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esidence Hall living is considered an integral part of a student’s overall educational and personal development.The Residence Life Program is dedicated to providing an environment that supports the classroom experience and contributes to the overall growth of the student. In this group living environment, established practices and policies complement the student’s educational and social needs, provide safety and health standards, and promote the overall educational objectives of the University. detailed listing of all Residence Hall policies is contained in the Residence Life Information and Policies Booklet, which you will receive when you check into your assigned hall in the Fall, but the following highlights may prove to be of immediate benefit:


East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

When You Arrive

Students may check into their assigned residence hall according to their class year and the alphabetical schedule below: First-Year & Transfer Students: Saturday, August 25, 2012. Returning/Upperclass Students: Sunday, August 26, 2012. University Apartment residents may arrive either day.

Student’s last name: Check in times:


9:00 a.m.—11:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.—3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m.—5:00 p.m.

There will be no exceptions so please plan accordingly.


First-Year Student housing assignments will be available on the MyHousing page of your ESU portal at the conclusion of all summer Orientation programs. Any room and roommate preferences noted on your MyHousing page will be honored whenever possible, but only in cases where both students have requested each other, and the requests are made by the deadline, and as space permits.


Each student is provided with a single bed, dresser, desk and chair, and closet space or wardrobe unit. The rooms may be personalized with furniture from home but keep in mind the space is limited and must be shared with another person(s). No University provided furniture may be removed from the room.

For more information, assistance or special accommodations, please call 570-422-3460.

Notice of Nondiscrimination: East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran’s status in its programs and activities in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding this policy: Director of Diversity/Ombudsperson, 200 Prospect Street, 115 Reibman Building, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301, 570-422-3656.

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to Living Campus

Suggested Items to Bring • Desk light • Alarm clock • Umbrella • Robe • Hangers • Laptop • Pillows • Sandals/Flip flops • Surge protector extension cords • Stamps • Small refrigerator (under 5.0 cubic feet) • Microwave (under 800 watts) • Backpack

• Cell phone • Health Insurance Info • Co-ax cable and splitter • Laundry bags/baskets • First Aid items • Toiletries • Shower Caddy • Comforter • Money/ATM card • Key chain • Carpet (traditional halls only) • Window fan (traditional halls only)

Guide to Living on Campus East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania A Member of the State System of Higher Education


All of our residence halls have kitchen, laundry, recreation and study areas. In the traditional halls and new suites, there are communal kitchens. In the University Apartments, each apartment has a full kitchen.


The residence halls are supervised by a full-time live-in Resident Director, or Graduate Assistant. These professionals are assisted by Resident Advisors (RAs) who are upperclass student para-professionals employed by the Office of Residence Life. Each floor has an RA, and it is his/her responsibility to provide programs, enforce University policies, act as a resource and referal agent, and generally provide assistance within the limits of his/her experience and training.

Cable TV and Internet

Digital Cable TV and Internet service is included in the room rate. You must have a digital television in order to receive the more than 170 channels offered to the University. If you have an old analog set, you will receive only twenty channels. Both cable and wireless internet service are available in every room.


Mail is delivered (Monday-Friday) by the US Postal Service to each residence hall. The mail is then distributed to your assigned mailbox in the hall. Your mailbox number is the same as your room number. Students are required to check their mail each day! Use the following EXAMPLE for your mailing address; Melissa Ann Jones East Stroudsburg University Hawthorn Suites, Room 372B 200 Prospect Street East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 The campus is also serviced by private package companies for deliveries only. (UPS, Federal Express)


Five different suite types are available (see website) Window sizes vary (see website) Suites are single gender but hallways are co-ed Brand new, moveable furniture Closets are built-in and unit is carpeted wall to wall Every unit has private bath and kitchenette Fully adjustable heating and air conditioning Fitness center annex located in basement

HEMLOCK SUITES (CO-ED) • 478 STUDENTS • • • • • • • • •

Five different suite types are available (see website) Window sizes vary (see website) Suites are single gender but hallways are co-ed Brand new, moveable furniture Closets are built-in and unit is carpeted wall to wall Every unit has private bath and kitchenette Fully adjustable heating and air conditioning Police station located in basement Residence Life and Housing offices located on first floor west

LAUREL HALL (CO-ED) • 207 STUDENTS • Room Size: 12' x 16'6" • Window Size: 73" x 64" • Co-ed by floor and by wing • Moveable beds, dresser & desks, built-in closets • Laurel Hall houses the Honors and Physics/Pre-Engineering Programs

LENAPE HALL (CO-ED) • 338 STUDENTS • • • • •


• Room Size: 12’ x 16’ • Window Size: 62” x 60” • Ground floor is all female, first floor is co-ed by wing, second floor is all male, and third floor is all female • Moveable beds, desks, dressers and wardrobes


Room Size: 12’ x 16’ Window size: 64” x 60” Co-ed by floor Moveable beds, dressers, desks and wardrobes.

SHAWNEE HALL (CO-ED) • 227 STUDENTS • Room Size:13’ x 16’ and 13’ x 17’ • Moveable beds (one bunk, one single) • Window Size: • 69” x 62” (1st floor) • 69” x 50” (2nd floor) • Co-ed by floor • Two built-in closets • Moveable dressers & desks • All rooms in Shawnee are permanent triples

All halls have computer labs and a fire suppression system. Blinds are provided in all halls except Laurel, Lenape and Minsi, where a curtain or tension rod is provided and you must bring your own window treatment.

Room Size: 12' x 16' Window Size: 57" x 61" Co-ed by room All furniture is moveable Six larger triple rooms and six quad rooms

There is a phone jack in every room (except for the new suites), but you must provide your own touch-tone telephone along with the connecting cord. Local and 1-800 calls can be made free of charge with your access code supplied by Computing and Communication Services. Long distance calls from this land line can be made using a calling card. If you do not supply your room with a local phone, the Residence Life and Housing department will need your mobile phone number for emergencies and calls related to residence hall business.


Smoking is prohibited inside the residence halls, and within twenty feet of all building entrances.


All halls have 24-hour weekend visitation privileges and limited visitation on Sunday-Thursday from 10:00am1:00am. All guests must be escorted while in the building. Non-students must register at the front desk and leave photo ID. ESU students must swipe their E-Card when entering the halls.


➣ Food preparation is permitted only in appliances which have an enclosed heating element and do not exceed 800 watts. Examples include microwaves, small coffee makers, toasters and blenders. ➣ Pets are not allowed, except for fish and service animals. ➣ Students are not permitted to paint their rooms. ➣ Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus. Also, alcoholic beverage containers are not allowed as decorations in student rooms.

UNIVERSITY APARTMENTS - (CO-ED) 218 Students • UPPERCLASS STUDENTS ONLY • 35 units total; six students per apartment housed in three double rooms. • Room Size 11' x 13' • Moveable beds, dressers and desks, built in closets • Communal living area (unfurnished) and kitchen facilities, along with two private bathrooms


Any questions related to living on campus should be directed to the Office of Residence Life and Housing at 570-422-3138 or 570-422-3460 Printed on 100% PC Recycled paper

➣ No automobiles are allowed unless you have earned 60 credits or are 21 years of age.

Guide to Living on ESU Campus 2012  

A brochure for students who might live on campus at East Stroudsburg University.

Guide to Living on ESU Campus 2012  

A brochure for students who might live on campus at East Stroudsburg University.