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Creating global understanding through English ISSUE No. 116 MAY 2004

God and Caesar: by Baroness Williams of Crosby Politician and author Shirley Williams, current Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, was the Guest of Honour and speaker at a Literary Luncheon held at Dartmouth House at the beginning of March. She spoke about her recent book ‘God and Caesar: Personal Reflections on Politics and Religion’, in which she examined the role of morality and ethics in contemporary politics. Drawing on her own experiences as a politician, she shared with the audience many inspiring and enlightening thoughts, as well as discussing some of the difficult decisions made during her career.

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Above: Lord Watson with Baroness Williams of Crosby.

The Luncheon was chaired by the Lord Watson of Richmond, ESU Chairman and a colleague of Baroness Williams in the House of Lords. He remarked that Baroness Williams was always listened to intently in the House as she was invariably cogent, persuasive, and frequently right. Many guests took advantage of the opportunity to ask their own questions over coffee. It was a successful and thought-provoking occasion.

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Members’ use of Dartmouth House . . . . . . .6 Left: Tom Hamilton, Durham University, and Tom Hay, Oxford University, made this token of their appreciation on Laguna Beach, southern California, in November last year. Tom and Tom were the 82nd British National Debate Team to tour America in the ESU’s annual US-UK debate tour exchange.

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Lord Watson short-listed for BBC chairmanship "I wish Michael every success" says Lord Watson. "He is a brilliant man of great energy, and it now falls to him to defend the BBC’s independence and its future. He has my support in what will clearly be testing times". However, Lord Watson says that for himself it was a great honour to be one of the final six candidates considered for the job, and he does not regret, in any way, putting his hat into the ring. "I joined the BBC as a General Trainee in the 1960s and went on to present both the Money Programme and Panorama. I was also Chairman of the Royal Television Society, so I brought considerable knowledge of broadcasting. In addition, I offered recent and current experience of chairing many companies and charities – not least The English-Speaking Union". Many ESU Members will have seen from the media that Lord Alan Watson, our ESU Chairman, was short-listed for the Chairmanship of the BBC. In the event Michael Grade has been appointed to that post.

Had Lord Watson been appointed, he made it clear that he wished to continue chairing the ESU.

"There is a real connection. The BBC is the foremost broadcaster in English, at a time when English is clearly established as the foremost international language. The BBC’s international reputation and credibility are among this country’s greatest assets". When interviewed for the BBC post, Lord Watson emphasised that the BBC does not only belong to its viewers and license payers. "In fact the BBC belongs to the nation – past, present and future. It is that important, and, of course it is for that reason, that I feel honoured to have been considered for the post". Within days of the outcome of the BBC appointment, Lord Watson was off to the United States and then on to the Far East where he visited the ESU in Tokyo giving a major lecture on "The Asian Dimension of English". Then on to Seoul for the opening of ESU Republic of Korea. Even without the BBC job Lord Watson has clearly plenty to do.

Taking the Bard to Beirut ESU Lebanon invited Adam Coleman, resident practitioner of Shakespeare’s Globe Education, to visit Lebanon and give four days of workshops in co-operation with the American Lebanese University and the Al Bustan Festival of Arts and Drama, in mid February. The workshops were interactive, based on themes, such as love, conflict resolution and madness. They were open to secondary schools, university students, teachers, and amateur and professional actors. Above: Students taking part in a Workshop.

Adam Coleman held three workshops a day for approximately 30 people. Using the human emotions Shakespeare explores in his plays, Adam steered the participants to act them out and find out how they dealt with these emotions compared to how Shakespeare did.

The result was a very emotional and enriching experience for all, and the visit was a memorable event in the lives of those who took part. It also spurred further interest in the work of the ESU at large, and a return for the Globe to Beirut next year is certainly on the cards.

Above: Adam Coleman inspiring students in Lebanon.

Alumni Association We are committed to keeping in touch with as many of our Alumni as possible. Some of our Alumni are also members but are there any members who are also Alumni and are not registered with us? If you are, please contact Jo Wedderspoon at Dartmouth House 2

World Schools Debating Championship

Success soars for ESU Public Debates Dartmouth House has seen many successful Public Debates in the past, but the popularity of the two that took place in February and March exceeded all expectations. On 4 February the British and American National Debate Teams went head-to-head to debate the motion "This House would re-elect George W Bush". The event was sponsored by the American School in London, and was so well attended that the doors had to be closed before the Debate began. The Debate attracted such a large audience that space was at a premium – The Churchill Room was overflowing with only 250 of the estimated 300 members of the audience able to be present in the room – the audience overflowed into the hall. The extremely lively Debate was enjoyed by all, and the audience vote was won by the Opposition.

Above: The England Schools Debating Team; L-R James Acton, Coach, Sam Block, Alexandra Hill, Tom Shinner and Lewis Iwu.

The 16th World Schools Debating Championships were held in Stuttgart, Germany, in February. England sent a team comprising Alexandra Hill, Howard of Effingham School, Lewis Iwu, St Bonaventure’s RC School, Tom Shinner, Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, and Sam Block, Dulwich College. The team was coached by James Acton who is studying for his PhD in Physics at Trinity College, Cambridge. The competition involved 29 national schools teams from six continents debating motions such as "This House believes that the world is facing a clash of civilisations" and "This House believes that globalisation perpetuates social inequity".

The England team won seven of their eight preliminary debates, ranking them fourth in the tournament as the knock-out rounds commenced. They were victorious against Indonesia and Singapore in the octo- and quarter-finals respectively. In the semifinals they were beaten by Australia who met South Africa in the final, and went on to win the Championships for the sixth time in eight years. The England team were accompanied by six adjudicators; Trevor Sather, Committee for the Centre for Speech and Debate, Debbie Newman, Head of the Centre for Speech and Debate, James Probert, Debates and Education Officer, Tim Savin, Bilal Mahmood and Ian McMullen.

Debates took place in schools and colleges across Stuttgart with the semi-finals being held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

In association with Deaf@x, a mixed deaf and hearing audience witnessed a Debate on the motion "This House supports the rights of deaf couples to choose to have deaf children", in March. Speaking in Proposition were Eva Fielding-Jackson, Youth Officer for the British Deaf Association, and Robert Rinder, Human Rights Barrister. Speaking for the Opposition were John Hayes MP, Co-Chair of the All-Party Subject Group on Disability, and Colin Bennett, an independent campaigner on disability issues. The event was a tremendous success and underlines the ESU’s commitment to access for all. Many other debates held at Dartmouth House are already translated into British Sign Language. One of the aims of the ESU is to provide interpreters for the full calendar of Debates next year. For more information about the Debating Society, a term card and recent results, see

Scholarship Interviews: SSE & Walter Hines Page ESU Secondary School Exchange (SSE) Scholarships enable gap year students to spend a year at an American or Canadian High School. Interviews for participants in the 2004/05 SSE Scholarships were conducted by two distinguished panels at the end of February. Twenty one UK Scholars were interviewed by the panel, which included Mrs Lynne Taylor-Gooby, Headmistress of the Royal School, Hazlemere, Mrs Sheila Fowler-Watt, the first female SSE scholar, Adrian Underwood, Director of the Boarding Schools Association and Michael Marland, a member of the ESU Education

Committee. Twenty Awards were made to scholars who will act as excellent representatives of the UK and the English-Speaking Union during their year in the United States. The Walter Hines Page Scholarships allow teachers to spend two weeks in the United States visiting schools, to investigate a particular area of educational interest. The English-Speaking Union is grateful to the ATL, HMC, IAPS, ISA, NASUWT, NATFHE and NUT teaching unions for supporting the scholarships. Interviews were held in March and eight participants were successful, from what was considered to be a very strong field. 3

Unlocking Doors

Cambridge College honours Alumnus The highest honour that a College can bestow was awarded to ESU Chairman, the Lord Watson of Richmond in February when he was made an Honorary Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. For Lord Watson, the honour was particularly special because it was at this College, first founded in 1497, that he was a history undergraduate between 1959 and 1961. He remembers his time there with great affection:

Above: Eric Bevan working with a group of language teachers at Cultura Inglesa during the fourth ESU Professional Help project in Brazil in November 2000.

"Jesus College and my time there widened my horizons and gave me a grounding in

"We desperately need this knowledge and this kind of training", were the words of the Head of the Department of Communication at the Riga Stradins University, Latvia at the end of the latest ESU Professional Help Project. This provided a week of seminars on communication skills for business students destined to become Latvia’s future managers and entrepreneurs. Good communication skills are essential in today’s business world where English is the global language. The current economic situation in most Central and Eastern European countries makes it virtually impossible for more than a few individuals to afford the luxury of visiting the UK or the US to undertake professional development training. The ESU Professional Help Scheme, launched in 1997, is designed to create opportunities for young men and women in such countries to gain access to current UK and US Best Practice in business communication skills. Six projects have now been completed - two in Romania and one each in Moldova, Georgia, Latvia and Brazil.

A variety of organisations have taken part – commercial businesses, banks, consultancies, government departments and agencies, universities and language centres – all of whom have expressed a strong interest in the opportunities offered by the scheme. The six projects to date have been undertaken by ESU members, Eric and Mary Bevan, who devised the scheme and are partners in a business communication skills consultancy. Typically, projects include seminars on topics which include business presentations, cultural awareness and crosscultural communication, arguing your case, communicating with the customer, effective public speaking, team roles in business situations, effective meetings, business writing, preparing press releases, business reports and briefs for senior executives.

scholarship that has been invaluable. The Master telephoned me to tell me the good news of the Fellowship on my birthday. The College didn’t know it was my birthday, but it was a splendid birthday present." Lord Watson’s first appearance as an Honorary Fellow will take place at the Rustat Feast, due to be held in mid May. The Chairman has many other connections with universities both in the UK, and abroad. He is a Visiting Professor at Leuven University, an Honorary Professor at Birmingham University, an Honorary Professor in International Relations at the State University of St Petersburg, and a

The projects have been richly rewarding for both the participants and the trainers. In the true spirit of the ESU, many of the friendships formed are being maintained through email.

Trustee of the Great Britain Studies Centre at Berlin’s Humboldt University. He is Chairman of Cambridge University’s Chemistry Advisory Board and has recently been elected a Visiting Fellow of Oriel College Oxford, the college where the ESU

The idea for the scheme arose from a workshop session at the 1996 ESU World Members Conference in Harrogate, when it became clear that there was a need to find a minimum cost method for transferring business communication skills to those countries in transition from centrally-planned to free market economies. The practical solution was to take the professional training to those countries. 4

holds its annual International Relations Summer Conference.

Above: Students at Riga Stradins University with Mary and Eric Bevan.

Centre for Speech and Debate Staff help Phoenix School Children with a range of learning difficulties and special needs have been getting involved in debate recently through a new partnership of the ESU’s Centre for Speech and Debate. Centre staff have teamed up with the Education Department of the Tower of London and Education Business Partnerships to deliver a five-part, three month citizenship course at the Phoenix Special School in Tower Hamlets. Working with one class of eleven students, of varying ages, the course aims to build the children’s ability to articulate their views fluently, and to give them the confidence to engage with institutions like the Government, banks and the justice system. Left: James Probert, ESU Debates and Education Officer, working with students at Phoenix School.

English in Action Scheme spreads to eight schools in the Capital The English in Action in Schools Programme (EIAS), which works with children for whom English is an additional language, is now reaching out to eight primary schools in the Capital, and its success shows that dialogue really does make all the difference in raising education standards in London. Ms Leslie Fenton, who previously worked at Marlborough School, which first pioneered the Programme, has now been appointed Head Teacher at Ashburton Primary School in Chelsea, where she was very keen to establish the scheme. Working with small groups of children, EIAS tutors use a very practical and fun based approach to learning, working to increase language skills and confidence among the pupils. Ms Fenton says: "The results the tutors get are remarkable. By working in a small group, on a regular basis, the children gain in self confidence, and self esteem so much so, that it helps make their passage from year 3 to year 4 almost seemless." The ESU is very grateful to all tutors who donate their time to this very beneficial scheme. Volunteering can take only one hour a week, and anyone who is interested should contact Mary Dawson, Education Officer.

Above: Tutor, Christine Rooney with (L-R) Bezjan (Kurdish), Nela (Bangladeshi), Daniel (Portuguese) and Alaa (Iraqi).

A Key to the Heart Shelley Lewis, the founder of Chocolate Sauce Book Press, spoke about her new project at Dartmouth House in March. ‘A Key to the Heart’ is a collection of traditional folk tales illustrated by school children in

American and Afghanistan, and is aimed at promoting cultural understanding following the 2002 conflict. For every copy of the book sold, a second copy is sent to a child in Afghanistan.

The story-teller, Jan Blake, presented some of the powerful and imaginative stories, and Mrs Valerie Mitchell was in the Chair. Copies of ‘A Key to the Heart’ are available for purchase from Dartmouth House. Please contact Helen Sender.

The ESU needs your help If you would like to support the ESU’s ever increasing educational programme by a donation or a legacy in your Will, please contact Jo Wedderspoon at Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, London, W1J 5ED, telephone 020 7529 1550, email Your help would be greatly appreciated. 5

Georgian Ambassador says Goodbye ESU friends and supporters gathered together for a memorable evening, when the Georgian Ambassador, Mr Teimuraz Mamatsashvili, said his farewell to London. With his broad interests, and the many venues that he must have visited during his time in London, the ESU was particularly delighted that he chose to host this significant occasion at Dartmouth House. Mr and Mrs Mamatsashvili have been staunch supporters of the ESU, giving outstanding assistance through the initial phases of setting up the ESU in Georgia, and have also given support to competitions including the International Public Speaking Competition. They will be missed by us all.

Left: L-R Lord Watson with Trevor McDonald, Governor of the ESU, Mr Teimuraz Mamatsashvili and Valerie Mitchell.

International at Home International at Home meetings are a regular feature of the Dartmouth House programme of events. They are held to familiarise overseas guests with the work of the ESU worldwide and to give them an opportunity to see the wide range of facilities at Dartmouth House. The latest event took place on 10 March and was very well attended by ESU members, English in Action students and guests from the international diplomatic and business community representing 10 countries. Mrs Anthony Bull, Chairman, Promotions Sub-Committee, welcomed the guests together with Mrs Valerie Mitchell, who gave a presentation on the national and international work of the ESU. The morning ended with a tour of Dartmouth House.

ESU Hungary In March, Colin McCorquodale, Chairman ESU London, visited Budapest for a long weekend with his Hungarian wife, Bindy, his niece and her husband. They were welcomed by Steve Jones, Chairman, ESU Hungary, and his wife Eva, who provided invaluable advice and help during their stay. Over the weekend, they were taken on a sightseeing tour, and enjoyed a celebratory dinner together. Reporting on the visit, Colin commented, "There are now over 250 members of ESU Hungary and a full programme is underway. It was particularly rewarding to hear that two students will be coming to London in May, to participate in the International Public Speaking Competition Final. A real achievement by Steve and his Committee."

Above: L-R Steve Jones, Chairman ESU Hungary, Colin McCorquodale, Chairman ESU London Branch, Eva Jones, Bindy McCorquodale, Joanna Gouriet and James Gouriet.

Steve and Eva would encourage ESU members visiting Hungary to get in touch with them.

Members’ use of Dartmouth House Would all ESU Members please note that it is not permissible to use public areas of Dartmouth House specifically for business meetings. Rooms are available to be hired for such purposes. It is also not acceptable for people to use mobile phones or laptop computers in the public areas. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter. 6

Cornwall & Brighton hear more Leonie Frieda about ESU International introduces her new biography The author and biographer Philip Zeigler, took the chair on 19 February for the first of a series of fascinating Literary Events at Dartmouth House. Introducing Leonie Frieda, whose highly acclaimed biography of Catherine de Medici had been launched a few days earlier at the ESU, Mr Ziegler compared the excitement that had greeted her new publication to that which had been generated by Antonia Fraser’s ‘Mary Queen of Scots’.

Above: L-R John Baxter, Ross Wheller, Valerie Mitchell and Will Purvis.

Valerie Mitchell was invited to be the guest speaker at a recruitment meeting for schools, held on 8 March at Truro School, and hosted by the Cornwall Branch. John Baxter, former Headmaster of Wells Cathedral School and now Chairman of the Cornwall Branch, organised a first class event at Truro School, and invited Headmasters from four local schools to attend. John Baxter emphasised that he had joined the ESU because of his Walter Hines Page Scholarship. The meeting was a great success. Valerie spoke on "The ESU – Growth in International Links and Understanding". Other presentations were given by Ross Wheller, the American SSE Scholar placed at Truro School for a year, and Muriel Harrison, SW Regional Officer, who spoke about her experience of attending ESU launches. In the audience were three retired British Ambassadors, including Mr William Fullerton, who had enabled the ESU to be launched in Morocco, and Mrs Fullerton, who is now on the Cornwall Branch committee. Will Purvis, a pupil at Truro School who had just been informed that he had been awarded an SSE Scholarship to the United States in September, was present, as were ten students representing different countries who were placed, not only at Truro School, but at other schools in the area. Also in attendance was the Rev Alison Shaw of the Bodmin Team Ministry in Cornwall, who had also just heard that she had been awarded the Chapel Travel Grant to travel to the USA.

The meeting was followed by a reception at which new ESU members and local schools were recruited. One week later, the Director-General was given a warm welcome by the Brighton and Hove Branch when Mr Arthur Collins, Chairman, and Mr John Williams, President, and Mrs Williams, together with members of the committee, received her at the Hove Club. In his opening remarks Arthur Collins announced the Branch’s new involvement with an International Project, the ESU Nurse Work Shadow Programme, run by Mrs Gill Prior, UK co-ordinator. Valerie spoke on "Eastern Europe and the Growth of the ESU", and was delighted by the enthusiastic response of the audience, which was reflected in the excellent and constructive questions asked following her talk. In the audience there was an international representation both from Eastern and Central Europe and China, an ESU Walter Hines Page Scholar, ESU Alumni and members of the Branch.

Taking a different Queen as her subject, Leonie Frieda captivated the audience with her insights into the remarkable life of Catherine de Medici. Catherine, born into fabulous wealth in Florence, went on to become one of the most notorious, maligned and misunderstood Queens of France. Thrown into politics on the early death of her husband Henry II, at a time of religious turbulence, her efforts to protect the dynastic rights of her children lead directly to the infamous St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Leonie Frieda gave an enthralling introduction to her new biography, which offers fresh insight into the personality and motivations of an extraordinary woman and politician. Valerie Mitchell, gave a heartfelt thanks to the author, and in her closing remarks also paid tribute to Philip Ziegler who has supported the ESU both nationally and internationally over many years.

In her closing remarks, Valerie mentioned that it was this Branch, 44 years ago, which originally started the ESU Public Speaking Competition for Schools, and she was delighted that Mr John Williams and Mr Michael Anstey, the two members who had initiated this project, were present. In addition to this, the Branch had always supported ESU activities both at home and overseas. Following the Director-General’s visit, ESU Brighton generously donated a wide selection of books to be distributed to schools in Madagascar.

Above: Leonie Frieda delighted with the response from the ESU audience. 7

Latin America brought to life novels. She talked about ‘The Swallow and the Hummingbird’, her new book, which was published in March. The novelist’s fantastic eye for detail and her ability to transport readers to another land was obvious to all present. Chris Redman, ESU Governor, gave the Vote of Thanks. Many members of the audience had personal associations with Latin America, and were able to question Santa on her thoughts about a variety of different elements of Latin American life, including its politics, culture and magnificent landscapes.

Above: Santa Montefiore (centre) signing copies of her new book with (left) Tim Rolph, Cultural Affairs Officer, and a member of the audience.

It was an enthusiastic audience that met at Dartmouth House on 11 March for Santa Montefiore’s talk on ‘An Inside View of Latin American Experience: A Novelist’s Perspective’. Valerie Mitchell presided and introduced Santa. She was in the fortunate position of being able to explain the South American background of the author and also Santa’s own family history because of Valerie’s close association with the family and Latin America. Santa Montefiore spoke passionately about her love affair with the continent and explained how it has provided inspiration for her four

Above: L-R Mrs Valerie Mitchell, Sir David Frost and Mrs Pattie PalmerTomkinson at the official Hodder & Stoughton Book Launch at Dartmouth House.

Musical Evenings This spring, two lectures with a musical theme helped to raise funds for the Music Scholarship Programme. In February, the Chairman of the Music Scholarships Audition Panel, Edward Greenfield, talked about the many great musicians and composers he has met throughout his career as a music critic and broadcaster. George Isserlis, whose son, the cellist Steven Isserlis, was awarded one of the very first ESU Music Scholarships, was in the chair. In March, Lady Rose Cholmondeley, the pianist and President of the Chopin Society, gave a lecture entitled ‘Interpretations of Chopin from the 19th Century to the present day’ and spoke about the inspiration Chopin provided to pupils, musicians and composers. She was introduced by fellow pianist Lady Garland, and Nicolas Wickham-Irving, Chairman of the Cultural Affairs Committee, gave the Vote of Thanks. Above: Three pianists: L-R Nicolas Wickham-Irving, Lady Rose Cholmondeley and Lady Garland.

Armenian Evening of poetry and dance An audience filled the Churchill Room at Dartmouth House on 24 March for a colourful and entertaining evening of traditional Armenian dance and poetry. Organised in collaboration with Odette Bazil, ESU Armenia, the programme interlinked poetry read by Peter Barker, with dance by Shakeh Avanessian, whose expressive movements and beautiful costumes captivated the audience. The evening was introduced by Natali Jryan from ESU Armenia and HE The Armenian Ambassador made the closing remarks.

Right: L-R Natali Jryan, Peter Barker, Shakeh Avanessian, HE Dr Vahe Gabrielyan and Helen Green. 8

European Conference in Strasbourg Saturday 4 - Monday 6 September Lord Watson will lead an English-Speaking Union Conference entitled ‘Dimensions of the New Europe’, which will be held in Strasbourg on Monday 6 September. It is apt that this Conference should take place in this city which is known as the "crossroads of Europe" and is the seat of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament. The Conference will take place in the Council of Europe with speakers to include Mr Luzius Wildhaber, President of the European Court, Mr Stephen Howarth, British Ambassador to Strasbourg and renowned speakers from the business and political spectrum who will be discussing the historical background of European enlargement, and the economic and cultural dimensions. Strasbourg, with its rich and fascinating history dating from Roman times, offers a wealth of attractions. ESU Strasbourg has kindly organised a cultural tour of the city on Sunday 5 September to include a boat trip on the Rhine river, and a guided tour of the magnificent Romanesque and Gothic cathedral and Oeuvre Notre Dame Museum. Strasbourg is also famous for its gastronomy and its proximity to the Wine Route of Alsace. There will be an opportunity to take a wine tasting tour on Saturday 4 September. The Strasbourg Branch is looking forward to welcoming ESU members to this special Conference meeting and will give you all a warm welcome to their city. Information as follows: Please note that delegates are responsible for booking their own accommodation and flights. The Hôtel de Prince (33 rue Geiler, 67000 Strasbourg) has reserved 40 rooms for delegates for the nights of 3-6 September. We recommend that to ensure your place in the hotel you should contact them at your earliest convenience clearly stating that you are part of the English-Speaking Union delegation: Euros £ Room with bath/shower 91.50 60.55 Room with King-size bed or two beds 103.50 68.49 Room for three persons 114.00 75.44 Petit-déjeuner buffet 12.00 7.94

Tel. 0033 388 61 55 19, Fax. 0033 388 41 10 92, All room bookings must be made by Wednesday 30 June. Conference Fees Saturday Wine Route (to include transport, guide and wine tasting tour)



Sunday Ground Travel (to include tour and evening reception) Boat trip along the river Rhine Lunch at the Restaurant Le Baecheoffe d’Alsace Guided Tour of Cathedral and the Oeuvre Notre Dame Museum

20.00 7.00 26.00 13.00

13.23 4.63 17.20 8.60




Monday Conference fee Ground Travel (to and from the Conference venue and evening reception) Tea and Coffee Three course lunch (to include wine) at the Council of Europe

30.00 25.00 4.00 35.00

19.85 16.72 2.65 23.16





190 Euros


In order to help the administration, please note that we have made different categories for costing. Transport has been organised and clearly this has been added as an extra cost. For more information and a booking form please contact Sarah Spinney, Communications Officer, telephone 020 7529 1562, email 9

World Members’ Conference, New York, 6-10 October 2004 For further information and a booking form please contact: The English-Speaking Union, Branch Services, 144 East 39th Street, New York, NY 10016, telephone: 001 212-818-1200, fax: 001 212-867-4177, email: The programme will include a welcome reception and dinner at the Yale University Club, discussion sessions on international themes, the 2004 Ambassador Book Award Ceremony, a Tour and Reception at the United Nations, and demonstrations of ESU educational programmes, a farewell dinner at Ellis Island Immigrant Museum and two lunches. Speakers will include Stuart Rothenberg, one of the country’s most respected non-partisan political analysts and commentators who will discuss the upcoming Presidential elections. There are optional tours on the morning of Wednesday 6 October for those who arrive early. The closing session will take place on the morning of Sunday 10 October. If you are staying on for an extra day or two, volunteers from the New York Branch are standing ready to help you with any special requests you might have, such as touring a particular neighborhood, visiting a museum with a local guide or going on a souvenirshopping spree. Optional Pre-conference trip to Washington DC: Sunday 3-Tuesday 5 October The Washington DC Area Branch has put together an enticing tour package that includes visits to the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress and such Smithsonian highlights as the National Gallery of Art and the National Air and Space Museum. Each morning will begin with a group breakfast at which a prominent speaker will provide an overview on a timely subject. Each evening will end with a buffet reception, at least one of which will take place in a stately Embassy. If you plan to take advantage of this special excursion, you should book your flights into Washington DC and out of New York City. COSTS Full payment must be received by September 1st • New York Registration fee (not including accommodation – see below) $400, if paid before June 15th; and $440, if paid after June 15th • Washington: $1200 per person for couples and $1500 per person for singles (since accommodation must be billed at double-occupancy rates). This will cover three nights in the Washington Court Hotel, 525 New Jersey Avenue NW (a short walk from Union Station), all breakfasts, all receptions, transportation to and from scheduled events and train fare from Washington DC to New York City. Student rates are also available; please inquire directly of Dr. Andrews at 001 202-234-4602. ACCOMMODATION • The Roosevelt Hotel, East 45th Street and Madison Avenue $179 and $139 (not including breakfast, and excluding 13.625% tax and a $2.00 occupancy fee). Reservations can be made by fax: 001 212-885-6162 telephone: 001 212-661-9600. Please specify that you are with The English-Speaking Union group. • The Vanderbilt YMCA, East 47th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues $60 for a single, $70 for a double (bunk beds), both with a shared bath, excluding breakfast. YMCA reservations must be pre-paid to the ESU of the US 10

Diary Dates

Unless otherwise stated we regret that no refunds can be made for cancellations within seven working days of an event.

For members: We accept payment for Dartmouth House events and membership subscriptions by credit/debit cards. Cards bearing Visa, Master-Card, Maestro, Switch, Solo or Delta symbols can now be used to make bookings by post, telephone or email. DARTMOUTH HOUSE Telephone : 020 7529 1550

MAY Thursday 6 May at 7.00pm Literary Lecture at Dartmouth House Historian Andrew Roberts will present his new book ‘What Might Have Been’, which examines alternative outcomes to turning points in history Tickets: £5.50 to include wine Contact: Tim Rolph Wednesday 12 May at 10.30-11.30am At Home at Dartmouth House Members and their friends are invited to coffee at Dartmouth House Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Thursday 13 May at 6.00-8.00pm Private View at Partridge Fine Arts in New Bond Street of the Galleries and of the Exhibition ‘In the Garden’, paintings by Julie Harris, garden designs by Arne Maynard. The Directors of Partridge Fine Arts PLC are kindly hosting this Private View in aid of the ESU Chilton Art History Scholarship Tickets: £20 Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Friday 14 May The International Public Speaking Competition will take place with the heats at 9.30am at Dartmouth House, and the final at South Africa House, Trafalgar Square, at 2.30pm. Members are welcome to attend the heats in the morning, and there are also a limited number of tickets available for the Final in the afternoon. A sandwich lunch at Dartmouth House is available for £5 per person. The competition is sponsored by HSBC Holdings plc Contact: Helen Green or Helen Sender

JUNE Wednesday 9 June at 10.30-11.30am At Home at Dartmouth House Members and their friends are invited to coffee at Dartmouth House Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Thursday 24 June at 7.00pm ESU American Arts Scholarship to Attingham Lecture Series 2004 Bruce Robertson, Professor, Art History Department, University of California, Santa Barbara; and Chief Curator, Centre for American Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, will give a lecture on ‘High Culture in the Wild West: the Development of Art Museums in the American West’. Proceeds from the lecture support an ESU scholar at Attingham Tickets: £7.50 to include wine Contact: Tim Rolph

Monday 28 June at 7.00pm Architecture: one language, many accents George Ferguson, President of Royal Institute of British Architects, will give a lecture at Dartmouth House, examining architecture in its varied regional contexts. Drawing heavily on the RIBA Drawings Collection, Mr Ferguson will also look at the importance of architectural examination Tickets: £6 to include wine Contact: Tim Rolph

JULY Wednesday 7 July at 3.30-5.00pm House of Lords Tea Party The Lord Watson of Richmond will receive guests on the Terrace of the House of Lords. This is a popular event and early booking is essential. Please check availability. Guests’ names will need to be submitted in advance Tickets: £22 Contact: Jacqueline Abbott Sunday 11-Saturday 17 July International Summer Conference, Oriel College, Oxford The 42nd International Summer Conference will be held at Oriel College. The aim of the Conference is to give participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Britain and to widen their outlook on world issues. It also offers a unique opportunity to make individual contacts with people from various fields, cultures and backgrounds Delegate fee: £845 members, £965 non-members Contact: Helen Green Wednesday 14 July at 10.30-11.30am At Home at Dartmouth House Members and their friends are invited to coffee at Dartmouth House Contact: Jacqueline Abbott

Friday 30 July The 2004 Branches Conference will take place at Dartmouth House with a full programme of events and lunch. The day will close with a splendid dinner at the Lansdowne Club (just around the corner), with a guest speaker Accommodation, at extremely advantageous rates, has been arranged at the Lansdowne Club for those wishing to spend the night in London For further information, contact Meriel Talbot, Director of Branches, on 020 7529 1567, or email

Wanted The October 1986 edition of Concord. Please contact Gill Hale ESU Library. 020 7529 1550 11

Diary Dates cont. DARTMOUTH HOUSE Telephone : 020 7529 1550

ESU St Petersburg – Fabergé Tour

Wednesday 17 November

‘Become a Tzar or Tzarina for a day!’

The 2004 ESU Churchill Lecture will take place at Guildhall

Theo Fabergé St Petersburg Collection will be making its 12th

with guest speaker Senator George Mitchell

Luxury Palaces and Gems Tour to St Petersburg, in conjunction with

Contact: Sarah Spinney


Saturday 31 July – Friday 6 August

the ESU St Petersburg. You are promised access to palaces and objets d’art, which only the magic name of Fabergé can open.

ESU American Arts Scholarship to Attingham Lecture Series 2004

More details are available from Irene Clarke on 01895 238 674, or email

ADVANCE NOTICE Monday 6 September Lord Watson will lead an English-Speaking Union Conference entitled ‘Dimensions of the New Europe’ in Strasbourg. ESU France, Strasbourg Branch, will be organising cultural visits around the Conference. For further details, see page 9

Proceeds from the lectures support an ESU scholar at Attingham Time: 7.00pm Tickets: £7.50 to include wine Contact: Tim Rolph Friday 24 September Thomas Michie, since 1991 Curator of Decorative Arts at the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, on "Cargo and Adventure: Rhode Island and the China Trade 1700 – 1900"

Contact: The Director-General’s Office Wednesday 6-Sunday 10 October The World Members’ Conference will take place in New York. For further details, see page 10 Contact: ESU New York

Wednesday 17 November Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Anthony W. and Lulu C Wang Curator of American Decorative Arts at the Metropolitan Museum, New York, on "Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1848-1933, Interior Designer, Glassmaker, Metalworker and Jeweller Extraordinaire"

ESU 85th Anniversary Service of Thanksgiving Westminster Abbey, Thursday 26 June 2003 SOUVENIR VIDEO ORDER FORM If you would like a unique reminder of this special service please complete the video order form below. Videos are priced at £15 each, additional copies £12 each, + P&P (£1 UK / £2 Europe / £2.50 Overseas per video) NAME:


Number of Videos Required:


ADDRESS (To which video will be sent): Post code: NB. The video will come in a format suitable for the country in which you live. If you would like to receive a video in a different format, please advise us accordingly. I enclose a cheque, made payable to the English-Speaking Union, for £_____________ or, Please charge my Visa/Mastercard. We regret that telephone orders cannot be accepted.

Card No. Cardholder: SIGNED:

Expiry Date: DATE:

PLEASE RETURN THE COMPLETED FORM TO: Sarah Spinney, Communications Officer, The English-Speaking Union Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, London W1J 5ED. Email: Fax: +44 (0)20 7495 6108 Published by the English-Speaking Union, Registered Charity No. 273136 Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, London W1J 5ED Tel : 020 7529 1550 Fax : 020 7495 6108 Email : Web : Produced by Accountability PR, Tel : 020 7247 0367 Design by Carbonari, Tel : 01392 215 993

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