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ESU Music Scholarships Application form 2013 Closing date for applications: Friday 5 October, 2012 Please check you have: • • •

Enclosed a teacher’s reference (or ensured one is sent under a separate cover) Attached a passport sized photo Ensured you are available for auditions on Friday 2 November, 2012

Completed forms and references should be returned to: Music Scholarships Education Department The English-Speaking Union, Dartmouth House 37 Charles Street London W1J 5ED Personal Details Title: First Name:

Family Name:

Other names: Please indicate by which name you prefer to be known, by circling it Date of birth:


Place of birth:


Home address: ______ Telephone number/mobile: Email: Term address:

Telephone number/mobile:

The ESU will be conducting only one day of auditions on Friday 2 November at Dartmouth House, London. If successful, you will be assigned an audition time, which cannot be changed. Please note any times during the day that you will be UNABLE to attend an audition so we can best accommodate you: _________________________________________ _______ Education and Professional Training Instrument: Applying as an individual/ensemble:__________________________________________________ ____ If applying as part of an ensemble, please list the names of the other musicians also applying: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Name of most recent School and Music College: Name of University, Music College or other institution



Public Appearances:

Qualifications obtained, year and grade / Membership of professional institutions



Names of past/current teachers:

Which music school would you prefer to attend? Please rank them 1-5 (‘1’= most preferred, ‘5’ = least preferred – please state ALL preferences. If you would not consider going to a particular school at all, please mark it ‘X’): Acadèmie Internationale de Musique Ravel* Banff Centre for the Arts IMS Prussia Cove Tanglewood Music Centre Yale Summer School of Music (*Please note that applicants for the Ravel Scholarship must have a working knowledge of French) Personal statement All applicants must complete this section of the form Please give reasons, using approximately 50 words, why you have applied for a particular school:

Please use the space below to explain, in no more than 400 words, how you think you would benefit from an ESU Music Scholarship and how the experience would help you in your current work and future ambitions and how you intend to use this on your return home.

Travel Abroad


Type of visit (e.g. holiday etc.)

Dates From

Travel Expenses The ESU Music Scholarships are not able to provide for the cost of travel, insurance or visa costs. Applicants are encouraged to look elsewhere for such funding. Please include below details of how you might meet such expenses, i.e. university travel grant, private funding, sponsorship etc.


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