ESU Chile, Valerie Mitchell was invited by Mr Richard Wilkinson, former British Ambassador to Chile and Chairman of the Anglo-Chilean Society, to be Guest Speaker at the Society's Dinner at Buck's Club to celebrate Chile's National Day. The Chilean Ambassador, HE Sr Rafael Moreno, gave the toast to Chile and Mr Wilkinson introduced Valerie to a packed audience of Chileans, British, Americans and representatives from other countries. She spoke on the ever-increasing, strong links that had been formed, in the last year, between the ESU and Chile, leading to the launch of ESU Chile at the British Embassy, Santiago on 23 October. Mrs Mitchell identified the excellent educational opportunities being offered by the ESU to Chile. Two Chilean delegates have attended ESU Conferences in the UK this year and shown great enthusiasm for the programmes. The first was an International Relations Conference at Oriel College, Oxford and the other an ESU Shakespeare Globe Teachers Cultural Seminar. Two young representatives also participated in the ESU International Public Speaking Competition Final.

Mr Richard Wilkinson, former British Ambassador to Chile and Chairman of the Anglo-Chilean Society, with Valerie Mitchell

All of the recipients of these Scholarships had been well selected and benefited enormously from their experiences. In her closing remarks, Valerie expressed her personal excitement in the forthcoming visit to Santiago when Chile would be welcomed into the ESU family. She informed the audience that the ESU would be bringing a delegation of 35 members from six different countries, led by Lord Watson, ESU Chairman Emeritus of the International Council. She congratulated her hosts on this happy and wonderful reception, which she knew was the prelude to what she would experience in their country.

France Enjoys New Zealand Link More than 40 members of ESU France-Anjou enjoyed a brilliant performance of Carmen presented by the Opera de Baugé. The Opera performs each year, during late July and early August, in the grounds of a lovely country house, an idea conceived by Bernadette and John Grimmett, who are members of ESU France-Anjou. A highlight of this year's event was when Helen Lear, a young mezzo soprano from New Zealand, was introduced to the ESU members. Helen is a member of the Wellington Branch and is sponsored by them. She is currently studying at the Royal School of Music in London. Subsequently friendships were cemented between Helen and local members as she learned more about the region during rest days from the opera.

Helen Lear (right) at Dartmouth House with Katie Brock, Cultural Programmes Manager

A few weeks later, Helen Lear visited Dartmouth House for tea with Katie Brock, ESU Cultural Programmes Manager, and had the opportunity to report to Valerie Mitchell on her experiences.

New ESU Items for Sale The display cabinet on the ground floor at Dartmouth House has a range of items for sale, all distinguished by having the ESU logo on them. These include key fobs, glassware, jewellery, cuff links and Christmas cards.

We have now added several new items of stock including picture frames, letter opener, trinket box, coaster set, and china mug. Do look at these when you next visit Dartmouth House. 5

The Show Must Go On In Thailand

SSE Students Arrive Since 1928, the Secondary School Exchange programme has given American and Canadian students the chance to spend a year at a boarding school in the UK. In addition to their academic studies, the students take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities. This year we are pleased to welcome 25 North American scholars. The students arrived at Dartmouth House on 1 September, where they were met by an ESU representative, and enjoyed a hectic breakfast briefing before leaving for their homestays and schools across the UK from Truro to Edinburgh.

Her Royal Highness Princess Ubolratana (middle) with ESU Thailand Board members

Her Royal Highness Princess Ubolratana presided over the awards presentation for ESU Thaliland's 'ESU Drama Competition 2006' held at the Thailand National Cultural Centre recently. The competition is organised by ESU Thailand in co-operation with the Ministry of Education, the Office of the National Culture Commission and the British Council Thailand, for secondary level students from schools around Thailand to perform plays. The main objectives of the contest are to promote constructive activities for Thai youth and to encourage them to perform and express themselves using the English language. A further aim is to enhance young Thai people's knowledge and understanding of English enabling them to achieve a higher level of skill in English language usage. After more than six months of intense rehearsals and highly competitive preliminary rounds, the Triam Udom Suksa School performing The Diary of Anne Frank emerged as the winner of the first prize, Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhon's Cup. Both of the runners up, Samsen and Yothinburana Schools, chose to perform the musical play The Witches.

We hope that the next year will be both interesting and enjoyable and also hope the students will find the time to drop into Dartmouth House and tell us all about it!

EIAS Volunteer Training Day Volunteers from the ESU's English in Action in Schools programme (EIAS) met at Dartmouth House, in September, for a training and information session. The EIAS programme pairs volunteers with local London schools to work with small groups of primary students who have English as an Additional Language. Elizabeth Stokes, the ESU's Director of Education, shared her own experiences as a teacher and then led group discussions with valuable input from current volunteers and other ESU staff. The training day provides new volunteers with useful tips and skills on working with young children as well as the opportunity to benefit from the experience of others in the field. The ESU would like to thank all of the volunteers for their ongoing participation and enthusiasm.

No Smoking Policy

The performers of Triam Udom Suksa School after receiving the Princess Cup. Looking on are the British Ambassador, HE Mr David Fall (back row, 2nd from right) and ESU Thailand Board Members 6

In advance of the impending Government ban on smoking in public or work premises which will come into force in the summer of 2007, it has been decided to make Dartmouth House a no smoking building from January 2007. This means that smoking will not be permitted anywhere on the premises.

Inside the White House

Mrs Alys Rickett with William G Allman

The third in the current series of lectures which benefit the ESU American Arts Scholarship to Attingham took place at Dartmouth House in September. William G Allman has been Curator at the White House since 2002 and his lecture, Inside The White House, gave a memorable insight into the collection of art, furniture, and decorative objects used to furnish both the public and private rooms. The talk began with the construction of the building in 1792 when a design competition was held for the President's House. The winner was James Hoban, who was born and trained in Dublin, Ireland. Construction began that year with the laying of the cornerstone and the building was sufficiently complete in November 1800 for President and Mrs John Adams to move in as the first occupants.

The audience was then taken on a virtual guided tour through the Green, China, and Blue Rooms and the State Dining Room, concluding in the famous Oval Office where sits the President's "Resolute desk". This is made from oak timbers from a British Navy ship that had been trapped in Arctic ice, retrieved and refitted by the United States as a gift to Her Majesty's Navy. In 1880, after the ship was decommissioned, Queen Victoria had the desk made and sent as a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes. Mr Allman, who has also published and lectured widely about the White House, remarked that it had been “a fantastic place to work for 27 years - a great collection of objects, wonderful people, amazing opportunities.” Mrs Alys Rickett, the scholarship founder, welcomed the guests and presided.

From the Archive According to The Landmark, the ESU's monthly magazine, the summer of 1926 brought 50,000 American visitors to Britain. Those who were known to the Editor were asked what particularly impressed them about Britain. Among them were: • The number of beggars in the streets • The wearing of buttonholes by Englishmen • The little gardens attached to all the houses • The ease and smoothness of English trains • The unhurried quietness of English crowds • The deep green of the trees • The “Please and “Thank you” of bus conductors • The all pervading knowledge of English policemen In a similar vein, the August 1926 edition carried a report of an article from the Melbourne Argus comparing English, American and Australian men. The writer felt that American and Australian commuters lacked the restraint of their English counterparts during the rush hour. He also lamented their need to brag, suggesting that Englishmen were even more vain but regarding bragging as “bad form .. no gentleman does it”.

China Debate The illustrious group of speakers treated the audience to a stimulating debate and, after a number of thought-provoking floor speeches from the house, the votes were cast. The opposition won by 53 votes to 22 with10 abstentions. The event was organised by Jenny Zhu, the Centre for Speech and Debate's administrative assistant, who is originally from Beijing, and an active member of the Chinese community in London.

Professor Andrew Williamson makes his speech at the China Debate

The extent of China's global impact was up for debate on 4 October, when the Dartmouth House Debating Society convened for the first event of the new session. Professor Andrew Williamson, a managing partner at Minim Consulting, Mike Mielniczek, a director at Strategic China Ltd, and Kerry Brown, also a director at Strategic China Ltd, proposed the motion

This House believes that China will change the world more than the world will change China. Defending the motion were Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club, Andrew Halper, Head of the China Business Group at law firm, Eversheds and Andrew Leung, founder of Andrew Leung International Consultancy Ltd.

The Centre would like to thank each of the speakers for giving up their valuable time to participate. Special thanks also go to Dr Rana Mitter, a lecturer in History and Politics of Modern China, who chaired the debate. The next debate will be held at Dartmouth House on Wednesday 1 November. For more information please contact 7

Diary Dates

Unless otherwise stated we regret that no refunds can be made for cancellations within seven working days of an event.

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Wednesday 1 November at 7.00 pm Debate at Dartmouth House (motion to be confirmed) Contact: Vivienne Thomson Wednesday 8 November 10.30-11.30 am Coffee Morning at Dartmouth House for members and their friends Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Wednesday 8 November at 6.30 pm Lecture at Dartmouth House by Dr Salma Samar Damluji on Islamic and Arab Architecture in Morocco, Oman and Yemen in aid of the ESU Chilton Art History Scholarship. Tickets £17.50 to include a glass of wine. Reception 6.30 pm, lecture 7.00 pm Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Thursday 23 November at 11.00 am Launch of the ESU Sea-Vac Project with Sir Martin Gilbert CBE Sir Martin Gilbert CBE, celebrated author and former overseas evacuee, will be the guest speaker at the launch event of a history project of the ESU, to be undertaken in collaboration with the Imperial War Museum, the University of Reading Research Centre for Evacuee and War Child Studies, and the Evacuees Reunion Association Tickets £8.50 to include sandwich lunch and glass of wine Contact: Katie Brock Thursday 30 November at 6.15 pm The Churchill Lecture The 2006 ESU Churchill Lecture will take place at Goldsmiths' Hall on Thursday 30 November at 6.15 pm, with Guest Speaker The Rt Hon The Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon. Until the end of January, Lord Ashdown was the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The title of his talk will be: The problems, perils, challenges and opportunities of Globalisation. Tickets £26, to include a wine and canapé reception Contact: Norma Reid

DECEMBER Monday 4 December 6.00 – 8.00 pm ESU Alumni Debate at Dartmouth House Contact: Vivienne Thomson Wednesday 13 December 10.30-11.30 am Coffee Morning at Dartmouth House for members and their friends Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Tuesday 12 December at 7.00 pm ESU Annual Christmas Concert at Dartmouth House, with seasonal music and readings. Tickets £15, to include mulled wine, sandwiches and mince pies Contact: Katie Brock

Please note that Dartmouth House will close on Friday 22 December 2006 and re-open on Wednesday 3 January 2007

JANUARY 2007 Wednesday 24 January from 4.30 pm Mongolian Art Exhibition and Cultural Evening to celebrate the 800th Anniversary of Mongolian Statehood. The exhibition will include traditional Fine Art by Ts. Davaakhuu, and prize winning calligraphy by D. Sukhbaatar. An evening of Mongolian music and a lecture will follow. During the reception there will be a raffle of traditional Mongolian items. Contact: Helen Green Wednesday 10 January 10.30-11.30 am Coffee Morning at Dartmouth House for members and their friends Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Wednesday 10 January at 7.00 pm ESU Schools Debate at Dartmouth House Contact: Vivienne Thomson

ADVANCE NOTICE Wednesday 7 February US v UK Debate The national debating teams of the US and UK will meet for this annual event which is kindly sponsored by the American School in London. The ESU is delighted to announce that the debate will take place at the American Embassy Contact: Vivienne Thomson Monday 26 March 6.00-8.00 pm All Alumni Reunion. 80th Anniversary SSE (BASS) and 20th Anniversary US Parliamentary Exchange (Capitol Hill). All Alumni are invited and guests are welcome. Guest tickets £15 Contact: Jo Wedderspoon Thursday 31 May – Monday 4 June The Launch of ESU Moldova will take place from 31 May – 4 June inclusive, in Chisinau, with a cultural programme preceding the formal Launch. For further details contact Helen Green.

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