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Innovations June—August 2010 Newsletter

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The longest day of the year! As spring slips away, the days become longer and the nights provide a cool break between heat waves. June 21st marks the first day of summer and is the longest day of the year. On this occasion, the sun rises so high in the sky it seems to stand still. Appropriately named solstice, this celestial event is celebrated with gatherings and festivals to honor the Druid dubbed “wedding of Heaven and Earth.” This has resulted in the common belief of a “lucky” wedding in June. So, grab your sunscreen and slip on your new flip- flops because summer is here!

Troubleshooting computer issues is painless... really! There are quite literally a million problems you may encounter when using a computer. Take a look at these easy troubleshooting tips to remedy your computer woes, and learn when to ask for help.

Start with the obvious. Sometimes computer problems are caused by excessive clicking or accidentally entered commands. Have you ever had text in a Word document disappear, or a formula in an Excel spreadsheet go missing? Try using “Ctrl + Z” or select “Undo” from the “Edit” menu to recover lost data. This will reverse the most recent action. Some programs will even allow you to undo a series of actions if necessary.

Movin’ on up! If you are surfing the Internet and you receive an error message that states, “404 Not Found” or “Page cannot be displayed,” try selecting the next best Web site address. For example, if you are viewing the page and you receive an error message, try entering instead and see if that page works. Think of the Internet like an encyclopedia: If you don’t know the page where the information is located, you can always look through all of the pages with the first few letters of the word you want to find.

When all else fails, reboot. Some issues just can’t be resolved with a magical series of key strokes or clever data entry. For example, what if you can’t get a program to open at all, or your computer freezes up? Take a deep breath and select “Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete”. When the menu appears, click on the power option in the lower right hand corner, then click “Shut Down”. Wait until you hear the fan go off and see the light (s) go dark. You want to be sure the computer is completely off. If “Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete” does nothing, try a cold start. Hold in the power button on your computer until it shuts down. Then...

Take a break! That’s right, walk away. Do a few jumping jacks, talk to a co-worker or refill your coffee mug. Don’t worry, your computer won’t mind and certainly won’t restart without you. After your breather, press the power button on your computer to get it started again. When the login screen comes up, enter your information and wait for your settings to load. Then open the program or document you want to work with and see if an error message appears or if the computer freezes again.

More often than not… a simple restart will cure program stalls, network delays and printer hiccups. (Continued on page 2)

A brighter outlook on Outlook Do you find yourself frustrated with Outlook? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Many people are puzzled by this feature filled e-mail program and often don’t utilize even half of the components available. Take a moment to read and learn these valuable tips to avoid embarrassing Outlook mistakes and fix those silly little annoyances that plague your e-mail experience in Outlook.

Send/Receive manually if necessary. You just finished composing a fantastic e-mail that will land your new big wig client and it’s stuck in your outbox. Don’t be afraid to click on the send/ receive option at the top of your Outlook window. If the e-mail in your outbox is sent when you click on the send/receive button but you continue to have trouble sending e-mail, your Outlook may simply be set to (Continued on page 3)


Troubleshooting computer issues…. If your computer will not turn on at all... call us.

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Honestly, there is no mystery to a reboot. This action simply prompts your computer to check itself, recover from errors and reinitialize drivers or hardware.

If you had a problem with Internet Explorer and closed the program completely, but now you have a new wallpaper that says you have a virus accompanied by relentless pop-ups… call us.

Still no light at the end of the tunnel? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. With our no-hassle fixed monthly agreements, we are at your service. Many issues can be addressed right over the phone or through remote assistance.

If your monitor stops displaying the normal colors and you are now viewing a discouraging show of the aurora borealis on your screen instead of getting your work done…

Even if you are not on contract with us yet, but you would like to see how we can help. Give us a call today for more information. We will come onsite and assess your current situation, work with you to determine the best course of action, and develop a plan for your continued computing needs.

For heaven’s sake, just call. Our TotalCARE computer service plans take the guess work out of computing and put you back in the driver’s seat. You don’t have to get your feet wet in the world of technology to run a business. You just need technical support you can count on.

How can you tell if your computer issues are serious? If you have tried everything you


can think of or your computer is shining with the blue screen of death, you may need an expert to look deeper. Here are a few additional scenarios you may need an expert to resolve:

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Tweeting 101  Spam on Twitter

Unsolicited messages one after the other for the same event, software or blog post that junks up the Twitter feeds for everyone. Avoid becoming an annoyance on Twitter, less is more.

 Round the clock updates

Give yourself and your followers a break. Tweeting at 2am is not necessary. If you want to be productive during off hours, e-mail yourself posts to publish in the future. That way you can shock your followers with the meaningful content provided daily instead of ignored tweets in the middle of the night.

 Hashtag usage

Hashtags are a great way to group tweets or add extra data. A hashtag is the use of a pound symbol (#) preceding a key word in a tweet, like #marketing or #dining. These tags help your followers, and others, find your tweets based on the key words you mark with hashtags.

 Retweeting (RT)

Twitter created the retweet feature to help users share information quickly. Retweeting simply tweets what you select to retweet under your Twitter user name so your followers can see what you enjoyed.

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June—August 2010 Newsletter

Coming security device could help defy hackers A Herndon, Va., start-up has developed a security system they say is “hackproof.” Called InZero, the small device works on an entirely different principle from other security systems. In development since 2002, it has been tested by the military's Defense Advanced Research Products agency as well as several companies that specialize in finding cracks in computer security. No one has broken it.

InZero’s sandbox. From its inception, InZero was designed to act like a second computer (in geekspeak, a "sandbox") sitting between a vulnerable PC and the Internet. Using the system when you are on the Web, it feels like you are using your own machine. But, you are actually in InZero's sandbox. You can send e-mail and go anywhere on the Internet, even to sites known to harbor hackers and viruses.

The barrier between the sandbox and the computer... prevents anything bad from getting to your machine. That's because the operating system and memory in InZero's sandbox are

readers only. They can't be changed by a virus, and hackers can't commandeer the device.

How is this different? CEO Louis Hughes says it's like a patient with an unknown disease who is quarantined behind a glass wall. "Our device is the equivalent of that glass wall." The second-device idea has been used before to set up a buffer computer to interact with the Internet. But when the machine gets infected, the user has to wipe it clean and reinstall the software. What's different about InZero's approach is that it offers the protection without having to wipe it clean if it gets infected.

A hacker contest to test the water. One investor in the Ukraine ran a hacker contest. He offered a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to anyone able to penetrate the system. No one did. Before InZero can be sold in the United States, the company has to prove to the government that its engineers, many of whom are in Kiev, haven't built in a backdoor for spies. InZero hopes to market devices for PCs, servers and entire networks with prices beginning in the low hundreds very soon. Keep a look out for this cutting edge technology.

A brighter outlook on Outlook... (Continued from page 1)

work offline. Select the “File” menu and make sure the “work offline” option is unchecked. If it’s checked, click on “work offline” to put Outlook back online.

AutoComplete e-mail address changes. You e-mailed the wrong address and received a message back. Unfortunately, now the incorrect email address is saved in the AutoComplete feature and keeps popping up in Outlook every time you send to the originally intended person. If you are tired of clicking past the incorrect addresses in your AutoComplete list, take a few moments to clean up the list. Start by typing a letter in the “To:” field, and then use the arrow keys to move up and down in the list of addresses that appear. Press the “Delete” key to remove the address you’ve highlighted.

Attention to e-mail details. It’s 4:58 p.m. and you belt out a quick e-mail at the end of the day so you can race out the door to beat traffic. How-

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ever, when you read the reply, you discover horrifying spelling errors you thought you were past in the 2nd grade. Don’t worry, Outlook has you covered with the AutoCorrect tool. This is a fantastic feature that will help you eliminate needless mistakes… faster. To turn on this feature open Outlook and click on the “Tools” menu then click “Options.” Click on the “Spelling” tab at the top of the Options window and then check the box to “Always check spelling before sending.” Then click on the “Spelling and AutoCorrection” box and place a check next to the option to “Check spelling as you type.” This will ensure you are notified at the end of each e-mail you compose if there are spelling errors. Another bonus, common misspellings will be corrected as you type.

Outlook is a tool not a curse to endure. If Outlook is becoming a thorn in your side, and you just can’t accomplish what you need, give us a call. We can assist you in demystifying the features in Outlook and help you configure Outlook to be a powerful communication tool.

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Inquiring Minds... Wi-Fi is almost everywhere... next, the fiber optics! Wi-Fi technology makes it possible for travelers to keep on top of business, and keep in touch with friends while on the go. It's a technology that allows getting online at 30,000 feet, checking-in while traveling on a high-speed train or keeping connected from your tent while camping on a mountain peak. It started with Wi-Fi hot spots in airports and coffee shops, but was quickly adopted by hotels that added wireless capability for their guests. Southwest Airlines and Alaskan Airlines have been leaders in equipping domestic flights. That service will soon be expanded to transoceanic and trans-European routes. Other airlines equipped with Aircell’s Gogo systems include Delta, American, AirTran and Virgin. At the end of 2009, 1,200 aircrafts had Wi-Fi on board.

Coming this year… In 2010, Amtrak’s Acela Express trains, operating in the high-speed Eastern corridors of the U.S., added equipment for Wi-Fi, as did Greyhound on a number of routes. Some companies are offering direct satellite Internet and phone service from almost anywhere; be it a tent, a motor home or mobile office. The equipment only requires a dish and the knowhow to point the dish antennas at the proper satellite location.

The future of Wi-Fi boosted by Google Taking communications one dramatic step farther, Google plans to build (for free) an ultra-fast fiber optic network in one or more U.S. cities. Local officials across America have engaged in battles of oneupmanship to get their hometowns chosen as a demo site. By the March 26 deadline, Google had received more than 1,100 applications from cities and towns. The broadband network will be able to transmit 1 gigabit per second. That's fast enough to download a feature-length movie in 70 seconds! It's more than 100 times as fast as the typical connection available in the U.S. today.

iPad could make all tablets more popular.

All the fuss over Apple's iPad is generating interest in tablets of all kinds and is impacting the industry. According to market researcher Gartner, in addition to the iPad, new tablets from Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo are expected to increase tablet PC sales to 10.5 million units in 2010 up from 1.06 million last year. Another researcher quoted in USA Today, iSuppli, predicts worldwide iPad sales of 7.1 million units in 2010, 14.4 million in 2011 and 20.1 million in 2012. The iPad will be a huge driver in the market, according to Gartner analysts. The Apple mystique revolutionized the MP3 and smartphone markets, and some say, it will do the same with tablets.

Good technicians are life preservers in the world of technology! It’s 8:03 a.m. on Monday, June 21, and you’re diving into your e-mails from the weekend. Suddenly, a strange screeching noise comes from your computer and you don’t know why. You tried restarting your computer, you tried drowning out your computer’s screams with music and now it’s just moving as slow as molasses. Unfortunately, trudging through these difficulties is like swimming away from a life preserver. The problem may be getting worse every second you delay! Don’t just react to computer problems, prevent them with an all-inclusive managed service plan. Focus on running your business, not your network!

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