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Creating global understanding through English ISSUE No. 119 JANUARY 2005

ESU US hosts successful World Member's Conference New York provided a splendid backdrop to the 2004 World Members' Conference held from 6-10 October. Twenty-three countries with established ESUs were represented at the Conference, which showed the truly international scope of the ESU today.

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Churchill Lecture Above: Members of the ESU International Council in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Mr William Miller, Chairman of the ESU of the United States, welcomed the delegates. He was followed by Lord Watson, who introduced the first President of the ESU International Council, Mme Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil, who had been elected at the International Council Meeting. Lord Watson then gave the opening talk on 'Our International Opportunity' concluding that "There are some ways in which our organisation, the ESU, now faces a kind of rendezvous with destiny". The programme, organised by the ESU of the US, included several interesting speakers as well as the Political Analyst, Stuart Rothenberg, who

gave delegates an informative overview of the forthcoming Presidential Election. There was a synopsis of the ESU of the US's new programme “Global Conversations”, which will provide a Forum on the Internet for international members to discuss topics of mutual interest. The Ambassador Book Award Ceremony was another indication of the international dimension of the ESU; 31 US branches are now sending Ambassador Books to international ESUs, resulting in closer international links. Continued on page 2.

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Left: L-R Mr Robert Morse and Ambassador Sichan Siu.

One of the highlights of the Conference was the tour and reception at the United Nations. A very fitting close to this international event was the Farewell Dinner at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Above: L-R Mr William Miller, Mme Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil and Lord Watson.

To raise awareness of the success of the ESU's international development, three stimulating Panel Sessions were held. The first, “The Communication Challenge” was moderated by Lord Watson, then followed “Making a Difference for Young People – English as the Language of Opportunity”, which was moderated by Ms Alice Boyne, ESU-US President/ Executive Director, and finally, “English and the Challenge of Cultural Diversity”, moderated by Mrs Valerie Mitchell, Secretary-General of the International Council.

We would like to thank Mr William Miller, Ms Alice Boyne and all the ESU staff in New York for organising an enjoyable and varied programme of events. For the full copy of Lord Watson’s speech, “Rendezvous with Destiny”, go to, or contact Sarah Spinney at Dartmouth House.

In summing up, Mrs Mitchell stressed that the ESU strongly supports linguistic diversity, and concluded that “English has an unrivalled role to play as a facilitator for communication, and today is uniquely building bridges between cultures and geographies”. Right: Back row: Mr Richard Atherton, Mexico, Dr Peter Troughton, New Zealand, Mr Michael Greig, Canada, Dr José Dalisay, Philippines. Front Row: Mrs Youmna Asseily, Lebanon, Mrs Aglika Markova, Bulgaria, Mrs Valerie Mitchell, Mme Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil, France, Mrs Branka Panic, Serbia and Montenegro.

International Council Meeting The International Council Meeting was held on 7 October in the Roosevelt Hotel, New York, during the World Members' Conference. It was an early start for the 36 delegates representing 23 countries, and first on the Agenda was the election of the first President of the International Council. Three international Chairmen were nominated: Mme Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil, President of ESU France, Ms Aglika Markova, Co-Chairman ESU Bulgaria and Mrs Margarita Mudrak, Chairman ESU Russia, St Petersburg. The Members of the International Council elected Mme Keil. Also on the Agenda was the ratification of three ESU Steering Committees wishing to launch in 2005. ESUs were ratified in Mexico, which plans to launch in May 2005, the Czech Republic, in June 2005 and the Philippines which is scheduled to launch in November 2005.

Left: L-R Mme Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil, President of the ESU International Council and President, ESU France, Mrs Lalivan Karnchanachari, Secretary, ESU Thailand, Mrs Valerie Mitchell, Mr Phornsake Karnchanachari, Chairman, ESU Thailand.

The new President of the ESU International Council, Mme Beatrix de Montgermont-Keil, visited Dartmouth House in November for a meeting with Valerie Mitchell and was delighted to see Mr and Mrs Karnchanachari from ESU Thailand who were also there for a meeting.

ESU Chilton Art History Scholarship Rosemary Baird, Curator of the Goodwood Collection, lectured to a capacity audience at Dartmouth House on 4 November. Speaking on “Glorious Goodwood - The history, house and art collection of the 2

Dukes of Richmond”, the lecture was preceded by a reception and raised £1,500 for the ESU Chilton Art History Scholarship.

HSBC Primary Schools Debate Programme The speakers, who had prepared their cases using a resource pack written by the ESU, debated at an incredibly high level. Their speeches highlighted a range of concerns from the economy to the environment and from transport to terrorism. The students also received a guided tour of the building with its panoramic views over London.

Above: Year 6 students from primary schools in Hackney are pictured with Dame Mary Richardson, Chief Executive of the HSBC Education Trust, and Sir John Bond, HSBC Group Chairman.

On October 11, Year 5 and 6 pupils from schools in Hackney and Tower Hamlets celebrated the second year of the ESU HSBC Primary Schools Debate Programme at the top of the HSBC international headquarters in Canary Wharf. The centrepiece of the occasion was a display debate on the motion “This House would build more tall buildings in London”.

The schools which took part had all benefited from workshops with pupils, and teacher training from members of the ESU's Centre for Speech and Debate during the first year of the programme. They were joined by representatives from Education departments of several other London Boroughs who will be joining the programme over the coming year, by Edward Gould, Chairman of ESU Education Committee, by Dame Mary Richardson, Chief Executive of the HSBC Education Trust and by Sir John Bond, ESU Alumnus and HSBC Group Chairman. The ESU is delighted to announce that the HSBC Education Trust will be continuing its support of the programme over the coming year.

British Debate Squad tours Japan Four members of the British Debate Squad accompanied James Probert, Head of the ESU Centre for Speech and Debate, on a teaching tour of Japan between 4 and 13 October 2004. The team, which was made up of Helen Jarman (University of Cardiff), Nicholas Pacheco (College of Law), Richard Osborne (Inner Temple) and Greg O'Mahoney (University of Oxford), visited universities in Osaka to give demonstration debates and lectures.

An informative and entertaining public debate was held in association with the Stop AIDS Campaign at Dartmouth House on 3 November as part of the ESU's monthly Debating Society programme. The motion, “This House would make HIV testing compulsory for immigrants to the UK” was proposed by Sir Andrew Green, Chair of Migration Watch, and seconded by Alex Deane, a former World Universities Debating Champion and ESU Alumnus. Speaking for the opposition were Neil Gerrard MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on AIDS and Dr Chris Wood, HIV Consultant at North Middlesex Hospital. Compelling speeches on this very contentious issue were delivered by both sides, and the audience were then invited to contribute their own opinions to the debate. Voting on the motion produced a tie. The Debating Society attracts a diverse audience from school pupils to members of the media, each of whom can be assured of an exciting, informative and often exhilarating evening's entertainment. A range of experts speak alongside world-class debaters in a series of dynamic debates which tackle a breadth of current and vital issues. Debates are held monthly at Dartmouth House and are free of charge and open to members of the public. For more information contact Vivienne Thomson at, or call 020 7529 1550.

A visit to Kyoto, the old imperial capital, was arranged before the Squad travelled to Tokyo to judge the Japanese National University Debating Competition, hosted by ESU Japan at the Olympic Youth Centre. The winning team, Mirhat Alykulov and Takeshi Sasaki, of Yokohama National University, will visit London next year as part of their prize. Makiko Okada, Director of the Returning Students Education Centre at the International Christian University High School in Tokyo, and a former pupil of Baroness Brigstocke, announced a new Award to be presented at the Championships this year in memory of the late Chairman of the English-Speaking Union. The Baroness Brigstocke Prize, for

ESU Debating Society

Support the ESU Above: The members of the British Debate Squad at Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto, with students from Kyoto Polytechnic University.

best individual speaker in the Tournament, was won by Mirhat Alykulov. Originally from Kazakhstan, of Russian parents, Mirhat speaks Japanese as a third language, and was debating in English, his fourth language.

If you would like to strengthen the ESU’s ever increasing educational programme by a donation or a legacy in your Will, please contact Jo Wedderspoon at Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, London, W1J 5ED, telephone 020 7529 1550, email Your help would be greatly appreciated. 3

Senator George Mitchell: Guest Speak As she welcomed Senator Mitchell to the stage, Mrs Mitchell also highlighted the tremendous support that the ESU has received from the Churchill family. Senator Mitchell spoke on democracy, the US, Iraq, the Middle East, Northern Ireland and his vision for the future. He said that, “While Greece is the birthplace of democracy, surely Britain is the home of its modern version.” On the invasion into Iraq, he commented, “There is no easy option. Many disagreed with how we got into the war, but, at least in the US, few now advocate an immediate and total withdrawal.” “If we mean what we say about democracy, then we must be prepared to accept the will of the people of Iraq in organising their government, so long as it is freely and democratically expressed.”

Above: Lady Soames presents Senator Mitchell with the ESU Churchill Medal of Honour.

The presence of Senator George Mitchell at the 2004 ESU Churchill Lecture was incredibly timely, as the lecture took place just weeks after the closely fought US Presidential Elections.

Speaking about the situation in the Middle East, he said “There will not be stability in the Middle East until the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is resolved… I believe that neither can obtain its objective by denying to the other its objective. Palestinians will not achieve a state if Israel does not have security. Israel will not have sustainable security if the Palestinians don't have a state.” Finally, he turned to Northern Ireland, about which he said, “I recall clearly my first day in Northern Ireland, nearly ten years ago. I saw for the first time the huge wall which physically separates the two communities in Belfast. Thirty-feet high, topped in places with barbed wire, it is an ugly reminder of the intensity and duration of the conflict. Ironically, it is called The Peace Line.” In conclusion, he said, “The twenty-first Century can be, like so many in the past, a time of endless war, of famine, of oppression, and of injustice. But it can also be a time when the dominant powers use their strength carefully, and commit their people, their power and their prestige, to a great and noble vision: a world largely at peace, with freedom, education, opportunity, and prosperity, extending to more and more people throughout the world. That is our challenge. We must make it our destiny.”

Above: Mrs Valerie Mitchell presents Senator Mitchell with The History of the English-Speaking Peoples by Sir Winston Churchill.

His speech received rapturous applause from the audience. Mrs Mitchell then invited The Lady Mary Soames to the stage to present Senator Mitchell with the ESU Churchill Medal of Honour, as is tradition. Lady Soames said, “it is a very great privilege to present Senator Mitchell with the ESU Medal of Honour. It is a token of great regard and great gratitude”.

Speaking on 'The English Speaking Democracies of the 21st Century', Senator Mitchell attracted a capacity audience, who enjoyed the magnificent surroundings of the Great Hall at Guildhall. Mrs Valerie Mitchell welcomed Senator Mitchell to the 30th ESU Churchill Lecture on 17 November and spoke about his illustrious political career, which began in 1980 when he joined the US Senate, and spanned 15 years. In 1996 the governments of the UK and Northern Ireland asked Senator Mitchell to chair the Peace Negotiations in Northern Ireland which resulted in the historic Northern Ireland Peace Accord.


At the request of President Clinton and Israeli and Palestinian leaders, he chaired an international fact-finding committee on violence in the Middle East, resulting in The Mitchell Report whose recommendations were endorsed by the Bush Administration, the European Union, and many other governments. He is a man who knew conflict, commanded in war and always knew a just peace.

Above: L-R Mr Chris Howarth, Heinz, Mr Nigel Dunlop, Leith’s, Lady Soames, Senator Mitchell, Mr Nick Moorhouse, Leith’s, and Mr Gareth Hagan, Heinz.

ker at the 30th ESU Churchill Lecture

Above: The audience at Guildhall.

Above: Sir Michael Jay and Senator Mitchell.

Sir Michael Jay, Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, concluded the evening with the Vote of Thanks. He thanked Senator Mitchell for an extraordinary and exceptional speech from an outstanding speaker. He then made light of his credentials, as a former Ambassador to France, to give the Vote of Thanks for a speech on English speaking democracies. He said, “Senator Mitchell has given us a compelling vision of what we all need to do to make the world a better and safer place. It was a humane, enlightening and thought provoking speech.�

Above: Guildhall.

Following the Lecture, guests representing the Diplomatic Corps, Corporations, ESU National and International members and journalists attended a reception in the wonderful surroundings of the Old Library. The event was sponsored by Heinz and Leith's.

Lord Watson and Lord Hunt were retained at The House of Lords due to a three line whip, and were disappointed to miss Senator Mitchell's Lecture.

Panel Discussion on the US Election The Pilgrims at Dartmouth House An expert panel of pundits addressed the prospects for the Presidential Elections at a joint meeting of the Pilgrims and the ESU at Dartmouth House on 13 October. Lord Watson presided and Professor Robert Worcester was in the Chair. The panel comprised Marc Champion, Correspondent, Wall Street Journal, Jef McAllister, London Bureau Chief, Time, Stryker McGuire, London Bureau Chief, Newsweek, and Stanley Reed, London Bureau Chief, Business Week. The discussion was followed by a reception and dinner.

Right: Lord Watson and Robert Worcester in front of the arms of the Pilgrims.


The English-Speaking Union American Election Night Party 2004 In his words of welcome, Lord Watson introduced Mr David Johnson who gave a most interesting and witty summary of the Election, which was most enthusiastically received.

Above: Mr David Johnson, Charge d’Affairs, US Embassy, with Lord Watson.

The 2004 American Election Night Party is the fifth of its kind to be hosted by the English-Speaking Union at Dartmouth House. This year it was once again sponsored by Hill & Knowlton. The Party was attended by over 250 guests drawn from the diplomatic, corporate and ex-patriate American communities in London, and the ESU was delighted to welcome the former US Ambassador, The Hon Philip Lader, to the party. Money raised from the evening will help to fund English-Speaking Union scholarship schemes. The reception had a real US election feel to it - with a Dixie Land Jazz Band, Uncle Sams, canapés and bowl food, saloon girls and the build-up to the exciting announcement of the victorious Presidential candidate on three giant screens, generously provided by CNN, which fed the results live from the States to the ESU. The guest of honour was the US Chargé d'Affaires, Mr David Johnson and his wife Mrs Scarlett Swan, who were Above: The Dixie Land Jazz Band accompanied by Mr Dennis played throughout the reception. Spencer Wolf, US Cultural Attaché. They were greeted by Lord Watson and Mrs Valerie Mitchell who escorted them around Dartmouth House and introduced Mr David McLaren, Chairman of Hill & Knowlton and ESU Alumni of the Capitol Hill Internship Programme.

Above: Hill and Knowlton guests enjoying CNN’s giant screens.

A raffle was held with kind donations from The Chesterfield Hotel and Shakespeare's Globe, amongst others. The night ended at 4am with coffee and brownies for everyone. Publicity included live coverage from Sky News and Channel 4 News. Reporters from various newspapers were also present.

Above: L-R Mr Dennis Wolf, Cultural Attaché, US Embassy and Mr David McLaren, Hill and Knowlton.

Left: Valerie Mitchell and The Hon Philip Lader, former US Ambassador.

Above: Helen Sender and James Miller, who organised the event. 6

Argentine Farming Scholar Joaquin Oliviero from Argentina spent three months working and gaining experience on farms in Scotland and Herefordshire between July and September 2004. He was selected by Malcolm Rodman, Chairman ESU Argentina, for the placement from a competitive field of applicants. Joaquin gained not only a great deal of farming experience but also an insight into life in Britain in general. At the end of his visit he had tea at Dartmouth House with Mr William Marsden, Deputy Chairman of the London Branch, Mrs Valerie Mitchell and Miss Helen Green. On his return to Argentina, Joaquin will be speaking at several schools and ESU meetings. Joaquin's flight to the UK was generously funded by the London Branch.

Left: Joaquin Oliviero joined Helen Green and William Marsden for tea at Dartmouth House.

SSE Thanksgiving Dinner Left: Chantal Vallis, Canadian SSE Scholar, Thomas Booth, UK SSE Alumnus and Ted Griffith, US SSE Scholar at Dartmouth House.

More than thirty North American and British SSE scholars made their way to Dartmouth House from the furthest reaches of the British Isles to celebrate Thanksgiving together on 19 November. The hungry travellers tucked into a splendid supper with traditional turkey and dressing followed by pumpkin pie. Earlier in the day a briefing had been held for the UK two term scholars going out to the US in January. Alumni of the programme and current US scholars helped to make the day fun as well as informative. The SSE gap year scholarships enable British and North American students to spend a year studying at a school across the Atlantic. For more information, please contact Mary Dawson.

William Lyne and Henrietta Garnett speak at Dartmouth House Two events were held to raise funds for the Music Scholarship programme. In November, Nicolas Wickham-Irving introduced William Lyne, former Director of the Wigmore Hall, who has been associated with Wigmore Hall for over 40 years, spending the last 36 as its Director.

Lyne was appointed director in 1966 when the Hall was in a state of decline. During his directorship “the Wigmore became what it is today - a space recognised internationally as synonymous with the performance of chamber music and song at its very greatest.�

Anne Thackeray Ritchie. Garnett, the greatgrand-daughter of Leslie Stephen, draws on original research and family legends handed down to her by four generations, to present this enchanting and wonderfully evocative memoir of the daughter of Thackeray and aunt of Virginia Woolf.

Chairman of the Music Scholarships Audition Panel, Edward Greenfield, interviewed William Lyne, and played rare and unobtainable recordings of Shura Cherkassky, Christa Ludwig, the Takacs Quartet, Mieczyslaw Horszowaki and Sara Walker were played, which delighted the audience.

The interview was chaired by George Isserlis, and Mrs Anne Skeggs, Vice Chairman of the ESU Cultural Affairs Committee gave the Vote of Thanks.

This fascinating biography portrays the intricate web of Anny's relatives and friends, among whom were the Dickens family and the Tennysons, Browning and Ruskin - who all appear in a more personal light than seen before. Nicolas WickhamIrving, Chairman of the Cultural Affairs Committee, chaired the event.

Henrietta Garnett was guest speaker at a Literary Lecture in September, where she presented her new book Anny: A Life of

Martin Bell introduces his new book Martin Bell was the speaker at a Literary Luncheon held at Dartmouth House in October, when he introduced his new book Through the Gates of Fire: A Journey into World Disorder. Bell uses his personal experiences as a reporter of eleven wars, and independent MP, to write an impassioned, heartfelt and coruscating call to arms. Bell pleads for a stark reappraisal of the world we're creating for ourselves, as politics becomes increasingly remote from ordinary lives, and television is used as just another propaganda tool where the truth is difficult to find.

The talk, which was chaired by Mrs Valerie Mitchell, was a colourful account of one of the most distinguished foreign affairs reporters of his generation, who has had first-hand experience in Afghanistan, Malawi, Rwanda, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and the first Gulf War, has been an independent MP and has testified at The Hague. Mrs Gill Prior gave the Vote of Thanks. The guests included HE Mr Mel Cappe, the Canadian High Commissioner to the Court of St. James's. Above: Martin Bell with Katie Brock. 7

Fabergé St Petersburg Collection Dinner Mrs Valerie Mitchell welcomed a full audience to Theo and Sarah Fabergé's St Petersburg Collection Dinner at Dartmouth House on 9 November. Guests were delighted that Mrs Margarita Mudrak, Chairman ESU Russia St Petersburg Branch and Ms Olga Arkhipova, a member of the ESU St Petersburg Committee and Director of Education at the Hermitage Museum were in attendance.

Mrs Mitchell introduced Philip Birkenstein, Chairman of the Collection, who spoke about the family's current creations, examples of which were on display. A raffle was held after the dinner, which raised £850. Guests represented corporate and national members including the London Branch and other Branches in England and Wales. The success of the evening enabled the ESU to recruit new members. Champagne Pommery donated the champagne for the reception and the evening raised £2,500 towards the restoration of Dartmouth House. We are very grateful to Theo and Sarah Fabergé and their St Petersburg Collection, to Champagne Pommery for their generous support and to Mrs Colin McCorquodale for providing the beautiful flowers. Left: L-R Mrs Colin McCorquodale, Mr Colin McCorquodale, Mrs Margarita Mudrak, Valerie Mitchell, Ms Olga Arkhipova and Mr Philip Birkenstein.

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