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Fall Fruit Trivia

Are You Still Not Backing Up Your Data? You should know this by now: Computers can and do fail. And nasty virus can take down your system by creeping through your antivirus software and firewall. The problem is that you usually get no warning before it’s too late. Puff! Your data is gone. This has happened to more than a few businesspeople. In extreme cases, it has put companies out of business. And the worst part is this: It’s completely avoidable. By backing up your data, you can retrieve all or most of what you lose.

Yes, yes, I hear some of you snickering about the hassle involved. Indeed, there is a hassle involved. But you owe it to yourself, and your business, to take stock of your backup plan (or lack thereof) by reviewing these tips.

Most Important: Back up your customer databases and payroll records. What’s the heart and soul of your company? People have different opinions, but certainly your customer or (Continued on page 2)

 Gourds. There is a theory that gourds used for floats by early Africans drifted across the ocean and took root in South America by accident. Then as now, gourds were used for storage, decoration and ritual  Indian Corn. The multicolored corn used for decoration purposes today was originally part of the Native American diet. They used all parts of the corn plant to make masks, moccasins, mats, baskets, and dolls.  Pumpkins. Pumpkin pies were first baked by early North American colonists by slicing off the top, removing the seeds, and filling the insides with milk, spices and honey and burying the stuffed pumpkin in hot ashes.

Customer Highlight: SJB Child Development Centers SJB Child Development Centers (SJBCDC) is a provider of educational child care for children 0 to 12 years old throughout Santa Clara County. SJB Child Development Centers is synonymous with excellence in child care serving clients of very low to moderate income 26 programs at 11 sites. SJBCDC supports the whole family by providing tools, resources and opportunities for involvement in order to create a learning community which advocates for children.

phone system. Based on the network assessment, eSudo provided a solution that proactively monitor and manage their computer network, provided hosted Kerio businessclass email, and installed a new IP-based phone system that effectively lowered communication costs, preserved past investments, while providing high performance and carrier grade voice quality.

Here was the Challenge.

“We are very happy with our selection of eSudo to help us with recent technology project and on-going IT requirements. eSudo worked closely with us to understand our needs and architect a solution. We are satisfied with their professional approach and prompt service delivery.” ~ Kent Williams, Executive Director and CEO, SJB Child Development Centers.

SJBCDC needed to have a reliable network infrastructure and phone system to support their growing business. They needed to effectively communicate and share information between the different sites and their clients. Their email system did not allow them to share customer database, share calendar, or wireless sync with their mobile phones. Their phone system was dropping calls and could not route incoming calls effectively. What did eSudo do for SJBCDC? eSudo started with free network assessment and interviewed their staff to assess their computers, network and

What are the results? SJBCDC was able to improve customer services and employees’ productivity with the new hosted Kerio email service, computer support plan and phone system.

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Are you still not backing up your data? (Continued from page 1)

client database has to rank high. Inside one or two data files are all the nitty-gritty details including what they buy, when they buy, how they pay and so forth. Contact lists also are databases, and you might have yours combined with your customer list. Also mission-critical for backups are your employee payroll records. You don’t want to lose the information that you have to report to the IRS. Your employees don’t want problems with the IRS, either. And they certainly don’t want to be paid late.

Store your backups off-site To really be safe, the backup medium (CD or DVD, external hard drive, etc.) should be removed from your site. If you are backing up to an external drive, for instance, and you leave it in your office, you’ll be protected if the hard drive fails. But if the equipment is stolen, or the office burns to the grounds, the backup will be lost. The safest procedure is to use a different medium each day. Keep all but the current day’s media offsite.

Computer information has always been an important part of any professional workplace. Backup of electronic information has today become as important as the information itself. Offsite information backup fundamentally ensures backup of your information in a different geographic location. The location is important as lots of factors are thought about. What if there is a natural calamity in your vicinity, such as earthquakes, floods etc? All information would be lost unless there is a backup. This forced companies to prepare a contingency plan, so that all such risks could be avoided. Today, a catastrophe recovery plan is essential for every organization to assure backups for their vital information. The frequency of backups varies with each organization and there's some which do backups every day. Catastrophe recovery designs depend on offsite information backup to be effective.

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Offisite backup

Keyboard Shortcut Tips for Windows For Windows users, there a number of keyboard shortcuts that will save you a lot of mouse movement. Here are some of our favorites:

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Toggle between applications, just press Alt and Tab to select a program.

Special characters . . . Press the Windows key, type character map, and press enter. Then you can copy and paste any character you need from the map.

Lock up your workstation! When you step away from your computer, press the Windows key and L to lock your computer.

Browse without leaving the keyboard. Press the Windows key and E to open an Explorer with ease.

Get to your Desktop screen fast! If you ever wanted to get to your Desktop screen right away, but found yourself closing applications with your mouse, then try this shortcut. Press the Windows key and M and this instantly minimizes all open windows and returns you to the desktop in one quick jump.

October—December 2010 Newsletter | 408-404-6960

Get an A in Researching a Business Idea Consider this a homework assignment for any would-be entrepreneur. Only the grade you'll get at end of this class determines whether your business succeeds or goes belly up. The assignment is a research project. You're going to research the validity of your business plan. I'm going to walk you through how to do adequate research before starting a business. Many businesspeople have wrestled with the notion of what "adequate" really means, so here's a checklist of some elements that any sufficient business research will contain:

1. Market research. It may be surprising, but many entrepreneurs start a business without ever really understanding the market they plan on serving. It's critical to know the potential size of your market and, in turn, what sort of response your service or product will attract.

2. Pricing. An ancillary element to market research is doing adequate homework on what you're going to charge customers. Pricing competitors' services and data from trade and professional associations are exceedingly helpful. But, pay attention to every element that contributes to your eventual prices or

fees. Price really is more of a marketing tool than it is a vehicle for cost recovery. People will pay more for a high value product or solution, so be sure to research your total value.

3. Location. Yes, the old "location, location, location" mantra has its merits. Again, firsthand observation is always a good option; check out walk-in traffic, parking spaces and other nearby businesses that may help or hinder your customer flow. And, don't thoroughly dismiss the issue of location if you're not selling jewelry or clothes. A conveniently located office at a prestigious address can be a boon to a start-up consulting firm. Then, review buying data and trends for people who live in that area.

4. Research your costs. Knowing how much is going out the door in expenses is essential in estimating how much you'll need to bring in to stay in business. Research prospective costs thoroughly, including everything from salaries to rent and, for at least the first year or two, break down those costs in three-month increments. And, it actually helps to be a bit macabre when forecasting expenses: Things are probably going to cost more than you expect, just like it's probably going to take longer to land your first client than you anticipate.

Are Cookies Spyware? No. A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer that is used to store information about your computer and the site you’re visiting. These files do not keep track of every website you visit or log information you enter in on other sites. The only site would have access to the cookie file is the site that created it and that file would only contain information about you that relates to that site. For example, it may store the last time you visited the page. Finally, unlike spyware, cookies will not slow the computer down, generate more advertising, cause computer problems, alter your search results, increase your bandwidth, etc. There are some spyware developers who’ve decided to include cookies in their listing of detected spyware. Although some programs may list cookies as spyware they’re not a threat to the computer.

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Inquiring Minds... performed while on the phone or reading.” Compatix also claims that frequent use of the DeskMate can also “increase blood circulation and raise energy levels.”

Compactix DeskMate Brings Exercise To The Office The health problems of a sedentary lifestyle are well-known, but what do you do if you don’t have time to exercise? According to Compactix, the answer is simple: exercise at your desk. To help further this aim, the company has just announced the launch of the DeskMate—a desk accessory designed to allow you to perform basic exercises without ever leaving the comfort of your office. The company claims that it offers a gentle workout for “your arms, back, shoulders, chest and wrists” without requiring anything that will get particularly strange looks from your co-workers.

Compactix is far from the first company to market their products at the desk-bound workers who find their middles sagging a little— affectionately known around these parts as blogger’s paunch—but the DeskMate is potentially simple enough to actually work. Where the device could fall down is in efficacy: with Compactix not providing any estimate figures for precisely how much exercise will burn how many calories, it could turn out to be a pointless exercise after all. Despite these possible misgivings, anything which encourages deskbased workers to enjoy a more active lifestyle is to be applauded—and with suggested retail price of $29.99, the DeskMate certainly won’t break the bank.

The DeskMate isn’t a particular gizmo, basically consisting of a simple resistance strap terminating in a hand grip and a mechanism which attaches to the base of desks Are you seeking: up to three inches thick. The general concept behind the device is that you strap it to your desk and then work through a series of stretching exercises, with the strap providing an adjustable level of resistance to your efforts. Then you have found it! Our purpose is to PREVENT computer problems before they escalate into unexpected downtime, data loss, interruptions in business or harmful finanAlthough it could help relieve cramped muscles cial loss. With a fixed-monthly agreement, we focus on ALL of your company’s IT needs, with gentle exercise the DeskMate is never so you can get back to what really counts—running and growing your business. going to replace a workout at the gym, but

Security, Data Protection and Peace of Mind?

Compactix points out that even if you only burn a mere fifty calories per day using the device, that equates to 1,500 calories per month—a not unimpressive figure for something the company claims provides exercises that “can even be

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